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How to eliminate the smell of damp in a washing machine

Eliminate unpleasant smells

Even if the washing machine began to smell bad, it is not a reason to buy a new machine. There are many effective ways to remove the specific smell from your washing machine, and with the help of available home remedies.

Cleaning the elements of the washing machine

The right thing to do to rid the washing machine of the smell of mold, rot, dampness or mustiness is to remove the accumulated bacteria. Most often they are deposited on these parts of the machine:

eliminate, smell, damp, washing, machine

The filter must be carefully removed and washed under running water with detergent and disinfectant added. The same should be done with the drain hoses: clean off accumulated dirt and rinse thoroughly in clean water.

The protective rubber (cuff) that goes around the drum also requires regular cleaning. If there is a bad smell inside the washing machine, it may indicate that between the drum and the gum accumulated dirt and bacteria. Clean the rubber, and at the same time get rid of bad smells in the washing machine, you can use a clean dry cloth, which should go carefully under the cuff. Regular washing and disinfection requires a tray for detergent, gel, conditioner, bleach.

After all the elements of the washing machine are cleaned mechanically, you can proceed to the next step of removing unpleasant odors with citric acid, baking soda and some other improvised means.

Dish detergent

Pour 20-40 grams of dishwashing detergent into the powder/gel compartment, place a cloth in the drum and turn on the quick wash mode. Kitchen chemicals contain substances with antibacterial properties, and during washing it forms a lot of foam, which will penetrate into all the hard-to-reach places of the drum and well clean it from microorganisms and fungi sources of unpleasant odors.

In the compartment, intended for a washing agent, put 2 h. л. (with a handful) of soda. Turn the machine into washing mode without spinning, selecting the maximum temperature. This method is very effective if the cause of bad smelling washing machine is mold inside the drum.

Citric acid

Instead of laundry detergent or gel, put 100 g of citric acid in the washer and run the main wash using the highest temperature. Before the machine discharges water with citric acid, put the machine on pause for about 1 hour. This is enough time for the acidic environment to kill bacteria and destroy the resulting scale, plaque from the dirt. This method can be used not more than 1 time in 4 months.

How to Get Rid of Washer Smells


Vinegar combined with hot water quickly removes lime deposits, mold and bacteria, but to avoid damaging the rubber parts of the drum, this method should be used twice a year at the most. In order to get rid of the bad smell from the washing machine, instead of powder, pour 1 cup of vinegar into the compartment and run the wash at 90 degrees. Before the rinse mode, put the machine on pause (for 1-2 hours), and then complete the cycle with an extra rinse.

Getting rid of stale odor in the washing machine

Almost every washing machine owner, sooner or later, this is what happens: she takes the laundry out of the machine, but instead of freshness she smells musty. Therefore, the topic of our today’s article. How to get rid of stale smell in the washing machine. But before you can get rid of it, you need to figure out what’s causing it. Otherwise. You can’t get rid of it.

Eliminating mold

Here are a few simple methods on how to get rid of the bad smell from the appliances, if the cause of the stink. mold growth:

  • 1 Inspect Your Washer Carefully. All visible dirt can be cleaned with a solution of soda, copper sulfate or standard vinegar. And then run an idle wash cycle with the addition of grated laundry soap or regular soap.
  • 2 Wipe the pump filter with the same solution and rinse it.

Get rid of the bad smell in the washing machine, caused by mold, will help chlorine or citric acid solution (one sachet per 100 ml of warm water). You should run a wash cycle with the addition of one of these products. If from the washing machine smells chemical compounds (gasoline, diesel), then it is recommended to run 3 idle cycles of the washing machine at low temperature (30-40 °).

For the first wash, add 1/2 packet of baking soda to the powder container, for the second wash. a glass of plain vinegar, and run the third wash in idle mode. At the end of the machine should be left open (overnight). The next day throw the clothes in the wash and try to wash them in normal mode (to test the smell). If the stench is still there, the procedure should be repeated.

Classification of unpleasant smells. What is the best way to remove the smell in the washing machine

Unpleasant odors from the machine can be different. from the device can smell like mold, mustiness, damp, sewage, gasoline. Each type of odor has its own, most effective ways of eliminating it, knowing which you can quickly solve the problem.

How to clean a washing machine from a musty smell

A musty smell in the washing machine appears due to stagnant water, mold growth or a clogged drain or drain hose. To eliminate it, you can apply different methods of cleaning, but the best way to cope with the stench of rottenness are such folk remedies as baking soda, copper sulfate.

From soda or copper sulfate need to prepare a mixture that treat all the places where mold is formed. The solution is left for some time for more effective action, after which the machine is cleaned manually, with a soft sponge, brush or brush.

If the cause of the foul smell from the washing machine is a clogged drain, you need to open it, remove all debris from it and wash.

Damp smell in the washing machine

The appliance may begin to smell damp if you close the door immediately after washing or store dirty items in the drum for subsequent washing.

The problem is solved quite simply. air the appliance regularly after use, leaving the door open for a couple of hours, and store dirty items in special baskets.

