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How to enable an electric boiler for heating

The first launch of the water heater after installation, downtime or conservation

Electric boilers are designed for constant operation with the maximum disconnection period for no more than a few months. Before the first launch of the system or its activation after prolonged downtime, it is important to observe a number of rules and recommendations listed below in this article.

Installing the boiler, its connection to the water and electric network requires professional skills and knowledge. When installing, it is important to comply with sanitary standards and electrical safety rules. Installation of a system for heating water is recommended to trust qualified masters. With independent installation, you must first study the instructions, equip high.quality grounding for wiring.

If the power of the water heater exceeds 3 kW, a separate fishing line is usually allocated for it for the power of energy supply. If all the conditions and standards of installation are met, it is allowed to make the first launch. The sequence of actions is performed in the following order:

Make a visual inspection of all connected communications: there should be no rod parts of the wiring, curvature at the joints, cracks on the couplings and pipes. All compounds must be made using proper fittings, plumbing pads, insulating material.

Installation of electrical equipment is carried out with blocked taps of hot and cold water supply. Before the first launch of the boiler, first slowly open the valve with cold water. At this moment, the water tank of the boiler is filled. The user needs to check the tank and pipes for the presence of leaks with an open tap.

If there are no problems with sealing, the valve of cold water supply opens at full power. Similar actions are performed by a relative crane of hot water.

When the tank tank is filled, go to testing the operability of the water heater itself. Gently open the tap connected to the boiler. Immediately after turning, you will hear a characteristic noise, and the water will come out with shocks mixed with air. There are no reasons for concern here. You need to wait until the flow of water from the tank becomes uniform, while checking the quality of the insulation of the pipes at the output.

Close the taps of the boiler and wait for the tank with water to fully fill. Only after that, the device can be included in the network and check the performance of the heater. If you connect earlier, unstable operation of the heater is possible due to the remaining air in the tank.

enable, electric, boiler, heating

After connecting the boiler to the network, from 30 to 120 minutes until the water is completely heated in the container. The exact time depends on the temperature set in the settings of the equipment, the volume of the tank and the power of the heating element.

enable, electric, boiler, heating

Perform all actions at first strictly in accordance with the user’s management, while the operation of the water heater will not be familiar to you. And if there is a need to “preserve” or leave equipment for a while in downtime, read our recommendations below.

Requirements for a storage water heater

Before using a water boiler, you need to familiarize yourself with its main characteristic features:

  • When using storage heaters, so that the water temperature rises to the optimal one, it is necessary for some time.
  • The pressure of water depends on the pressure in the system. Accordingly, for the accumulative and running water heaters there will be different operating conditions.
  • Protopotal water heaters are cheaper than flowing, but more expensive in operation, as they consume electricity constantly while the crane is opened.
  • The principle of the functioning of the accumulative heater in heating pre.accumulated water to high temperature and subsequently maintaining it at this level. Electricity is also spent on this, but in much smaller quantities.
  • Household electric water heaters do not have special requirements for reliability of wiring. When connecting to the water supply, it does not require particularly high pressure.
  • Gas water heaters operate from a conventional gas distribution network, but specialists must be connected to connect them.
  • Accumulative boilers need regular maintenance, especially if water with increased impurities in the water supply.
  • It is undesirable to use water from storage heaters for drinking. For flowing, this restriction does not work.
  • Boilers usually take up a lot of space, especially floor models with a large tank.

Manufacturer Termyx

Now we consider how to enable the Termex boiler. after connecting to the network, by means of the temperature controller, select the suitable mode (if the fork or socket is heated, this article will help to find out the reason). After 25 minutes it is necessary to check on the sensor whether the readings change, in the absence of a change in the readings, check by opening the tap whether the water is heated. If the heated water flowed, then all the actions when connecting the Termex boiler are performed correctly. If the boiler does not turn on, then we recommend reading this article.

To start the water heater, the electric luxury will need to press the Power button on the case, then using the regulator, select the temperature comfortable for you.

