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How to connect a horizontal water heater Termyx

Operating instructions for Thermex water heater

Termyx electric heaters are produced using high technologies and high.quality materials. Such water heaters from the plant are equipped with a safe shutdown function (RCD), which increases the level of safety of the device.

Such devices are produced according to international standards and meet all safety and environmental requirements. These devices are mandatory undergoing state certification and meet GOST standards.

The power supply heaters of the Termex line are different in their characteristics and the volume of internal space, which can be 15, 30, 50, 80 or more liters, and in this article we will talk about the Termyx water heater, a volume of 30 liters, and detailed instructions for the use of this Models.

The Italian company Termyx is engaged in the production of water heating devices of excellent quality and different in the volume of internal tank: 15, 30, 50 and 80 liters, respectively. According to buyers, 30 liter water heaters are able to serve without problems for more than ten years, of course, if you follow certain rules for servicing the device.

Connection of the water heater Termies to water

To replace the heater, unscrew the colored wires. yellow, red and blue carefully remove the thermostat and sensors. Protective automation is turned on; When the device is turned on, it knocks out traffic jams on the counter; Water heating does not occur or water is very poorly heated; The water heater begins to hiss, the water comes out not clean, but a muddy. Two cylindrical tanks are installed in thin boilers, interconnected by Double Tank technology.

The connection diagram of the electric heater should be performed by one composition of the wire.

Having taken out the ten tt, they found that there was no magnesium anode on it. Spirals overheat and burn out. Also, the power regulator performs an additional disconnection function at a certain heating temperature. It is very important to check the wiring in the entire apartment before connecting and evaluate its capabilities: the size of the cross.section of the wire, from which it is made, the maximum load on the wire.

Installing the boiler first of all, it is necessary to fix the heater on the bearing wall, while the large weight of the equipment should be taken into account. Operation of the water heater “Thermex”

The main technical characteristics of the Termyx water heater

The supply voltage of all types and models of EVN should be within 220V ± 10%. The frequency of the power supply 50Hz ± 1 %. The volume of the internal tank and the power of the heating element are indicated in the identification plate on the device case. The diameter of the threads of the input pipes and the output of the water is 1/2 ″.

EVN volume, l Averended time on a revolution on ∆ht = 45 ° C (for p = 2000 watts)
5 0 h. 08 min.
ten 0 h. 15 minutes.
fifteen 0 h. 25 min.
thirty 0 h. 50 min.
40 1 h. 10 minutes.
fifty 1 h. 25 min.
60 1 h. 40 min.
80 2 h. 10 minutes.
100 2 h. 45 min.
120 3 hours. 15 minutes.
150 4 hours. 10 minutes.

How to connect the water heater to the water supply system correctly

In order for the connection of a flowing, accumulative tank to be correct, it is necessary to observe a certain sequence.

Most often, each set has a scheme where the installation of the boiler is described.

Havells Water Heater installing

  • the number of holes that will need to be made in the wall;
  • types and quantity of fasteners;
  • a detailed description of the connection of pipes;
  • What units, equipment will come in handy so that the installation of the tank passes correctly.

To connect the Termyx boiler with your own hands, you need to perform the following sequence of actions.

It is worth examining water pipes. If they are in a worn state, it is recommended to replace them with new.

It is allowed to install pipes from any material: metal.plastic, plastic, steel, copper.

Be sure to install a safety valve on a boiler. Its role is to protect the technique from excess pressure.

Installation should be carried out on a pipe where cold water is supplied. Fum-tone, sealant must ensure tightness.

On the pipes that are brought to the water heater, ball valves are installed. Thanks to them, you can adjust the supply of water to the container.

It is recommended to install a pressure gear on a pipe with cold water. He will regulate the pressure at the entrance.

Video. How to instal horizontal electric water heater/ geyser 2017

At the output, water will be supplied with constant pressure. This device is important when the boiler is installed in multi.storey buildings, where the pressure in the tap system jumps.

After the installation of the water supply is completed, you need to open the water tap for supply to the tank. After it is filled, well.heated water should come from the tap.

At this stage, the tightness of all connections is checked.

Using and basic malfunctions

Fifty.line models are usually used for household purposes in apartments. This volume is enough for the regular use of two people. If the installation is made correctly, then it is easy to figure out how to use such a water heater.

Open valves, wait until the water is drained, turn on the device and set the desired temperature. After about an hour and a half, the water will heat up. If you leave for a short time, you do not need to drain the water, just close all the valves and de.energize the device.

Most often, two elements fail. this is the heating element and tank. Ten can deform or rust. So that this does not happen once a year, it is necessary to clean from scale. The tank is subject to corrosion, as it is constantly in contact with water. To extend the service life inside the flange put magnesium anodes. They are changed every six months.

