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How to disassemble the refrigerator radiator on copper

How much copper is contained in the details of a modern household refrigerator

Large.sized household appliances, such as a refrigerator, causes some difficulties in disposal. It should be understood that it is forbidden to throw away such served equipment on an ordinary landfill, this is fraught with a fine. And exhibiting equipment near the garbage chute is even worse.

To solve the problem, there are two ways: take out the unit to the central landfill (but for this you must first get permission) or pass it into a scrap metal reception. For this you can help out a very small amount. And, given that it will have to be delivered to the reception point on its own, it is unlikely that this will even cover the costs of a transport company. However, there is a way to slightly increase the cost of an unnecessary refrigerator. To do this, you will need to find out how to independently disassemble the refrigerator for copper.

Who is “welded” on our wastefulness

Of course, two.chamber models equipped with two compressors contain more copper. If you are not too lazy to extract it, you can get up to 1.5 kg of non.ferrous metal at a time. True, you will have to bother longer, but you will not have to give the “free” money to collectors.

Masters, bringing the old household appliances to their base, do not lazy to disassemble it. From each household electrical appliances, whether it is a hair dryer, washing or a refrigerator, they extract metal and, having immediately handed it over, put our “blood” in their s. And it comes out for a day! Knowing how much copper is in the compressor from the refrigerator, you can approximately calculate how much money it will settle in their. if at least three refrigerators and a couple of washingrs are handed over in a day, even if you take a minimum. this is about 1000.

Who cares, they can watch video showdown and measurements.

Piston compressor device refrigerator

This device is an electric motor, which has a vertical shaft, the design is placed in a sealed metal casing.

The design of the piston compressor in the form of a diagram

  • Lower of the metal casing.
  • Fastening the stator of the electric motor.
  • Engine stator.
  • The case of the internal electric motor.
  • Fasteners of the cylinder.
  • Cylinder cover.
  • Valve mounting plate.
  • Cylinder case.
  • Piston element.
  • Crooked shaft.
  • Qulisa.
  • The slider of the backstage mechanism.
  • Curly in a spiral copper tube for injection of refrigerant.
  • Upper part of the sealed casing.
  • Shaft.
  • Suspension mount.
  • Spring.
  • Suspension bracket.
  • Bearings installed on the shaft.
  • The anchor of the electric motor.

Dismantication of the refrigerator for scrap metal: how many metals in old household appliances?

The old household appliances occupy a useful area in the apartment, which is why it is sold, given or thrown away. It is problematic to help out the money for a non.working refrigerator, so it is taken out and put next to the trash tanks. However, the emission of garbage in the wrong place entails the imposition of a fine established. eight.1 Code of Administrative Offenses

The amount depends on the status of the subject of law:

  • Punishment for individuals. from 1 to 2 thousand. ;
  • for officials. from 2 to 5 thousand. ;
  • for legal entities. from 20 to 100 thousand.

The independent removal of household appliances is also illegal. For transportation of waste to a landfill, a license issued by Rosprirodnadzor is needed. The optimal solution is the analysis of old household appliances with the subsequent seizure of valuable materials. Dangerous waste and substances should be neutralized and disposed of, and the remaining elements are sorted and directed for processing. Old refrigerator. a good source of additional income.

Scrapping a compressor for copper. It’s definitely worth it!

Whether the scrap of copper-aluminum radiators are accepted

It is profitable to pass copper at the point of reception of “Victorbaza”. The company provides a large range of services and the best in the region, for color scrap.

We want to note that when handing over copper and aluminum from the radiator, separately, you win the wrong amount. By separating copper tubes from aluminum plates, you spend your time, effort and carry the costs of cutting (tool and electricity), so the specialists of the company’s investigators recommend the radiators in its entirety.

