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How to connect Alpicool refrigerator to the phone

Why exactly the ALPICOOL auto.chronicle?

Alpicool equipment is equipped with a progressive compressor installation that provides the ability to operate in two modes: freezer and refrigerator. To activate each of them, you do not need to modernize, purchase additional modules, etc.D.

You can choose a compressor model, starting from your own preferences and confidence in the brand. The access of the Alpicool vibro.resistant unit (China) and an analogue of the leading Korean manufacturer LG Electronics.

  • ALPICOOL Car Refrigerator CF55
  • ALPICOOL Car Refrigerator T36
  • Alpicool T60 Car Refrigerator
  • ALPICOOL Car Refrigerator CX30-S
  • Compressor car chloride Alpicool C12
  • Compressor car chloride Alpicool MK-18
  • ALPICOOL C75 Auto Holdor
  • ALPICOOL MK25 Auto Hair
  • ALPICOOL BCD15 Auto Hair

Opens our review ALPICOOL Car Refrigerator C-25. The model is positioned as a portable car refrigerator-brewer with a powerful, silent vibro-resistant compressor. Designed for operation in conditions of increased vibration and mechanical influences that occur when using a refrigerator in a car, water transport, etc.P. The refrigerator consists of a whole lightweight aluminum case, providing increased tightness and high isothermal properties. For the location of the auto chisel in small spaces, several options for opening the upper cover are provided.



  • The principle of operation is compressive
  • Volume 25 liters
  • Operating mode cooling, freezing
  • The minimum cooling temperature.20 ° C
  • Power in cooling mode 40 watts
  • Display
  • Supply voltage 12/24/220 V
  • Dimensions (VHShHG) 30x57x36 cm
  • Weight 13.6 kg
  • Works at an angle up to 30 °

Review: auto.honeycomb alpicool C15 reviews. Divorce or truth?

I read reviews about Alpicool refrigerators and realized that it was not alone with my problems.

Auto Holer bought a new one in a local online store. Delivered without problems, the native box is in perfect order.

There are no instructions, the kit is very modest: the cable to the cigarette lighter and the refrigerator itself. There is an instruction in Chinese.

It went to download the English version to at least somehow figure it out.

Opened. Typical smell of China, but over time disappeared. The plastic of the case is quite thin, the metal too. The lid fits loosely, or the elastic bands are bad, or the design is such.

It works loudly, if you put it in a neighboring seat, then it is very noisy. But my main claim. turn off. Compressor refrigerators have a feature: they can only work in an upright position without tilting and shaking. So my copy turned off on even asphalt, and sometimes right on the parking lot. The search for the problem took a considerable time, but it was not possible to solve it and that is why.

After contacting the store, the auto chisel was taken for diagnostics. I thought that I just had an unsuccessful Alpicool C15 model, but no. The service said that many have problems with Bluetooth because of which the refrigerator turns off. The defect is floating, even if you do not use the application and do not set up the refrigerator through it, the low.quality module behaves so that the control unit begins to buggy for the whole refrigerator.

Invited the masters to fall out, since I do not need it, but it is impossible to do it. The whole filling is installed by a single block and does not imply the replacement of elements. So useless function just kills the refrigerator and nothing is impossible to do.

The refrigerator, of course, returned to the store. Not without problems, but returned the money.

With such quality, if I buy another, then definitely not this company.

Connection problems

And so, first of all, you need to restart the router and the refrigerator itself. Just turn off, wait a minute and turn on both devices again. After that, we try to configure again. according to the instructions above. When connecting, check that you correctly enter the password from the access point. Very often, users simply forget the password from Wi-Fi.

If you still forgot it, look at the detailed instructions here. It tells several ways to change or learn a forgotten key from the router.

Check that the other device connects to the home router. You must also check the presence of the Internet. If there is no Internet. for example, it was turned off for non.payment, then difficulties may arise when registering and connecting a refrigerator. If there is no Internet, then first of all call the technical support of the provider. Perhaps you forgot to pay for the Internet or they have some problems.

