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How to disassemble the freezer of the refrigerator Samsung

How to remove and clean the components, how to remove and clean a water container

For safety before cleaning, remove a plug from a power outlet with a dry hand.

Do not take out the components with effort so as not to break them. After cleaning, mount them in

Do not touch the bottom of the refrigerator with your hands, so you can be wounded by metal

Wipe the components of the refrigerator with a soft cloth moistened with neutral detergent

means and then wipe them dry with a clean and soft cloth. Do not clean the refrigerator

mastic for polishing, oil, gasoline, hydrochlor, hot water or hard

brush, this can lead to damage and corrosion of the refrigerator.

After cleaning, check if the power cord is damaged, whether it is and is not much

whether the power plug heats up. If everything is normal with this, then the plug of power cord

the refrigerator can be included in the electro.outlet.

Before inserting the fork into an electric carrot, clean the electrical elements from all

sides and wipe dry moisture left after cleaning, with a soft cloth or sponge to

eliminate the remaining water or other liquid in electrical elements and avoid electric shock.

one. How to remove and clean the usual shelf and folding shelf

Raise the inner shelf and pull it out (the outer separation plate easily moves up and down), and then turn it down to remove the shelf;

Raise the front of the folding shelf and pull it to lower the glass; 2. Pull it on yourself until you completely pull it out; 3. Keep the front of the turning shelf, raise it and pull it out.

Wash the usual shelf and folding shelf with clean water, wipe

their dry and soft cloth; Insert the usual shelf and folding shelf in the reverse order.

How to remove and clean the box for cosmetics and a bottle holder

Take the cosmetics box and the bottle holder tightly with one hand,

and with the other hand, hit the bottom from the bottom up and pull them out;

Wash them with clean water, then wipe with a dry and soft cloth; then

insert them into place in the reverse order.

How to remove and clean a water container

Pull the water container and remove it from the refrigerator

Open the bracket, turn a little on the corner, and then lift

Press your hand slightly on both sides of the filter cartridge and

take it out so that the bracket leaves the groove;

Remove the sealing gasket from the edges of the container cover for

Rinse all the elements, and then wipe them with a dry and soft cloth;

Insert all the elements of the water container in the reverse order.

There is no need to remove the filter to clean the box for

Replace the filter with a new one when this.

(Frequency of replacement: once every 3 or 4 years)

The ice preparation function will act, even if the filter is removed.

To order a new filter, contact the Samsung company after.sales service.

Assembly of a refrigerator door.

Gently install the door of the refrigerator back.

Fix the upper hinge node using 3 bolts, as shown. Make sure the refrigerator door is tightly closed.

Rearrange the holes of the upper hinge.

disassemble, freezer, refrigerator, samsung

Connect the electric wires under the lid of the case, as shown.

Set the body cover back, making sure the wire position.

Remove sealing gaskets of refrigerator and freezers and install them back, turning 180 °. (Make sure the door seals are installed correctly. Otherwise, a noise may appear or a bake begins, which may affect the work of the device.)

thirty. Make sure the doors work correctly.

Fasten the handle on the other side of the door in the reverse order.

eighteen. Change the bolt and node of the lower hinge in places, opening the hole with a cross blade on the left lower part of the device.

nineteen. After rearranging the plug of the holes of the lower hinge, set the front legs cover back.

Change in places a plug of the holes of the middle hinge and the screw.

Change the doors and the lining ring of the hinge as shown.

Change the hinge lining ring and a plug of the hinge hole.

Gently install the door of the freezer in place, fix the middle loop using 2 bolts.

The process of disassembling the refrigerator

First of all, you should decide on the location of the evaporator in the refrigerator. In the oldest models, it is located near the doorway, so before removing the refrigerated units themselves, it will be necessary to make incomplete disassembly of the facing lining from the side. and for this you will have to remove the door that closes the freezer compartment. If the concept of the model involves the location of the evaporator in front of the hatch on the back, this operation can be avoided.

Complete disassembly is carried out quite simply, but you should not deviate from existing instructions if there is no intention to damage any of its components. They can be estimated at a smaller amount of reception, or not accepted in scrap metal at all.

