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How to Dry Long Hair Fast Without a Hair Dryer

This is the safest and most effective way. Short hair can be dry in ten minutes, but longer, thicker strands need a bit more time and effort.

  • When you’re done washing, you need to apply balm or conditioner. They form a protective thin film on the strands that will prevent them from absorbing excess water.
  • Squeeze the water out of your hair and brush it out with your hands so the water runs off faster. But don’t roll it in a bun!
  • If you want to keep taking a shower, pinned up the strands and never wet them again.
  • Lean slightly down and shake your hair for about three minutes. You can use your hands to help. This simple procedure will add just the right amount of volume and blow out each hair.
  • Wrap your head with a towel that absorbs the moisture (e.g. microfiber or cotton cloth). If hair is very curly, you may use a regular paper towel. Leave it on for a few minutes (15-20).
  • Gently blot each strand of hair. Repeat until hair is dry. The towel should be dry at the same time. Don’t blow-dry too hard, as it can damage the hair.
  • Concentrate on the root zone when drying, as the ends dry much more quickly. Tilt your head down and blot the roots of your strands with a clean, dry towel. Shake them several times to get as much air as possible into the wet hair.
  • Comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb or microfibre brush-it won’t damage your hair and keeps it from getting curled.
  • Allow hair to dry thoroughly and comb through once more.
  • If it takes too long, shake your hair after fifteen minutes and comb it with a comb.

How to Dry Your Hair Fast Without a Hair Dryer

A woman can always find a way to bring beauty, even in the most difficult conditions. In this article we have collected the most useful, in our view, how to dry your hair quickly without a hair dryer. It’s about time.

Alternative methods

Two little-known methods that are just as effective as the main ones.

Wrap a t-shirt around the hair and beat the water out of it, then use the prepared towel and comb. This method is good for curly hair;Use a comb with microfiber. Squeeze out the water, comb the hair, wait 10-15 minutes and repeat the process.

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Using these methods doesn’t negate most of the tips that don’t contradict them.

With any method, you need to know how to dry your hair correctly. These rules further improve the drying process:

use conditioner; dry with microfiber or waffle towels; use warm weather with a dry wind outside; keep your head down; dry your strands with paper towels; use a “skeleton” comb for better airflow to your hair; apply a lot of movement to your hair and head; Combine drying and styling; to prevent the towel from opening, use clothespins; pay attention to the hair roots (they dry much slower than the ends, in addition, it allows to avoid differences in volume between them); use liquid silk and crystals for the ends; use a woolen towel to dry the roots.

Familiarity with these rules, will allow in a hurry not to harm the hair and accelerate the result. Before you quickly dry your hair, it is worth at least a cursory acquaintance.

How to Dry Your Hair Quickly and Properly Without a Hair Dryer

Many girls have a question: how to properly dry hair with a hair dryer? The question of whether it is a good idea to blow dry your hair with a hair dryer or not is not unimportant. Many people have noticed that when they completely refuse to dry their hair with electric appliances, the hair looks healthy. Heat styling appliances can worsen the condition of your locks. However, the natural method of drying hair, like blow drying, has some nuances that make it effective. Some tips with which you can protect your hair:


  • It’s better to dry your hair at home and not outdoors. When you spend a long time with wet strands in the fresh air is weighting the roots, and this leads to hair loss.
  • When wringing hair after washing it, care is required.
  • For drying it is better to use a warm towel heated on the radiator.
  • The hair should be placed on top and wrapped tighter.
  • If you need to replace the towel with a dry one until the hair is completely dry.
  • You can only dry your strands outdoors. The movements of the fingers should be quick, but gentle.
  • It is better not to dry your hair in direct sunlight. If you must dry your hair outdoors, it is best to wear a lightweight hat with a wide brim.
  • You should only comb your hair when it is completely dry.

Those who always stick to the above tips are just great! But because of the banal lack of time, especially in the morning when you run to work, it is often impossible to properly take care of the hair. There are even a few tips that can help keep the damage from blow-drying to a minimum. It all starts with the choice of shampoo. Choose a moisturizing shampoo to prevent hair from drying out. It is not necessary to buy professional products, as long as they contain moisturizers such as panthenol, amino acids and keratin.

How to quickly dry your hair without a hair dryer. a classic method for girls

Drying hair is always more than just getting rid of excess moisture. It’s also an important part of styling. This is a perfect parallel to blow-drying to solve a number of everyday issues: volumizing, straightening problematic locks or creating spectacular curls at home.

long, hair, fast, dryer

For volume at the roots

  • Wash your hair with shampoo and blot it with a towel, tilting your head.
  • Without lifting your head, comb through the strands using a skeleton comb.
  • Push back your head and comb through once more.
  • Separate a 4-5 cm strand.
  • At the base of the strand, close to the roots, place the curler with hook and loop the accessory at the root, using a clamp.
  • Separate the next strand and do the same, thus treating the entire volume of the head.
  • Leave the curlers on for 15-20 minutes, then remove them, straighten the hair with your hands and fix the hair with hairspray.
  • Curlers can be left in overnight to give your hair more volume.

