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How to determine the temperature in an electric oven

Model overview

On the market there is a wide range of devices for measuring temperature conditions in the oven. Every class of device has its own favorite.

Gefu Scala probe needle

Gefu Scala. a quality model from a well-known brand A traditional probe that plunges into the food being cooked and displays the result on the monitor. The model has a measurement range of.40 to 200°C. Length of the needle allows you to stick it to a depth of 15 cm, which makes it possible to use the device to test the temperature not only of meat but also of liquids.

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Accuracy is 0,1°C with an accuracy of 1°C. Additional features include the Fahrenheit scale, the high speed display (4 seconds) and the memory function.

Gas oven thermometer Gefu

Gefu. a recognized leader in kitchen thermometers A model that is ideal for the gas oven. Has a circular dial divided into color-coded zones for easy temperature control. Measuring range: from 50°C to 300°C. Diameter of the dial is 7 cm. Made of stainless steel.

The Endever Smart-05 remote probe thermometer

The device, which has a remote probe, which simplifies the process of temperature measurement. Can be used with almost any kind of meat. 8 presets (beef, lamb, veal, pork, turkey, chicken, fish and minced meat). Also by means of the device you can control the degree of frying. Measuring range: 0 to 250°C, temperature accuracy 0.1°C. Wireless data transfer possible

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Endever Smart-05. Cheap remote probe device A device that has a remote probe, which simplifies the process of temperature measurement. Can be used with almost any kind of meat. Presets for 8 options (beef, lamb, veal, pork, turkey, chicken, fish and minced meat) are stored. Also allows you to control the degree of cooking. Measuring range 0 to 250°C, reading accuracy 0.1°C. Wireless data transmission possible

Cason infrared thermometer

Cason ca380: the general purpose pyrometer, or infrared thermometer which measures temperature from a distance. Range of parameters taken into account from.32 to 380°C. Powered by a single 9-volt battery, for 16 hours of continuous operating time.

Has an internal memory for storing maximum and minimum values. Time to receive readings is 500 msec. Laser pointer for increased precision.

Methods of determining temperature without a thermometer

If there are no documents on the stove and there is no way to determine the temperature in the gas oven by the numbers on the regulator, as there are no parameters of minimum and maximum heating, you can use several simple but effective methods. Their main point is to determine what is the temperature of the flame inside the gas stove at a certain position of the thermostat.

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It is a kind of test to see if you have selected the correct cooking mode for certain foods.


This can be plain white office paper or a piece of notebook paper. Newspapers, napkins, and baking paper are not suitable for this purpose. The error in the indicators will be 5-10 ° C. It is best to perform the experiment several times to avoid gross errors and inaccuracies.

An ordinary piece of paper is good for determining temperature

  • Turn on the oven by turning the knob to the desired position;
  • After 10-15 minutes, when the oven has heated up and reached the desired parameters, a sheet of paper is placed inside. Place it on a baking tray or rack where you usually put the food.
  • Wait until the paper begins to char. At this stage, it is important to control the time. The table shows the ratio of temperature to time that the sheet was inside the oven.

If even after 15 minutes inside the oven, the paper has not charred, but only slightly changed its color, then the inside of the oven is no more than 150 degrees.


How to determine the temperature in an oven that is already running with food loaded. For example, there is a muffin inside and you suspect the pie is browning too quickly. To do this, use lump sugar, which is placed on a sheet or foil and placed inside on a baking tray or rack, in close proximity to the pie. The melting temperature of sugar. 180 ° C. Accordingly, if the pieces began to melt, it means that the level of heat inside the cabinet is higher than this value.

Sugar melts at 180 degrees Celsius

On a side note! This method is most convenient for checking the temperature when cooking baking. In order for it not to burn and bake well, it is recommended to heat the oven to 180-200 ° C.

Not a problem, if lump sugar is missing, it can be replaced by granulated sugar. Their melting point is exactly the same. Using both types of sugar, you can determine quite accurately the temperature range of the oven. Due to the higher density, lump sugar will melt with a slight delay, while granulated sugar will flow at once. If the temperature inside the oven is very high, over 200 ° C, both types of sugar will begin to melt instantly.

How do you know the temperature in the oven without a thermometer, having only flour? The method is as simple as the previous two. The only difference is that you can use flour to determine the maximum temperature of the oven:

Despite the simplicity of the method, it has some peculiarities. So, you should use only white flour to check, by which you can easily trace the change in color. The amount of flour should also be measured. If there is too much flour, the darkening will not be uniform, and it will be difficult to determine when the flour has reached maximum temperature.