HELP! If you still have questions or have not resolved the problem with the connection. write urgently in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and try to help you. Try to write expanded and in detail.

How to connect a refrigerator to Wi-Fi

Connecting a refrigerator with Wi-Fi is an easy task that any schoolboy can cope with. To do this, it is enough to have skills to work with applications on a smartphone and be able to find the desired function.

To connect to the Internet through the refrigerator, you must perform the following actions:

  • Download on a smartphone or tablet special application LG Smart Thinq.
  • Install it, guided by a standard algorithm of action.
  • Run the application and undergo a simple registration procedure.
  • Enter the created account, where they select the “refrigerator” item.
  • On the control panel of household appliances find a button with the inscription “Wi-Fi”.
  • To connect Wi-Fi on the refrigerator, press it and hold it for 5 seconds.
  • After that, the button will glow continuously.
  • A window will appear on a mobile device in which the LG Smart ThinQ application will ask you to confirm synchronization with the refrigerator.
  • Press yes and complete the connection process.

Wi-Fi setting on LG refrigerators

To connect such a refrigerator, you can use a special application by downloading it from the official website of LG or from the Play Market service.

Synchronization is carried out according to this scheme:

  • The LG Smart Thinq program loads on the mobile device.
  • After that, on the refrigerator equipment, click the button with the image of the wi-fi icon. It needs to be held for 3-5 seconds.
  • The button should start glow continuously. The setting is completed on this.

The application allows you to manage many types of equipment from LG. These are brass stoves, and cleaning machines, and robotic vacuum cleaners.

The possibility of managing the LG refrigerator from a smartphone

  • remote control of the operation of equipment using a tablet or smartphone on Android;
  • obtaining data on the availability and quality of products;
  • listening to online radio;
  • communication with friends on social networks using a built.in touch display;
  • automatic order for food on the Internet;
  • sending messages about the need to replenish food supplies;
  • recording important information;
  • compilation of a list of products;
  • control over the expiration dates of various food;
  • Diagnostics of the operation of equipment and identifying any malfunction.


  • The application can be downloaded and used for free;
  • The utility allows you to connect household appliances from the LG manufacturer to the mobile device;
  • It is possible to remotely manage devices;
  • You can purchase related goods, spare parts and consumables;
  • The application is compatible with current versions of Android.

Compressor refrigerator Alpicool A75

At one time, this is how in 2008 or 2009, for long trips, the Ezetil E 27 Auto Holdor was purchased. It is of course hard to call him a refrigerator, t.to. In his work, he uses the Peltier element, which does not allow me to improve the constant negative or nearotal temperatures. For 9 years, when traveling to Kola, I had to experience some hemorrhoids when stopping for the night. You will not leave the refrigerator at night on the car, you won’t start in the morning. There was no adapter from 220V in 12V. The revenue came to the revenue, one half remained in the auto.chronicle, the second was a hotel for night freezing. On the second night they changed roles.

Two years ago, he stumbled upon a compressor auto chronicle, but at that time the toad was categorically against. The options for buying a household small refrigerator were considered, but the question was with its power from the Borset and the operation of the compressor with constant shaking. This option quickly disappeared.

But the desire to bring more fish from the north everything grew, the toad was slowly choked. And this year we came to a consensus that we need to take a compressor lithrum car house for 50-60. I climbed on local chain stores, only in the online trade I found the right, refrigerator of Indel B. A 55 liter refrigerator went out in the region of 45,000 expensive. Climbed on Yandex.Market, Waeco-Dometic was not cheaper, but in places and more expensive.

He climbed into the search for the drive and came across a Sergey391975 record about the Chinese compressor auto.chronicle. The price is sweet. Quality is an unknown. We must take! ))) But I did not like the internal space that it is divided into two parts (although sometimes it may be convenient), so I went to Alibaba to look for other models. I stumbled upon Alpicool refrigerators. Inside. what I need. The refrigerator itself came out 200, delivery through intermediaries for another 200-300 and in time xs how much to wait. If you order at Aliexpress, then the refrigerator, along with the delivery, turned out in the region of 700, which lost all meaning, it was easier for this money to take here, and even with a guarantee.