Ten water heater

Also, from time to time, water is drained from the safety valve in order to check its performance and drain the precipitate. It is important to do this every three months. If you carry out boiler maintenance on time, it will last much longer.

Maintenance and repair of water heater Termyx

During the operation of the device, salt deposits gradually appear on the heating elements that prevent heat transfer. Despite the filter installed at the entrance of the supply water, the precipitate gradually accumulates on the walls of the inner flask. Relays and sensors fail. Signs of the need for repair:

  • water heats up for a long time;
  • extraneous sounds appear inside the tank;
  • frequent inclusion with subsequent operation of protection;
  • the quality of water at the output has changed;
  • The device does not heat water.

Work on the replacement and cleaning of heating elements, flushing the tank can be carried out independently. In case of failure of the control unit, adjustment is required in a specialized center.

If the family is more than three people, there is no hot water supply, the installation of an electric storage water generation will be the best exit in a country house.

Before repairing any complexity, it is necessary to de.energize the equipment. Free the tank from the water, draining it through the crane, with air supply to the fluid displacement from the flask.

Work on replacing thermo elements or cleaning them from scale is carried out on a dismantled and inverted tank. It is necessary to photograph the connection scheme, in order to restore it in the subsequent. Dismantle heating elements for cleaning or replacing.

If a replacement is required, you need to know that the heating heater is used in line with the brand of the model and instructions. In most models of water heaters, two heating elements are installed, the same should be magnesium anodes in a single set. When installing the heater in place, it is necessary to prevent distortion. All sealing pads or cuffs should be clean, the flange is attached in a cruciate sequence.

Annually, and when using water of increased hardness, it is necessary to drain the tank more often and not only heating elements from the sediment, but also the bottom of the capacity. If the scale covered the walls of the boiler, it creates an additional insulating layer without interfering with the heating process. A removed but working element should be cleaned of scale and check the state of the anode with a possible replacement.

Electrodes are cleaned using antinakipine and similar household chemicals.

The magnesium anode in the system is installed to protect against corrosion of the heating element. Loose oxide sediment reduces heat transfer and leads to an overspending of energy. The anode can be changed in case of wear.

connect, water, heater, termyx

Ten heater for the Termyx water heater are different designs, differ in the material of manufacture, the method of fastening. The shells of branded products are made of steel or copper.

In other cases, the water heater is repaired in the service center using branded spare parts for the Termyx water heater.

How to install a boiler using a water heater connection scheme

The installation of the water heater can do anyone who are at least a little, with the device of plumbing equipment and an electric network. A detailed water heater connection scheme can be a good assistant when installing a boiler.

Installation of a boiler

First of all, it is necessary to fix the heater on the load.bearing wall, while you should take into account a fairly large weight of the equipment. If the bearing capacity of the wall is in doubt, then it is better to pre.design a stand or install additional brackets supporting the device.

Next, you need to measure the distance between the boiler mounts and transfer it to the wall. In the places marked on the surface, drill holes, insert the dowel and screw the hooks on which the water heater is suspended. The water heater installation scheme shows in detail how to fix the boiler properly.

The water heater must be installed exactly. The slightest skew allowed during installation may adversely affect the work of the device and significantly reduce its life.

Connection to the electric network

After the water heater is installed and fixed, you can connect it to the electric network. The process is not complicated, but requiring attentiveness and observance of safety measures.

connect, water, heater, termyx

To understand the connection details, it is necessary to study the typical electrical circuit of the water heater: the main elements, their purpose and interaction with each other.

The electrical diagram of the ATTASF type water heater, Attrs and the Termex models having a round tank:

The electrical diagram of the RZB type water heater differs from the previous circuit, the presence of a double switch equipped with two light bulbs:

It is noticeable that different types of water heaters do not have significant differences. The main components of the device:

Attention should be paid to the presence of a fork or RCD (protective shutdown device). Also, an electrical circuit of the water heater and the connection diagram to the network should be applied to the instructions for the operation of the equipment. Installation is carried out in strict adherence to the recommendations of the manufacturer.

To the water heater (the input terminals of the thermostat) from the electric shield, the supply voltage is supplied through the zero wires (n. blue) and phase (l. red color). Connection of the zero protective wire PE to the tank body is performed using a special screw.

Next: The phase is connected to the output connector of the thermostat, zero. with the first contact of the heater. Connection is made from the output terminal of the thermostat. The second contact of Ten is connected to the output connector of the thermostat. In this case, the indicator light bulb is connected to the output connector of the thermostat (phase) and the output zero terminal of the thermostat.

