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How to drain the boiler ferroli

The first thing you need to do, starting this work, is to turn off the boiler and shut off the faucets on his inlet. However this last operation is not obligatory, in some cases.

For example, if the boiler is at the highest point of the heating system and you only plan to remove the primary heat exchanger or drain the water from the expander.

But if you plan to disassemble the hydraulic unit and take out parts like water inlet sensor or make-up valve, remove secondary heat exchanger, etc.д. If you want to drain the water, you have to shut off the valve on the inlet!

But if in doubt, shut off the valve in any case, it will not be superfluous.

Then you need to prepare a container of five liters, it is not bad to find a piece of hose 1.5 meters, and a rag may also come in handy.

Two ways to drain the water from the boiler, pros and cons

So, to drain the water from the boiler and not to flood all around it, you can in two ways.

The first method

For example through a safety valve, the one that is designed to release excessive pressure.

Discharge valve

It is convenient because the drain valve is in the front of the boiler, and it is easy to get to it, you just need to put some container and by turning the red valve handle to make the discharge of water.

There is also a nozzle on it that can be easily turned to direct the draining water into a container. But it is even better to do all this through the hose, and it is not necessary to pull it over the nozzle, you can just hold it.But this method has a disadvantage.The thing is that this tap is usually at rest for a long time and its rubber seal deforms by being pressed hard against the ribs of the body.Therefore, if the whole thing is turned off, there is a high probability that after filling the boiler with water, the discharge valve will begin to drip and it will be necessary to disassemble, repair or replace it.

The second way

Use a tap to drain the water. It lacks the disadvantage described above, since it is designed for this purpose, but the disadvantage is the location of the faucet. It is located at the back wall of the boiler, at the bottom and it is not always accessible, because boilers are often installed in different cabinets.

Water drain valve

How To Drain and Refill Your On-Demand Boiler

In this case, you must use a hose if you do not want to drain the water on the floor. But it is also not necessary to pull the hose tightly on the outlet, it is enough to loosen the valve of the tap (ribbed part) turning it counterclockwise, just direct the water through the hose into a container, holding the hose with your hand.

Drain water with a hose

Well, now that the work is done, do not forget to close the drain cock before filling the circuit with water!

In order to drain the liquid from the heating device it is necessary to prepare a hose, the inner diameter of which should correspond to the outer size of the drain nozzle tap located below the level of the boiler. Such valve is mounted on the “return” heating system, at the lowest point. In addition to the hose, prepare a container that has the same volume as the expected amount of water to be drained.

The preparatory work also includes checking the cutoff valves of the accessories, including valves on the “flow” and “return” of the boiler.

IMPORTANT! Check the shutoff valves only when the heater is off! Overlap valve on the main pipeline in the operating mode will cause equipment failure!

After checking, the hose is connected to the drain fitting, directed into the container and turn off the unit.

How to drain the coolant from a dual circuit gas boiler

It remains only to replace the failed unit.

To replace failed parts, if the breakage is located in the hydraulic unit of the gas boiler. It is necessary first of all to drain the water from the boiler. How to do it?

This will be discussed in this article.

Suppose the gas boiler three-way valve cartridge or a complete boiler three-way valve is out of order

It is necessary to prepare a tool. In addition to the standard set of tools we need a drain hose, a rag, a container for water.

Attention! Prior to work you must disconnect power from the boiler.

Close the taps connecting the heating system to the boiler.

If the flow sensor of the gas boiler or the secondary heat exchanger of the mounted boiler is replaced. then it is necessary to shut off also the taps of connection of DHW to the boiler. After that release the pressure in the pipeline by opening the hot water faucet.

In the lower part of the boiler is usually located make-up boiler valve and a valve for draining the coolant from the boiler.

There is a hole in the drain cock to which one end of the drain hose must be connected, the other end of the hose must be placed in the bucket. It is not necessary to put the hose on the drain fitting, it is sufficient to hold it by hand while directing the water into the bucket.

If looking at the valve from below, turn it anticlockwise to open it.

But since the emergency drain valve is in a closed position for a long time, there is a possibility that due to deformation of the sealing rubber, the valve will start to leak when filling the boiler with water.

Drainage of water from the boiler in this way is justified only when there is no access to the drain cock.

Before removing the defective part of the boiler, cover the place where the control board of the boiler is located with a rag to avoid water ingress.

As you can see there is nothing complicated, but remember that the repair can only be done by a specialist, otherwise there is a high probability not only to fix the boiler, but also to harm your health.

Attention! Before filling the boiler, do not forget to close the tap to drain the coolant.