  • If the refrigerator is still connected to the electric network, it is necessary to stop its power. for this, the electric fork just needs to be disconnected from the plug outlet.
  • Then the process of defrosting will begin. from the department for storing products and from the freezer, all the cold will gradually come out, and the internal temperature of the unit will grow up to room. During this time, you need to get all the available products from there to avoid their ambulance.
  • If the refrigerator has not been used for a long time and it is not required to defrost it, you can proceed to dismantle. First, the door of the refrigerator is removed.
  • Following it, you can already remove the door that separates the freezer from the surrounding space from the fasteners.
  • Then the line reaches the cladding of the refrigeration unit. it is also dismantled quite simply and quickly.
  • Next, you can remove the device itself responsible for the set and maintenance of the temperature necessary to store the contents.
  • When the process is completed, you can finally get rid of thermal insulation.

Samsung refrigerator errors codes

Since Samsung refrigerators are equipped with electronic control, if there are malfunctions on the display, an error code is displayed. Consider what this or that code denotes:

  • Violation of the ice generator. If this function is present, then you need to pay attention to the state of the corresponding compartment and test the operation of the temperature sensor.
  • Damage to the temperature sensor. To conduct a full.fledged diagnosis, it must be extracted and carefully examined. If there are changes in the color of the electronic board, then the regulator must be replaced with a new. It will not be superfluous to conduct an inspection of the wires and the nodes associated with the sensor.
  • Violation of the operation of the thawing sensor. Repair it in the vast majority of it will not work. He must be replaced by a new. However, if damage to the wires is recorded, then the problem can be tried to eliminate yourself.
  • Fan breakdown. This node is responsible for the circulation of air inside the refrigerator chambers. The most obvious sign of breakdown is to increase temperature. To diagnose the condition of the fan, you need to remove the back wall of the refrigeration unit.
  • Violation of the ice generator. Manifests itself in jamming of a pushing plate. It needs to be removed, cleaned and installed back.
  • A failure in the operation sensor of temperature control in the freshness zone. If he failed, he will have to replace it.
  • Temperature control error. If it appears, you need to check the part as quickly as possible and, if necessary, replace it with a new. If this is not done, then the breakdown will provoke the failure of the compressor.
  • Failure of the freezer sensor.
  • Damage to the defrosting sensor. If the diagnosis has shown that the part does not work, then it needs to be replaced with a new.
  • Air circulation failure in the freezer. The first stage of elimination of the breakdown is the elimination of ice. Second. diagnosis of wiring.
  • Moisture condenser. After diagnostics, channels are cleaned.

Almost all of these malfunctions can be eliminated independently. In the next section, consider the procedure for eliminating problems at home.

How to repair the refrigerator Samsung Nou Frost with your own hands: device, malfunctions, scheme

Samsung refrigeration equipment is characterized by assembly quality and rarely gives users a problem. In case of malfunctions, they need to eliminate their service by the service center or with its own hands. From the article it will become known about the installation of Samsung refrigerators, malfunctions that are corrected without outside help. Common errors and rules for their elimination.

Samsung refrigerators

Samsung refrigerators are positioned as units of the middle and high price category. Have increased reliability, are characterized by profitable design workers.

Any modern model is equipped with a display LCD (a picture above), which shows information about the operation of the device, malfunctions are displayed when they occur.

The departments are high temperature

If the temperature is increased in the cells, but the compressor works properly, probable causes of the malfunction:

  • Capillary tubes are not tight, Freon flows. When air enters the cooling system, a violation of the refrigerant may occur. The temperature inside rises. Repair consists in replacing damaged elements after checking the integrity of the cooling tubes. You need to compensate for the evaporated cooler.
  • The door is not tight. In the summer the house will be heated, warm air enters the refrigerator. The malfunction can be determined by the presence of hoarfrost or condensate in the places of fit of sealing gum to the body. You can eliminate yourself by replacing the elastic bands, allowing you to thaw hoar.
  • Ice formation. Flows from the previous malfunction. When depressurization of doors, warm air continuously enters the chamber. The interior space is cooled, condensation appears. The freezer compartment forms and accumulates snow on the walls, ice. The problem is eliminated by replacing or straightening the sealing gum. The arising folds are heated with a hairdryer so that they soften and leve over.

Additional information: The fault code is shown on the refrigerator display. The error is determined by the decoding of the code. Their list is presented in the instructions.

