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How to cure meat in a vegetable dryer

Drying marinated meat in a drying rack

While we’re out here making and preserving supplies for the winter, the men are kind of sad. So let’s tempt them with boobies today

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The puritans and moralists raised their eyebrows but don’t get nervous gentlemen, the boobs will only be chicken. Cause a man knows what to do with the real ones. Having a wonderful unit in the form of Ezidri drier for fruit and vegetables, why not try to cure meat in it? It’s easy and simple to make, so here we go. We will need:

4 chicken breasts. (about 1 kilo)

For marinade:

1/3 cup soy sauce (70-80 ml) 0,5 tsp.л. sugar, half tablespoon salt (if you like it saltier, if not, then add less) 1 tbsp (50g) sugar, half tablespoon salt (if you like it saltier, then add more) sugar, half tablespoon salt.л. Mustard grains (I have some leftovers) 1 hr.л. Balsamic vinegar (you can use grape vinegar or lemon juice) 2 tsp.л. any spices you like 1 tbsp.л. of vegetable oil.

Separate the hanging part from the chicken breast, it is superfluous here. A man wants everything to be nice and firm, and we try to do it for him. It should end up like this:

It doesn’t look very appetizing so far. But after doing the necessary manipulations, it will look very different. To do this, let’s prepare the marinade. Combine all the ingredients and mix until more or less homogeneous.

Then let’s make some simple spa treatments by bathing each piece in marinade.

Now we need to give the meat time to rest in the refrigerator. 10-12 hours will be enough. Once the meat has marinaded, let’s take it out, let it move away from the cold, and we will prepare the dryer. I put a marshmallow tray in the first tray, just in case the marinade drips down. If you don’t have a pan like this, you can cut a sheet of parchment to size instead.

In the second tray I put a flexible mesh liner. But you can do without it. It just keeps the meat from sticking, and it makes cleaning the tray a lot easier.

Now we spread out the meat on the dryer, pressing it a little bit, like spreading the pieces out.

Turning the oven to 60 degrees, my oven is High.

And start the withering process for another 2.5 or 3 hours. This is just enough time for the meat to cook, but not to be dry and tough. This is how it looks after 5.5 hours.

I cut one slice to check for doneness.

The meat is malleable, smells great, can be removed and sliced.

Now you can call my husband and let him take a sample and evaluate my efforts.

Such meat is excellent with beer, in different salads or on sandwiches. Well, this time we were eating it with cognac. It’s a beautiful thing, I have to tell you! Salt, spices, spice everything in moderation.My husband liked it very much. And you’re in for a treat!

Now for beef jerky and experimenting with mackerel.

good recipes:

In addition to food, you will need a vegetable dryer.

From 600 grams of beef you will get 230-250 grams of jerky (depending on how dried).

How to make jerky at home in a vegetable dryer

Rinse beef in cold water and pat dry lightly. Remove any thickening, fat or films.

Slice beef into thin slices. The pieces can be quite different lengths. For easier slicing, keep the meat in the freezer beforehand.

For the marinade, pour the soy sauce into a bowl. Add tomato sauce and satsebeli to it.

Spice up the marinade to taste. Black pepper and basil will work great. If desired, you can add a mixture of Provencal herbs or chili peppers.

Small portions of beef pieces in a container with marinade.

Stir the meat occasionally in the marinade with a spoon to make sure it is completely covered in the sauce.

Cover the container with cling film to prevent the top pieces of beef from getting weathered. Leave it to marinate in a cool place for at least 10 hours or overnight.

The next day, spread the marinaded meat in a single layer on the trays of the vegetable dryer.

Place the trays in the dryer. Dry the meat for about 4 hours at 55 °C.

While drying, turn the meat on the trays and swap the trays around. This will allow the meat to dry more evenly.

The finished jerky should be slightly elastic. But it is also possible to dry the beef completely, when it will be brittle and crispy.

Keep your home-made jerky in zip-top bags or in an airtight glass container.

Turkey jerky

Today I’ll show you how to make turkey jerky at home with a Scarlett SC-FD421004 vegetable and fruit dryer. It is not very complicated, but I was amazed at the result. The meat is not dry, but dried. No strong taste of spices and seasonings, it is moderately salty and flavorful. This is a perfect snack with beer! It took me 24 hours to marinate it and another 10 hours to dry it. I made sure, but I could have dried it for 8 hours. My family really liked the result, we are also planning to dry the meat of rabbit, beef and chicken. And of course, in such a dryer is ideal to make dried apples, pears, tomatoes, herbs and more for the winter. I recommend getting a dryer like this for your home. You’re gonna love it.