Faults and instructions for Ferroli gas boilers

Gas boilers of Ferroli trademark are especially popular in the domestic market of heating devices. Not least thanks to the moderate price for them, which at the same time corresponds to the good quality of these products. Ferroli has been manufacturing products since 1958.

Thus, it is worth assuming that the products of this brand in a timely manner reflect all consumer innovations. Instructions for use of gas boilers Ferroli, which can be found below will help to understand the application.

Malfunctions of the boiler Ferroli Diva

Could you please explain what the problem is if during ignition the flame in the Ferroli Diva gas boiler immediately goes out? The unit has been in operation for about a year. What is the reason for this malfunction?

Control unit does not fix the flame. Gas mixture pressure drop or no gas supply. Malfunction in the ignition unit.

Help to find out what caused the shutdown of the gas boiler? What you need to do? Appliance was assembled a year ago.

Lack of gas. Control the gas inflow into the boiler. Faulty ignition electrode. Check electrode connection and correctness of its position. At the same time, the electrode should be cleaned of soot. The gas valve is not working properly. It is necessary to replace it. Reduced ignition power. Carry out the recommended power setting.

Help us understand what the problem is, if the boiler does not heat D.H.W? What has failed? The boiler was started up last year.

Check correctness of connection of domestic water and DHW piping line. Flow switch or three-way valve defective. Check the voltage to the three-way valve. If the current is not coming in, change the controller. The three-way valve must be replaced at the standard voltage. Next, the hot water temperature sensor is diagnosed. If the sensor is damaged, you will need to install a new one.

I would like to find out what the problem is when the pressure rises in the boiler Ferroli Diva F24? What happened?

Shut-off valves are closed or not open enough. If there is an increase in pressure on the incoming mowing line, then the unit will pause. To reduce the pressure, open the valves fully and check to see if the stop valves are leaking. The dirt filter is clogged. Filter must be cleaned or replaced. At the same time the make-up valve can leak due to an uncontrolled pressure rise. In this case the make-up valve should be replaced.

Can you tell me how to drain the boiler??

Disconnect the boiler from the power supply before draining. The gas supply must be stopped. Shut-off valves installed in the heating and HTW pipelines are supposed to be closed. Open the DHW mixer tap at the extraction point to drain the domestic hot water from the unit and the DHW pipe line. Turn off the hot water distribution tap. Unscrew the drain plug, which is located at the bottom of the boiler, and remove the water.

Can you tell what the problem is when you turn on the boiler pops? How to fix it? Installed the appliance a year ago.

The cause of the popping is always an excessive buildup of gas mixture before ignition. If the ignition power is set correctly, it means that little gas has accumulated near the openings of the gas burner. The gas mixture escapes through the flue duct in case of proper draught when the ignition has not started. If there is insufficient gas draught, the gas fails to evacuate and ignites and causes a popping noise.

Someone will be able to explain how to increase the pressure in the boiler Ferroli Diva C24? What action to take? Unit has been in operation since last year.

When the pressure in the boiler drops to minimum values, this indicates a serious problem with the system. When the pressure drops below 1 atm, make-up valve should be used to refill the water. If after that the appliance still does not hold the pressure, check the system to see if the water is leaking.

Explain to me why the gas boiler is heating? What has to be done? The unit was installed a few months ago.

There is no fluid circulation in the heating system. Closed valve or clogged filter. Damage to the over-temperature switch. The temperature sensor in the heating circuit is broken. Fouling on the heat exchanger plates.

Tell us what is the fault when the boiler doesn´t start? What does this have to do with? Appliance has been in use for about a year.

No gas supplied. Check shut-off and safety gas valves for correct operation. The gas valve disconnected. Wire correctly. Gas valve doesn’t work correctly Replace it. Replace it. The burner can not start, no spark. Electrode, registering the flame, is defective. Electrode must be replaced. Control board does not provide ignition. Test the printed circuit board and repair or replace it.

Ferroli Diva wall mounted boiler almost all week long is constantly giving an error on the smoke evacuation and then shuts down. What kind of malfunction?

Infrequent stoppages of boiler operation with this error signal defects in the flue duct. The error is also picked up by the sensor when the fan speed is too low. It is necessary to take out a fan and clean its impeller. Next you need to inspect the flue duct. It is probably clogged. In some cases the cause of the fault may be a plate heat exchanger with soot deposits on the outside. Carry out cleaning of the heat exchanger plates.

The boiler unit starts to heat up immensely and humming, in addition the emergency dump valve is leaking. What is the problem?