Under the refrigerator of the puddle

Reason: clogging of the drainage system. Condensate is formed on the back of the refrigerator due to the temperature difference inside and outside the device. The liquid gradually flows through a small hole. The impurities available in it gradually close the passage of water.

Narrowing can become a traffic jam that interferes with the removal of liquid. To correctly clean the drainage channel of liquid discharge. Use a thin knitting needle with a brush at the end. The refrigerator should turn off the network and be in this state until completely defrosting and cleaning.

Samsung minor malfunctions

Serious breakdown is usually preceded by a number of small nuances eliminated independently. Paying attention to the listed shortcomings, it will be possible to avoid large breakdowns. Small malfunctions:

  • By pressing the button on the panel, you do not get an answer. It is eliminated by rebooting the refrigerator. The malfunction means that a signal is lost on a train or in a relay. It can be restored by de.energizing the entire system. Weak contacts, worn wiring are to blame. If you do not reboot on time, a breakdown of the control module is possible.
  • The noise is heard during the operation of the motor, when it is turned off, strong vibration. A malfunction of the motor-compressor or its mounts is possible. Inspect the back of the refrigerator, determine unreliable latches and replace them.

Important: this breakdown leads to a leakage of a refrigeen, if not eliminated.

Samsung two.chamber refrigerator with “know.Frost” or “Cool’n’Cool” rarely breaks due to the malfunctions of these systems. System failures are caused in cases:

  • Increasing the operating temperature of the chamber by more than 3o. Reason: Frequent opening of the door on hot days. You need to close the door and not open 2-3 hours to normalize.
  • The formation of an ice layer on the walls. With incorrectly set temperature or leaving hot products inside the device.
  • A pallet overwhelmed with water. With excessive number of products and frequent door opening.
  • The products are very cold or warm even with prolonged storage. Reason: temperature is incorrectly set. The parameters on the panel are controlled independently.
  • Fan breakdown. The No Frost system works at the expense of a fan that interferes with the formation of hoarfrost on the walls. They are blown by cold air. When a snow fur coat or ice appears, it is worth defrosting the device, turning it off from the network until ice disappears. The malfunction is close if the characteristic noise of the fan is heard, it may stop spinning.

Incorrect operation of the doors leads to a random flashing bulbs displayed on the control panel. To eliminate the problem, you need to check the correctness of the connections and contacts and connect them correctly.

Why you can’t put hot products in the refrigerator

It doesn’t matter, hot pots, pan, plate or food in them. This is not put in the refrigerator for several reasons:

  • Shelves in glass devices. With a sharp increase in temperature, they can crack due to thermal deformation. Under the pan, the glass heats up, expands. The rest is not. If not cracks, then microcracks will occur that will reduce the strength of the shelf, it will break from the subject harder.
  • Evaporation of fluid in the chamber, freezing contributes to the appearance of hoarfrost on the walls and products. This interferes with cooling, they rather spoil. The working surface is impregnated with the smell of hot dishes.

Important: if it is impossible, but you really need to put the hot in the refrigerator, be sure to cover with a lid and put a wooden board under a hot container.

  • The taste of dishes is changing. To maintain useful properties, many products need slow cooling. The risk of unpleasant odor and rapid damage increases.
  • Cracks appear in the dishes. In addition to the shelves of the refrigerator, a plate or pan can suffer.
  • The load on the compressor rises. The design is expensive, repaired only in service centers. Hot soup or other dish inside the refrigerator increases the load on the engine, promotes sensors wear.

How to remove the back wall of the Samsung washing machine?

The need to remove the back wall of the Samsung washing machine can occur if necessary, check the electric motor brushes, replace the drive belt or, for example, inspect the pulley. Usually, disassembling the machine body is easy, but Samsung models just do not be able to disconnect the panel. We will figure out how to access the details located from behind, how to dismantle the back wall of the washer.

Is it possible to dismantle the back wall?

Most users do not face such a problem. in many automatic machines, the back panel is very easy to disconnect, as it is attached with standard bolts. Models of individual brands, for example, Indesite, are conceived from the back of special technical hatches, having removed them, you can get access to the washing nodes.

Samsung models owners, quite fairly, may arise the question: how to remove the rear panel? The technique does not have a separate wall on the back, that part of the case is a monolith. To get to the belt or pulley, you will have to cut the body.

