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How to connect a split system Whirlpool

The function of timer is to set the timer by means.

It is possible to set the timer to set the timer by means of the Timer ON/OFF buttons in order to achieve sufficient temperature of the room for your return home.You can also install a tiemer by a naautomatic shutdown to be sent to a good sleep at night.

Installation of inclusion timer on Button Can Be Used to Set the Timerprogramming as Wished in Order to Switch Oppliance at Your desired Time.

The Timer O button is used to include the timer to turn on the device so that the device turns on at the right time.i) Press the Timer on button. The inscription “On 12:00” will blink on the display.Use buttons

to increase or decrease time by 1 minute.Press the button

Hold it for one and a half seconds to increase or decrease by 10 minutes.Press and hold the button

time to increase or decrease the first by 1 hour.

Note: If you do not set the time for 10 seconds after pressing the Kno.PMer ON, the remote control will automatically be from the Timer on mode.

II) When the display is installed on the display, click the Timer Confirmation button.The sound signal will be heard.The “ON” icon will stop flashing.Indicator will light up on the inner block.

III) After showing a timer installation, a storch of 5 seconds on the remote control display will be doped with a watch instead of a timer.

Click the Timer on button again, the sound signal will be heard and indicate. Timer on will be canceled.Note: The Timer OFF Turning Management Procedure is similar, you can set the timer shutdown of the Tiemer Runny time.

errors when installing and connecting the air conditioner in the apartment.

How to install and connect air conditioner yourself? Let’s be honest with ourselves and answer this question directly, even if we are talking about a low.power household version. no way.

If you do not have special equipment (roller, dynamometric keys, vacuum pump and much more), skills in working with them, then do this for the first time with your own hands, you will be unlikely to succeed.

Whirlpool Split Air Conditioners Remote control features

It doesn’t matter how many useful tips and instructions from A to I will read, you can still miss some inconspicuous detail, or do work due to lack of experience is not high quality.

As a result, after a certain period of time, you still have to call specialists and redo everything.

Why then this article? In order to inviting the installer or a team of air conditioners, you can independently control the quality of work in the process of their implementation, and be sure that your air conditioner will work for a long time and without any problems.

How does work begin? First of all, select a place for installing the air conditioner and mark the hole for laying interchange communications.

Next, proceed to the drilling of the through opening on the street. For this, a boat is used at least 800 mm long and with a diameter of 45mm.

For powerful air conditioners over 2.5 kW, a 80mm drill may be needed.

In order to avoid the formation of dust in the room, with an economical version, a plastic bag is hung under the place of drilling.

Professional installers have long been using a construction vacuum cleaner for this case.

However, with wet drilling strong concrete walls, no protection and vacuum cleaners will save you.

This hole after laying through it all communications is subsequently disconnected.

Please note that for the normal drain of condensate, it is necessary to drill at a slight angle towards the street.

In this case, the condensate will be excreted unhindered, and the water will not accumulate and does not mold in the drainage.

It is not right. The fact is that when drilling in a pre.intended place, you can accidentally get to the armature.

As a result, the hole will have to be transferred. Because of which the air conditioner itself inside the room will shift a few centimeters.

When choosing a place under the through hole and the location of the outer block from the side of the window, it is necessary to drill so that the hole in the end turns out almost along the upper level of the outer block.

This will create the maximum bias for trunk pipes, and will help to avoid oil entering the evaporator.

Put on the installation plate strictly in level.

In this case, the distance from the ceiling to the air conditioner should be at least 10cm. This provides a good fence of air and free installation-demonstration of the internal unit.

For reliable fixation, use high-quality dowel-grooves 640mm or 832mm.

Next, you can proceed to the installation of the outer unit. Mark the mounting points of the bracket.

A 12mm bror with a 12mm brown. Then fix the bracket dowel with nails 1280mm.

Fasten reliably, especially if the condo hangs from the side of the house where the passing part or sidewalks are located.

The distance from the rear wall of the outer block to the wall of the building should be at least 10-20cm. Although much here will depend on the performance of the fan.