Inclusion “Ariston

Since the main actions to include boilers, regardless of the manufacturer and the brand, are the same, answering the question. how to turn on the Ariston boiler, again, briefly, we will go through all the steps:

  • the supply of boiling water from the central system is closed;
  • The hot tap on the boiler opens;
  • the mixer opens;
  • Cold water is supplied to the heater;
  • the air is tired from the system;
  • The device of the device is filled;
  • The boiler connects to the network and turns on;
  • Diagnosis of the device is carried out.

Ariston’s heater is characterized by the recommendation of the manufacturer. at the first launch, set the heating temperature in the average value. As exploited, heating is regulated depending on the needs. It is claimed that this approach allows you to save electricity.

Finally, we will give a couple more advice on how to save energy using a water heater. The first thing to do is to insulate all the pipelines of internal diode diode at home or apartment so that they do not give heat to the premises. The second advice is banal, but does not lose relevance: take care of the water and do not lie in vain.

At the same time, savings should not affect your health. In a warm stagnant water, a bacterium. Legionella harmful to a person lives and multiplies and propagates. So for prevention purposes once a week, turn on the boiler for the maximum mode and withstand at least 2 hours to get rid of these microorganisms.

Long life of a water heater

Remember that before cleaning the electrical appliance must be disconnected from the network. Subject to all recommendations, the water heater should work as it should. If there is some kind of malfunction, to start with the instructions. It indicates when you can solve the problem with a simple switch of buttons, and in which cases it is better to contact the service center. Do not repair a faulty boiler yourself, this will deprive it of warranty service.

Briefly about the principle of the drive

For the correct installation and connection of the water heater to engineering networks, you need to know the device and the principle of operation of the device. The design and work scheme looks like this:

  • The main container. stainless or steel enameled. is filled with cold water through the pipe that goes into the lower zone of the tank.
  • When filling, the air is completely displaced into the hot water system through the fence tube of hot water located in the upper zone of the tank.
  • After turning on the boiler, the water is heated with a tubular electric heater (abbreviated. Ten) built into the bottom of the tank.
  • A block of automation is installed on the same site with the heater. a submersible temperature sensor and thermostat. Когда температура емкости достигает заданного порога, автоматика обесточивает ТЭН. After cooling water at 3-5 ° C, the thermostat again turns on the heating.

Reference. Ten power is 1.5 3 kW depending on the volume of the tank. Some flat models of storage boilers are equipped with two electric heaters.

The device of vertical and horizontal type boilers is identical. the fence tube is located at the top, the supply. below. Hence the main problem of servicing any storage water heater. it is impossible to drain the water through the crane. The issue is solved in different ways, depending on the binding scheme, which we will consider later.

Indirect heating containers

If we compare the designs of different water heaters, then an indirect boiler is the easiest and most reliable version of the accumulative tank for DIS. The unit does not produce heat on its own, but receives energy from the outside, from any hot water boiler. To do this, a heat exchanger is installed inside the insulated tank. a coil where a hot coolant is supplied.

Clarification. Inexpensive versions of water heaters are equipped with the only heat exchanger heating water in the tank. Bivalent models are equipped with 2 coils to connect the unit with several heat sources, for example, a boiler and solar manifolds.

The structure of the boiler repeats the previous designs, only without burners and hets. The main heat exchanger is located in the lower area of ​​the barrel, the secondary. in the upper. All nozzles are located accordingly, from corrosion the tank is protected by a magnesium anode. How the indirect functions:

  • A coolant heated to 80–90 degrees (minimum. 60 ° C) comes from the boiler to the coil to the coil. Circulation through the heat exchanger provides a boiler circuit pump.
  • The water in the tank warms up to 60-70 ° C. The speed of the temperature set depends on the power of the heat generator and the initial temperature of the cold water.
  • The water disbrecom is coming from the upper zone of the tank, the supply from the highway. to the lower.
  • An increase in the volume of water during heating perceives an expansion tank installed on the “cold” side and withstanding pressure 7 bar. Its beneficial volume is calculated as 1/5 from the capacity of the tank, at least 1/10.
  • Near the tank, the air vent, safety and check valve are necessarily placed.
  • The case provides a sleeve for the temperature sensor of the thermostat. The latter controls the three.way valve switching the flows of the coolant between the heating branches and the hot water.

