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How to clean the filter in a gorenje washing machine

How to Clean a Washing Machine

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It’s important to clean your washing machine regularly to keep your laundry fresh and clean. There are four main places where dirt collects: the detergent pan, the drum, the rubber seal, and the filter. these are where you have to fight dirt for your machine to stay clean. Following the instructions below at least once a month will boost your cleaning performance and your laundry will be spotless.

Detergent cuvette The detergent cuvette regularly accumulates powder residue and detergent crystals: if it is not treated, mold will appear! First, carefully remove the cuvette from your washing machine (refer to the instruction manual if necessary).

Now you have two choices: 1. Place the cuvette in the top tray of the dishwasher and turn on the normal cycle. voila! 2. Soak the flask in hot, soapy water, then use an old (clean) toothbrush to remove any detergent residue and dirt.

In both cases the flask must be dried before it is put back in place. This will reduce the humidity, thus eliminating the conditions for mold and microorganisms to breed.

Drum If the inside of your machine smells bad, the drum is probably to blame! Not only do detergent residues settle on it, but the moist, warm atmosphere is a breeding ground for bacteria. However. STIHL!. This tried-and-true method, using a few handy items from your cupboard, can solve your problem.

Let’s begin: 2 cups white table vinegar 1/4 cup baking soda 1/4 cup water

Your steps: 1. Dissolve the baking soda in a small bowl of water, then pour the solution into the detergent cuvette. 2. Pour the vinegar into the drum and run the washing machine at maximum wash temperature. The interaction of baking soda and vinegar will naturally break down mineral deposits, as well as freshen your washing machine. 3. Leave the door open at the end of the cycle to allow the drum to air out.

If you do not regularly clean the washing machine door seal, an accumulation of excess detergent and dirt can lead to mold. If this has already happened, soak a towel in white alcoholic vinegar and tuck it into the seal and leave it for a couple of hours to remove stubborn dirt, then wipe with a damp cloth.

Gently wipe the door opening and gasket with warm water before and after each wash to prevent dirt from accumulating and transferring to freshly washed clothes.

Filter Over time, particles and objects that fall into the washing machine. lint, pet hair, coins and other small items. can accumulate in the drain pump filter. This causes problems such as incomplete water drainage after washing, washing machine vibrations, longer washing cycle times, washing machine stops and pauses, or the door locks.

To avoid these problems, clean the filter regularly by following the instructions below:

Cleaning a Gorenje Washing Machine Door Seal, CHEAP & EFFICIENT!

  • Locate the access hatch to the drain pump filter. It is most often located at the bottom right or left side of the front of the machine. Take a small container, tray and towel and place it under the hatch opening. Turn the filter counterclockwise to remove it and let the water drain completely into the container provided. If you think it’s going to be a lot of water, let it drain in batches. Remove all debris and debris in and around the filter. Remove the filter and rinse it under hot water. Clean the filter mounting area with a damp cloth. Put the filter back in place and turn it clockwise to lock it.

A washing machine with special functions, such as WaveActive, will help you to get your washing spotlessly clean: a drum with a three-dimensional wave pattern will not only keep the cloths clean, but will also smooth them out. The DoseAid detergent dosage optimisation system will give you the right amount of detergent for every load, and you can be sure that you are using the detergent in the most economical and safe way, reducing the build-up of detergent residue in the drum, on the seal and filter. Our WS168LNST washing machine has all these features, read more about them here.

How to Clean the Filter in a Washing Machine gorenje

All Gorenje washing machine models need timely care and cleaning to extend the life of the machine. One of the obligatory procedures, which should be carried out every 2-3 months is the cleaning of the filter of the drain pump. In addition, cleaning should always be done after washing old items or items made of fleecy fabric.

Before starting, make sure that the washing machine has finished the washing mode, drained the main volume of water, and then disconnect the machine from the power supply.

Then carefully open the panel covering the filter cover with a flathead screwdriver (or similar tool).

Some models of the automatic washer-dryer have a tube for emergency drainage next to the drain pump filter. This can be used before you open the filter. If you do not have such a tube, prepare a flat container (you can use a bowl) and a dry rag to collect the remaining water.

