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How to drown a stove with firewood in a bathhouse

How to melt the bath after winter

Hooray! Spring has come! A great time awaits us. Everything comes to life after winter hibernation, the time has come for summer cottages, worries and simple joys. It’s time to think about how to melt the bath after winter. It’s time to get down to business!

I think that many citizens have summer areas that winter without owners.

But the season begins, and we are already flying, like on the wings to our houses, ridges and, of course, baths.

Many of us live far from our bathroom kingdom. Come to summer cottages or in the village only to check the safety of the farm. Bans in winter most often do not heat up.

So I have never drowned my bathhouse this winter. Spring was looking forward to. In winter cold, to sharpen the bath excellently, there is a lot of trouble and costs. It takes three times more time, and even more so! And the winter was fierce now.

All about firewood

To clash the bathhouse, you need firewood. Modern gas and electric stoves, of course, are convenient, do not require any effort and permanent maintenance. But they also have disadvantages, which include the high price of energy carriers.

With them, in principle, one could come to terms. the bathhouse is not drowned so often. But the fact is that neither gas nor electricity will create in the steam room that unique spirit that comes from a burning tree.

Therefore, the question is how to heat the bath. far from idle. If you want to get true pleasure, the answer to it can be one: firewood.

  • Ash, oak. burn for a long time, give a lot of heat, but too expensive;
  • Spruce, pine. quickly burned, secreting resins clogging the bath chimney;
  • Poplar, aspen. have insufficient heat.intensive ability;
  • Birch, alder. perfect option. If you think, what firewood is better to drown the bath, feel free to buy birch. they burn for a long time and evenly, giving a lot of heat and filling the air with a special aroma.

For reference. Sometimes charcoal is used as fuel. You need to do this with caution, since when burning it emits toxic smoke.

Following firewood for the baths is presented not only for the wood breed. Experienced banners will never heat the stove poorly dried, raw wood. And they will definitely pay attention to how they are violated. The logs should be so long that they are placed in the furnace for the length of the grates, and such a thickness that they burn for a long time and evenly, forming hot coals.

So it doesn’t matter at all what firewood to drown the bathhouse. And about the use of household garbage or residues of building materials as a fuel and there can be no question.

note. Experienced banners to the question of what is better to drown a bathhouse in black, recommend the use of firewood of those breeds from which the bath itself is built or trimmed inside.

What firewood is better to drown the bathhouse

The best trees for the furnace of the bath are oak, birch, grab, and there are also lovers of maple and ash. Coniferous trees are not suitable for staging the furnace, t.to. In the process of combustion, resins are distinguished, clogging the oven. We present to your attention a comparative table of wood:

Choose for yourself the breed that is more accessible to you and follow our recommendations.

What temperature should be in the steam room

After the firewood of the last bookmark burned out, and the surface became grayish, when the coal movements, the tongues of the flame of red color, without blue flashes (carbon dioxide has not yet come out, if blue languages ​​appear), then you can close the half.males and furnace, open the valves.

New idea of smoke free firewood stove, saving firewood, great

By this time, stones should already be well incurred and water boil (the temperature in the steam room should rise to 50-60 ° C).

The next step is to ventilate the bath. Everything that can be opened opens, rinsing with boiling water the entire pair compartment and stones. After ventilation, everything is closed, leaving only the window in the paired compartment. This allows you to evenly warm up the bath in an hour and a half. Then close the window after this time. The steam room can be ready and take a steam.

How much to heat the stove

Speak the Correct Bath of Complex Science correctly and all skills come only with their own experience. It is necessary to constantly maintain fire in a bathhouse, make sure that the firewood does not burn out at all. The combustion temperature in the furnace should be constantly maintained at a certain level.

If you have not drowned the bath for a long time, then he will have to drown it longer to thoroughly warm up the entire room. With the regular use of the bath kingdom, the time preparation takes much less.

A certain time of the furnace furnace simply does not exist! Everything is so individual! In winter, the bath must be drowned longer than in the summer. The metal and stone furnace heats up and heat the bath in different ways. The amount of time spent depends on how much water you warm, what heart of the furnace (stone backfill).

Board stove spunning algorithm

There are four stages of the span of the bath, consider each of them in detail.

Preparation of the furnace

The stove and the bath room must be prepared. In the bath need to put things in order. remove leaves, chips, any garbage. The furnace must be cleaned of ash. For this you need a poker and a scoop.

drown, stove, firewood, bathhouse

Check the cleanliness of the stove. Rinse the stones themselves with water. Bring dry firewood to the bathhouse. Place them at a distance from the furnace so that random sparks do not reach.

Next, find out the presence of traction. It is necessary for the release of carbon monoxide. It is necessary to open the door of the furnace, the smoke gap of the chimney was blown. Light a match and bring it to the furnace. The flame goes up. then everything is in order. If it doesn’t, you have to clean the chimney. Without cleaning in such a bath you can get rid of. The chimney can be cleaned with a metal brush or ruff. All the soot carefully lay out and check the thrust again.