How to cure meat. Easy recipe for beginners

This recipe for “Turkey Jerky” is in the Meat category, and it takes no more than 25 minutes to cook it. To make this dish at home with this recipe from the cookpad author you will need: Turkey Fillet, Soy Sauce, Olive Oil, Garlic, Ginger. Lemon, Table Mustard.

To cook turkey jerky in a vegetable and fruit dryer we need: turkey filet 1 kg., For the marinade: soy sauce, 4 tbsp (50g). л., Olive oil 2 tbsp. л., garlic 3-4 cloves, ginger 1 tsp, juice ½ lemon, table mustard 2 tbsp. л.

Rinse and dry turkey filet well, then cut into pieces about 1 cm thick.1.5 cm.

To make the marinade, in a bowl combine: grated ginger, 3 cloves of garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil, table mustard and soy sauce (you can add lemon juice to taste).

I will marinate the turkey in a bag, it is much more convenient and you can periodically turn and stir to marinade the turkey evenly. So, we put the turkey in the bag and pour the marinade.

Tie the bag and mix well. Let’s put it in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

After 24 hours, take out the turkey and place the pieces on the sheets in the dryer. Do not place tightly, let there be more space between the pieces.

We turn on the dryer on 65 degrees and leave it for 5 hours. Then turn the pieces over and turn on the dryer for another 5 hours. I ended up curing the turkey for 10 hours because the pieces were not very thin.

Guide to Drying and Curing Meat at Home in Detail

That’s all! My turkey jerky is ready. From one kilo of turkey, I got 600 g. dried meat. Such a snack is perfect with beer. Bon appetit!

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Pork: how to dry meat in a vegetable dryer?

Pork, dried in an electric dryer, is not as dry and tough as, for example, beef or chicken. Thanks to the natural fat content of the product, the finished meat is soft and has a pleasant flavor.

To taste delicious pork jerky, take:

  • A kilo of pork loin;
  • one kilogram of table salt;
  • 30 ml of brandy;
  • 30 grams of dried sage;
  • 40 grams of ground black pepper;
  • 2 pods of hot chilies;
  • handful of coriander.
  • The meat loin is washed, the membranes and veins are removed from it, and it is dried with paper towels.
  • Wash the chili, trim the top of each pod, remove the seeds and cut the flesh into small pieces.
  • Add salt, ground pepper and sage to the sliced pepper.
  • Pour cognac over the dry mixture and mix well.
  • Next, take a deep container, the bottom of which is covered with 1/2 of the prepared marinade. Place the meat in it and cover the top with the other half of the marinade.
  • Cover the container with a lid or cling film. Put in the fridge for at least 12 hours.
  • After 12 hours of marinating take out the meat, shake off the seasonings and cut into thin slices.
  • Place the pieces on the draining tray of the electric dryer and start the drying process.

Jerky: the usefulness, practicality and gourmet pleasure of meat snacks

alt=”Jerky meat” / Jerky is dried meat, which is prepared from raw marinaded meat by drying at low temperature in a special way. The word jerky comes from the Native American word “charki”, which translates as jerky. South American Indian tribes dried meat in the sun or over a fire to preserve nutrients and vitamins.

Since there were no refrigerators, it was also a way for them to preserve their surplus meat. Nowadays, jerky is especially known and prized in the U.S. and Western Europe. Since 1996 jerkies were included in the NASA astronauts’ food rations due to their light weight and high calorie content.

Jerky (cured meat) was invented when there were only a few known ways to keep food fresh. The main things were drying and salting, which was applied to jerky. Corned beef was not very convenient for nomadic tribes, as it retained its full volume and weight. And jerky was easy to take with you on the road. Drying fatty meat was practiced as far back as South America, while North American Indians fumed lean meat, which had the distinctive aroma of campfire smoke.

This simple and uncomplicated, but very useful method of cooking jerky was brought to Europe by the Spanish, who borrowed it from the South American Quechua tribe when they arrived on the new continent. Spaniards appreciate the benefits of jerky for long sea voyages. Settlers who set out to conquer the New World spread thin plates of meat on top of a wagon, jerky dried under the scorching sun for at least three days.

And now there are a lot of fans of jerky. These are also the lovers of hiking, picnics in nature, and those who simply like beer, because dried beef, turkey, venison perfectly complements the taste of beer drink. Today’s selection of jerky in stores makes it easy to buy a pack of jerky. However, like all industrially produced products, it has a serious drawback: in such meat they add preservatives, flavor enhancers, dyes, too much salt. That’s why for lovers of quality and delicious jerky, the best option would be to cook jerky yourself, using an Isidri dryer. When drying meat at home, you can marinate it with your favorite spices to get the perfect tasting product.