You can also get damp smells from your washing machine if there is water buildup in the appliance. The reason for water accumulation is that the unit is not properly connected to the sewer. Check if you have done everything correctly when connecting the device, and if you can’t make a check yourself. call a master at home.

Sewer and swamp smell in the washing machine

The smell of sewage and swamp from the appliance may be due to various reasons: clogged filter, scale formation on the heating element, stagnant water, dirty detergent tray, problems with the common sewer system.

The heating element and trays you can clean at home. for this it is worth running an “empty” wash with citric acid or vinegar, as well as wipe the containers under the powder and rinse aid with any detergent. Also, it will not be difficult to clean the filter and hose. to do this, just read the instructions to the machine. But if the problem is in the sewer system at home. you will have to contact the utility company.

How to get the smell of gasoline out of the washing machine

The cause of the smell of gasoline from the washing machine is always the same. it is washing clothes that have been impregnated with this caustic substance. Such clothes before washing in the machine should be pre-rinsed in clean water and only after laying in the drum of the device.

If you forgot to rinse things that smell like gasoline and washed them in the machine. machine, in its drum can appear a persistent gasoline smell, to cope with which can help citric acid and vinegar.

A radical way to fight petrol odour is to wash with chlorine bleach.

Important! Clean your appliance with chlorine bleach only after you’ve read the instructions for the appliance. Read the document and see if it allows the use of detergents with chlorine in the machine of this model and brand.

If your machine does allow chlorinated detergents, pour the bleach directly into the drum and turn on the quick wash on a low temperature, not over 40 degrees.

How to eliminate the unpleasant smell

So how do you get rid of the smell from your washing machine?? The answer is simple. remove mold and bacteria from the machine.

The first step is to clean accessible parts that are most susceptible to dirt. Remove and wash the detergent tray and surrounding walls with any disinfectant. For cleaning, you can use an ordinary baking soda, dilute it to a pulp state.

Dirt, powder residue, and soaked paper from clothing s usually accumulate in the folds of the rubber cuff located in the hatch. The smell may disappear immediately after the removal of such deposits. However, it can be difficult to clean the cuff. it is often a breeding ground for fungus, which is not so easy to remove.

Mold often shows up on the rubber grommet in the washing machine door

How to remove mold? Try pouring a cleaner containing chlorine on the black spots and leave it to work for 5-10 minutes, then remove the deposit with a clean rag. If the method does not help, and you notice that the rubber is deformed by fungus, the part should be replaced.

The manufacturers of washing machines recommend periodically cleaning the drain filter, and if you are concerned about the smell of rot from the washing machine, you should do it immediately. The part is usually located behind a small door at the bottom of the front of the washing machine. Unscrew the filter, remove all debris and rinse the part thoroughly under running water.

The inlet filter must be periodically cleaned of accumulated debris

Do not hurt to pay attention to the condition of the drain hose. disconnect the part from the unit and sewer, washed under running water or cleaned with a special cable if it is found to be clogged.

After removing all the dirt that can be reached, proceed to the cleaning of the internal parts of the washing machine. Pour 1 liter of any bleach into the detergent tray and the drum of the washing machine. Run a long wash without clothes at the highest temperature. After the cycle, start the rinse cycle again. In this simple way you can disinfect the internal parts of the machine at home. You can use 1 liter of ordinary 9% vinegar instead of bleach.

Vinegar is excellent for removing dirt, mold and unpleasant odors from inside the washing machine

If after cleaning the smell continues to bother you, check the correctness of the connection of the drain hose to the sewer. For example, if a siphon under the sink is used to exit into the sewer system, then the drain must be installed above its elbow. The cause of the smell can also be clogged pipes.

eliminate, smell, damp, washing, machine

Eliminate the smell of mold and damp

Even the newest washing machine can develop a musty, musty odor. A variety of causes can contribute to this problem.

Bad breath in the machine if you did not empty your s of crumbs, debris, and other small items before washing.

Even an ordinary paper towel can be the cause, as it gets soaked when you wash it, and is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. And in a week you’ll be wrestling with how to remove the musty smell from the washing machine. So, to make sure that your machine does not even smell rotten, you need to clean your clothes thoroughly before each wash.

One reason for the damp odour may be that the machine is located in a damp and very humid location, in particular in the bathroom. Therefore, in order to ensure that excessive moisture does not appear in your washing machine, it is sufficient to ventilate the bathroom well, or install a good ventilation system in it. This keeps the bathroom dry and prevents the formation of fungi in the room.

Many housewives hold the mistaken belief that if you use more detergent, it will improve the quality of washing. But this is a mistake.

If you use more powder, gel, rinse aid than directed, the unused remains will settle in the drains and container.

It can lead to the growth of mould in the future, which is why it is necessary to use slightly less synthetic agents than recommended by the manufacturer.

If your helper has already caught this “trouble”, and you have not managed to prevent the appearance of musty odor, smell of dampness and the appearance of mold, then you can still save the washing machine by resorting to simple procedures:

  • The first thing to do is to remove the mold from the visible parts of the machine. It usually forms in the powder container and on the drum seal. It is best to remove the container and rinse it well with soapy water. If the situation is already a little more complicated, then to combat mold and mildew will fit a solution of soda and vinegar, in rare cases you can use copper sulfate.
  • After that the pump filter must be thoroughly cleaned and gently rinsed.
  • Having cleaned the washing machine from the outside, we will proceed to the internal operations. Here we will not get to the details, so we can start the washing at maximum temperature with citric acid or vinegar.

