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How to disassemble a hair dryer rowenta cf 9220

Rowenta CV 8549 hair dryer

ROWENTA CV 4212 hair dryer. Hairdressing with Rowenta Brush Active CF 9220. Duration: 3:07. Rowenta Brush Activ Volume Shine review and demo.

23 reviews from owners rowenta cv 8549. Photos and features rowenta cv 8549.

PREMIUM CARE PRO ROWENTA : Premium Care Pro delivers fast drying performance, for a perfect finish and protected hair. The Respect function preserves hair’s natural moisture and keeps the hair surface smooth, automatically controlling the temperature and speed. SILENCE AC ROWENTA : Silence AC: the ultra-silent hair dryer A high-performance, ultra-silent hair dryer, Silence AC preserves up to 25% of hair’s moisture, thanks to Hydra Protect Technology, for a healthy shine.

Bulk styling with a diffuser

Review of the Rowenta CF 9220: A handy hair dryer for fast styling

I’m ‘lucky’ to have unruly split ends. For a long time I was looking for products to eliminate dryness, magnetizing and so on. I saw a Rowenta hair dryer at a friend’s house. The device interested me. And, as it turned out, rightly so. But about everything step by step.

Розборка и ремонт перегрева, фен Rowenta brush activ 1000W

I bought it in 2012, and this is how it looked. I bought it in 2012. Personally I had no experience with such brushes at the time. Manufacturer “Rowenta”. German brand, quite popular all over the world. The brand is trustworthy, gives a warranty on the product. Based on that, I decided to buy an inexpensive hairdryer.

How to disassemble a rowenta brush activ hair dryer?

That’s not an answer, that’s a question. And what prevents you from replying to the person in person (to the mailbox) ? Probably threw that hair dryer out a long time ago.

The only cool answer. Disassembled and reassembled. Never figured it out without a hint.

How To Repair Rowenta Brush Activ DIY

Dude, there are no pics, please reupload the pics

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Briefly about the design

Any model of Roventa hair dryer has the main elements, without which it can not function. These components and parts work together to do the basic job of drying any length of hair to excellent effect, and some, with the ION badge, do the air ionization for better styling.

Each product has switches, the appearance and number of which differ, but the principle of operation is identical.

According to experts, the most complex part of the device is the thyristor, so to carry out the repair of a hair dryer with their own hands is not very difficult for users.

The picture below shows the basic components of any hair dryer:

disassemble, hair, dryer, rowenta, 9220

Разборка фена Rowenta CF9320

  • fan;
  • electric motor;
  • The protective grid of the air intake;
  • The basis of the hair dryer is the heating element;
  • heat-resistant base;
  • the start button;
  • The thermostat switch;
  • the power supply cord;
  • Handle-end retainer;
  • contact block.

Practical tips for use

The following recommendations will help to understand the work of the hair dryer-brush and get acquainted with the main functions of the device:

  • All brushes for drying and styling hair are stored in protective cases to preserve the quality and effectiveness of their flexible bristles.
  • Brushes are installed and removed in literally seconds. To install the nozzle first removes its protective case, then the brush is attached to the body of the Rowenta Brush Activ 1000 dryer. How to disassemble the device is not difficult to guess. Once the brush, which gets very hot during hair drying, cools down, the brush head is simply removed from the case by pressing a small button where they are connected.
  • Before using the device, it is necessary to select the appropriate temperature and speed of air (moderate, intensive mode or cold air).
  • The rotation function. To activate it, turn the switch to the appropriate direction (left or right).
  • Speed of rotation of the brush can be adjusted by moving the button in up or down direction.

Following these simple rules, every girl can do her own styling, without much effort.

Rowenta Brush active 1000W ionic-ceramic CF 9524 hair dryer. review

I bought the Rowenta Brush active 1000W ionic-ceramic CF9524 to replace a similar hair dryer, and I wanted a more technologically advanced model. The main requirements were: must have a brush, and the coating of the brush should be ceramic.

There are 3 modes: weak, strong and cold. Modes are also switched mechanically. Conveniently located a ring switch mode closer to the cord attachment point to the body, so accidentally turn off the hair dryer during use will not work. There’s also a foam filter where the cord is attached, secured with a mesh ring that you can unscrew and clean the foam.

