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How to determine an induction stove or not

How the glass.ceramic plate differs from induction and which is better

Before buying, it is advisable to figure out how a simple induction stove differs from an electric with a glass.ceramic top. The surface of both models is made of glass ceramics. However, under the glass hob can be an electric heater or electromagnetic coil. Plates, although used for cooking, but their principle of operation is different.

Both models have a surface made of glass ceramics. The top of the plates is made of high.strength glass. However, models differ in a number of signs.

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Principle of operation

Modern plates have a glass.ceramic surface similar to glass. Under the hob can be an electric heater or electromagnetic coil.

There are two main types of plates with glass.ceramic surface: electric stoves and induction. What they have in common is the hob, it is made of special over.duty glass (cerane), which can withstand the fall of heavy objects.

Under the glass.ceramic surface of the electric stove is an electric heater (spiral, halogen, strip), in the course of work, releasing thermal energy. Heat passes through the glass and heats the pan. The surface of the glass.ceramic electric stove during operation is always hot.

The induction stove also works from electricity. However, in this technique, which serves to cook food, it uses the effect of induction. When turning on, not a burner is heated, but a metal dish. Heating occurs due to induced vortex currents created by the magnetic field of electromagnetic coil. The hob itself remains cold or slightly warm. Only metalware standing on the surface is heated.

Electricity savings

It will not be possible to save electric energy in this case. Both models consume a lot of electricity. However, almost all energy is spent exclusively on the cooking process.

The power of the burner of each model depends on the diameter of the hob and is equal to 1 to 2.5 kW. In electric stoves, energy is spent on heating the surfaces and dishes. In induction models, only a pan is heated, that is, electricity is consumed more economically (less by 20-30 %).

The problem can be not only in the amount of kW, but also in the ability of electrical wiring to withstand power consumption by equipment. When using unconnected wiring, a short circuit is possible.

The speed of heating the surface

Since the induction stove immediately heats the pan, its heating rate will be higher. The electric stove has to first heat the hob, and only then. the dishes placed on the burner. The heating difference is only a few seconds. In a heated dish, water in an amount of 1.5 liters boils in 3 minutes.

When the induction model is turned off, the cooking process stops almost immediately. The electric stove for some time will be warm, its longer cooling is used to languish the dish.

Operation safety

The danger, first of all, is a heated hobs of an electric stove. In the process, it heats up to 500 degrees. Touching the heated red burner is strictly prohibited.

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After turning off, the glass ceramic base of the electric stove for some time remains hot. The red circle on the surface attracts the attention of children who want to touch it. A cat can walk along the turned off, but hot panel. Accordingly, when using an electric stove, it is recommended to comply with the rules of safe operation.

The surface of the induction stove is cold, both in the process of cooking and after turning off. True, by negligence, you can burn about the pan left on the hob.

Automatic shutdown

Standard models are equipped with a timer, thanks to which you can set cooking time. At the end of the given time, the sound signal is heard. The menu of new models includes additional functions. For example, tiles have a mode called “automatic shutdown” after 4-5 hours.

The requirement for dishes

On an electric stove, it is allowed to cook food in any dish. The main thing is that she has a flat bottom, since any irregularities affect the quality of cooking. On an electric stove, it is allowed to put enameled, stainless, glass, clay dishes. The heated burner gives heat to any object standing on the hob.

Problems with dishes arise only when using induction models. Not all pots are suitable for cooking on such plates. The dishes should have a thick bottom with magnetic properties. Checking the suitability of the pan is very simple. You need to apply a magnet to its bottom. If it “sticks”, then in such a bowl it will be possible to cook food on a stove with an electromagnetic coil. Inappropriate pots for such models: copper, glass, clay, aluminum.

Dishes recommended for induction plates:

When using plates with an induction effect, it is recommended to pay attention to the diameter of the bottom (recommended 8-12 cm). For induction models, special dishes are produced on the price tag of the “Induction” marking. If the house does not have a suitable pan, you can use a metal disk-adapter disk. True, in the case of such an intermediary, electricity consumption will increase. Perfect dishes for models with an electromagnetic coil. cast.iron pots and pans with a thick bottom (6 mm).


The latest models of induction plates are similar to a computer monitor. Glass.ceramic surface is used as a display. The touch screen allows you to go to the menu and select the desired option or information. You can even connect the stove to the Smart House system and remotely control it through a smartphone. On the heated surface of the electric stove, the information display is missing.

Features of operation

Which hobs will look better in the kitchen. electric or induction? The difference between them is the following nuances:

determine, induction, stove
  • Features of the operation of devices;
  • use of suitable dishes;
  • work safety;
  • heating speed;
  • efficiency of the cooking process;
  • Easy to care.

The main difference is the principle of operation of both devices. The electric stove will first heat itself and only then heat to the dishes located on it. The induction embedded in the technique of the same name works diametrically opposite: a coil that activates magnetic currents in the dishes itself is located under the working surface of the hob. This leads to the fact that only pans and pots heat up, you can not be afraid to burn yourself. There is a difference in many other factors.