Cooking features

Jerky is a great appetizer. Consists of a whole piece of meat, keeps for a long time, and has a spicy, spicy flavor. The product will not lose its nutritional qualities and is very small in size. The main thing about making jerky. is the removal of moisture from the meat, that is dehydration. You can cook jerkies in this way in industrial ovens at a low temperature, at home the electric fryer, oven is quite suitable. An ideal appliance for cooking jerky would be an Isidri dryer. Due to the slow drying at low temperature and excellent air circulation in the dryer, jerky acquires a rich meat flavor and very nice color, stores for a long time.

The taste of the jerk roast may vary depending on the ingredients added to the marinade. You can add paprika, honey, liquid smoke, tabasco sauce, Dijon mustard and any seasonings that suit the meat. That’s why the flavors are salty-smoked, tart, maybe a little sweet. Different temperature and time of drying jerkies, the recipe can be chosen according to your taste. A traditional recipe includes a piece of meat and a marinade consisting of soy sauce, garlic powder, black pepper, Worcestershire sauce, onion powder, smoked nut salt. In general, jerky is considered a product made from a variety of meats, but beef marinated in various spices and seasonings is preferred. Of course, it’s better to cook your own jerky. And it’s not that hard to do.

The choice of meat is the determining factor in preparing jerkies. Any lean meat is suitable: beef, moose, venison, turkey. But pork should be used with caution, as the fat prevents the evaporation of moisture. The perfect jerk meat is a carcass cut without skins or fat. If they are, the fat and the films should be removed. Salt helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria and speeds up the meat’s moisture secretion. But you can replace it with a combination of sauces (Worcester and soy), add a mixture of dried garlic and onions. Then the jerkies will have a very rich, piquant flavor.

An important factor in cooking jerkies is proper air circulation in the dryer. This promotes uniform drying and gradual release of moisture from the meat over a long drying period. An Isidri dryer ensures optimal air circulation and the jerkies turn out unbelievably tasty. The thinner the strips of meat, the longer they can be preserved.

Ground meat can also be used to make jerkies. You can use a piece of meat, but before marinating it should be minced. You can also buy ready-made lean minced meat, but it must be of good quality.

In this case the cooking process is slightly different. Refrigerate the minced meat only briefly, as it freezes faster. Next, the minced meat is deposited using a pastry bag with a flat nozzle on a paper and put to cook in the dryer. The process for making minced meat jerkies and whole meat jerkies is completely identical, just remember to turn the minced meat jerkies to the other side when half of the drying time has passed.

There are a few little secrets to making jerky: 1. Before slicing the meat, put it in the freezer for a while. Do not overcook it so that it does not turn into a block of ice. the meat should only be slightly frozen for easier slicing. 2. Cut the meat across the fibers, otherwise it is very hard to chew. 3. The thicker the cuts of meat, the longer it will take to dry. 4. After mixing all the ingredients for the marinade, immerse the meat in it and leave to marinate in the refrigerator for 12 hours or 24 hours. After this time has elapsed, you can start drying the jerky. 5. A good jerky does not have to be overdry; it bends gently and is easy to break off. When the jerky is taken out of the dryer, it begins to harden quickly. 6. Leave to dry at room temperature afterwards. 7. Jerky can be stored in an airtight container for up to six months.

Useful properties

Meat is essential to the human body for replenishing the amount of protein that is the building material for our body cells. It is a nutritious and healthy product that is irreplaceable for human consumption. For this reason, people try to preserve its distinctive flavors. Jerky is a very hearty and highly concentrated source of nutrients. As a result of uniform exposure to many hours of low temperature during drying, it retains all the proteins, vitamins, amino acids that were in the raw meat. Jerky protein is easily absorbed by the human body.

Jerky. It is an excellent source of protein, vitamins, iron, zinc. They are made from lean meat, so these snacks are healthy and very tasty. Can jerky replace sports protein shakes and bars, but the product is free of gluten and preservatives. That’s why more and more people are starting to prefer jerky every day. The lack of preservatives is an important factor for people who lead a healthy lifestyle. The long shelf life makes jerky popular among tourists, and the excellent flavor qualities and tangy aromas that are inherent only in jerky attract fans of foamy drink and quick “tasty treats” to the group of jerky fans. This meat product can be enjoyed without harming the figure.