An important point. The coolant moves along the coil from the upper pipe to the lower, providing the layout of the water heater.

The tank water pipes are not shown conditionally

Typical strapping scheme

Indirect boilers are produced in horizontal and vertical design, capacity. from 75 to 1000 liters. There are combined models with an additional heating source-a heating element that maintains the temperature in the case of stopping the heat generator or burning firewood in the TT-COTL TOPK. How to tie an indirect heater with a wall heater correctly shown above on the diagram.

The pump of the heat.expanded circuit is turned on by the command of the contact thermostat installed in the warming capacity

enable, electric, boiler, heating

Not all wood and gas boilers are equipped with “brains”. electronics that control heating and the operation of the circulation pump. Then you need to install a separate pumping unit and connect with the boiler according to the scheme proposed by our expert in the educational video:

Positive and negative moments

Compared to gas models of boilers, “Indirects” are inexpensive. For example, the wall unit of the Hungarian manufacturer Hajdu AQ Ind FC 100 l is 290 U. e. But do not forget: a water heating tank is not able to work independently, without a heat source. It is necessary to take into account the costs of the strapping. the purchase of valves, thermostat, circulation pump and pipes with fittings.

Comment. If you want to assemble a diagram with DHW recirculation, you will need an additional pump, thermostat and check valve.

  • heating water from any heat.sized equipment, solar collectors and electric heating elements;
  • a large supply of productivity in DHW;
  • reliability in work, minimum service (once a month heated to maximum from Legionella and timely replacement of the anode);
  • boiler load time can be adjusted. For example, transfer at night.

The main condition for the proper operation of the unit is sufficient heat installation capacity. If the boiler is purely purely under the heating system without a reserve, the attached boiler will not allow you to warm up the home or you will be left without hot water.

Electric Boilers and Components to hook them up.

So that hot water immediately comes from the faucets, it is worth mounting the reverse fishing line for the trimmer of recirculation with a separate pump

The disadvantages of an indirect heating tank are decent dimensions (small ones put less often) and the need to heat the boiler in the summer to provide hydraulen. The indicated disadvantages cannot be called critical, especially against the background of high performance and universality of such equipment.

Possible malfunctions when turning on

Common breakdowns during the operation of equipment:

  • refusal or incorrect operation of the temperature sensor;
  • fluid leakage from a drainage valve fitting with a tena disconnected;
  • water heating system due to improper connection or breakdown.

Non.working thermometer

The boiler design provides a temperature sensor that controls the work of the heater and allows maintaining the specified heating parameters. When it hits the sensitive scale or dirt, normal performance is violated.

Water heats up above the set parameter or has an insufficient temperature. It is recommended to repair equipment in a specialized service center.

T1ZPB Boiler Install. Electric, closed loop, multi zone boiler

The protrusion of the safety valve

The valve allows you to compensate for the thermal expansion of the water, the fuse fitter is connected to the sewer flow with a flexible hose. If the liquid flows on the equipment disconnected, then you should check the pressure in the water supply system. If the pressure exceeds 4 bar, then it is recommended to install a reduction valve. If the pressure meets the standards, the fuse should be checked, the cause of the leak is the damaged or losing elasticity spring.

The water heater does not turn on

If when trying to turn on the heater does not warm up and the control indicator does not burn, it is necessary to check the correctness of the connection and the automatic fuse. If the control lamp is on, it is necessary to properly adjust the temperature rotating the handle. An additional reason is the worked out the thermal fuse, it is necessary to return the bimetallic plate to its original position. To restore performance, you will need to click on the button located in the lower part of the case.



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