  • The previous difference between the induction stove indicates the use of a certain dishes, which has the properties of magnets. To save the budget, ferromagnetic stickers are also suitable, which “sculpt” on the existing household utensils. But the electric stove is “favorable” to any types of pots and pans. they can be covered with both aluminum and enamel.
  • The induction stove is much safer than usual. it will not turn on until the dishes are installed on it. over, the latter should be complete.
  • Another significant competitive difference is the speed of cooking. The induction version definitely wins here. The answer is again in the features of the work: the panel does not need to warm up for a long time to the desired temperature, thanks to the actions of electromagnetic vortices, everything happens much faster.
  • Since both types of equipment eat from the mains, the induction method of cooking is much more economical. Calculations show that in this case it is spent 1.5 times less than electricity. Read more about the consumption of electricity stove here here.
  • If food enters the surface of the electric stove, with untimely cleaning, it will be much more difficult to get rid of traces of cooking in the future.

So, the induction panel will differ first of all, no matter how strange it sounds, with its mind. It will distinguish just as much heat as necessary to warm up the dishes of the desired diameter.

The principle of operation and features of induction plates

Important! Unlike glass.ceramic models, the principle of operation of induction devices is the action of pre.installed induction coils that create a powerful magnetic field of high frequency under the influence of electricity.

Thus, during the operation of the coils located under the hobs, the dishes are heated, in which there is a certain amount of ferromagnetic particles.

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The hob itself remains cold.

Having stopped your choice on induction equipment, it is important to remember that for cooking you will have to purchase a special dishes or an adapter that allows you to quickly and evenly heat the kitchen utensils.

Among the features of induction equipment, points can be distinguished such as:

  • heating due to creating electromagnetic radiation of coils;
  • surface work only if there are dishes installed on it;
  • instant change in temperature conditions to the desired mark;
  • lack of unpleasant odors in the kitchen;
  • automation of most processes;
  • High class of energy efficiency.


The use of an electromagnetic field in the product may confuse an unprepared user.

Scientists conducted many studies of the influence of the working induction stove on the health of a person in the immediate vicinity of the device at the time of cooking.

  • The electromagnetic field affects the bottom of the dishes, which is located directly on the burner.
  • The field itself is minimal, it will not harm a person, all other things being equal.
  • Induction plates are equipped with absorbing function. She will not give a negative effect on the user.

Dependent or independent option

The question of how to choose an induction stove affects the features of its location: it can be dependent and independent. In the first case, it is understood that the equipment will have to be installed strictly above the oven cabinet.

Another important point is both the oven and the induction hobs should belong to one brand.

An independent option gives more space for installation. you can do this in any convenient place of the room. The desktop panel is quite realistic even in the center of the large kitchen-dining room (just do not forget about the hood), and determine the oven in a completely different angle.

Pros and cons of induction stove

A special principle of operation of the induction stove and various modern technologies are expressed in the practicality and mass of the advantages of everyday devices. What is the remarkable induction hob?

  • Economy. Such tiles are consumed by 40-50% less electricity, which does not affect the heating power. The efficiency of induction plates is at least 90%, which is maximum among all types (gas, electric).
  • Security. Due to the fact that heat is transmitted to the dishes, and not to the burner, the surface of the plate does not heat up. Thus, it is impossible to get a burn about the stove, the food that came will not be burnt, and the plate will not be melted by an accidentally set. In addition, the panel is turned on only if at least 70% of the heating area is blocked.
  • Convenience. The cooking process takes less time than on ordinary hobs, thanks to the rapid warming up of the dishes. And unlike electrict, which requires cooling time, magnetic coils are stopped working immediately after disconnecting. The user does not have to rearrange the pan so that the food does not overjoy.
  • Practicality. The panel care is elementary: glass ceramics are resistant to mechanical influences, and due to the low temperature of the plate, the food is not pressed to it. To maintain cleanliness, it is enough to wipe the glass.ceramic surface with a damp sponge with a soap solution.
  • Functionality. Different options significantly facilitate the use of a household appliance, it can pause, install intensive warm.up, set a timer, adjust the temperature.
  • Optimum room temperature. Everyone knows that when using a gas or electric stove (with a heating plain), then the air temperature inevitably increases. Especially in the summer it creates discomfort, and without good ventilation in the kitchen it will be hot. A stove with induction heating excludes the creation of such inconvenience.

The disadvantages of this device are subjective, but in many ways they can affect the choice of the optimal model.

  • For an induction electric stove, only special dishes (enameled, made of stainless steel) are suitable, it is marked with a marking in the form of a spiral. Brass or copper utensils are also suitable, but due to the small content of magnetic substances, it heats up much slower. Ceramic or glass kitchen utensils cannot be used at all on an induction stove. In addition, the bottom of the dishes should be even and clean.
  • There are models where power does not allow the use of 3 or 4 burners at the same time (power in such plates is about 4 kW).
  • Installation rules prohibit mounting a built-in panel above the refrigerator, microwave and other metal surfaces.
  • The electromagnetic field is capable of exerting (to a small degree) impact on nearby devices, and users with pacemakers are recommended to refrain from buying such equipment.
  • The included plate makes a little noise. this is a cooling system, but there are models in which the fan operation is practically not heard.

