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How to cool the refrigerator bag on the road

Cold batteries for thermal drummer

On long trips and trips sometimes you have to take food reserves with you. But if the window outside the window is quite hot, no products will be able to remain fresh for a long time. Therefore, it is better to use a special device. a cold accumulator for a thermal supply, which is offered in different versions. The article will talk about such an unit, its features, and the features of operation.

What is a cold battery

Not only ordinary inhabitants, but also professional carriers of medicines and food products that need a certain storage temperature during transportation use thermal lugs.

An excellent solution would be the thermal drum filled with refrigerants that will increase its functionality.

Manufacturers offer several options for thermal appliances with different refrigerants for the cold bag: these are elements that are designed to transport frozen meat, fish and chicken or chilled drinks, medicines or hot lunch.

If the device made by industrial method is missing, it is quite possible to create a cold battery with your own hands.

Containers are made flat and rectangular in shape to create a larger surface condensation. Depending on the filler, the container can be plastic or from a strong polymer film, which takes the necessary shape for maximum contact with freezing.

With the help of homemade refrigerant, it will be possible to significantly save the family budget.

Containers are made of food polypropylene, which does not absorb odors and is safe when contacting cold frosts and hot dinners.

Cold batteries are plastic, necessarily sealed, capacity of a rectangular flat shape, inside which a special liquid is contained.

All refrigerants, even if you accidentally get to the products transported, are absolutely safe for human health and have different thermal conductivity, on the indicators of which it depends on how much time the temperature regime is held in the bag.

Choosing a refrigerator in a car. the best models.

The very concept of the car hub includes three devices of different types at once:

Which of these refrigerators is suitable for you, what to pay attention to when buying and how to prevent mistakes when choosing and operating? Let’s deal with these questions in more detail.

Let’s start with the elementary. thermal lugs and thermal boxes.

This, in fact, is a very large thermos with soft (bag) or rigid (boxing) walls.

If you need products and drinks in it are cold, you should initially place them there cold.

To increase the efficiency of such “thermos” they are filled with cold accumulators.

These are such small containers with a refrigerant-water-salt solution or gel.

They can both buy and make them yourself (add several tablespoons of salt to a bottle of water and freeze the whole thing).

Thus, the cold will evenly go down and cool everything around you. No wonder in many models on the cover for this case there are s or special.fastening.

The effective size of the battery is calculated by the formula:

1 liter of the battery of cold = 10 liters of the refrigerator volume

Here are the actual results of the cold accumulators, after they are placed in plastic thermal boxes from different manufacturers:

Cold conservation time will also depend on the number of products inside the box.

The more there are, the less air remains, which avoids harmful air exchange. The measurements given in the table above were made with empty boxes!

It is not always so. In fact, everything will depend on the material of the manufacture and filling of the walls.

The real experience of the operation says that high.quality thermal drum on thermal insulating properties may not yield to a cheap plastic box.

Below is a sign of 5 hour tests of various thermal shutters with cold batteries inside.

As you can see, some of them show almost the same results with thermals (see the tests above).

cool, refrigerator, road

At the same time, bags are much more convenient, compact and easier to transport.

In budgetary isolations, insulation is made in the form of thin foam sheets.

The largest heat losses will be observed here. Much more effective when liquid polyurethane is used as a filler.

It simply floods between internal and external walls and creates uniform thermal insulation.

Additional hatches in the case, which are advertised as a way to preserve the cold, in fact are useless.

Through them, it is supposedly convenient to get products without opening the lid entire. In fact, most people in the future are simply sealed with sealant.

Firstly, they do not use them. Secondly, the cracks turn into additional bridges of heat penetration.

In thermal drum, look first of all at how its upper part closes.

Thus, the cold accumulated inside is released out.

How to check the quality and thickness of thermal insulation at the refrigerator in the store? Put the box flat and press on the wall with your fingers.

If the wall “plays” and is easily affected, then the box clearly has voids and the isolation layer in it is minimal.

If thermal insulation is enough, then the wall will not be served.

Conclusion from all of the above. If you have a choice, then it is better to overpay and buy a more expensive thermal drum than a cheap thermobox.

You will get about the same time saving products, but it will be more comfortable with it to go to nature or the beach than to carry a large, plastic bucket.

To increase the efficiency of thermal boxes and force them to cool the products not only due to “ice cubes”, refrigerators with the Peltier element were invented.

In everyday life, Peltier elements are most often used in wine cabinets.

What is and how is the difference from thermal drummer?