Where to place an external block, under a window or side. a matter of aesthetics and ease of operation.

Many people do not like unnecessary meters of a dangling cable and the tubes hanging along the wall. In this case, the lateral location is selected.

Although competent installers and cable and a freonenth, they can lay it very beautifully. Much already depends on the level of professionalism of performers.

errors when installing a floor air conditioner in an apartment and house.

With the onset of heat in the summer, everyone is thinking about air conditioning their premises.

To comfortably cool the air, you can choose three types of devices that quickly cope with this task.

For country and country houses, most often they buy mobile options. They are also used by owners of flower shops, tenants of apartments and offices, or those who are not allowed to hang standard blocks on the facades.

They are very convenient and can be installed every day in different rooms and floors. Moved to another house? Take the air conditioner with you without problems and quickly install it in a new room.

It does not require special knowledge and skills to install it. This is a monoblock in which everything is collected in one building.

The principle of its operation is shown on this schematic.

Hofra usually goes no more than 1.5 meters long. The diameter changes from 80 to 150mm, depending on the power of the unit.

The pipe provides an extract of warm air through the window, the door (on the loggia) or a special hole in the wall.

You will not throw this air out into the street, you will not achieve the sense of the system. Instead of standard rather hard nozzles, you can also use more flexible foil options from hoods.

Some manufacturers of climatic equipment actively advertise such systems without any air ducts.

Are they actually working? On the one hand, it seems that this is ideal. no pipes, no noise, use and enjoy cool.

But all this pure water is deception and divorce. Inside these devices, water evaporates through a porous filter, which in turn is blown by a stream of air.

With such evaporation, the heat really leaves, but in such meager quantities that the same effect can be felt from the usual fan or air humidifier.

And he also greatly increases humidity, even if you did not ask him about it.

So is it worth overpaying? Most decides that no. Therefore, they choose a mobile version of another performance.

However, when connecting and installing floor air conditioners, everyone is faced with the main problem. where and how to withdraw a corrugated air with warm air.

With a completely open or even slightly ajar window, a huge gap is formed in your opening, and part of the warm air immediately returns back. Consequently. air conditioning stops working normally.

Hence all complaints about its ineffectiveness and low efficiency. Therefore, your main task is when installing. make such a conclusion to the street so that the gaps are minimal, or are completely absent.

Of course, this can somehow be achieved by setting up all kinds of adhesive tape, polyethylene or simply plugging the cracks with rags.

There are many unsuccessful examples of solving this problem.

If you have wooden windows that open not open the wings, but by lifting up and down, then you can cut a rectangle from a sandwich panel. Insert a challenge into it, and the rectangle itself is simply squeezed on top of the frame.

Or just replace part of the glass with opaque plastic and place the conclusion there.

But all the same, it does not look aesthetically pleasing and looks like an extra element that does not fit into the interior of the room.

Few people will agree to drill holes in the walls, and even such huge diameters, unambiguously worsening thermal insulation of the house.

Press the Adjust adjustment button with an arrow down for the mind.

Press the Adjust adjustment button with

arrow down to reduce the temperature. Click once the adjustment button Adjust with an arrow down to increase the set temperature by 1 ° Cil twice. to reduce by 2 ° C.

Notes: In the Cooling mode, temperature

can be set in the interval from 18ºC to32ºC.

Grades Celsius and Fahrenheit, at the same time, the ADJUST adjustment buttons with a shot up and with an arrow down.

The functional time of the current time at the clock is filled with pressing the Timer O and Timer Offo.Timer Off Un or Timer Office Panel or Clock (Clock) for the remote control. Press the adjusting buttons ADJUST with shotcrackers up or down to set the meter of time. Again, at the same time, the Timer on and Timeroff timer button: the current time will now be given.

Time of power on/off. Press the Timer on (Timer

inclusions), while the mismaturation of “on 12:00” will begin.