Based on all of the above methods of combating unpleasant odor in the washing machine, let us summarize all the methods, how to get rid of the problem, for example each of its components.

PlaceResultSolve the problem
Loader boot lid Accumulation of soap, dirt, and as a consequence. the appearance of fungus Thoroughly rinse the boot lid
Detergent container Stale odor, mold, unused powder accumulation, mold Remove and rinse the detergent container
Drain hose Clogging, rotten smell Keep well cleaned, treat with baking soda solution
Home plumbing Clogging, musty odor, mold, mildew Clean thoroughly
Drain pump Clogging, debris accumulation, fungus Clean, replace if necessary
HEATING ELEMENT Fouling due to unused detergent, powder Run a citric acid wash

Following these simple tips and observing the rules of operation of the washing machine, you will ensure that an unpleasant smell will never appear in it.

How to get rid of the musty smell from a washing machine?

From the washing machine we traditionally expect clean laundry, fragrant with freshness. We choose fragrant powders and rinse powders pleasing to our sense of smell but sometimes it all turns out in vain: the washing machine suddenly starts to emit an unpleasant smell. Sometimes it can be felt only from the machine, but in especially bad cases, the freshly washed clothes begin to smell musty. What happened to your faithful helper and what can you do about it??

With laundry, if the smell has spread to it, alas, will have to work manually: rinse in the bathroom with conditioner. But with the machine that put you in such an unpleasant situation. to deal with. There can be many reasons for a bad smell in the washing machine.

Methods for cleaning the rubber cuff and drum

If you regularly use bleach with chlorine in the wash cycle, mold spores are virtually eliminated. You can use bleach to clean the surface of the rubber cuff and drum. Mildew fungus is killed by an acidic mixture and high temperatures.

How to Clean a Smelly Washing Machine

  • the powder compartment is filled with bleach which contains chlorine;
  • a long program with the highest possible temperature is started;
  • After heating the water, a pause of two hours is made, then the cycle is resumed;
  • at the end of the process, vinegar is poured into the powder compartment and the rinse program is started;
  • Door opens;
  • the surface of the drum and cuffs are wiped with a cloth which has been previously soaked in vinegar;
  • The rinse program is restarted to eliminate the smell of vinegar.

Using vinegar

If things smell damp after washing, it is necessary to remove the causes of the unwanted odor. It is possible to clean plaque and accumulated slime on the internal parts of the washing machine using the idle boil mode and high temperature. If the desired result is not achieved, the procedure is carried out with a small amount of detergent.

To remove limescale and scale, vinegar is poured into the detergent compartment:

  • the washing mode with high temperature is switched on;
  • after 5 minutes, the machine is stopped and left to soak for 1 hour;
  • the machine is started again until the washing is finished;
  • after draining the water surface of the filter and heating elements is cleaned from dirt by hand;
  • Water and vinegar are diluted in equal proportions;
  • the door, cuffs and drum are treated with this composition;
  • wipe the inner surfaces with a dry cloth.

The use of citric acid, baking soda and copper sulfate

If there is a smell of dampness in the washing machine, how to get rid of it with improvised means? The problem can be solved by using citric acid:

  • citric acid is poured into the detergent compartment;
  • The longest mode with high temperature is set;
  • The washing machine is started until the full end of the program used;
  • If during the washing process begins to scale off, you hear a characteristic noise;
  • the program is stopped;
  • the pieces that have fallen off are removed;
  • after the end of washing, the remaining limescale is removed from the machine;
  • the inner surface is wiped with a wet rag.

If the laundry smells damp after washing, you can clean the machine with calcined soda:

  • baking soda and water are mixed in equal proportions;
  • the prepared solution is applied to the surface of the drum, door and cuff;
  • in this form the washing machine is left for 30 minutes;
  • the solution is removed with an ordinary sponge;
  • the accelerated washing mode is set at idle speed;
  • at the end of the program, the inside parts are wiped dry.

A similar procedure can be carried out using copper sulfate:

How To Clean A Smelly Washing Machine With Vinegar And Baking Soda

  • copper sulfate is mixed with water in equal proportions;
  • the resulting composition is applied to the surface of the cuff and the drum;
  • the washing machine is left to stand for a day;
  • Pour detergent into the tray;
  • the speedy washing mode is activated;
  • after the end of the process, the machine is run without detergent.

Household secrets: how to get rid of odor in the washing machine

Mildew and mold are the true companions of warm and humid spaces. These are the properties of a washing machine drum, and over time it accumulates powdery plaque, dirt and dust particles floating in the air. That way the inside of the washing machine becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and source of unpleasant smells.

If the newly washed laundry begins to “smell”, the problem should not be neglected: start solving it immediately. The clothes themselves, having absorbed the unpleasant smell, should be washed by hand, immediately using aromatic conditioner.



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