The name of portable refrigerators firmly fixed behind thermal lines, strictly speaking, not entirely correct. Colder bags imply the presence of a cooling system, so it is fair to attribute to them only automobile cooling devices operating from the battery, and all other marching accessories for the preservation of products in fresh form is called isothermal containers or thermal containers.

Isothermal containers operate on the principle of maintaining a low temperature at the same level for a long time. This ability is provided by a special design of the bag and additional refrigerators. At its core, it looks like a thermos flask: thick walls made of reflective material between which there is a layer of heat.insulating foam and space for cold batteries.

Proviant, placed inside, is protected from the influence of the environment with a layer of material, which does not conduct heat well, so the low temperature remains for a long time. You can also move hot products in the thermal drummer.

Proper use of a cooler bag

It is absolutely not difficult to use the Kholodnik bag on a trip or on a picnic, since the operating rules are absolutely simple. But, despite this, many either simply do not know about them, or deliberately neglect.

Such a bag, although it is called a refrigerator, it is not able to cool the products, only keep them at a certain temperature, like a thermos. Therefore, you need to put in pre.cooled products in it, and for long.term storage. frozen, because although slowly, it gets warmly and freezing melts.

When opening and closing the bag, it is important to minimize it to let it warm into it, that is, to do all this as quickly as possible. In order for the effect to last as long as possible, the bag is not recommended to be worn separately from other things. Better to let it be wrapped in some kind of plaid or placed in the trunk.

There are bags, which do not include special cold accumulators, and thanks to them it would be possible to improve the thermal insulation of the refrigerator. It is convenient that you can make them yourself. It is enough to fill a few bottles with well.salted water, freeze them in the freezer and put them in a bag between tightly applied products. If empty spaces remain there, it is recommended to fill them with paper.

If you clearly fulfill all operating rules, the Kholodnik bag can hold the products fresh about 5 days.

Auto Holer: a portable device for long trips

This is the best way to save products on the road. The auto chisel is connected to the cigarette lighter, work from the 220 V network through their own wire or special adapter. Drinks, dairy products, perishable food. there is not much space inside, but a small supply of cold products is always with you. Auto.chlor residents are expensive enough to be used only on rare trips, so many use them in dachas, in garages and wherever cool drinks may be needed.

The budget option for preserving the cold for several hours is an isothermal bag, or as it is often called in everyday life. The main difference between an isothermal bag and an auto.hoodie is that a car refrigerator can create a cold when connecting to a car cigarette lighter, or to an electric outlet. The isothermic bag only preserves the cold, typed in products earlier, so it is desirable to have cold accumulators in the kit. The cost of an isothermal bag is small and different types of bags are sold in many stores. On long trips, it is advisable to lay out products into several meals in different bags

Types of cold batteries

The design features of the cold accumulators depend on its purpose. Most often they are rectangular and flat, which ensures good contact and fit. The shell is made of a hard strong polymer, which does not change its shape or from a dense plastic film, which makes it possible to give the battery the desired shape before freezing.

Manufacturers are most often engaged in the manufacture of three main types of cold accumulators, depending on the filler:

Gel battery. a package with a gel filler based on carboxymethyl cellulose, is used for double purpose, as a cooling element and element capable of maintaining, if necessary, high temperature. Useful time is long. Safe and effective.

The water-salt type of the cold accumulator in solid plastic containers is able to maintain the temperature from.20 to 8 degrees Celsius. Convenient in that the solution can be added to the container.

Silicone. a film package with a filler in which silicone is located. Despite the fact that the temperature of its composition is in the range from 0 to 2 degrees Celsius, but the duration of preservation of such a temperature regime can reach up to seven days.

What it is?

Thermal drum is a mobile container that supports the optimal temperature regime in the interior. This allows you to maintain freshness, initial appearance and taste of the contents.

cool, refrigerator, road

Such a device is indispensable when traveling to the country, during tourist trips and summer holidays on the beach. Representatives of delivery enterprises can use the bag, it will help when transporting medicines and vaccines.

Thermal carrying can maintain both high and cold temperatures. Within 3-4 hours, the necessary result is achieved due to the presence of cassettes with water-salt solution or ice. For longer cooling, cold batteries are used: they hold the temperature up to a day.

Thermal insulating characteristics of the materials used protect the contents of the box from the flow of heat or cold. The design provides for double walls, and between them there is a thermal laying of polyurethane foam or polyethylene foam. On top of the carrying is sheathed with nylon. Bags of the highest quality are additionally framed by hydronomable and reflective canvases.