Press the Adjust adjustment buttons with

arrows up or down until the nadispney appears the desired time of the device.

the set of time values ​​for 1 minute once press the Adjust adjustment button with an arrow up or down.

the set of the time value of 10 minute the adjustment button Adjust by the shot up or down and and hold the elevated for one and a half seconds.

the set value of the time per 1 hour by the ADJUST adjustment button up or down and hold the elevated for a longer time.

When the desired one is displayed on the display

time, click the Timer O button to confirm the choice, while the indicator “ON” (VCL) will stop flashing, the willing value of the time will remain nadisplay.

The selected time is displayed on the display in

the course of 5 seconds, after that, the current time will be displayed.

Note: If, after pressing the Knaptimer on, within 10 seconds, the required time will not be given, then the Timer ON timer is automatic from turning on the timer on.

The cancellation of the installation of the timer include the Timer on button again, the indication will be, and the operation of the Timeron timer will be canceled.

Note: Timer OFF setting is performed similarly: it will accommodate to be turned off automatically in the need.

Rapid Coooo is used for quick cooling. The user of this regime in air conditioning selects the highest.speed fan rotation (HIGH) ITOTARTURE is 18єC.

Note: The “6th Sense” mode (6th feeling) is unavailable (the corresponding button does not work) if the RapidCool mode is selected.

one. Press the Rapid Cool button. When choosing this

The regime in the air conditioner automatically selects the highest speed revolution of the fan (HIGH) and the temperature 18ºC.

Кондиционер сплит-система Whirlpool SPIW WH409LL, Inverter

How to clean the air conditioner yourself correctly?

To qualitatively clean the home air conditioner, they usually invite a specialist in this matter.

Is it possible to carry out the sink yourself with a minimum set of tools and chemistry?

The master comes, opens the lid, knocks the filter on the knee, hiss a couple of minutes with a steam generator without dismantling the squirrel wheel.

Wins the outdoor with Kerher, spraying all the walls with dirty water (the neighbors will say thank you from below).

Takes his denyuzhki and leaves with the feeling of a fulfillment.

And after a couple of months, the air conditioner again begins to stink and overgrown with mold.

High-quality cleaning of the inner block with all the processes of disassembly and assembly takes at least 2-3 hours. This procedure is not fast and you need to approach it thoroughly.

You should not confuse it with elementary operations of washing air filters, which it goes from force for 10-15 minutes.

In general from words to deed. We will show you in stages the analysis of all nodes and those nuances that you will have to face, and you will already draw conclusions on the basis of this. you can clean it with your own hands or it is better to invite a professional.

Still, after an attempt to independently disassemble and assemble the air conditioner, the number of appeals to a specialized service center increases dramatically)))

Sometimes even detailed video instructions on YouTube do not particularly help.

In extreme cases, with knowledge gathered from the article, you can easily control the work of the master.

Note that it will only be about the internal block, and not about the external!

To safely get to it, except for special.tools sometimes also requires special.Technics.

First of all, pull out a fork from the outlet and turn off the device from the network.

After disconnecting, let him relax for 30 minutes. This time is not included in the total duration of the repair specified earlier

Half an hour data is necessary to cool the heated elements of the system. Another useful advice to those who will clean the unit not for themselves, but to the customer.

Suddenly he will be faulty. Then never prove that you are not to blame for his breakdown.

So, click the top cover and take out air filters.

According to the instructions, it is recommended to clean them every two weeks. The easiest way is to soap them with something like Fayry and rinse with a sponge under warm water.

Just under a stream of water from under the tap, really dirty nets cannot be washed.

connect, split, system, whirlpool

Otherwise, you will get a quest. “How to make out the air conditioner and live on without it”

LG, Samsung and various kinds of Chinese No Name models understand relatively tolerable. But with the Japanese you have to disperse everything to the screw.

Therefore, put one of the family members next to you, so that he writes the whole process on the smartphone camera. This will help very much in the subsequent assembly of the design in the reverse sequence.

Behind the air filter in separate models, there may be a deodorizing element.