Before connecting to power, the water heater capacity should be filled with water. Otherwise, the heating elements will overheat, and the device will fail.

The scheme is as follows. After filling the container with water, it is necessary to set the desired fluid heating indicator. For this, the temperature control handle is intended. Then turn on the protection device in the electrical panel by ensuring the supply of the supply voltage to the electrical circuit of the boiler.

While the water is cold, the circuit looks like this: the thermostat circuit is closed, the indicator light is burning, signaling the heating process, current passes through the heating, water gains temperature. The temperature is measured by special sensors of the thermostat.

And as soon as the desired indicator is reached, the heating chain is torn by the temperature regulator, the lamp goes out, the water is cooled to a certain value at which the power circuit is again closed. So maintained the constant temperature of the water in the container.

The thermostat, in this case, is a fuse that breaks the circuit of the zero and phase connection, turning off the power and stopping the heating process, if suddenly the water temperature exceeds the permissible value.

Boiler connection to an electric circuit

The electrical diagram of the water heater connection is as follows:

The circuit involves connecting the water heater to the network through the RCD and the installed circuit breaker with it sequentially with it.

RCD and automatic perform protective functions:

  • RCD excludes the possibility of current damage in case of leakage, when insulation is damaged or a breakdown in the case appeared;
  • Using the circuit breaker, the network is provided from overload and close.

The circuit made a direct connection of the cable to the input terminals of the water heater from the electric shield. This is performed as follows: the protective shell is removed, the cable is started and connected to the corresponding terminals, the protective casing is closed.

A direct connection to the aboard terminals without using a socket is considered a more reliable and safe.

The electrical diagram of the water heater connection through the outlet connected to the cable laid from the shield:

The difavtomat can perfectly replace the bunch of RCDs and the circuit breaker. The scheme involves connecting the phase and zero from the difavtomat to the input terminals of the heater. But it should be remembered that the zeros before and after the difavtomat cannot have general compounds.

The circuit also allows you to connect a fork with a cord from a water heater to a socket, which is installed in the line after a difavtomat.

By connecting the water heater to an electric network, it is advisable to draw a separate fishing line for a trimmer, through a cable with the desired cross section and installation of a separate protection apparatus.

The diagram of the induction water heater

The novelty recently appeared on the water heating equipment market has an even simpler connection scheme.

The induction water heater is a kind of transformer with two windings: primary (many turns) and secondary (short turns). The scheme is based on the physical effect of the inductance of the electric field.

That is: the surface of the channel along which water is on is heated by an induction winding, so that the water gains the desired temperature.

Connection to the water supply

Scheme connection of the water heater to the water supply involves a parallel connection of the device to the water supply system: input. pipe with cold water, output. pipe with hot water.

How to connect to water

It is necessary that the water meets at least the minimum requirements for the water heater manufacturer.

If there are doubts as water, then it is best to install a cleaning filter. In this case, the service life of the water heater will increase slightly.

It is advisable to apply a copper.inflated pipe in a braid to bring water to bring water. Such a pipe is easily shared and temperature changes are not afraid of it. And the strength of such compounds is very high, so the taps for overlapping water can be mounted on the tank itself.

After installing the water heater on the wall, cold water is connected to it. The combined valve, which is included in the water heater kit, is mounted on a pipe going to the water heater (blue).

If a hopeless situation has been created with the absence of the necessary valve, then the safety valve is also stupefied on the ordinary valve in order to discard excessive pressure created by the boiler.

If the valve is installed with your own hand, it should be noted that you do not need to tighten it too much on the thread, four revolutions are enough. This is necessary to prevent thread breakdown on the pipe.

A prerequisite is sealing the connection place. The valve may also be needed for draining water from the heater in case of repair. Although, draining water through the valve. a long business. It will be better, of course, if the place allows, to mount the tee between the valve and the pipe. Then it will be much more convenient to drain the water.

connect, water, heater, termyx

Next, a pipe designed for hot water is connected either with the mixer or with a pipe that leads to a cranes with hot water. There are such models of water heaters into which the third pipe is cut. But according to the connection scheme, it is not used. In this case, you just need to reliably drown it out.

You may also be interested in an article about the accumulative water heater Termyx.

connect, water, heater, termyx

An article on how to correctly disassemble Thermex water heater, read here.

How to connect a water heater to electricity correctly?

Termex water heater is a device that has increased power.

It is very important to check the wiring in the entire apartment before connecting and evaluate its capabilities: the size of the cross.section of the wire, from which it is made, the maximum load on the wire.

If the wiring is weak, but the wire is in good condition, then it is not necessary to change it completely throughout the apartment or house.

In this case, you can lay an additional cable from the water heater to the shield.

So the Termex water heater will work without breakdowns and failures.

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