The filter itself should be slowly opened counter-clockwise, closing again if necessary, in order to have time to collect any water remaining in the machine.

The filter can be removed after all the water has been removed. Clean off threads, lint, dirt and small objects (like buttons or coins) and rinse thoroughly under running water.

Then put the filter back in place and close clockwise. Make sure it is tight by checking that the surface of the seal (A) is clean.

What to do if the drain filter can not be removed

If you can not unscrew the drain filter with normal force, it is better to disassemble the entire pump unit. It can also be blocked by an object inside, which cannot be removed without removing the pump. To fix the problem you need to:

  • Disconnect the washing machine from the mains and water supply;
  • Remove the protective decorative elements and provide access to the body of the drain pump;
  • Unscrew all bolts, nuts and screws that drain nozzle and the pump attached to the body of the washing machine;
  • Loosen and retighten the clamps securing the discharge nozzle and the discharge hose to the pump housing;
  • Remove the tube and the hose;
  • Inspect the filter cavity through the nozzles, and if there are any foreign objects remove them.

To remove a jammed item, sometimes you just shake the pump and a jammed button or clip will drop out by itself through the nozzle opening. Otherwise you can use a screwdriver or tweezers.

Why can’t I unscrew and remove the filter?

The main enemy of all mechanical parts of the washing machine is water with detergents and salts dissolved in it. During the operation these substances are deposited on the walls of all the elements involved in the washing process under the influence of temperature. This, in turn, impairs their operation. If the filter elements have not been unscrewed for a long time, salt deposits on the threads of the filter housing and the drain connector can cause them to become blocked. It may also fail to unscrew if a foreign object lodges itself between the filter housing and the impeller.

All Ways to Open and Remove the Drain Filter

To remove the drain filter from the drain nozzle, you can sometimes do without removing the pump. If the filter lent itself to unscrewing at least half a turn, you should try unscrewing it “back and forth” with careful movements. If the housing is blocked by limescale, it is destroyed, and then this method works. If some “little thing” gets in the way, its position in the body can change and the part can be unscrewed.

How to clean a washing machine filter

Technology and appliances instantly entered our lives and dramatically changed it, giving time for more important things than laundry and washing dishes. But all electrical equipment often loses its ability to work properly, mainly due to improper operation. This also applies to washing machines.

The basic rule of proper care and use of the washing machine is to clean the filter. And often hearing this, the question arises, how to clean the filter of the washing machine.

To begin with, you need to know that the washing machine has two filters. One is located at the bottom on the front side under the protective panel and is called the drain filter. The second is where the hose is connected to the machine and is called the inlet.

Why do washing machine filters clog?

Timely cleaning is essential for the longevity of your washing machine. Let’s break down the causes of clogged filters:

Too hard water, which has solid dissolved substances.

When washing clothes crumbles, their particles get into the filter.

Things can release threads and feathers, which are also trapped in the washing machine’s passageways.

Cleaning Gorenje pump filter

Improper connection and installation of the washing machine.

Buttons, small parts of clothes remain in the filters.

Clothing hair and fur of pets remain on the clothes, which quickly contaminate the machine.

The washing machine filter is clogged

Large amounts of debris in the washing machine’s filters cause serious problems, up to and including throwing the appliance out. When the washing machine filter is clogged, it is advisable to take immediate action. Clogging depends on regularity of washing, in case of frequent washing it is recommended to check filters once a month. If the family is not large and there are not many dirty clothes, it is enough to clean the washing machine once every three months.

In case of critical contamination of the filter, the washing machine will be strongly noisy, the water will slowly trickle into the machine and just as slowly out, as unpleasant smell and spinning mode will not work properly.

If you can not clean the filter yourself, there are specially trained people. This service is provided by our company.

Codes for Gorenje washing machines with control system PG1-PG5

Drain pump: check and replace the pump in the Gorenier machine

Drain pumps in a Gorenier washing machine do break far too often and wear out faster than other parts.

