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How to cook chicken in the microwave oven

Chicken dishes, In the microwave

Skilled chefs, true professionals earn the title of “Cordon Blue. A few centuries ago, in France, this was the name of the blue ribbon worn by the Knights of the Order of the Holy Spirit. Truly, the masters of their craft deserve such honor and respect. Try to get closer to the culinary arts and create a wonderful chicken dish that requires little effort and time.

Hot croutons with chicken and cheese will delight you and your family.

Chicken cutlets in waffle crusts. Tasty and fast.

This recipe is for those who value time. in terms of cooking speed (in the microwave) chicken fillet with cheese can be called “anti-stress”. In addition, these chicken rolls are a little culinary pleasure after a hard day’s work.

Curious? Don’t set out to compare this improvisation to a classic recipe. Imagine that our Chicken Kiev cutlets are not only familiar to the whole world, but they also undergo significant national adjustments. For example, it’s accompanied with Mexican spice and chili pepper. Chicken Kiev cutlet will be cooked in a microwave oven (again. an upgrade), but it will remain crispy.

A simple, tasty pita dish that’s quick and easy to make. Pita rolls with chicken and mushrooms. a great way to snack, for breakfast or in the middle of the day, with sweet tea, freshly brewed coffee or fruit juice.

The microwave oven can be a very useful kitchen appliance when you need to cook something hearty and cannot use the stove or oven. You can even make a holiday version of the hot dish. Appetizing and very tasty chicken rolls with an interesting stuffing of cheese, walnuts and dill. They are cooked in their own juice and come out tender and juicy!

If you have a microwave oven, you can prepare a delicious and hearty dish of chicken breast, zucchini and sour cream pretty quickly. Zucchinis and chicken are stewed in sour cream with thyme and sweet paprika, soaking up the delicate creamy flavor and aroma of spices.

Enchilada. These are Mexican tortillas made of corn flour and filled with. Enchiladas are especially good with the stuffing of chicken meat and cheese in a sauce made of vegetable fizalis, also called Mexican tomato. The home of this nightshade plant is, indeed, Mexico. The yellow-green tomato-like fruits of vegetable physalis should be rinsed with hot water to get rid of the sticky substance (another name for vegetable physalis is glutinous).

A complete dinner dish in the microwave. Bulgur with chicken and vegetables. Bulgur becomes crumbly and thanks to the tomato paste it takes on a bright color. Nourishing and nutritious. and quite low in calories at the same time. Cooked without frying, use minimal oil and use chicken fillet as the meat component.

Tender chicken fillet breaded with cheese-flavored cracker crumbs. This quick chicken dish, in the microwave. A hit with our guests.

I’ve been meaning to share this delicious idea for a long time! Julienne in a bun. A wonderful appetizer that will grace any table! It’s easy to prepare! Guests won’t wash your bones. 🙂 Because they will love the appetizer!

A dish from the category “side dish and meat cooked in the same pan. Quick, minimal hassle.

Original, festive and very tasty cheese baskets in 5 minutes! Incredibly tasty meat salad inside! Quick, easy, and yummy!

Why not?? Pretty, savory, original, delicious. And no complicated preparation. Enjoy!

The Hawaiian word “aloha” literally means affection or love, and is used to greet. This good name chicken got it for a reason. soft and tender chicken meat with the fruity aroma of pineapples and peaches, under a lemon sauce. a wonderful treat in your hospitable home.

Potatoes cooked in the microwave and served with fried chicken, sour cream and cheese.

Hearty and very tasty chicken dish with tomatoes and oranges! Cooking chicken in the microwave. Much faster than baking them in the oven. The chicken literally melts in your mouth, and a tangy orange and tomato sauce complements it perfectly and can be used as a side dish!

In the microwave, you can not only reheat the dish, but also quickly cook delicious and healthy chicken liver. Let’s add onions and tomatoes to the liver to make it juicy and flavorful. mushrooms. Tender chicken liver with a slight sourness of tomatoes is good on its own, but with your favorite side dish, such as mashed potatoes, it will be a wonderful dinner or lunch.