This is a thing that is sprayed with different aromas, and the whole room is filled with appropriate smells. We remove him.

We go down below. Open the lower damper and clench it on the sides.

Do not be afraid, it bends very well. Feel free to pull it down the middle and pull it out of the grooves along the edges.

If it doesn’t come out right away, try to scroll it. There may be a “lock” (for Toshiba models), which leaves the grooves in only one position.

Another damper may be associated with guide blades of air flow. Click on them and from them.

You can not climb a rag into the unit to clean the internal walls of the air conditioner, without removing the damper itself.

Those who want to save time, most often in this way and break the guides of the loud.

Which cable to choose

When choosing a wire, you need to focus on the type of network network. It is two and three.line. In modern apartments in sockets there is grounding. Therefore, a three.core cable is used to connect air conditioners. The section of its conductors is chosen by the power of the future split systems. There are all the necessary data in electrical technicians in electrical technicians. Also, it will not be difficult to determine the area of ​​the cross.section of the wire using online calculators on the Internet.

For example, for a long.term operation of the air conditioner, they choose:

  • For devices with a power of up to 3 kW, a section of 2 kV is enough.mm;
  • For power from 3 to 5 kW, select cable 2.5 sq.mm;
  • Power 7 kW will require a copper cable with a section of 4 kV.mm.

It should be understood that the ratio of cross.section and permissible power is different in aluminum and copper cable, products with multi.core conductors and continuous. Therefore, use reference books or online calculators. be sure to.

The cable is selected according to the characteristics of the isolation. For example, the product designed for the street will be excessively expensive. The optimal price-quality ratio is the cable type. It is performed in PVC isolation, the service life of the product is 30 years. A flat modification of this cable under the labeling of VVG-P, as well as non-combustible VVGNG, is also available.

What kind of outlet is needed for the air conditioner

The main choice parameter is the nominal load when connecting. It is recommended to buy a model with a power supply of at least 10 %. Nominal voltage 220 V, 16 A. By the method of installation, the models are external, overhead or hidden. The former are mounted on the surface of the wall. They are rarely used if there is no ability to make strobes.

Invoices are similar in design, but calculated for connection with wiring leaving the wall. Can be used as temporary or if it is impossible to form a deepening for hidden installation.

Hidden. the most common models. Most of the body is in a wall niche, the front part appears a little flush. Installation is compared compared to two of the above, but these models have the best design, fit into the interior of the office, apartments.

connect, split, system, whirlpool

Additional characteristics:

The last parameter depends on the design of the fork (plug). If the air conditioner was produced for the countries of America, Asia, the UK or Switzerland, it is recommended to replace the plug with a standard European. Alternative. purchase adapters for a specific model.

Models of the type “C” gradually get out of sales, as they do not have the function of grounding. For power supply, split block, you need to buy models like “f”.

Ways to connect air conditioning or split systems into the mains

The air conditioner is an unit designed to create favorable climatic conditions in the room. It is used to reduce temperature in the summer. Connecting the air conditioner to the mains is of great importance for the proper operation of the elements of the device. This procedure can be performed independently, complying with the requirements of the instructions and the rules for the security of electric shock.

For household air conditioners, the electrical connection diagram differs from more powerful industrial units. The latter are usually connected to a three.phase network, and home. only to a single.phase. Two main methods of electrical connection of the air conditioner are used:

In the first case, the connection is carried out, as in the situation with any other electrical equipment. The disadvantage of this method is the excessive load on the outlet if the device has great power. In addition, sticking wires do not look very attractive and spoil the interior. This method is suitable for mobile and low.power units. The second method is more time.consuming, but allows you to hide the extra wires in the stroke of the wall and connect more powerful devices.

Structurally, air conditioners are produced in the form of monoblocks and split systems. The second type consists of an external (compressor-confenser) device and an internal (evaporative) device. Before installing the internal device, first select the appropriate place for installation. The following rules must be taken into account:

  • the distance between the body of the device and the ceiling is at least 15-30 cm;
  • between the side surface and the wall. about 30 cm;
  • space for output air. more than 150 cm.

