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How to distinguish dishes for induction stove

Choose dishes for induction stove

Induction plates. modern and technological. They heat the dishes faster, do not spend energy on heating the stove itself, more economical in electricity consumption, more convenient in cleaning. Their surface remains cold, so random drops do not stick to it. Everything that remains outside the pan can be removed with one movement of the napkins. For such a hob, you need special utensils.

Features of induction plates

The induction furnace is an electric hob, the heating elements of which are inductance coils. The principle of operation is quite simple: when installing a container on the burner between the contacts of the planes, a strong magnetic field is created, as a result of which induced vortex currents occur, respectively, the dishes are heated.

The induction stove is difficult to distinguish by external signs from the usual electrical model. The surface is protected by heat.resistant glass ceramic with oval marking and equipped with a sensor. You can prepare a variety of culinary masterpieces on it, observing certain operating rules.

Induction cookware: How to know what works

To determine whether an induction stove or electric, it is enough to turn on the equipment and bring the palm to the hob: the first will not be heated, the second will be heat.

Distinctive features of the stove with induction:

  • Safe use. Due to the special mechanism of work, the burner does not heat up, the heat spreads only to the dishes, so the probability of random hand burns is excluded. The stove spontaneously disconnects when the pots move, which allows you to use it without fear in families with young children.
  • Economy. When comparing with other plates, induction consumes 2 times less energy, and their efficiency is higher.
  • Cooking speed. Food is cooked faster thanks to instant heating and cooling. For example, to bring 2 liters of water on an induction furnace with a capacity of 3 kW, it will take only 6 minutes to boil, the usual electric stove will cope with this task in 15 minutes.

The advantages of the induction model will be more visual if we conduct a comparative characteristic of various types of plates.

Indicator Gas Electric Induction
The method of heat formation When combustion of the gas mixture, heat is released, it is transmitted to the dishes installed on the grill, which also heats up The heating temperature rises, the surface of the burner is heated by, then the dishes with its contents With a high.frequency magnetic field, a current occurs, warming the bottom of the dishes to the set temperature
Efficiency 30-60 % 60–70 % 95 % (due to the lack of heat leakage)
Selection of accurate heating temperature Impossible Approximately High accuracy
Time to cool About half an hour 15–20 minutes Less than 10 minutes
The probability of the formation of soot, soot Very high High Excluded
Working surface material Heat.resistant enamel or stainless steel Glass ceramic stainless steel or enamel Glass ceramics
Endurance Equipment will not suffer from spot strikes and random falls on the stove The glass.ceramic surface is vulnerable. The spiral design can burn out Cracks and chips are possible with spot strikes or falling dishes to the surface of the plate
Suitable dishes Metal, cast.iron Glass, metal, cast iron Metal or enameled cast iron
Explosive hazard Present Is absent Is absent
Installation It is allowed only after coordination with the gas service, the subsequent transfer of the plate will require the execution of additional documents Possible in any part of the kitchen near a free outlet. The transfer of the slab does not require coordination with utilities Placed at the discretion of the user. Additional permits are not required
power usage Not required From 1.5 kW to 8.0 kW, depending on the class and the number of fireplace 1.5-3 kW
Lifetime 10-14 years 3 to 10 years old 7-10 years

One of the most profitable and useful functions in the induction stove is the speed of preparation, this feature can be safely attributed to competitive advantages in comparison with analogues.

With the modern rhythm of life, buyers are increasingly choosing household appliances that provides maximum comfort of use. However, in the case of an induction hobs, erroneous representations and prejudices based on inaccurate information often occur. The most common myths:

  • Induction is harmful. With proper operation, the magnetic field disappears immediately when removing the pan. And the formed voltage level is ten times less than that of a regular hair drying hair dryer, and practically does not affect human health.
  • We need special dishes, which is associated with additional expenses. For induction hobs, it is acceptable to use ordinary dishes, which is already in the house, you just need to purchase an adapter.

Is a cast.iron pan suitable for such a hob, depending on its “age”. Old grandmother’s. most likely no, due to the resulting soil and uneven surface. But any modern model of cast iron is quite compatible with an induction stove. If the family is prepared a lot, using all the burners at the same time, it is wiser to replace part of the kitchen utensils. To find out what dishes will be needed for an induction stove, it is recommended to contact the instructions for the operation of equipment.

What dishes are suitable for induction

Part of the dishes that stands in every house is easily suitable for induction. For example, enameled pots are ideal. In general, there are several principles that will help choose the right dishes.

  • The bottom should be magnetic. You can check with a simple magnet. The stronger he will stick to the bottom, the better.
  • Thick foundation. advantage. So the magnetic layer is better there. The bottom is normal from 2-3 mm.
  • All base should perfectly fit to the surface of the stove, without gaps. For induction dishes, you need a perfectly flat bottom.
  • Some models of induction plates can adapt to the size of the utensils used. If there is no Flexinduction functions, then the minimum diameter of the selected pan should be more than 12. 14 cm.

Advice! To understand whether the pan is suitable for the stove, you can look for a special icon on the package or its bottom. This is either the inscription Induction, or a picture in the form of a spiral. The second option is to check the bottom using a magnet.