Kids love this dish. Cheerful and colorful thanks to the vegetables. With fragrant basil and good mayonnaise (I think you should not use low-fat mayonnaise. you will lose the richness of flavor). And spirals are the shape of pasta, a favorite of many. In this case, if you already have chicken meat ready in the fridge, the dish is created in just 15-20 minutes.

Chicken fillet with crab, cheese and sauce can’t fail to impress your guests. Serve this dish to the table and the excitement around your culinary skills will be assured.

A little trip to Mexico in half an hour. One-two-three” will make a Latin American fajitas dish. Traditionally, it’s fried meat and vegetables with tortillas. The meat can be anything (including chicken). Among vegetables. sweet bell pepper. Among spices. chili pepper (you can’t do without it in Mexican cuisine)!). As a sauce. guacamole (from avocado) or the usual sour cream. Tortillas can be replaced by pita bread or other flatbread.

Chimichurri sauce sets off the flavor of grilled chicken well.

Rice with chicken, sausage, and canned tomatoes.

I want to offer you a quick breakfast or snack that takes just a few minutes to make. This is how long it will take you to make an omelette with chicken and cheese in pita bread. After all, we will cook it in the microwave oven.

Brisket chicken can be prepared very easily in the microwave oven. The most inexperienced cook can roast a breast deliciously in this uncomplicated way. This dish is cooked in the microwave with a grill.

You can easily prepare this quick and delicious dish of baked pasta with chicken in the microwave.

Chicken fillet with mushrooms is prepared with the addition of dry wine, which gives the sauce a special flavor. Fry chicken chops better in clarified butter. it does not burn at high temperatures (how to cook clarified butter, read the recipe).

Chicken fillet is pan fried with onions and olives, and garnished with pumpkin, cooked in the microwave.

You won’t find such a fast and easy recipe for this tasty and healthy meal. This dish is sure to please and become your favorite.

Use chicken thighs for this dish. economical, and the “chicken” flavor is brighter. Thighs can be made very simply or in more interesting ways. But in any case, it’s always quick and easy. To save time, make polenta (corn porridge) as a side dish while the chicken is cooking.

Fried Chicken Recipe in Microwave Oven

For the chicken fillet to be fragrant, tasty and juicy, you need to prepare the right marinade. This recipe uses garlic, olive oil, mayonnaise, thyme and lemon juice for the marinade.

If our goal is to cook quickly and eat deliciously, this recipe is the means to achieve it. The chicken fillet, the invariable “lifesaver”, is tender and golden-crusted, and will come in handy for family dinners and guests alike.

Editor’s note: Chicken pies made of yeast dough, high kurniki with complex filling are traditional for our cuisine. The author of this recipe offers an original pie with chicken and vegetables, which is much easier to prepare than the usual pies, as the dough does not require rolling. In addition, this is an open pie, the filling is laid on top of an already baked pastry, which is much easier and more effective.

Microwave Chicken Wings Recipe.

No matter what, we often look for recipes with simpler cooking techniques. Try this easy, two-in-one dish. like an all-in-one. Either way, it’s delicious.

Golden chicken breasts with a side dish of rice and vegetables. A very nutritious and delicious dish.

This recipe calls for marinating the chicken meat first in a rich rosemary marinade and then grilling it.

Cooking juicy, flavorful and incredibly tasty chicken shanks in the microwave will take you no more than 20 minutes. The only thing you’ll have to do beforehand. Pan fry the chicken pieces for a crispy crust.

No time to cook? With the help of kitchen appliances. Main. Marinate chicken wings in advance, for example in soy sauce. And it takes very little time to cook chicken wings in the microwave.