How to choose panel material?

  • Glass ceramics.Differs in mechanical strength and resistance to overheating. Glass.ceramic surfaces have an attractive appearance and withstand cleaning with detergents with abrasive particles. But they can crack from the accidental fall of some heavy object.
  • Strained glass.Hardened glass devices are a little more expensive. The high cost of devices is determined by unsurpassed strength, ease of purification and presentable design. The only negative is the range of models of small.

Design design and color palette of the induction hobs also are of considerable importance, because ideally the device should be in harmony with the overall interior of the kitchen.

note! Most often, buyers prefer equipment presented in classic black performance.

This option is more practical and universal, because drops will immediately be visible on the white surface.

If you want to stand out, you should look at multi.colored spectacular models, supplementing the kitchen with bright colors that will bring joy to everyday life.

Malfunctions of induction plates

The electromagnetic principle of operation of the induction stove implies high reliability and durability of the device.

Despite this, some breakdowns are possible during operation:

  • Low power of the burner. The probable reason is the incorrect installation of dishes, which is not in the center of the working surface. A situation is possible when the diameter of the pan (pan) is less than the diameter of the heated zone. Also, the reasons should include incomplete fitting dishes to the surface or overheating of the induction winding;
  • Grounds do not work on the left side of the furnace. The probable reason is the breakdown of the control unit or the supply board;
  • Failure of one of the working zones. Before cooking, it is important to observe a certain inclusion sequence. First, the burner is selected (using the touch panel), and after that the power is set. If everything is done correctly, check the used dishes for the fact of compliance with the induction stove (in diameter and material). If the dishes comply with the rules, and comfort does not work anyway, activate the test sensor test and replace it (if necessary). If the sensor is in good condition, make sure that the dishes fit tightly to the surface;
  • Two burners do not work on the right side. The cause of the malfunction often lies in the poor contact of the terminal box or fuse burning out. It is worth checking the quality of the connection of the control unit and the supply board. In extreme cases, a replacement of the block is required;
  • The indicator of the residual heat failed. Actions. conducting a test check, the results of which concludes the serviceability of the temperature sensor. If the part is working, the control unit changes. In the case of failures in the display, it is worth checking the quality of the connection of the panel and the control unit;
  • The burner does not turn on, and there are no messages on the screen. Check the network switch, fuse, as well as the quality of the control unit with the power supply and the sensory panel;
  • The refusal of the cooling fan. Pay attention to the installed power. If it is minimal, the fan will not work immediately, but after reaching the air temperature of 50 degrees Celsius. Carry out a test check. In case of failure of the fan, perform its replacement. If this node is working, replace the control unit;
  • The induction plate makes a sound signal in continuous mode. The probable reason is the failure of the control unit;
  • The fire of maximum power (3 kW) does not work. The inclusion of the working zone is sometimes blocked to avoid overheating of the block of induction shade. If the problem manifests itself for no reason, the control unit changes;
  • Automatic shutdown of the hob. The principle of operation of the induction stove is built so that the shutdown is made in three cases. First, if time was set by the timer. Secondly, if the burner operates more than two hours. Thirdly, when after 10 seconds after inclusion no action takes place.


The principle of operation of the induction stove causes distrust and fears in some housewives. Manufacturers assure that it is safe and there is nothing to worry about. Is it really?

Various Fact Sheet. Induction Hobs studies were conducted on the security of induction plates. Their results are slightly different, but converge in the fact that at a distance of less than 30 cm from the stove the electromagnetic field still exceeds the standards of SanPiN 2.one.8/ Hygienic requirements for the placement and operation of transmitting radio engineering facilities. Also if you put a smaller diameter on the panel than the burner, or put it a little not evenly, then the electromagnetic radiation will become stronger, and the radius of exposure will increase.

However, the expert clarifies that all this matters if it is more than two hours a day at the stove. In other cases, standards become less strict, which allows you to prepare without any harm to health.

Compliance with instructions and safety precautions with any electrical devices is extremely necessary. Induction stove is no exception. As mentioned earlier, it is necessary to pay special attention to the diameter of the dishes and the type of its bottom.

The electromagnetic field from the induction stove does not affect food, since this radiation is not ionizing and acts mainly on the dishes, warming it up. If we talk about the effect on the body, then it greatly depends on the frequency of radiation, its power and exposure time.

In addition, it is especially important for people with pacemakers to follow the safety rules. It is recommended to consult a doctor before starting to use an induction stove.

determine, induction, stove

It is likely that when it approaches more than 0.5 meters to the plate on, the pacemaker may fail.

determine, induction, stove

Most household appliances and gadgets that we use daily have an effect on our body. To ensure the comfortable use of devices to which we are so accustomed to, it is important to observe all safety requirements, not neglect the instructions and clearly follow all the requirements. So you will first protect yourself, and, of course, extend the life of your technique.



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