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How to connect a steam generator in a shower cabin

Shower steam generator: types of apparatus and installation

Showers available to a wide range of buyers, with a steam generator made in China. Quite famous SSWW brand. The SSWW B106B model is successful. In addition to the main functions: hydromassage and Turkish bathhouse, it provides for numerous additional options.

Another popular Chinese brand Apollo. The plumbing equipment of this brand in all respects is similar to the previous option.

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European manufacturers are also widely represented in our market.

Model am.PM Bliss 3/4. Production of Germany.

All these cabs are of high quality, multifunctionality and integrity of structures.

I would like to note the Russian manufacturer. Teplodar. Their equipment is no worse than foreign analogues, and

Specialized stores offer a wide selection of equipment, which is characterized by power, functionality and cost. For a standard shower cabin, the most ordinary steam generator is suitable with a minimum set of functions, the cost of which is more than affordable.

Before you start installing a steam generator, you need to make sure the tightness of the shower cabin and ensure forced air convection. To do this, you follow the shower cabin (if this is an open type device) install a cap, 1-2 fans per 12V, with which computers are cooled by the system blocks of computers. If the installation of fans is not difficult, then connecting a shower steam generator to the mains can be difficult, because the wires in the bathroom are the source of the emergency.

Based on this, it is recommended to install a steam generator in another room, and only a pipe for a steam supply to the shower.

The device can be directly connected to the water supply. In order for it to function correctly and serve for many years, it is necessary to regularly clean it of scale and drain the remnants of water.

The parameters of the choice of the device

When buying a steam.former, you need to choose the main criteria. First of all, you need to choose power. It can be from 1 to 22 kW. On average, one kilowatts is consumed per cubic meter of boxing. If the steam generator is needed for the organization, then you need to focus on the indicator of 10 kW. It will be enough for a room of 13-15 cubic meters.

You need to pay attention to the volume of the tank. He can be twenty.seven, thirty liters. These models are too large for a shower cabin. Models are suitable for three, seven liters. This volume allows you to be in the shower for an hour. The productivity of the device can be 2.5-8 kg/h. You need a larger indicator, since this ensures the rapid filling of boxing with steam.

When a steam generator is selected, you need to consider the control panel. In some models, the buttons are located on the device case. It is convenient to use models in which a remote control. Experts advise making a choice in favor of devices with a overheating sensor (he will exclude the failure of the heating element). They should also have a cleaning system (automatically clean the steam generator from scale). Due to these options, you can extend the life of the equipment. Professionals draw the attention of users that if the water is oversaturated with lime, then the auto cleaning will be ineffective. In this case, it is necessary to install filters.

When buying a steam generator, you need to look at the material from which the case is made. It is worth buying stainless steel. It is not damaged by corrosion. It is also strong, which extends the service life of the steam generator. It is better not to choose plastic, since it does not well withstand high temperatures and releases toxic substances.

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Varieties of equipment: pros and cons of

Before remaking the shower cabin, you need to study the advantages and disadvantages of each type of steam generators. Devices are classified into electrode, induction, with classic heaters.

With an electric heating element

This is the cheapest type of generators installed in most budget cabins. Devices are supplied with simple tubular heaters, the principle of operation of which resembles that of a simple boiler. The disadvantage is the quick failure of the heater due to the formation of scale.

A steam generator with an electric heating element is the cheapest.

How to connect water supply for AquaPat MK-117 steam generator?

Electric steam generators

Electric energy is used to heat water in this device. The main advantage is the absence of scale.

Induction devices

The heating of the liquid is facilitated by high.frequency radiation that transfers thermal energy to the walls of the tank. The main advantage of such systems is considered to be a lower energy consumption in comparison with the heating plants.

Path generators for showers are produced by several companies. The most affordable product. The cost of devices of this company varies from 6500 to 8500 in rubles.

Chinese steam generators are using success. The most famous is the SSWW brand, and especially its B106B model. It is equipped with numerous additional functions.

Chinese models are also popular. The characteristics are similar to the parameters of the above model, but here

In Europe, steam generators are also made. Shower cabin with minisau AM.PM Bliss 3⁄4 Production of Germany costs from 100 thousand. Finnish model TIMO. from 64700. European showers with steam generators are high.quality, multifunctional and reliable.

How to connect?

It is worth noting that the steam generator can be installed not in any shower, it should be:

  • sealed. so that the steam does not leave the booth and did not create increased humidity in the bathroom;
  • Equipped with a forced circulation carrier. this is necessary in order to disperse steam along the booth;
  • have nozzles. through which steam will supply.

If all conditions are met, you can start installing.

Below, for greater clarity, a detailed steam generator scheme is presented.

  • steam nozzle;
  • steam lane;
  • drain into the sewer;
  • Crushing filter on CHS supply;
  • thermocouple;
  • back of the cab;
  • Thermocouple wire;
  • steam supply valve;
  • plug;
  • Control Panel
  • power button;
  • thermoregulator;
  • water level in the tank;
  • power cable;
  • from the level meter;
  • Power supply of a steam generator.