Another recipe for chicken breasts, one of the most popular foods in our kitchens. The chicken fillet cooks quickly, and the filling of spinach (greens are healthy, and to me, delicious) and cheese is almost time-efficient. The tomatoes roast without any “extras,” but you can put a little balsamic vinegar in the pan to enhance the flavor.

cook, chicken, microwave, oven

Damlama. a dish simple, nourishing and healthy.

When you need a quick, hearty dinner, this recipe will help. Mix the potatoes and chicken meat with the vegetable oil and spices, place in layers in a mold and send to the microwave. Baked potatoes with chicken are delicious with minimal effort.

If you have minimal time to prepare dinner, I suggest a great recipe for chicken stew in the microwave. chicken fillet with tomatoes, garlic, mayonnaise and ketchup. Just 15 minutes. and juicy, tender, flavorful chicken filet is ready to serve.

The tortilla, called the “Mexican loaf,” is made in Mexico from cornmeal. The tortilla recipe hasn’t changed in over 3,000 years. They served Mexicans as both a plate and a spoon. Now tortillas are popular all over the world. Tortillas, which are made with wheat flour, are thinner than corn flour. Mexican burritos and enchilados have traditionally been made from them, but now there are also many popular recipes for rap sandwiches. “(wrap) with a variety of fillings. This is a very convenient, fast and delicious meal.

Chicken is a versatile product, and many delicious dishes are prepared from it. It uses different ways of cooking, including.ч. and microwave ovens.

Microwaved or grilled chicken is a delicacy, crispy, flavorful, and succulent. Because of its popularity and high demand, it is now being prepared on the street in mobile kitchens. Buying it in such places is a little risky. Checking the quality of ingredients used there is very difficult, and the chicken carcass itself is often stale. This delicious chicken can be cooked quickly and easily at home, in the microwave oven. Chickens in the microwave cooked in the “Grill” mode. Some older microwave ovens do not have this function. But our cooks should not be upset about this, excellent chicken can be cooked in such devices as well. True, here the crust will not get crispy, but still with the observance of some rules you will get a real grilled chicken in the microwave.

For better baking in ovens, it is worth using special packages. Chicken in a bag in the microwave retains its moisture and flavors, turns out very juicy. In addition, microwave chicken in a baking bag cooks faster, since it retains its moisture and flavor.е. Saves time for housewives. You get the same effect when cooking chicken in a microwave bag.

How To Make Grilled Chicken in Microwave Oven at Home | Hindi

To make a complete main dish with chicken in the microwave, experienced chefs combine with additional products, inventing different options for their serving. For example, very tasty chicken with potatoes in the microwave. Or. chicken kebab in the microwave, it easily becomes a decoration of any holiday table.

The secrets and tricks of cooking these dishes are simple, and the results are usually great. Still, the best grilled chicken in the microwave with the grill comes out the best. Here the participation of the cook is minimal, all the work makes the technique itself. This is how to cook a perfect chicken in the microwave oven. Recipes for this dish are detailed on the site, choose to your liking. Also pay attention to the appearance of the finished dish, depending on the different recipes get a slightly different chicken in the microwave. A photo will make your choice more thoughtful. To cook grilled chicken in the microwave, which you are interested, you need to study all the information, in t.ч. And dish illustrations. In this case, cooking chicken in the microwave will be a clear, pleasant and unburdensome process for you. In addition, baking chicken in the microwave is accompanied by such intoxicating smells and aromas that will bring pleasure not only to you as a cook, but also to everyone present in the apartment.

Be sure to cook chicken in the microwave, a recipe with photos of this dish should be a must in your kitchen. But be prepared for the fact that immediately you will not get a real delicious grilled chicken in the microwave, its recipes largely depend on the sauce to coat the meat. Not everyone gets it right the first time. Many cooks have made more than one attempt before they figured out exactly how to bake chicken in the microwave, how to cook grilled chicken in the microwave.

If you have your own, not like the others, chicken recipe in the microwave, share it with us, feel like an experienced master.