The machines of this brand are highly sensitive to water, which contains many different impurities. Moving parts are placed almost side by side, so water stone settling on them interferes with the operation. Parts wear out faster, eventually the pump fails and needs to be replaced.

Replacement or self-repair of the drain pump is as follows:

  • Disconnect the appliance from the power supply.
  • Take out the detergent drawer. Pour out of it the remaining water, put it back in place.
  • Put the washing machine in a comfortable position.
  • The pump is easier to reach from the bottom side, so it is better to put the machine on its side.
  • Gorenier brand SMs have covers on all sides, and the bottom is no exception. So you will have to unscrew a few screws to get access to the “guts” of the machine from the bottom.
  • Now you need to inspect the pump, checking that it is in good working order. You need a tester to measure the resistance. Disconnect the wiring and start measuring. If the screen of the tester will be about 160 ohms, the pump is fine. If there are no indicators, the pump is broken.
  • Remove the pump by unscrewing the fasteners.
  • Buy a new original part and install it in place of the old pump, connecting all wiring in place.
  • Attach the lid on the bottom side, restore the vertical position of the machine and run the idle wash in test mode.

For your information! If you decide to do the repair yourself, be careful when working with a tester, so as not to throw out a functioning pump. then the problem will remain unsolved.

If you are wondering how to clean the pump filter for a Gorenje washing machine, see

“Self-cleaning” mode

It is no secret that the washing machine needs constant care. Housewives should not forget to air the machine after each use, wipe dust and moisture from the body. To help users, the manufacturer “invented” a special mode. The self-cleaning program is run once a month, with an empty drum, but with detergent.

The manufacturer of Gorenje washing machines recommends to run the “self-cleaning” mode once a month.

To turn on the self-cleaning mode, you need:

Cleaning Gorenje WA60129 Filter

  • remove anything superfluous from the drum. no items should remain in the drum;
  • pour powder into the detergent cuvette (in the main wash compartment);
  • Turn the programmer to the “Cotton 95°C” position;
  • Press the “Self-cleaning” button and keep it pressed for 5 seconds;
  • Start the cycle by pressing the “Start” button.

After this the “domestic helper” will proceed to self-cleaning. The program lasts a little over an hour and a half. When the cycle is complete, pull out the detergent drawer as far as it will go and open the machine door to air it out. The dispenser must be dry on the inside.

Pump filters for washing machines Gorenje

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It is necessary to coordinate with the manager beforehand on the transfer of the position to the warehouse in Kiev. Goods held in reserve for 3 days after ordering. Terms of delivery by other courier services according to the shipping schedule of the store. Please note that the cost of the product is higher, because the goods are shipped from the wholesale warehouse located in Ukraine.

Delivery time is calculated on the basis of import practice and is in most cases maximal in the absence of problems at customs. In case of changes in delivery terms, you will be notified well in advance.

It is necessary to coordinate with the manager beforehand the transfer of the item to the warehouse in Kiev. Goods will be held in stock for 3 days after you place your order. Conditions of shipment by other courier services according to the shipment schedule of the store. Please note that the cost of goods is higher, because the goods are shipped from a wholesale warehouse located in Ukraine.

Delivery time is calculated on the basis of import practice and is in most cases maximal in the absence of problems at customs. You will be notified in advance if the delivery conditions change.

The filter for a Gorenje washing machine protects the pump from damages, which may appear as a result of all kinds of small objects getting into the drained water after washing. Clogging of this safety element is the key symptom that determines the reason why the unit stops draining.

Cleaning the drain and inlet filters of the washing machine

How to determine that your washing machine filters need cleaning? Very simple! If your machine can’t start a wash, you need to clean the inlet filter.

How to tell if your washing machine’s filters need cleaning? Very easy! If your machine can’t start the wash, you need to clean the inlet filter.

And if you “can not” finish it. it means that the outlet (drain) filter is clogged. There are, of course, other reasons why the washing machine does not want to wash as it should.

But problems with the filters. the most common and easily solvable cause of failure in the washing cycle. At least, the first thing you should do when the machine does not dial or (suddenly)!) does not drain. it is to clean the inlet or drain filter of the washing machine.



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