I went to Google and to Avito look for alpiculi in the Russian market, and found several options with a humane price of 25-27 tons for 50-75 liter models. Farpost and another store threw back due to the fact that sending from the Far East, but I did not want to wait long, soon a vacation. Stopped at the Autotok store, at the first appeal to them they said that sending would be from Moscow. I did not rush to order. In a week I write once again to clarify the details, and they tell me that they will send from Vladivostok. Here I got burnt, vacation in two weeks, and I am without a cold. Put an order 24.07.2018, sent on the 27th by SDEKOM. Why SDEK? And they have a cash on delivery, of course, you overpay a little for this, but the chances of the kid are significantly reduced. I pointed that they would not have time to bring before the start of the vacation and it would be necessary to linger a little because of this, but no, they managed to bring it to Samara on August 9, for which it.

Rushed between models of 50 and 75 liters, a difference of 1,000. But I thought everything was convenient in the car with big or not. As a result, I spat and took 75 liters, it will fit more fish))) the refrigerator cost me 26,000, delivery 3,000

There are models for 25, 30, 40, 50 and 75 liters, in dimensions in width and length they are the same, differ only in height.

connect, alpicool, refrigerator, phone

There is a model with a gray lid (series C), it is on magnets, but there is with blue (series A), it is on latches. CR-ALEX wrote,“I can say one. Magnetic cover if you ride a mountainshole on an off.road sometimes a magnificent magnet claps “© www.Drive2.ru/l/507965851891139348/

When I ordered the refrigerator, I was in the photo with a gray lid, and in fact came with blue, which pleased me. How tenacious these plastic latches will be, time will shower.

The manufacturer says that a compressor tilt is allowed by a maximum of 30 degrees. What kind of compressor is. xs, an autopsy will show, but as always they write about “Made in Jermani”.

I do not have time to test the refrigerator in front of the road, because I am displaying the last nuts on Shniva, so after a week or two I will complement my writings.

Filmed on the phone, pushed the station wagon in Priora.

A refrigerator came in a cardboard box with a foam inside.In addition to the refrigerator itself, they are included:. instructions in Chinese;. 2 bags of salt batteries of cold;. cord for power from a cigarette lighter 12/24V (length ~ 330 cm);. a cord with a power supply from 110/220V (length (length ~ 200 cm).

The refrigerator connector causes some fears, t.to. The case itself is made of some kind of tin, then when taking out the cord, the whole farm plays. You need to somehow strengthen the corner by forty.

Typically, other manufacturers near the connector have a fuse, here it is not on the outside, perhaps hidden inside under a hatch (then I will check), but on the diagram it is present:

Review of the compressor auto.chronicle Alpicool Bar

Having traveled on travels with a car chloride (thermal container), working on the principle of the Peltier effect, I wanted more comfort! For an autonomous journey that I have soon planned, the thermal container is weak. Therefore, I began to look towards compressor refrigerators, but the for them are quite high for an ordinary traveler. For example, the for the refrigerators of the well.known DOMETIC company start at 50,000 I have heard more than once about the high.quality Chinese refrigerators of Alpicool, even in my review about the auto.honeycomb, this company was praised. Having studied all the information on the Internet and taking into account more humane (from 17,000), compared with more eminent firms, I decided to buy.

I chose a fairly interesting Alpicool Bar model. Outwardly looks beautiful! As I usually say. expensive Bohato 🙂 collected exactly from quality materials. External walls of plastic housing. There are no buttons, instead of them a beautiful touch control panel. There is also a USB nest for charging devices.

One of the requirements for the refrigerator is to get into my organizer in the trunk. For accurate fitting, I made a layout of plastic guides. As a result, the refrigerator came up perfectly.