If we calculate, the total cost of scrap of copper and aluminum is equated to the price of radiator scrap. You can compare yourself (reception in g.Moscow):

  • The price of copper copper is 350-371 /kg;
  • The price of aluminum is a piece of 65-83 /kg;
  • The price of a scrap of a copper-aluminum radiator 135-167 /kg.

If you are expensive time, resources and strength, then it is better not to waste time and spend scrap in the total volume. We accept radiators both individually and in the amount of several kilograms, tons. For any questions, please contact the contact data on the company’s website.

Is it worth it to get copper from household appliances?

To the question of the need to surrender copper scrap, you can answer exactly. yes, it is quite profitable and, moreover, saves natural resources. The 2nd reason may seem insignificant, but if you think about it, then all natural fossils are exhaustive, and copper in the earth’s bowels, according to expert estimates, 5 billion tons remain, this is at all in comparison with other metals.

In addition, copper is not contained in its pure form, ores have a large percentage of impurities and empty breed. from 70 to 95%. Nowadays, technologies allow the development of deposits containing 0.5% copper. When enriching such ore, a huge amount of energy is spent, careers and underground mines negatively affect the environment. That’s why the branch of the secondary processing of metal, including copper.

If we consider the benefits of the surrender of scrap metal in currency equivalent, then for each kilogram of dark metal you can get about 6, in the standard ancient refrigerator about 60. 80 kg. There are two.chamber models weighing 100 kg, such a macar, you can earn up to 500, but if you disassemble the refrigerator and remove copper from the compressor, you can also add cost 300.

If the freezers are made of aluminum, then this is about 2 kilograms or 200. Total, you can earn 1000 if you make small efforts.

Compressor analysis from the refrigerator

You can disassemble the compressor using an angular grinder. If you cut the top of the hat, you can see a vertically located engine and a block with one cylinder. The tube with freon is bent into the spiral so that the play of the tubes is with vibration. If you tightly fix the tubes, then with vibration they will break.

The cutting of the upper part will give nothing in terms of the engine removal, so you can cut the lower part of the compressor. The view from below gives an idea of ​​cooling the entire compressor during operation. At the bottom there is a tube along which the freon is driven away, cooling the engine itself. In addition to the tube on the sides, shock.absorbing fasteners are visible on which the engine is fixed. As a result of the fact that the engine turns the rotating movement of the shaft into the progressive movement of the compressor piston due to the eccentric on the engine shaft, vibrations of the entire mechanism occur. To compensate the vibration on the shaft next to the eccentric, the metal was selected in such a way to level the masses during rotation, balancing the entire system. Also, the engine is put on the springs worn on the pins. Nuts are not used. The engine is limited to a hat on top. The engine connection connector is located immediately.

The first saw was held at the bottom of the hat and for disassembly it was useless, like the second cut. To remove the engine from the body, you need to make a cut under a hat or in the middle of the tank. The all.out engine in oil. It clearly traces the windings. working and starting. The launch winding is made by a thick wire and has a small resistance. Working winding is the direct opposite of the starting: small diameter and large resistance.

disassemble, refrigerator, radiator, copper

After removing the casing, the engine and the compressor are a deplorable spectacle.

disassemble, refrigerator, radiator, copper

If you unscrew the four screws attaching the compressor body, you can separate the compressor and the engine. An eccentric and balancing plate is visible on the engine. On the compressor, the piston itself with a hole for the eccentric is visible, which pumps Freon into the system.

Chambers on the compressor only 4. Through some, the freon from the system takes, through others with the help of the piston, the freon is compressed and pushed back into the system.

This is how the refrigerator compressor arranged.

A single.phase electric engine has two windings connected sequentially with the output from the middle point.