Part55. Our refrigerators and about auto.chlor residents in general

I was not going to write separately about auto.chlor residents, like with them, it is more and less clear, but after reading the blogs of other forum users on our website, I realized that this topic was not completely disclosed, everyone tells only about a specific model of the refrigerator, which he personally uses and does not have a general understanding. what are they and how different.

In short, one of them was mentioned in the chapter4. Our camping field kitchen.based field arrangement of our cuisine in nature.

So, in this part I will tell: 1. What are portable refrigerators and how they differ2. What specific models do we have and how do we use them in nature, in the country, and even in the office.

Let’s start, the theory of refrigerator construction 🙂When we are going on a long trip and it doesn’t matter, we are going to travel by car, relax at sea or just on a picnic, or for the weekend, in any case we take products with us, and (or) drinks.And so that the products do not deteriorate, and the drinks were cool we need a portable refrigerator.

First we need to choose a refrigerator optimally suitable for our goals.To do this, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

What is the duration of travel or stay on vacation?When leaving for one day, just put the products in the cooler bag. It is light, does not take up much space and when it is not needed, it can be compactly folded and removed.Kholodnik bag made of thermal insulation material and is able to hold an acceptable temperature for 12 hours.A more expensive option for maintaining the initial temperature. Isothermal container. He can retain heat or cold from 12 to 72 hours.If the trip is planned long, then we need refrigerator working from a car battery. If, upon arrival at the place, it will be possible to connect to the electric network, then you can consider refrigerators with power from the network 220 volts. There are also refrigerators working from gas. With frequent trips over long distances, you should look at devices with the possibility of power from various energy sources.When choosing a refrigerator, it is necessary to be guided by the climatic conditions of the region. Residents of the southern latitudes should prefer more powerful in terms of cooling the device, which include compressor.type models. They will be able to maintain the desired temperature for a long time.If the air temperature is very high and the products are very sensitive to overheating, then the best option Compressor refrigerator.

Working conditions?Off.road trips are contraindicated in compressor and absorption refrigerators. They tolerate strong shaking and vibrations hard. It is likely that soon they will simply fail. In this case, it is better to choose a thermoelectric auto.chronicle. However, there are exceptions to the rules, there are models of compressor refrigerators intended for work in difficult conditions (installation on a boat or SUV).

The number of products?One person will be sufficient to 3-5 liters. A family of three people will need about 30-40 liters. These are of course approximate numbers, personally for me, the more better, the main thing is that it gets into the car.

Price?The price depends on the volume of the refrigerator and the difference in the temperature that it can provide between its internal volume and the surrounding air.

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Portable refrigerators are divided into types according to the principles of cooling:-Colder bags and isothermal containers-thermoelectric-absorbation (electro gas)-compressor

Colder bags and isothermal containers.This name is due to the fact that they cannot produce cold or heat. They only maintain the initial temperature, cold accumulators can be added to them (they can also be heated by heat accumulators). Such devices are autonomous, that is, they do not require electricity to work.Products are recommended to put inside cold or heated.It makes sense to buy a cooler bag (isothermal container), if you do not need to store products for a long time

Pros:low priceMinuses: Small shelf life of products

cool, refrigerator, road

Thermoelectric refrigerators.Due to the passage of the current, the effect of the dumplings is formed from the semiconductor. The air around one plate heats up and cools around the other. When changing the polarity of the current, the plate change their mode to the opposite.Therefore, there are refrigerators with both the cooling mode and with two cooling and heating modes. Can have a variety of volume, which usually happens from 0.5 to50 liters. There are even refrigerators-heaters in the form of car mugs. There are such refrigerators from a car cigarette lighter. When connected via a special network adapter, they can eat from a 220V household networkProducts are recommended to put inside cold or heated.

Pros:– the minimum sensitivity to vibration blows (ideal for off.road travel). reliability and durability (the absence of moving parts and a refrigerator). the ability to heat the contents (not all models). low noise. low weight. low weight. low weight

Minuses:– slow heating (cooling). very high energy consumption

Absorption (electric gas) refrigerators.The role of the refrigerant in them is performed by an aqueous solution of ammonia, the circulation of which is provided by the heating device from the mains or gas equipment. This principle of functioning does not allow models to release less than 20 liters. But such devices can work from gas cylinders, which is especially convenient in those places where there is no access to electricity.

Pros:– reliability and durability (absence of moving parts). efficiency (when using gas). rapid cooling (when powerful from 220 volts or gas). silent workMinuses:– sensitive to the strong rolls of the car (if the machine leans at an angle of about 30 degrees, then the circulation of the liquid in the device will be broken and the refrigerator will turn off). there are no small refrigerators (at least 20 liters). a high cost. a small selection of models

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