If you have no doubt that the appliance was assembled correctly, the first thing to do is to examine the expansion tank. There may be a situation where it has to be moved to another location. Also adjustments are made to the appliance itself. The water flow is examined or the gas valve is adjusted, since a faulty setting of the valve can lead to such functional problems.

I have a Ferroli Diva F24 boiler in my garden. The pressure began to drop after six months of error-free operation. We emptied the expansion tank, then pumped it up and refilled with water. The procedures were performed as instructed, but after a short time the pressure drops again. No leaks were found anywhere. We tried to change the nipple, but we can not. Why the boiler can’t maintain the required pressure? How exactly to check and set the functionality of the expansion tank?

Liquid must not be drained from the main circuit. Turn the unit off. Then pull out the nipple, which is fixed at the top of the tank. If the water starts to flow then the expansion tank should be replaced. If air starts to escape, turn off the make-up tap and open the drain tap, which is used to remove the liquid from the machine. After the nipple is drained, connect a pump equipped with a manometer to the nipple and pump up the pressure prescribed in the passport. Make the procedure 2-3 times, because often when pumping some water out, so the pressure decreases. It is necessary to pump until the pressure drop and the liquid leakage are over. After closing the cap, open the taps and fill the system. Start the device and using the auto-air vent to remove the excess air from the system.

Can you explain why the heat transfer medium does not get warmer than 60°C?? We want to set it higher, but the display shows that this is the maximum value. How to increase heating?

If the unit cannot raise the temperature in the heating system, the following problems can be assumed. In the preset adjustments are set to a limit on the highest heating temperature not exceeding 60 C. The chimney draught decreases.

Ferroli Diva wall mounted boiler starts to work unsteadily when heating the DHW circuit. From the tap can be mixed flowing alternately hot and cold water. Can you tell me what the reason might be??

Why the boiler switches off permanently? Let’s say today the piezo ignition did not work at all. The device was cleaned two weeks ago. What is it??

There is a high probability that there are problems in the chimney process. The chimney must be diagnosed. The incorrect operation of the piezo igniter will mean the failure of one of the components due to a power surge or water in it.

Explain to me how to check the 3-way valve? There is a suspicion that it does not open correctly. It doesn’t pump the last battery for heating and in the hot water mode it heats the pipe for heating water supply under the boiler.

Водонагреватель Ferroli.10 Лет

Of course, you should inspect the 3-way valve for any hanging of the stem in the middle position. We also recommend to make an inspection of your heating system.

Performed by myself at the end of the year the installation of the boiler Ferroli Diva C24. After about six months the hot water supply has stopped working, but the heating is working fine. I wanted to use hot water, but the unit only shows the temperature and doesn’t think it needs heating. What is the cause of the malfunction?

The problem is most likely in the 3-way valve. It needs to be replaced.

I need to wash and clean the primary heat exchanger. Please help, what should be done in order to qualitatively remove this component?

The heat exchanger can be easily removed from the appliance with a simple screwdriver. The order of disassembly is shown below. Drain the water from the appliance using the drain valve. Then release water from the DHW system. Unscrew the fixing screws of the primary heat exchanger and remove it from the frame.

Explain why the safety thermostat is installed in the boiler?

The safety thermostat blocks the gas supply to the burner when the primary heat exchanger water overheats.

Main problems and repair of boilers Ferroli Domina

Ferroli Domina F24 wall mounted double boiler can’t start. As long as you hold the on/off button, the burner is functioning. But once the button is released the unit immediately goes out. Explain the cause of the malfunction?

Probably the thermocouple or gas valve failed. There is also a decrease in gas pressure in the supply line. In some cases there is insufficient voltage on the control board.

The problem is detected. It is hard to start. The pilot burner is lit but the main burner is off. Please tell me what the problem is?

Possible failure of the ignition mechanism components. You will need to have the unit serviced and the kindling cleaned.

Why the gas boiler Ferroli Domina F 24 doesn’t stop working after it reaches the set temperature? It heats up to 90 degrees, then crashes. After restarting the problem starts all over again.

The circuit board seems to be defective, the temperature sensor seems to be defective, the safety sensor button seems to be defective. It is possible that there was an error in the work of automatics.

Can you tell us why the boiler does not heat up water over 70 C?? We want to set it higher, but the screen shows that it is the highest setting. How to increase the heat?

When the unit can not realize the increase in temperature of the heating circuit, the following problems can be assumed. There is a limit in the settings of the maximum heating temperature not exceeding 70C. The chimney draft has dropped.

The Ferroli Domina PRO gas boiler works unstable when heating the hot water circuit. Alternating hot and cold water flows out of the tap. Explain the problem?