Technical characteristics: cooling system: compressor compressor: 22 Litradiapason temperatures: from 20 ° C to.20 ° Chkladagent: R134A Ecologically safe size of the refrigerator (DShV) in mm: 554 × 320 × 335 Rifle: DC12V / DC24V / AC100-240V, 50-60hzed: 11 kg

The cover is made on magnets, there are no mechanical locks. Inside the compartment for products and drinks for 22 liters. The internal walls of the refrigerator are made of stainless steel, from the bottom a drain plug. Everything is like in large household refrigerators.

Автохолодильник Alpicool C30

Inside the main compartment, under a white cover, there is a shelf for freezing ice. Apparently, therefore, the model is called “bar”.

Control occurs using a touch panel with a glossy coating. A small screen displays basic information about the operation of the device. Looks beautiful, but get ready to constantly wipe the panel from fingerprints.

The refrigerator eats from 12 iv/24 V/220 V. Behind bars, next to the power connector, there is a compressor and a cooling fan. There are comfortable handles in the case for carrying.

It works quietly, there is a slight hiding from the compressor of course, but within the rational. I can’t hear from the trunk at all.

Now I have seen everything in this life! Auto chillor can be controlled remotely using the Bluetooth connection using the application. Really convenient! For example, you drive in a car and without being distracted from the road you can make a colder drink for arrival or change the operating mode to an economical one, since a long parking is planned soon.

The application is quite convenient, all the main functions are at hand. turning on/off the refrigerator, control of the lock mode, information about the power source, information about the temperature inside the chamber, a given temperature, various modes of operation of the refrigerator. The menu has even more detailed settings in the menu.

Test. cooling up to 9 ° the first test is similar to the thermal container test (link). Its meaning is that the refrigerator should cool the air temperature inside the chamber up to 9 ° as quickly as possible.

Компрессорный холодильник ALpicooL

We will conduct tests with the same 5 bottles of water temperature of 0.5 liters located inside the refrigerator. I will measure the temperature of the surfaces using a pyrometer (infrared thermometer). over, this time the conditions are more difficult. The water lay in the day in the car and heated decently to 30 °.

After only 22 minutes, the refrigerator showed a given temperature inside the chamber. The thermal container did this in 3 hours 40 minutes and could not lower the temperature below. No Комментарии и мнения владельцев 🙂 I double.checked all the testimony. the wall temperature and additionally measured the water temperature in bottles.

We complicate the task! Immediately expose 0 °, we are waiting The refrigerator coped in 1 hour 6 minutes.

Test. maximum cooling!The manufacturer has declared the opportunity to freeze before.20 °, you need to check. I put it.15 ° and leaving for work, returning to lunch in 5 hours 26 minutes. The refrigerator shows.13 °, the pyrometer issues that everything is inside.12 °, and water.2 °. The bottles are not hard ice, the test passed.

connect, alpicool, refrigerator, phone

For the sake of interest, I leave the refrigerator to work until the evening. Having come from work, I observe that the temperature of the walls of the chamber was equal to the ice temperature in bottles and became.12.5 °. I also measured the walls of the camera for ice, where the temperature was equal to the declared.20 ° !

connect, alpicool, refrigerator, phone

After my bullying on mineral water, we observe real hard ice in the bottles. Therefore, Alpicool Bar is not just a refrigerator, but a real freezer.

Test. Night test producer announces a smart system of protecting the car battery and a small consumption. I decided to check. At about 22:20 I leave Alpicool in the car on, activating the ECO mode. I’m going to bed.

My dream was troubled 🙂 In the morning go to work, I was afraid that I would not start. At about 08:07 in the morning I go to the car, the signaling opened the door. Already good! Borset voltage 11.4 V. I will easily start.

I look at the application, interesting! The refrigerator shows the information that the battery was rumbled over the night up to 91% (11.9 V), the numbers almost converge. That is, for about a couple of days you can definitely stretch on one charge of the battery.