If you carefully examine the Samsung smell, you can see a slightly noticeable joint stretching through the middle of the side panels, this is the place of fastening the halves of the case.

In case of acutely, the need to separate them, it is allowed to remove the upper cover, squeeze the locks and cut the machine.

Separate models of Samsung washing machines do not at all imply the possibility of removing the rear and side panels, the case is completely monolithic.

However, removing the rear wall or dividing the body in half, in some cases, will simply be inappropriate. To replace the drive belt, it is not necessary to start a large.scale disassembly of the machine, just remove the top cover of the machine gun.

How to replace the belt?

Owners of washing machines with belt drives can face the problem of stretching or jumping belt. In this case, in order to return the machine operability, you will have to replace the elastic band. We will analyze how to do this with the least efforts, if the rear wall of the machine is simply impossible to remove.

Before proceeding with the repair, be sure to de.energize the washing machine. The algorithm of further actions will be as follows:

  • Remove the upper cover of the case, unscrewing the two bolts fixing it with a screwdriver or electric screwdriver;
  • Tilt the washer slightly in your direction, hold the machine with your foot or stomach. At the same time, throw off the drive belt located near the rear wall with your hand, from the pulley. To facilitate the task of removing the elastic band, you can open the SMA hatch and pull the drum slightly on yourself, thereby leaving the machine behind the machine for manipulations with the belt. The thrown elastic band must be pulled out from under the washer;
  • Take a new Samsung belt, tilt the machine again and carefully stick the belt to your former place. First of all, the elastic band is pulled onto the pulley pulley. The first time the belt may not work out the first time, so it is better to have an assistant who can “peep” at the bottom of the machine and control how successful your attempts to pull the gum on the engine;
  • Pour a drive belt on the pulley of the drum. First, place it on one side of the wheel, after which it is enough to turn the drum with your hand (through the hatch door), the pulley will scroll, and the belt will tightly stretch into place.

Be sure to make sure that the drive belt is located in the middle of the pulley of the drum, not crawling closer to some edge.

If the elastic band is located on the wheel crookedly, it is necessary to adjust its position with a hand precisely on the pulley of the electric motor. Next, you need to check the operation of the equipment-turn on the machine into the network and start the squeeze in the test mode if the drum starts to rotate without any problems, then the belt replacement is carried out correctly. Then you can put the top cover in place, fix it with self.tapping screws and use.

Samsung refrigerator: two.chamber No Frost, the upper chamber does not freeze, the freezer works, what to do, stopped, the reasons, what is the problem, is cold

If the upper chamber does not freeze in the Samsung refrigerator in the refrigerator, the likelihood of superficial problems (violation of the tightness of the body due to wear of the seal) and the possibility of failure of one of the main nodes should be considered. Some of the reasons for the breakdown are eliminated independently. With complex damage, you must contact the service center.

The simplest reasons

If the refrigerator has stopped freezing, what to do in this case, the problem can be superficial. First of all, they consider the likelihood of too frequent use of the unit. When it opens regularly, the cold is intensively out of the camera, and the air that enters inside does not have time to cool.

Due to the totality of these factors, the temperature in the refrigerator Samsung does not decrease, but, on the contrary, increases. Solving the problem is simple. you need to close the door for several hours. During this time, a rather low temperature in the refrigerator is normalized.

Another simple reason that the Samsung unit does not freeze is to violate the tightness of the seal on the body. This is possible when ice formed on the inner walls of the device. As a result, the door stopped closing.

Then the cold air more intensively leaves the chamber. The same result can be obtained if the refrigerator is full, the dishes do not give the door to close.

In this case, the internal nodes of the unit work properly, the cause is external and is easily eliminated without any consequences.

If the upper Samsung refrigerator does not freeze, you can consider another probable factor. ice on the fan, which implements the function of blowing the unit in order to eliminate condensate. Different reasons contribute to this.

To eliminate the consequences in the form of a broken mode of operation of the camera, you need to defrost the refrigerator. over, this can take up to 10 hours, it all depends on the thickness of the ice. To prevent the emergence of such problems in the future, periodically defrost the unit.

This is done for prevention, even if ice is not visible.

They also note the possibility of installing the unit near heating devices or close to furniture, wall. In both cases, the heat is removed much more slowly. This leads to longer cooling of products and air inside the chamber.