Jerky is the best option for a camping trip

Meat for tourists is a necessary product. It satiates your body quickly and helps you recover from physical exertion, which is important for a long trip. But the meat is the most problematic in terms of its preservation during a long trip. It quickly loses its freshness, and stew is quite difficult to carry, and to find a quality product is now quite difficult. Meat snacks cooked in a dryer Ezidri an excellent way out of this situation.

To provide the daily rate of protein man in hiking conditions need 200 grams of beef stew or 150 grams of sausage, only if the product meets all quality standards and with a protein content of at least 10%. You need only 50 grams of dried meat. On the road such meat is taken in plastic containers or in cloth bags. And during rest periods the meat can be simply chewed as a snack and added to porridges and soups. When cooked, it will look like flavorful meatballs. Outdoors around the campfire, jerky will go down a treat. This is a real boon for the tourist. In addition, to cook it yourself at home is quite realistic. Only you need the meat itself, your favorite spices and meat dryer Ezidri, with which even a novice can cope with the preparation of jerky.

Dehydrated meat has a small mass (from one kilogram of raw product you get only 240 grams of dried meat), and its shelf life increases up to six months. In the absence of water in the meat bacteria do not multiply, the product does not spoil. All this makes jerkies a good option for long hikes and travels. Sausage, ham, burgers are not profitable to take in the campaign, they take up a lot of space in the backpack and they must be eaten as soon as possible. Cold cuts are stored longer but are very expensive and contain a lot of preservatives and fat. The stew will also need to be eaten in one go, because it will not be packed back into the jar.

Beef is an excellent accompaniment to beer. And slow drying in the dryer Izidri allows to save all its gustatory qualities, spices give a special bright taste. At home or on a picnic, on a camping trip or in the country house this is an excellent addition to a beer snack.

This is an excellent invention that can effectively replace other beer snacks. Chips, crackers are quite high-calorie products and very harmful for the body. And dried meat will saturate the body with essential micronutrients, amino acids, proteins, so it will suit perfectly to a foamy drink, bringing people only good. Even without beer such a snack will be appreciated by many people.


Recipes for cooking such meat with your own hands are available for almost all nations. Today among the most popular are basturma (of Turkic origin) and biltong (African).

How To Cure Meat in the Refrigerator


To indulge in basturma, get the fresh beef tenderloin and stock up on chamomile (fenugreek seeds). Rinse beef, pat dry and roll thoroughly in salt. Leave in fridge for 7-10 days, turning daily and sprinkling dry salt over bare spots. When the loin is dry and hard to the touch, wash it, leave it overnight in cold water and put under the press for 24 hours.

Meanwhile, pour 600 g of ground fenugreek seeds with warm water until they are the consistency of thick sour cream. Allow to stand overnight. Squeeze 300g of garlic, add 150g each of ground chilies and paprika. Mix well, add water if necessary. Take the beef out from under the press, smear the paste with a layer not thinner than 0.5 cm.

There is no single answer to the question of how to properly cure meat prepared in this way. You can hold it slightly in the oven to let the paste dry, and then hang it in a cool place. You can hang it up straight away, bearing in mind that the paste may drip and drip a little at first.

In any case, bare spots will need to be caulked. So don’t throw away the paste left over after the initial coating of the delicacy. The basturma will be ready 2 to 4 weeks later when the paste has hardened and the meat is dark inside.


This version is quicker and easier to prepare. Mix 2 tbsp. л. salt, 1 tbsp. л. Stir in the ground coriander, 1 tsp each. л. sugar and ground black pepper. Wash and dry 1 kg of meat and cut lengthwise into strips no thicker than 1 cm. Lightly baste them, sprinkle with 6% vinegar, sprinkle the mixture on all sides, put them in a stainless bowl, place in a hanging basin and chill for 12 hours.

Dilute 6% vinegar with pure water in the ratio of 1:6. Place the meat in the solution for 5 minutes, rinse each piece thoroughly in it and hang in a well-ventilated place for about 24 hours.

Cut the finished pieces into thin strips across the fibers and enjoy.

A classic basturma recipe calls for beef. You can improvise with the biltong. The inhabitants of Africa made such a dish from any available meat, even elephant. In today’s environment, beef jerky and lamb jerky would taste equally good.