– 2. Artem Khodorev

Review: The terrible quality of the goods is already better to pay a couple of thousand, but buy a reliable and durable auto.chronicle. It creates more noise than it works normally, while the products reached the right place were a little cool. There are no instructions in Russian, nothing is written on the box either! Very angry and upset by such a purchase, your money is absolutely not worth!

– 2. Irina Zh.

Pros: Not
Minuses: Cheap plastic and terrible assembly
Review: The impressions are mildly terrible. The case is not durable, no control panel to switch, I had to press all force

– 2. Michael s.

Review: The refrigerator was sent exactly until the end of the guarantee, after which it stopped cooling properly. The service was bent too high, almost half of its initial cost, of course, refused the repair. Disappointed as a purchase I do not recommend.

– 2. Maxim Antonov

Pros: Good room, price
Minuses: Disgusting build quality
Review: Honestly, I expected that the quality would be much better than it actually turned out to be. The crack on the case was formed literally after the first, not the largest, bumps, and the load was not complete. How to use it at all if it is so fragile?

– 2. Makar Shcherbitsky

Review: We have to wait long for the displayed degree, the power is not enough in my opinion. I would put 3 stars, but because of the material it is not of high quality and the creak of the door I put two

– 2. Arthur Smirnov

Review: It actually cools at all power, in fact, I bought it in the hope that it would be better than my previous one, received disappointment. The smell was not pleasant at first, the plastic carried. I am not satisfied with the purchase, I expected more

– 2. David Kirnitsky

Pros: The volume is excellent
Review: Due to private trips abroad to the car, I decided to buy an auto-chronicle for myself, the price and dimensions were attracted. I came quickly, packed well, but initially it was absent in a serial number, the build quality pulls 2 stars, so the painting. Here after half a year of work it only buzzes and stopped freezing. I don’t know what to do, where to go. There is still a guarantee. but I did not find a service center.

– one. Alexander Antonov

Pros: I really liked the refrigerator
Minuses: I did not like that the store sent a refrigerator with a dent and scratches in a used state.

– one. Vladimir Kalinin

Review: A terrible refrigerator! He makes a lot of noisy and badly freezing. Maybe, of course, I received a marriage, but personally this brand did not impress me at all. Money only.

– one. DS

Pros: Not at all
Minuses: Low.grade China. Your money is not worth
Review: Bought more than a year ago. As soon as the warranty is over, it is dead. I tried to take it to repairs, so there the master said that it is easier to throw it out than to fix it. The price tag for repairs in a pro.service is slightly less than the cost of this refrigerator. And in principle, the compressor is his weak place. I was apparently lucky that he lasted more than a year. I do not recommend anyone.

– one. Alexander Mironov

Review: Unfortunately, I could not share universal delight, my refrigerator stopped working just after a year of operation, that is, as soon as the guarantee ended. In my opinion, the model is poor.quality and there is absolutely no money.

– one. Oleg Volnov

Pros: I have not seen absolutely no
Minuses: Very noisy, slightly cools
Review: The refrigerator worked normally honest two weeks, after which he began to make noise loudly and stopped cooling normally. It is strange for me that for that kind of money he at all, one might say, does not work. So I also barely got rid of.

Models BD and BCD. a professional approach to cooling

This line was developed jointly with the engineers of LG Electronics and is designed for operation in the most stringent conditions. The case is made of a metal alloy, and the working chamber. from aluminum, with an increased thickness of the side walls. This significantly improves thermal insulation and requires less electricity during operation. The presence of an inverter compressor with high power will reduce the set of set of the desired temperature and will cool more than the number of products. For reliable fixation of the right cover in a closed state, a special system of locks with folding locks is used.

As you can see, Alpicool produces a variety of automobile refrigerators that will not leave indifferent even the most demanding buyer. Everyone will be able to purchase the most acceptable option, taking into account their individual requests. This will allow you to evaluate the high level of quality of our products to create comfortable conditions during travel.



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