For straightening

  • Wash your hair and, with your head tilted, squeeze excess moisture from it without twisting the strands into bundles.
  • Take a small amount of straightening conditioner or mousse and apply to the strands, spreading the product evenly throughout the hair.
  • Blot your hair once more with a towel (terry towel or paper towel are better: these materials absorb moisture better).
  • Comb your tresses with a hole-in-the-socket comb or with your fingers for 10-15 minutes. To keep you entertained, turn on your favorite TV show or podcast. Dry straight hair. without harm or effort. is yours!

For beautiful curls

  • Rinse hair and apply conditioner.
  • Heat a towel with the iron and wrap it around your hair like a turban.
  • Separate the hair in a parting, comb the strands with your fingers or a skeleton comb and twist them into two curls.
  • Once again heat a towel and tie it over the resulting curls.
  • Let dry your hair for 20 minutes, then remove the towel, loosen the hair, straighten the locks with your hands and seal the result with hairspray.

Overview of methods for short and medium curls

For women with short strands, it’s really easy to dry your hair without a hair dryer. To carry out this procedure correctly and quickly, you can use an interesting way.

  • After washing your head, you need to thoroughly blot your hair with a towel.
  • Replace the wet towel with a dry one and repeat the procedure again. During the process, do not wipe locks heavily, as this can lead to breakage and splitting.
  • After you remove excess moisture from the hair, it is worth to apply mousse or foam and distribute it over the entire length. While performing the above actions, the head should be tilted down.
  • In the process should use a rare comb or spread the hair with your fingers.
  • When the product is almost completely absorbed, hair will be dry.
  • The last step is to bring the hair to perfection by adjusting the individual strands. If desired, the result can be secured with hairspray.

How do you dry long or short wet hair very quickly without a hair dryer so that it is straight and full of volume??. Text and video tutorials

Dry your hair without a hair dryer. it is quite possible. There are a few things you can do to dry your hair safely without using a hair dryer. Besides the fact that it will save you energy, these methods of drying hair will allow them to be less injured due to the lack of exposure to high temperatures. This way you can even make your hair healthier.

How to AIR DRY. Hair | Within 5 MINUTES

Every girl knows that the longer the hair, the harder it is to dry. If you are lucky and you. the owner of long hair, you probably know that even with a hair dryer is quite problematic, especially if you want to dry them beautifully styled and straight. It may seem like an impossible task, but if you follow our suggestions you’ll see that it’s actually very easy.

Dry long or short hair without a hair dryer can be done in these ways:

How to MASTER AIR DRYING HAIR without frizz step by step

  • Immediately after washing your hair, you need to cover it with a towel, and then twist it with your hair as if you were twisting water. After that, lightly rub the hair with the dry part of the towel, but do not overdo it, so as not to cause damage to wet hair.Now apply a special foam to the hair, distribute it throughout the hair, and then begin to quickly and vigorously comb it, tilting the head forward. Continue doing this until your hair is dry. After that the same algorithm should be repeated while standing straight. A comb with natural bristles or a wooden comb is a good idea.The method is also useful for owners of short hair, who want to dry their hair without using a hair dryer.
  • If you want to quickly dry long fluffy hair without a hair dryer, you will need a large warm towel. Immediately after the head is washed, you need to squeeze the hair, standing over the tub, so that the remaining water drains from them. After that, take a large warm towel, cover your hair and roll it up not too tight.While your hair is in the towel, use your fingers to massage your scalp a little. This will help make the hair more voluminous, to lift it at the roots.When the hair is almost dry, they need to be twisted into small rings and fastened with hairpins or bobby pins. Give them time to finish drying, and then you will get a beautiful voluminous hairstyle with gorgeous curls.
  • If you want to dry your hair quickly without a hair dryer you will need to divide it into several sections, and wrap each section with a waffle towel or a thick paper towel. Change the wipes as they get wet until the hair is barely damp, after which it will dry very quickly if brushed vigorously with a wooden comb.

Don’t forget that if you want to blow dry your long hair so that it becomes frizzy and curly you can’t comb it with a comb. Use your fingers for a comb. Also if you use conditioner, your beautiful hair will dry faster without the need for a hair dryer. See the video with clear instructions for drying your hair without a hair dryer.

Dry your hair quickly, but without a hair dryer, is that even possible??!

How nice it would be if we didn’t have to wash our hair at all and it wouldn’t get dirty at all! But in reality it gets dirty, and you have to wash it often, and drying your hair is also necessary. You can wash your locks quickly in principle, but drying them is the problem. What if you don’t have a hair dryer??! Or it’s broken?! Or if you’re an ardent opponent of using it at all?! So there are ways to dry your hair quickly without a hair dryer. Even though it won’t be as fast as with an appliance, it’s still the way to go.



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