The causes of damage can be. Cold water is being added due to a defective 3-way valve. The heat exchanger is clogged. It is necessary to make its cleaning.

There is a tap under the boiler, it leaks water regularly. Appliance itself does not start. What should be done?

The heating medium seems to be discharged from the safety valve. This situation indicates a higher pressure in the system. Also the water make-up valve might be open or the expansion tank has to be primed.

I would like to know what is the reason for the pressure increase around the clock, and the relief valve comes into operation? Heating symbol appears on the display every time the unit is heating. What can it be??

There is a breakdown of the temperature sensor in the heating circuit. There is no normal circulation in the heating line.

What is the problem if the Ferroli Domina C24e wall mounted boiler often shuts down? The other day the piezo igniter failed to work at all. The boiler was serviced at the beginning of the month. What kind of malfunction?

There is a high probability that there is a problem with the smoke evacuation system. You need to diagnose the chimney. Failure of electric ignition can indicate a breakdown of its parts in the case of a power surge or water leakage.

Газовый котел Ferroli (Ферроли) Очищаем от загрязнений

Help me with the chimney? It’s been three days since the return draft occurred, with smoke coming directly into the kitchen. The chimney was handled by yourself. It’s a steel pipe. I think there’s been a miscalculation.

The unit works well for hot water, although when you start heating the water quickly comes to a boil and the unit stops working. What’s the problem and how to fix it?

The circulation pump seems to be defective, the electronic board is defective, the temperature sensor is defective. The filter screen could also be dirty.

In the process of hot water supply, the boiler alternately supplies cold and hot water. I do not understand what the connection is. How to adjust the water heating?

There seems to be fouling of the heating system or the heat exchanger needs to be cleaned. The pressure switch may be damaged or the circulation pump may have malfunctioned.

The main reason is the wrong chimney configuration. There could be soot deposits on the pipe walls that significantly reduce its performance. You also need to control the exhaust in the room.

Installed a Ferroli Domina C24 boiler a week ago. It rises immediately to a temperature above 96 C, but then shuts down with overheating. Can restart on its own after it has cooled. What is the reason?

Stopping on overheating indicates a lack of circulation process. Mainly the radiator valves should be inspected. They must be in the open position. Next, check for cleanliness of the dirt filter, and you also need to make sure that the heat exchanger is not clogged.

This model was started up in the autumn of the year. After about a month and a half it was suddenly making a lot of noise. Explain what is the reason for the noise in the boiler?

The heat exchanger may be clogged with limescale. When the water is hard, over time in the radiator tube wall will be deposited lime.

I decided in a country house to install a gas boiler Domina F24 N. I would like to know how to start it correctly?

In order to properly start up this appliance, you need to do the following steps. Switch on the appliance power supply. Set the gas valve to the open position. Then turn on the gas burner. After adjusting the required temperature.

We need to do maintenance. Advise how to properly drain the heating fluid from the unit?

According to the manual, this work is done as follows. Disconnect the appliance from the power supply. Close gas valve. Open the automatic air vent. Fully open the drain cock. Then collect the spilled water. If necessary, the water can be drained using the drain valve. Such valve is placed at the bottom of the unit.

Can you tell me how to do a check of the three-way valve? There is a suspicion that this component does not fully open. In heating mode can not pump the last battery, although the hot water supply pipe under the boiler is strongly heated.

That’s right, we recommend that you check the 3-way valve for intermittent piston hang-up. We also recommend performing a diagnostic of your heating system.

I use a Ferroli Domina F 24 at home. Until today, it worked without any problems. Now after 3 seconds after startup, the apparatus began to go out.

There is a suggestion that it is failing to pump fluid into the system. Tell me what the source of the problem is? Possible cause of this malfunction is the electrode-ionizer, which does not catch fire, or a decrease in circulation.

Just yesterday there was a malfunction with this model. It whistles when working. I tried resetting it. It worked, but nothing has changed. Maybe someone can tell me why this is happening?

In most cases, a sharp whistle occurs when the pressure on the burner nozzles is not set correctly. I need to check the set value and correct it if it makes sense.

The gas boiler got water in it the other day and it started malfunctioning. For example, we set any temperature, but the heating only goes up to 22 degrees, after which it crashes. Could you please tell us what the problem is??

In the case of water on the control board, most likely the circuit board is not working correctly. Our suggestion is to reset it to zero by unplugging the unit line by line. Then turn it on again and check if it works.

Started the wall mounted gas boiler Ferroli Domina F 24 N. At the moment of starting the wick is lit for 9 seconds and the main burner does not support the fire, and because of this the appliance goes out. What’s the best way to deal with the situation?