In the kit 2 brushes with 2 diameters: 4 cm and 5 cm, but I often use just a brush with a smaller diameter. For each brush has a plastic case that does not allow the teeth of the brush to bend during storage. The old brush I had bent teeth in the case during the trip.

Brushes are attached mechanically. by turning the ring at the place of attachment. This is a plus, because my previous hair dryer broke right there. Because it was fixed brush with a button, which after overheating melted and stopped working (we should give him credit: opahahala old hair dryer about 7 years).

The main “feature” of the hair dryer is the ability to rotate the brushes to the left and right side. The rotation buttons are conveniently located. This feature is mega handy when styling. It helps when you want volume at the roots. It is also very convenient to curl the strand on the puppy, and then when you turn it back gently untwist.

The cord is rotary, which also adds pluses.

Separately, we should note the overall design and color of the body: I have a dark purple with glitter.

Rowenta CF 9000 hair dryer-brush

Looking for positive and negative reviews of the Rowenta CF 9000 hair dryer-brush?

We have collected 30 negative, negative and positive reviews from 11 sources.

We’ll show you all the pros and cons of the Rowenta CF 9000 Hairdryer Brush revealed through user use. We do not hide anything and post all the positive and negative honest customer reviews about the Rowenta CF 9000 hair dryer-brush, as well as offer alternative products similar. Is it worth it to buy. The decision is yours alone!

Rowenta CF9202 hair dryer brush

The Rowenta for Elite Model Look revolving brush Activ Elite combines drying and styling in one action! With two nozzles and thanks to the high power you can quickly dry and arrange wet hair in perfect curls. The ceramic coating of the brushes protects the hair from overheating.

Hair dryer-brush DO is a product of the famous German manufacturer Rowenta. The product has a special brush coating that gives the hair dryer special properties. This coating is a special complex consisting of keratin and tourmaline. Applied on the inside of the device, it helps to protect the hair from unwanted effects and damage, including high air temperature.

I’m an electrician

Next we have a similar problem with the back cover-grid of the hair dryer. If the front ring was hard to remove, the back ring is no easier. Just as in the first case, turn the mesh left and right, adjusting the force so as not to break something there. Removing the protective mesh, we move it down the cord, so that later it does not interfere with our hair. So we freed two sides of the hair dryer from the parts that prevented us to disassemble its case.

disassemble, hair, dryer, rowenta, 9220

The first thing we need to do is to check the continuity of the power cord of the hair dryer. To do this we need a wire tester. There are a lot of cheap and inexpensive testers available at any store that sells radio equipment or at the radio market. These tools are easy to use and very easy to learn how to use them. They are much more convenient than any homemade prozvonok and indicators, as compact, have a large set of features and are useful in everyday life to find faults and in case of problems with electricity and not only. So we switch the tester to the continuity test mode and check the power cable for breaks. As you can see from the photo one wire of the power cord is faulty, because on the display we have a resistance of 0.6 (ohm) and the audible alarm sounds. For more on how to use the tester, see the Tester article.

Similarly, we check the second wire of the hair dryer power cord, and make sure it works. In my case, as you can see the power cable of the hair dryer is intact, and we continue the troubleshooting. Often this stage of checking already gives positive results finding the fault, as during the operation, the power cord is subjected to frequent bending and twisting, pulling out of the power outlet, and so on. If you have not tested for continuity of the power cord, the fault is in it. often a break in the power cord is near the ends (near the plug, which is inserted into the socket, or near the plug that is inserted into the hair dryer). To determine this fault is sometimes possible by bending the power cord in these places and watching the readings of the device. If you identified the fault, then replace the power plug I think it is not difficult, but with the plug to solve the problem by the situation (or cut it and connect the cable to the breakage, or to throw out the plug and connect the cord without connector, which will lead to inconvenience to use a hair dryer. because the power cable will twist when you rotate the hair dryer). Of course, this is ideal. is to replace the power cord with a new or serviceable one, but not everyone has such an opportunity. So we continue our search for the cause of the malfunctioning hair dryer. The next step in determining the problem is to check the hair dryer mode switch. It often happens that it is in the switch is the cause of the malfunction, as it turns on and off the hair dryer, switches the spiral hair dryer in a larger or smaller heating mode. At such moments of switching, between contacts of the switch a spark occurs, and contacts are burned, that leads to deterioration of conductivity between contacts, their heating during the operation, and so on.д. As a result, over time, the switch stops working altogether.



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