White sheet of paper. replacement of the thermostat

Another way to determine the temperature in the oven without a thermometer is to use a sheet of paper. In this way you can measure the average value of the scale.

  • Place the paper on the rack by turning the setting knob.
  • After ten minutes to check, the sheet will begin to turn yellow. This indicates that there is a little heat in the oven. The figure is less than one hundred and twenty-five degrees. Therefore, for higher readings, it is necessary to wait.
  • In the case of a light brown paper, the temperature is a maximum of 180. This figure is suitable for baking, fish, baking vegetables. It is better to remember the position of the gas lever, so that you can cook delicious food in the future.
  • After three minutes, the paper has become a brown shade, the degree is two hundred and twenty-five and above. If you want to give the dish a golden crust, this is the optimal heat. The sheet instantly turns dark. over two hundred and seventy-five in the oven.

This technique for determining the temperature helps you understand the operating range of the stove. Approximate figures cannot fully guarantee the expected result. It is better to replace the old device with a new model. The electric version does a good job with its functions.

How to determine oven temperature without a thermometer

Modern models of electric and gas ovens are equipped with thermometers that can be used to determine the temperature of the oven. But some housewives don’t want to change their proven oven, despite its age. And why, if the technical characteristics are fully satisfied with it. Nevertheless, sometimes the question arises, how to determine the temperature of the oven, if the recipe specifies its specific indicators. It is good if the old gas oven has at least a rough gradation in the divisions. Otherwise you will have to adapt and adjust to the numbers on this thermometer.

All gas and electric models have a maximum and minimum oven heating temperature. If you inherited the appliance from your parents or bought it a long time ago, you probably didn’t keep the manual.

You need to watch how long it takes for the sheet to char and then prescribe the temperature settings. If the sheet is charred in 5 seconds, the maximum flame = 270-300 degrees. If this happened in 15 seconds, the temperature in the oven of the gas stove is in the range of 250-270 C. In half a minute. maximum 230-250 degrees.

On the oven instead of degrees are numbers from 1 to. temperature table

Electric oven division Celsius temperature (C°)
1 135. 165
2 150. 180
3 170. 200
4 182. 215

The GRADIUS oven thermometer is designed to measure the actual temperature directly at any point in the oven. The body of the thermometer is made of high-quality stainless steel and the scale is covered with heat-resistant quartz glass. Dimensions: W, H, D. 70 X 80 X 40 mm. The scale is graduated from 50 to 300° C.

Determining the temperature with lump sugar

Place a white sheet of paper on the rack of the oven, with a few pieces of pressed sugar on top. Turn the heat up and gradually increase the temperature. Temperature of sugar melting. 180 degrees. As soon as the refined sugar begins to “leak,” this is the number.

To make everything bake: useful tips

Use the electric oven in the standard way. bake the food at the recommended temperature. Use cooking sleeves, baking paper or foil to keep the food juicy.

For casseroles, souffles and puddings build a water bath. To do this, place the dish in a bowl with a larger diameter, then pour some liquid into it.

If you are baking, do not open the device unnecessarily during the entire process. Meat and poultry should be sprinkled periodically with cooking juices. Then the dish will have a deliciously crispy crust.

When cooking flour baked goods, turn off the oven 15 minutes before they are ready and leave the dish to “rest”.To ensure that the meat turns out juicy, follow the temperature regime specified in the recipe. A timer can help you remember to turn the oven off and remove the crockpot in time.

When using an electric oven, remember that safety comes first. then there will always be a delicious home-cooked meal on the table without the risk of fire.

It’s a simple place to start: classic models of ovens consist of one or more heaters (burners) over which trays are placed at different heights. These ovens heat the food only at the bottom and have natural convection, or hot air, on top. This way, food often does not bake evenly.

On the oven, there are numbers from 1 to. temperature chart

Division of the electric ovenTemperature in Celsius (C°)
1 135. 165
2 150. 180
3 170. 200
4 182. 215
  • If the flour burns in a few seconds the oven has reached 280° C.
  • Rapid color change from white to dark means heating to 220 0 C.
  • With a slow change in hue to yellowish, the oven is heated to 180 0 C.

To determine the temperature in the oven (electric oven), place the thermometer on the central rack inside the oven and turn the oven on for 20 minutes, with the thermostat (temperature regulator) set at a temperature between 50 degrees and 100 degrees.



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