Probably the automatic ignition device is defective or there is a problem with the burner. Just in case, see if the phasing is wrong when connecting to the power supply.

I performed the start up of this model in October of that year. Presumably after six months a failure in the circuit of hot water, although the heating works fine. I tried to open the hot water faucet, but it only shows the temperature, and it doesn’t even think to heat. Please advise what is the reason?

Most likely there is a breakage of the 3-way valve. It needs to be replaced.

Explain for what purpose the safety thermostat is installed in the boiler system?

This sensor prevents the gas supply to the gas burner if the water in the main exchanger overheats.

The primary heat exchanger needs to be flushed and cleaned. Explain what operations to perform to qualitatively disconnect it?

This element can easily be removed from the appliance with an ordinary screwdriver. Disassembly procedure is shown below. Drain the water from the unit using the drain valve. The next step is to release water from the hot water system. Remove the main heat exchanger mounting screws and remove it from the frame.

Have made the installation with this unit. After about three months the water pressure in the appliance has dropped. It is not uncommon for it to drop and stop working. That is, it cannot hold pressure at all. What could be faulty?

When the unit does not build up water pressure, there is most likely a leak from the make-up faucet. When shutdown occurs and pressure drops sharply to 0, the three-way valve is defective.

Explain how to clean the cold water filter?

Initial stage. you have to drain the hot water system. Second, unscrew the nut of the flow sensor. Next we remove the sensor together with the filter from the cavity. After removal, clean out accumulated impurities and dirt.

The unit was humming at startup before, but now it is making a louder noise. At first, the sound was heard briefly, but now it lasts longer. I have not heard for a long time, I have encountered this problem?

The appearance of an extraneous rumble indicates the presence of mineral deposits on the inner walls of the heat exchanger, which heats unevenly due to the different thickness of the walls. The more the heat exchanger is clogged, the more it rattles and the lower the heat output.

The unit is working, but there is no water circulation in the system. The pump acting on the return is getting noticeably hot. Help me find the reason?

likely clogged filter sump or somewhere closed tap, which prevents the heat transfer fluid. The circulation pump could also be defective.

From what stops warming the throat. water? The water flows from the tap barely warm. Please tell me what’s wrong?

You can look for problems in several directions. Alternatively, the temperature sensor for the DHW could be defective and need to be replaced. There is also a possibility that there has been a malfunction in the appliance’s hot water heating capacity settings.

Often we notice a spark breakage during ignition. The burner is not dirty, the chimney is fine, the draft is excellent. Where to look?

The unit doesn’t detect the spark due to an insufficient pulse from the ignition control unit. It is recommended to diagnose the wire between the ionization sensor and the electrode. Obviously, you need to tighten it. There may also be damage in the sensor insulation, which must be replaced.

drain, boiler, ferroli

Quite often in recent times consumers choose Ferroli devices. Gas boilers, which can be floor or wall mounted, must be operated according to the instructions. The company accompanies each appliance with a warranty card and instruction manual. If malfunctions occur during operation, the consumer should contact the technical support specialists. As an alternative solution, the owner of the equipment should look at the user manual.

The most popular problems that can occur is a low pressure level, the device will report this with the error f37. The user in this case should check the gas and water supply, and clean the system. If you do not want to encounter malfunctions, you must remember that if the equipment is disconnected from the power system or gas mains, the anti-freeze function will be disabled. In order to prevent damage from freezing, which can occur with prolonged shutdown of the boiler in winter, you should drain the water from the boiler, this also applies to the heating system and hot water circuit. Otherwise, the water is drained only from the DHW circuit, and antifreeze is added to the heating system, and you should read the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Ferroli gas boiler operating instructions indicate the possibility of adjusting the temperature in the room, this can be done with the optional thermostat. The latter allows you to set a certain temperature. If you need to adjust the temperature of the water in the heating system, you should use a remote control or an interactive panel on the device.

Prerequisites for draining the water

This procedure is performed in the following cases:

  • Replacing the heating equipment.
  • Correcting boiler faults and repairing individual mechanisms.
  • Fixing leaks at the contacts of valves, fittings and other connections.
  • Switching off the heating in winter for a long time.
  • Changing the coolant.

Any person with even modest technical skills can do the work.

It is also important to know when you should not perform such draining. Three situations appear here:

  • The boiler is not threatened by the cold. Some water must be left in it to protect the interior from rust.
  • The water has stagnated in the appliance because it has been disconnected for some time. Unfresh water is renewed. For this, a full tank is filled several times.
  • The boiler is still under warranty.



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