Some owners know how to check the traction without a match, just by blowing air.

The process of kindling

Kindling is an ignition with a dry chip. Or small well.dried firewood. The chimney needs to be opened, the ashes also opens by 6 centimeters. For better ignition, you can use paper and beam. Crumpled paper and chips are laid out, set on fire without special liquids.


After burning the chips, you can load firewood into the oven. Firewood should not clog the fuel to the ceiling. You need to leave about 25% of the free space. Freely circulating air will help firewood better. First you need to place the paper on the coals and lay out dry firewood on top, leaving a gap between them. From paper, firewood will be faster. Firewood should be folded closer to the door so that the whole heat does not go into the chimney.


In order for the brick stove to be drowned correctly, it must be periodically loaded with firewood. How often to do this depends on the humidity of firewood, their size and traction strength in the furnace. You can increase the combustion rate by pushing the ash almost completely and open the chimney half. Stones will heat up faster. You need not to forget to warm the water if there is no special tank on the furnace.

If the chimney pipe is very hot, you need to open the chimney wider and not yet put firewood.

On average, you can melt the bath with firewood in 3-4 hours. In winter, the process will be slower. Before the end of the kind, you need to check the availability of carbon monoxide residues. To do this, turn the coals. If blue. green flames are noticed, the gas still remains and the flux must be continued.

Correctly melt the brick furnace to the maximum, that is, load it completely, and not in small portions. It is necessary to toss firewood if the bathhouse has not protected.

The final stage

At the end of the processing process, the gate was blown, the firebox should be closed. The bathhouse is ventilated for about 15 minutes, then pour the walls with boiling water to form steam. Impatient amateurs can be taken immediately, but it is recommended to insist the bath for 1-2 hours. At first the steam will be hot, the lightest pairs are obtained at the end of their stay in the steam room. All firewood at that time will burn out, smoldering coals remain.

After the end of bath procedures, the room must be dried. Forced ventilation is rarely arranged in private baths. In order to dry the steam room, open the window, the door and throw several logs into the furnace. The stove becomes an element of ventilation. Excess moisture in open doors and windows leaves in a couple of hours.

“The end is the crown of the cause

The end of the furnace of the bath can be considered the totality of such factors: the temperature in the steam room has reached the required limit, but not less than 60 ° C, the water in the boiler boils, the next portion of the logs burned until red coal forms and the stones in the heater well.hot.

The furnace of the bathhouse stops immediately before the reception of healing procedures.

Complete the furnace door completely and blown and open to the limit of the valve.

Wood stove with convenient oven from red brick

Then open all the windows, windows, doors to the bath and rinse the walls, shelves and shops from the soot from the soot.

Do not forget to dousing stones with boiling water. You need to do everything quickly, although a normal bathhouse does not have time to cool from such procedures.

Specifics of the furnace furnace bath with wood

A brick and metal oven are heated almost the same, but each of them has its own characteristics. They must be taken into account for a good furnace and increase the service life of the stove.

Brick stove furnace technology in a bathhouse with firewood

Before drowning a brick stove in a Russian bath, you need to make a “seed” of paper and small logs. You can fire it just with matches or a tablet of dry alcohol. When filled, the valve and the blower door should be open.

We carry out the furnace, adhering to the next algorithm:

    We lay out two logs parallel to each other on the grate. The distance between them should be about 10 cm.

Please note that before the firebox in the steam room you need to fill all the wooden products (basin, buckets) with water). Otherwise, they will quickly dry out.

Features of the furnace of a metal furnace with wood

Before drowning a metal stove in a bath, it should be borne in mind that even the most durable steel can succumb to deformation under the influence of high temperatures. Therefore, in the process it is necessary to constantly monitor the level of heating.

In order not to damage the stove and thoroughly sculpting the steam room, we act as follows:

    We burn a few chips or several crumpled sheets of paper in the fuel. This is necessary to warm up the chimney to exclude the appearance of smoke when inciting.

Please note that it is better to put firewood more often in a metal stove, but in smaller portions. In this case, you can completely control the temperature regime and prevent the metal overheating.

Summing up

Within the framework of this article, we talked in detail about how to light a bathhouse and what firewood better to drown it, we considered all the features of this process. Now you can only prepare a sufficient amount of material and properly prepare the heating device for operation. If there are some additional questions, they can always be asked to specialists at the time of purchase of the furnace. You will be explained in detail about all the intricacies of the device of a particular model and tell you how to make the product last as long as possible. Modern metal structures are performed qualitatively, it is enough only to comply with the basic rules such as timely cleaning of the firebox from ash, regular inspection of the chimney and observance of operation technology.

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We draw your attention to the fact that this article is exclusively informational and under no circumstances is a public offer determined by the provisions of Article 437 (2) of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation

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