To launch such an engine, you need to apply for 0 a total phase, or zero, and 1 start and 2 worker or zero, or phase, respectively. In other words, the voltages between conclusions 1 and 0 should be 220 V, between conclusions 0 and 2. 220 V, and the zero should be equal to the terminals 1 and 2. If the voltage is supplied correctly, then the engine twitches and the rotor (that part of the engine that rotates) will begin rotation. The direction of rotation depends on what the end of the working winding is connected to the general conclusion. In the refrigerator, it is impossible to start the engine in the other direction, because the overall conclusion is inside the sealed compressor.

disassemble, refrigerator, radiator, copper

After the rotation starts the rotor, you must immediately turn off the launch coil. Otherwise, the engine to overheat and the insulation of the windings will burn out, which will cause an interval circuit and the failure of the engine. To disconnect the starting coil, it is enough to disconnect the output 1, then between the conclusions 0 and 2 the voltage is 220 V and the engine will not stop.

The starting coil is necessary only to start the engine and is not needed at all when it is operated. To accurately determine the motor condition, an ohmmeter is used, the resistances are visible on the device.

The starting current of the compressor engine of the refrigerator is 4.8 A, and the working current is 1.02 A. In this case, the resistance of the launch winding is 13.1 Ohms and the working 47.5 Ohms. Small fluctuations of 0.5 ohm are acceptable. It should be borne in mind that the more powerful the refrigerator, the more resistance and currents will be higher.

All manufacturers see their compressors in different ways and not always the starting winding is more in resistance than working. Many foreign work will have a working winding more starting. This difference is only a few ohms. It all depends on the manufacturer and a specific eomprressor. On the compressor lab, you can notice three points, by connecting similar to the compressor connector.

  • C. COM, means the connection point of two windings, t.e. The central point
  • S. Start, starting starter winding
  • R. Run or M. Main, working winding.

I bring for comparison the resistance of the windings of the compressor of refrigerators of various manufacturers.

The engine is controlled by the launch relay. The relay is located in a plastic box to the right of the mounting distribution box.

When the single.phase electric engine is turned on, a large starting current flows through the working winding. The starting current is 3-7 times more than the rated current of the engine, it lasts only for some time until the engine rotor starts rotation and does not reach the nominal speed. The relay coil is connected sequentially to the working engine winding, so with a large current, a magnetic flux will appear in the coil, which will push the core of the coil up. At the end of the core there is a contact plate connecting the starting winding of the engine to the network. As soon as the rotor rotation speed reaches the planned value, the starting current in the working winding will drop, the magnetic flow in the relay relay coil will fall and the plate will drop, disconnecting the starting engine winding from the network.

Refrigerator disposal

Independently hand over the refrigerator for disposal, and not on scrap metal, it is actually impossible. In this case, you need to call a specializing company, independently disassemble the refrigerator into several parts: unscrew the door, cut off the cord, disassemble and pull out the compressor, separate the plastic, etc.D. And only the case. You can hand over for disposal. With all this, transport it, you must also yourself.

Disposal is free. You can hire movers in this company who will come and take it themselves. For this you will need to pay about 2000. You just think to throw out the old refrigerator, you need to pay money?! This price is due to the fact that the equipment for disposal is expensive, also a high price has a license to perform this type of work. For Russia and the CIS countries, this sounds wild, but in Europe this practice has existed for a long time. the difference in mentality, as they say.

Old non-working refrigerators are scrap metal that can be processed and something new. In this way, you will protect the ecology. After all, as you know, vast areas are occupied by landfills, and due to the fact that rains and metal are oxidized. all this toxic moisture enters the ground.

How to extract copper?

Depending on the model and year of production of household appliances, the amount of copper in the electric motor reaches 0.7–1.2 kilograms. The most color score in the winding is in thin copper tubes going to the cooler. In a number of models, a significant amount of copper is under plastic sheathing, where the heat exchanger is located.

Remember: before disassemble the refrigerator for scrap metal, it should be taken out of the apartment and placed at a sufficient distance from the places of accumulation of people. The Freon contained inside is dangerous for people’s health, despite the fact that its volume is insignificant.

Scrapping A Refrigerator for Copper and Aluminum



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