To install the outer structure, choose a place near the window or balcony. It is allowed to install it on the wall inside the loggia, if there is a free place. On the ground floor of a high.rise building, the device can be fixed over the window, placing it in the zone of inaccessibility for passers.by.

For installation on the upper floors, it is necessary to attract installers with special equipment. When installing it, it should be borne in mind that the maximum allowable distance between the units of the device should be no more than 5 m.

The electrical circuit of the split system includes the installation of the electrical wiring between the two air conditioning units. After installation, they immediately proceed to their connection to each other. For this, a copper wire with three veins and a section of 2.5 mm² is used. It is advisable to use a cable with multi.colored veins, so as not to be mistaken. Otherwise, you will have to determine the desired core using a tester. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • The mounting hole in the wall is drilled by the aspocation;
  • The front panel and the protective cover of the block are removed;
  • A piece of cable stretches through the hole in the wall;
  • The ends of each core are cleaned, inserted into the corresponding terminals, the screws are tightened with a screwdriver;
  • The panel and cover are installed in place.

Before installing the covers, it is advisable to make sure that the tester is correctly connected to the wires.

To connect a mobile or low power of the air conditioner, it is necessary to purchase a three.core VVG cable with a cross section of 2.5 mm², a three.wire PVS wire by 1.5 mm², an outlet with a ground and a fork. If there is no free machine in the electric shield, then it should also be bought.

From the shield to the electric mounting box, the cable extends along the string. A socket can be equipped at any convenient height. The cable is fixed with the solution in the channel, the machine is installed in the shield, the cleaned copper ends of the wire are connected to it. Когда раствор немного застынет, приступают к монтажу и подключению розетки.

Then the PVS connecting wire with a fork is assembled, and the second end is connected to the air conditioner. To do this, the panel and the protective cover are removed, the valves of the terminals are weakened, the cleaned ends of the wires are alternately inserted and tightly tightened.

The cover and panel are installed in place. To check the correctness of all connections, a test launch of the unit is carried out. To do this, turn on an electric machine and air conditioning. It is advisable to check the device at all operating modes.

connect, split, system, whirlpool

The connection diagram of the split system to the mains provides for the use of a three-core copper cable. If the air conditioner has a power of less than 3 kW, then its cross section is 1.5 mm². With the power of the unit from 3 to 5 kW, the cross.section of the wire should be 2.5 mm².

The cable with the labeling of the IPG, which is protected by polyvinyl chloride insulation, is considered more reliable. Its service life is about 30 years. If it is planned to put the wire in the strobe, then the flat cable of VVG-P is best suited. For installation in the cable channel or in a corrugated pipe, a non-combustible wire of VVG-HN is used.

Ringing copper tubes

The error is allowed to cut them only using a special pipeline, no scabbard for metal or bells!

At the same time, making a cut, it is necessary to keep the end of the copper pipe strictly down, in order to exclude any chips in the inside.

The ends are processed by Rimmer.

Act with a rimmer carefully so as not to scratch your skirt. The quality of the roll is one of the most important points in the installation of the air conditioner.

Error collapsing is a special.A tool with an eccentric. Do not forget to transfer the connecting nut to the tube before this step!

The width of the collapse should be such that the connection as a result freely and freely enters the nut.

The height of the installation of the tube in the roller clamp is strictly regulated.

The easiest and most proven grandfather’s way to determine the quality of the rolling, at least at the initial stage is to see your reflection in the “skirt”.

The collapse of the pipes of the outer block will have to be done on the street by weight. Otherwise, the highway simply does not crawl through the hole.

Error pay attention. if the installation does not occur in a hot warm day, then bringing copper tubes from the street home, close their ends and be sure to wait for time to reach room temperature.

If you bring them cold and open, then due to the effect of the dew point, condensation forms inside the tube, which on a poorly vacuum air conditioner can lead to sad consequences.



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