It is worth knowing that the magnet may not stick, and the dishes will be suitable (for example, there is a marking on it). The gravity of the magnet itself may be greater than the power of attraction, so it will seem that the dishes are not suitable, although this is not so. Theoretically, such a pan can work with induction, but the efficiency will be low.

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Finding the Right Pots and Pans for Induction Cooking

Features by type of dishes

In which dishes to cook on an induction stove depends on what you are going to cook.

  • Pot. It is better to cook soup or porridge in a panel with induction in a stainless or enameled pan, and so that nothing is buried, look for models with an aluminum layer at the bottom.
  • Pan. The most durable frying pan is cast iron. If you initially have it qualitatively checked and properly care for it, nothing will suck on the coating.
  • Turk. The most popular jerses for induction plates are stainless. Although on sale you can find copper with a special bottom, or use an adapter for any familiar Turk.
  • Teapot. If you are convenient for you to boil water on the stove, a huge selection of classic dummies is at your service: ultramodern chrome stainless steel, cute enameled, even ceramic and glass with a suitable bottom.
distinguish, dishes, induction, stove

Useful tips

The best choice will be utensils with a thick bottom. Although this parameter does not affect the operation of induction, the dishes will still last longer. A thin layer of metal can be deformed in a couple of months, however, visually it is imperceptible. Part of the magnetic heating will be lost constantly. It is not worth saving on this.

Buyers, when they choose dishes for the induction stove, check the flat bottom of the bottom. But if there are small chips on it, cracks, most likely, during operation, you will have to listen to a squeak and whistle. Therefore, the inspection should be attentive, and the purchase of discerned dishes is not recommended.

Not only for cooking containers you need to pay attention. Tablespoons, metal nozzles with magnetic additives is better not to use. If you leave them in a pan even for a short time, then there is a chance to get burned on a red.hot surface.

What is the icon on the dishes for induction plates?

Manufacturers put a special icon on the dishes by which you can understand whether it is suitable for use with induction equipment. Carefully study the marking. Often sellers give out pots and pans for induction, but in fact it is not. Therefore, it is important to know and recognize special designations.

The icon is presented as a horizontal spiral. As we recall, the current in the induction plate flows through a copper wire in a coil. So this wire is located in a spiral. Therefore, the choice of image for indicating is quite justified.

You can see all the designations by turning the dishes up the bottom up. The icons are applied either with special paint, or using engraving, or “pressed” into the dishes.

distinguish, dishes, induction, stove

Operating advice

Any kitchen utensils need regular care and proper operation, and pots for induction confrores did not exclude in this matter.

But in the light of their characteristics, they will require compliance with some important recommendations that will allow you to save the containers attractive and functional for a long time.

Rules for use

Induction slabs can be used even for the preparation of coffee in jzes. However, in this case, the adapter will have to be used (sometimes it is called, depending on the source, a pad or adapter). Without special adapters, you can only use dishes with the bottom not 0.12 m already. On separate induction plates, it is allowed to even put dishes with a width of 0.09 m.

However, the final instructions on this subject can only be gleaned in the technical documentation. Unacceptable:

  • use dishes with pierced edges and mechanical damage;
  • put on an induction stove excessively heavy containers;
  • allow inaccuisance in handling cast iron accessories.

The main recommendations for the care of dishes for induction foci are very simple. It is necessary to evaluate all funds for sanitary and environmental safety. It is best to wash the dishes with your hands, and not trust this manipulation of a dishwasher. Powder compounds should be used with caution.

distinguish, dishes, induction, stove

Abrasive particles sometimes damage the surface very much (especially bad if the dishes are made of aluminum or has a teflon coating).

  • use only hot water for washing;
  • First soak dishes in water to soften the upper layer of dirt;
  • fight fat using vinegar additive;
  • wash first less contaminated dishes, and then more clogged;
  • Do not pour cold water into hot dishes (and vice versa);
  • minimize the use of steel brushes or hard washcloths, as well as metal scrapers.

Features of dishes

To cook food on the induction stove, you can use any dishes made of ordinary steel. However, the efficiency and level of the efficiency of the useful action from such use can be low. over, the operational loads exerted on the stove during the work process may exceed the standardized degree, which will reduce the duration of the uninterrupted operation of the device.

Dishes suitable for heating using magnetic induction are made of steel of various markings. This material has ferrimestic properties, which allows it to best respond to the effects of the magnetic field.

The special properties of steel create an obstacle to magnetic flows. As a result of this resistance, energy is produced, which makes the metal molecules perform rapid vibrations, which leads to heating the material.

Dishes made of ceramics, glass or plastic has a very low heating coefficient on the induction stove. This is due to the fact that these materials easily miss the magnetic field, which excludes the factor of exposure to the latter on their molecular structures. Heating occurs, but its degree is so small that the environment absorbs heat earlier than an increase in temperature.

To increase the efficiency of heating with an induction stove, it is recommended to use a special dishes indicated by the corresponding marking. The location of the marking sign may vary depending on the model and design of the dishes.



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