Review: Vegetable and fruit dryer Spectrum-Pribor “Vetorok-2” ESOF 2-0, 6/220-1. Cool stuff (dried raspberries and meat. Mmmmmm. )

I bought this machine to dry mushrooms, but since I didn’t have any mushrooms at the time of purchase. I decided to try to dry something else.Started with raspberries and apples. At first I couldn’t believe that it would turn out anything sensible, but I was pleased with the result. The berries are gone unnecessary moisture, vitamins are preserved, and now they can be stored for a long time without taking up unnecessary space in the freezer. Dried for 10 hours, stirred periodically and swapped tiers. The finished product looks like this:

Then I was told that you can make very tasty jerky in a dryer. Indonesian meat. I decided to make pork and chicken in different marinades. But I liked the meat most of all according to the recipe. It’s sweet and spicy. The marinade is simple: per 500 grams of meat. ground coriander 2 tsp. л., 1 ch ground ginger. л., salt (0.5 tsp. л.), sugar 100g (I took 50g), lemon juice (2 tbsp. л). Cut the meat into strips 10 cm long and 2-3 cm wide. Let it marinate overnight and dry for 10 hours, turning over once: depending on the state of meat. so it doesn’t get too dry and at the same time, so it doesn’t get soggy. Next time I will cook chicken only (breast). Pork is older, harder to chew.

I thought it would be hard to clean the dryer after the meat. Turns out it’s fine. Soap the meat with a dishwashing liquid sponge, leave it for a while, and then go over it with a dishbrush with long “hairs”.

Already cooked pork (I did not have time to take separate picture of chicken). It went away pretty quick for me.). Grains. This is the marinade with mustard.

This is another batch. chicken: breast and thighs (I cut the meat off them). It took 2 or 3 breast pads and 2 thigh pads. I cut the meat along with the skin (the fat will drip a little on the lower “floor”).It takes a long time to dry. 10 hours, so I don’t see the point in racing the machine because of the small amounts. Marinade made in 2 versions: one with a minimum of spices for the child (salt and herbs), the second more garlic, soy sauce, black pepper. Of course, I like it better when the marinade has more ingredients, t. е.2-й.In the cooking process:

It ends up looking like this (it’s not all, some of it has already been eaten):

I can tell you that the thighs are better not to use. I got tendons in the pieces and the skin was very badly chewed. Take only the breast, make a richer and more interesting marinade and cut the meat thinner.

Another tip: Type in “chicken jerkies” on the Internet and try to make it according to your favorite recipe.

And now about the appliance itself: 6 tiers, all transparent, there is a tray for cooking meat and fish (to drip juice). By the way, when cooking the meat, the juice dripped just a little bit. So I advise to set the tray only at the beginning of cooking. A few drops will drip off. and you can put it away. That way the hot air can go where it’s supposed to. т. е. on top of the product. And with the tray, a lot of air is blowing out to the sides, to nowhere.

There’s a handy arrow on the lid to set the time. We put it on, for example, 8, t. е. when you turned on the dryer. And we’ll know that after 10 hours we have to turn it off.

Also remember that after 10 hours of continuous operation the dryer should be turned off for 10 minutes (I turn it off for a longer time), then you can turn it back on again.

My inquisitive mind did make me see what’s inside the dryer and how much stuff has fallen there. You just have to unscrew three screws. As a result, after one drying of raspberries, one drying of meat and three drying of apples in this compartment was a small amount of fine trash from the apples, which I easily removed with a rag:

I bought the dryer in the noble urge to have high-quality dried fruit without potassium sorbates and other chemicals. After combing through a few options, I decided to support the domestic manufacturer, not the Chinese. Vetorok” dryer, made in Moscow. Kursk very simple: heat, fan and plastic mesh.

Of course, apples. Capacity is not very high: 2-3 kg at a time, but if you dry constantly, you can dry a lot.

Apricots. I love it! Home apricots are VERY different from Turkish and especially Uzbek. it’s a little grayish, sourer than store, but HOW AROMA.

Blackcurrant. I highly recommend it, a chic addition to the tea! In winter you can make such a cup of tea with currants, yum, yum.!

MEAT! Citizens, here’s a quick recipe for cooking delicious jerky. You need to take a good beef, cut it into slices 1 cm thick, salt to taste and marinate in spices (whatever you like. You can just salt). Put it in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Then dry in the dryer for 10-12 hours. Usually takes me 2 evenings. It’s easy to tell when it’s ready. the meat becomes dried and cured. It’s very tasty!

Extra: this year I also tried raspberry: it dries quite fast and with very good quality. Too bad we don’t have our own raspberries, and it’s very expensive to buy. A little dried, but my kids discovered it and swallowed it dry, like seeds)))).

And here is the dried hawthorn. I prepare it for compote. Tasty and very useful.



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