If you are interested in this topic, here are some tips on how to cook chicken in the microwave:

Microwave chicken: an easy method for a quick and tasty dinner!

Microwave baked chicken in glassware

We present another dish of poultry meat, which can be cooked, as they say, in a hurry. Chicken in the microwave, baked in a glass dish, cooked according to this simple step-by-step recipe with photos, turns out with a crispy crust. This dish can be served with almost any side dish for dinner or as a light, delicious snack.

Cooking chicken in the microwave is very easy, and despite the fact that this method is not common enough, having cooked poultry this way once, most people add this recipe to the list of their favorite.

Microwave chicken is excellent with all kinds of side dishes, from pasta to light salads.

Quick and easy way to bake chicken in the sleeve in the microwave

The microwave has long been an integral part of the modern kitchen. You can safely use it not only for defrosting or heating food, but also for cooking. Try baking tender and fragrant chicken in the sleeve. Everyone loves this universal dish.

Microwave makes chicken juicy and without a greasy crust. If you want you can add some vegetables, and the dish will taste even better.

The main thing is that the carcass weighs no more than 1.5-1.6 kg. So in a short time it will be completely cooked. The cooking process will take a minimum of time, and the result will pleasantly surprise the whole family. Recipes for baking chicken in the sleeve in the microwave are different, but we will look at how to cook chicken in a sleeve in the microwave oven quickly and easily.

Microwave Chicken. simple recipe

Microwave chicken is so easy, even a kid can do it. My Nazar, who will be 10 in a few days, managed this recipe and fed the whole family today. I just have to take a picture and now sit here and say with pride that I have waited so I have a helper.

No, my son has helped me before, but until a year ago I had to redo a lot of things after him (sometimes in secret so he wouldn’t get offended). I remember when he was 6 years old washed the dishes on March 8. Girls, late at night I was quietly rewashing the not-so-clean plates when my son was already asleep. My son, of course, I did not say anything, because he was trying so hard to help me. He wanted to do something nice for his mom on the holiday with an open mind.

cook, chicken, microwave, oven

Now my son’s help is different. He sprinkles flowers, sometimes tries to cook something, he washes my dad’s car and helps to fix it, and he also helps with the garden, but that’s another story Today he made everybody happy with a delicious microwave chicken. Last time I cooked it, he watched with interest. Now he decided he could do it himself, so he tried it. It was delicious!

Marinating time: 30 minutes cooking time: 30 minutes Microwave power: 900W on grill mode Difficulty: easy

To begin with we rinse the chicken. We add chicken spices to it or any other favorite spices you use for meat. Salt the legs to taste (depending on your preference). Pour a little vegetable oil into the plate with the legs, so that during cooking, the chicken starts to brown beautifully and evenly. Stir everything so that the spices and salt evenly coat the legs. Leave the chicken for 30 minutes to soak up the delicious spices.

After a quick marinade, place the chicken legs on a grid and put it in the microwave. Cook the chicken in the special cooking mode for poultry. This mode cooks with microwaves and grills. The chicken is juicy on the inside and crispy on top.

Serve the chicken warm. Bon appetit!

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Chicken in the microwave, how to cook delicious and fast

Your loved ones like to make surprises. come to you unexpectedly to visit? Then you definitely need to know a few recipes that are very fast to cook. Today, Hozoboz will share another of her secrets and tell you how to cook chicken in the microwave. This is the best option for all occasions. whether it’s a holiday, a family dinner or an unexpected gathering of guests. Juicy, mouthwatering chicken with an intoxicating aroma of spices in the microwave is the best treat for uninvited guests.

Before you microwave chicken, it’s important to make sure your microwave oven has a grill function. As a rule, in all modern models, this option is included, but it is still better to make sure. Especially if you have not yet cooked chicken in your oven. If your oven is not up to par, it may be time to update it. You can buy a good microwave oven at any online store.