Breakdown in conducting systems

If the refrigerator does not work, and the freezer works properly, first of all, a violation of the function of the capillary system should be assumed. The cooler goes a fairly long way. If the blockage is formed in one of the sections, its movement is stopped. This leads to a change in the temperature regime inside the chamber. The main causes of blockage: getting into a system of moisture, oil or pollution that got there due to filter pollution.

This problem is often hidden. Signs of disruption of the unit at the same time are the same as in the case when the evaporator fails. To understand what caused the temperature in the main chamber, you need to check the operation of the pair compressor-motor. If these nodes are not subject to intensive heating, it means that the main factor contributing to the violation of the temperature regime of the unit is blockage.

When the problem is detected immediately, it can be eliminated on your own.

In this case, light tapping on the tube will help, where it can be clogged. You can not exert pressure on the pipeline, t. to. It can be deformed, which will contribute to a complication of the situation. If after such manipulations the problem was not eliminated, it is better to invite a specialist. The advantage of this measure is the possibility of replacing freon, purging the tube, eliminating blockage and installing a new filter.

Problems with automatic electronics

If the upper camera of the refrigerator No Frost does not work, probable reasons:

Which manufacturer is used at home?

Samsung Refrigerator Freezer cleaning. Full Cleaning At Home. Step by Step

DIY repair refrigerator repair

Hello all to the Yapovtsy and Yapovites!Greetings of the great holders of 45cm and lovers of Kotto, dog.confwer, and of course boobs!Then my refrigerator is sick. He began in an involuntary water supply under his feet and us.I was tired of this rag under the freezer and, having chosen today’s beautiful rainy day, I decided to end this problem.This is all the lyrics, so they drove!

So we have a Samsung RSA1WHPET PATIENT A fairly common (not only in this model). It intends the ice under the lower box in the freezer and when hiding, the water flows through the door gum

We take out all the contents of the refrigerator, shelves.At the very bottom of the freezer we have a thick layer of ice.

Unscrew a few screws and remove the back wall.The latches are strong, do not break, but still pull neatly, clicking them along the contour.In places where there are latches on plastic, there are arrows (triangles).Remove the upper part.

And such a picture appears to our gaze, in the place of drainage a thick layer of ice:

We leave everything to melt, to speed up the process, you can use a hair dryer, just not very hot air so that the plastic does not deform.If possible, we dry everything as much as possible so that when turned on, it does not intend to intend again.We remove part with a fan, attached to 2 screws and Zashchelkiu was poorly put on a metal casing above the connectors and there was a lot of moisture inside.We remove them and dry them.

Just in case, we check the heater, otherwise if it is faulty, the situation will happen again.We have everything ok, resistance almost 174m.

So, while all the shelves were washed, everything thawed and we find the reason for the breakdown. A piece of foam from the case, which is stuck in the drainage:

Tinkering a little, t.to. foam is hard and there was no desire to break the aluminum tray, we get this piece.The drainage is clean

We go to the back of the refrigerator, remove the casing.Clean the radiator, fan and ventilation holes from dust.To the right of the radiator gray drainage tube. The tray is dry, this suggests that all the moisture from the refrigerator accumulated in it in the form of ice.

Remove the tube and check the drainage hole.If everything is ok, then we collect everything back and check the work of the refrigerator.

For me it will remain a mystery as such a large piece of foam turned out there. Great Hello Samsung collectors.And how the refrigerator worked for almost 5 years. Apparently at first the water flowed through the cracks, and then we had a period of constant shutdown of light.And the thawed water began to intend there until such a large rink froze.The repair is over, I hope someone will come in handy. I went to drink warm beer. You can kick.Here is our culprit:

disassemble, freezer, refrigerator, samsung

I raised my head for six months why I have a good water in my kitchen good water. but in the bathroom there is no.Thought the ninth floor. with pressure some kind of garbage. Fucking. I had to disassemble. pulled a piece of expanded clay from there.Everything would be fine, but already used to it. that the pressure in the bathroom is shit and is gaining half an hour. In short, the lower neighbors chewed me like Jacaiivako

Yes, it was not expanded clay, but brick. I have an uncle in a cash factory works. They only stick bricks in the pushes. And expanded clay. This is clearly a fake update, China to the campaign. And Jacques Iv Coosto have always been dos from all fish. Fucked, grit. Will sail in his scuba dummy, dick nosy. And looks, fucking. Neither eat, nor sleep, nor shit.