For these purposes, the premises of the pantry are perfect if communications are brought into it. The main condition is that the distance from the steam generator to the shower cabin is no more than 5-7 meters. Otherwise, steam will cool and condensate.

For some showers, in which the steam generator is included, it is installed directly from the back of the cabin.

If the device of flooring is everything is simple, it is only important to put it so that people do not get rid of the summarized communications

Connection of communications. As a rule, the water intake valve is connected to the water supply using a flexible eyeliner. Exactly the same as on ordinary cranes. The connection is carried out to the sewage system using a special corrugated tube, which is included.

Steam lane. The steam pipeline tube is mounted under a small slope towards the shower cabin. This is necessary so that the condensate does not stagnate in the system, but flow independently. As a result, the tube is connected to a steam nozzle on the shower itself.

temperature sensor. The next stage is the connection and installation of the temperature sensor. As a rule, it is a small sleeve with wires. They must be connected to the corresponding terminals, according to the instructions. The sensor itself is mounted at the top of the shower cabin. If there is no specially provided for him for him, you can carefully drill it, respectively, the diameter of the sleeve, and seal.

Step 6.Control Panel. The control panel is mounted directly on the shower or next to it. For beauty and amenities, it is better to provide a place in the wall for her in advance and take the wiring there.

Connection to the mains. The outlet, in which the steam generator will necessarily go through the RCD. This requirement is primarily due to the fact that the device has direct contact with water, and in the case of a leakage, the RCD will interrupt the power supply.


Depending on the principle of heating, several types of steam generators are distinguished.

Electric. Such models are equipped with electrodes. Through them, the voltage is supplied to the water, as a result of which water is heated through an electric current. This type is suitable for rooms with impeccable operation of the wiring.

  • Devices equipped with heating heating plants, which, when heated themselves, cause boiling water. They differ in the lowest cost compared to other systems. When buying an unit with a heater, it is necessary to choose a model equipped with a temperature sensor (it prevents overheating of the heating elements) and a cleaning system (it helps to cleanse the heating heating heater).
  • Induction devices that, thanks to built.in induction systems, radiate high.frequency waves. The latter, acting on the liquid, contribute to its heating. Such heaters work faster than others.

Depending on the steam generator used, the shower can have various options.

Turkish sauna

Sauna with a Turkish bath is characterized by high humidity (up to 100%). Heating temperature is 50-55 ° C. Saunas with hamam can be small structures, the sides of which are 80-90 cm.

Finnish sauna

Here the air is dryer, and the temperature can be raised to 60-65 ° C. The microclimate in such boxing is suitable for those who love a high.temperature bath, but cannot breathe too wet air.

The classification of the steam generator is made depending on its power. On average in household versions, it is 1-22 kW. It is believed that 1 kW of steam generator power is required to heat 1 cubic meter of the cabin. Of course, you can use less powerful devices, but heating will have to wait longer, and the steam generator itself will quickly fail, working at the maximum of its capabilities.

The differences also relate to the volume of the tank for the waterflower. The most voluminous tanks are considered 27-30 liters. However, this affects the dimensions of the shower cabin. such steam generators are too cumbersome. For domestic use, enough tank with a volume of 3-8 liters. As a rule, this amount of liquid is enough for hourly “gatherings” in the cabin. The performance of such a tank can vary within 2.5. 8 kg/per hour. The higher the last indicator, the faster the couple manages to fill the shower box.

The use of a shower with a steam generator is more comfortable and functional if there are additional options in it.


Boxes with hydromassage are equipped with many nozzles, which are located at different levels and are characterized by different water pressure.

Tropical shower mode

This effect is recreated using special nozzles, thanks to which large drops are obtained. Along with steam, they create an atmosphere of maximum relaxation.


The base model is considered the cabin equipped with the function “Turkish bathhouse”. It is small, humidity in it reaches 100%. Such a cabin is heated up to 450C quickly, a comfortable temperature does not threaten burns in contact with metal parts of the structure.

As options, manufacturers offer saunas:

The first of them can be considered the advertising stunt of the manufacturer: in fact, it is impossible to warm up the cabin space up to 1000C, and it is not necessary in terms of user safety. But the humidity of the air in the presence of this option will be no more than 30%, in contrast to the “Turkish bath”.

Cabins equipped with infrared emitters are divided into two departments:

The human body in infrared rays is heated quickly, and the source to increase humidity is absent here.

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In addition, the shower cabin can be equipped:

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For those who are trying to get maximum amenities even from plumbing equipment, phones, stereo systems and even chromotherapy products are built into the cabs. a set of LED bulbs painting water jets in different colors.

Close or open

All models have closing doors on magnetic locks. After water procedures, the doors are better to leave ajar. This will prevent the appearance of the fungus inside the design. Excess moisture will evaporate faster and will not leave a sugary smell.

Summary: 1) pallet; 2) the back panel; 3) the upper dome; 4) guides for doors; 5) vertical stand; 6) sliding doors; 7).



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