In fact, there is almost nothing to do. First, you need to prepare a special sauce to rub on the poultry. This will give the dish an unusual flavor and make the taste more intense:

To use this recipe, you will need the following seasonings:

  • A small pinch of pepper;
  • A teaspoon of salt;
  • Three spoonfuls of tomato paste or ketchup (these are the ingredients that will give the crust a nice golden color).

The resulting sauce should be thoroughly spread on the chicken, paying special attention to the breast. There more dense meat, which is a little harder to soak.

Afterwards, it is advisable to leave the chicken for a few hours so that it can marinade better. But if there is no time to wait, you can send the chicken immediately in the microwave. But in this case it will take longer for the dish to cook.

To ensure that the chicken legs evenly cooked and not burned they need to be wrapped in a special foil for the microwave. Using ordinary metal foil is highly discouraged. This may cause your oven to short out. Here are a few more ways to cook chicken in the microwave.

Cooking poultry in a glass dish

You can get a more soaked and soft chicken if you cook it in a special glass dish with a lid. Enclosed space will allow to save the dish juice and flavor.

  • Wash the chicken and if necessary slice it. Put wings, shanks and thighs in glass dish.
  • Peel the garlic and grate it on a fine grater.
  • We add it to the chicken along with bay leaves, salt and garlic. Let it sit in a cool place.
  • After two hours, put the lid on the dish and put it in the microwave.
  • After 10 minutes of cooking we pause and sprinkle the meat with its juice.
  • Close the microwave and cook for another 20 minutes.

If you do not have a proper glass dish, you can cook chicken in a baking bag. This is a similar method in which the meat will fall off the bones.

  • Rinse the meat, remove excess fat.
  • Peel the onion and garlic. Chop the onion into 4 pieces, chop the garlic with a garlic chopper.
  • Rub the carcass on all sides with salt, spices and garlic.
  • Inside the chicken put chopped onion and carefully sew up the bottom of the chicken with a strong thread.
  • After 1 to 2 hours put the meat into a casserole bag, put a wide dish under the bottom and put it in the microwave for 25-30 minutes (at 800 watts).

It came as a surprise to many that in the microwave chicken can be not only fried or baked, but also boiled. Finished fillets can be added to a salad or served in portions.

To boil the meat you need:

  • Rinse the carcass. If you need to cook chicken quickly, it is better to divide it into parts.
  • Peel the onion and cut it in two parts.
  • Put the meat, onion, salt and bay leaf in a deep dish for the microwave.
  • Pour water on it. Cover the meat completely, but do not fill the container more than 2/3 full.
  • Set the power to the highest setting and select a cooking time of 5 minutes.
  • After boiling, select medium microwave mode, cooking time. 20 minutes. During the process, you can pierce the carcass with a fork to check readiness.

Chicken in a sleeve in the microwave

You think you can cook delicious chicken with a tasty crust only in the oven? You are wrong. Today we are going to prove to you that beautiful, fragrant and fantastically tasty chicken can be cooked even in the microwave. But you need to know a few nuances, have some ingredients and be in a good mood.

Whole chicken in the microwave oven: flavorful, tender and with a delicious crust

You will love this method of baking chicken. You don’t need the “Grill” or “Convection” modes. It’s simple, elementary and easy to use. Compared to the oven, it takes three times less time. And besides, you won’t have to wash a mountain of dishes, because you will use a regular cellophane bag for cooking.

  • Chicken carcass 1.5-1.6 kg
  • Onion (large) 1 pc.
  • Garlic 5-6 cloves
  • Fat mayonnaise 2 tbsp.л.
  • Finely ground salt 1 tsp.л.
  • Ground pepper (allspice or black pepper) 1 tsp.л.

After the allotted time it is necessary to check the carcass for readiness. There is no need to untie the package for this. Pierce the breast with a knife, and if the meat is soft and there is no dripping, then the dish is fully cooked. Take it out of the bag. Throw the onion away, you won’t need it anymore.



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