A neat expanded clay ball was inside professionally, worked like a valve. The house was Mzhkovsky in the days of the Union built- built themselves. And at the stage of distribution of apartments, the breeze was. Apparently someone decided to do someone. And then the construction was frozen. Mzhkovtsy shattered from the factory. Well, I got into the vacant apartment. They completed a mortgage. 8% then the rate was. I almost strangled with this bet. How people are now at 20% or how much percent they take, I can’t imagine at all. Walked out of all

disassemble, freezer, refrigerator, samsung

Unlikely. The breakdown is seriously diagnosed. Until the ice has thawed, you’ll crawl. After I thawed, you may not find the reason. The refrigerator is most likely little widespread, and few of the masters studied its “sores”. If you repair in the workshop, then of course the repair will not be difficult. And at home. troublesome.

How to Remove all Freezer Drawers in an RF Series Samsung Refrigerator Freezer

Quote (krabovsky79 @ 14.05.2017. 20:20)
. Then my refrigerator is sick. He began in an involuntary water supply under his feet and us.I was tired of this rag under the freezer and, having chosen today’s beautiful rainy day, I decided to end this problem.This is all the lyrics, so they drove!Do not break, finish. I will inform.

Well, if you just make a touch, you can turn it off for a day one and a half, without making unnecessary movements. And, if it repeats, you will have to change spare parts.And here is the main thing. Do not break firewood!In the photo is about the same refrigerator, after someone’s strongly unskilled repair. It would be much worse if the hostess did not wake up at 4 in the morning:

You can just a touch without analysis, but this is a long time to put all the products?And in my case it would not help.And I’m a complicer, sho we need this refrigerator. And in the photo. Fuuu Baeeee Frope, how much you need not to wash it.

Samsung refrigerator operation, use of a digital display, temperature control

The “88” segment on the freezer indicates the current temperature in the freezer.The “88” segment on the refrigerator indicates the current temperature in the refrigerator.

This symbol will glow when activating the function to turn on the frost. Enable the function

frost is perfect if you need a lot of ice. Click on the button to enable

freezing to increase the amount of ice. In the absence of the need to use this

button again, click on the “Turn on the freeze” button again.

If you use this function, electricity consumption by the refrigerator will be

increase. This function should be activated before put in

the department of the freezer of a large number of products, at least 24 hours before.

When you press the buttons to block the access of children within 3 seconds, all the buttons will be blocked. To cancel this function, click the button of the access blocking of children for 3 seconds again.

Museum of the freezer temperature

The temperature of the freezer can be set in the range from.14 ° C to.23 ° C depending

From your needs. Press the freezer again on the button, until the desired temperature

display on the temperature display. Remember that foods like ice cream can melt

at a temperature.16 ° C. The temperature display will change consistently from.14 ° C to.23 ° C

When the display indicators reaches the value.14 ° C. He will start again with.23 ° C. After five seconds

After a new temperature was set, the display will again display the current temperature

freezer. Nevertheless, this indicator will change in the course of how the freezer is

Management of the refrigerator temperature

The temperature of the freezer can be set within the framework of 7 ° C to 1 ° C to match

your needs. Press the refrigerator again on the button, until the desired temperature

will be displayed on the temperature display. The temperature control process is functioning

By a similar principle with the freezer. Press the refrigerator button for configuration

desired temperature. Having waited a few seconds, the refrigerator will begin to track the new

set temperature. This will be displayed on a digital display.

The temperature of the freezer or refrigerator can increase with open doors or

in the case of placing a large number of warm or hot products. In such

case of a digital display will start flashing. As soon as the freezer and refrigerator return to

normal temperatures, flashing will stop. If blinking continues, you may,

it will be necessary to “restart” the refrigerator. Try to disconnect the device from

power supply, wait 10 minutes and then connect it back. If you do not want to decide

the problem of the proposed way, contact the service personnel.

After the door closes, the display illumination will be turned off, except for blocking

children’s access, cooling power, vacation/cooling power functions. When

Luzing backlighting housing and reinforced concrete display after touching any button or opening a door



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