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How to clean the Dermma vacuum cleaner filter

Hepa filter cleaning. Is it possible to wash a detergent vacuum cleaner filter? one

Most often, the HEPA filter is installed on a vacuum cleaner, and it is its cleanliness that may bother you.

There are three main signals about filter pollution in which you can no longer do without cleansing.

If the vacuum cleaner has lost in power, it makes a lot of noisy and poorly sucks dust 2. If you feel a specific dusty smell 3. If the vacuum cleaner heats when using

If at least one point, you nodded “yes”, then feel free to look for instructions from your vacuum cleaner, get a filter and we will understand whether you can wash the filter from the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner or not.

Why is it important to find out the type of filter?

HEPA filters are designed to purify air at a thin level, which makes them effective, but, alas, vulnerable. Care for them depends on the variety of filters.

-reusable use. Most often made of fluoroplast or other synthetic materials, throughput up to 0.06 microns, a fairly high cost. The service life of such filters is several times higher, since they can be washed.

The manufacturer sometimes marks the device with the designation “W” Washing. a reusable filter that can be washed.

Packaging and appearance

Quite good packaging. However, taking into account the fact that it will be disposed of, the issue of its design is frankly secondary.

And the main block of the vacuum cleaner, and everything included in the kit is neatly packaged.

Brushes are better, there is nothing unusual here. Carpet brush rotates, you can configure the desired angle.

Here for this removable and firing handle, the nozzle is wound and 4.5m cord of a vacuum cleaner.

And what is really worth noting is the fact far from obvious from the specification and Комментарии и мнения владельцев. the main large brush is not intended for carpets, it simply absorbs them. Here you need to use a small nozzle. And if we are talking about cleaning a large carpet, then you can’t call it convenient.

It is also worth noting that the plastic here is relatively soft. You should not write it down to the minus. it will not affect the cleaning, but if you accidentally hit the tube, then the chance of it will crack less.

And here is the main block of the vacuum cleaner. Visually does not seem cheap. Plastic does not stink, the overall design is far from the basement. I did not find any visible defects in casting and assembly.

Do you know why this noodle is on the right? So that the vacuum cleaner does not slide down the wall if it is leaning against it for storage. Unexpectedly pleasant and thoughtful trifle.

You can use a long bar as usual.

You can insert the nozzle directly into the main block, which is convenient for cleaning in the car.

To launch the vacuum cleaner, the simplest switch is intended at its end

The garbage capacity is fixed with a latch

The manufacturer declares three degrees of cleaning.

At the output-input of the container is a removable foam filter

Inside the container itself are the other two filters. Fortunately, the external removable, and the internal is not from cardboard, but from some dense woven material, you can rinse.

Well, the container itself. This is just a transparent piece of plastic with 800 ml with a capacity, there is definitely nothing to add to this.

Vacuum cleaner in work

So, the good here turns out to turn out to be bad. If we talk about the latter, then the main large nozzle with a brush is designed for smooth surfaces and is not suitable for carpets. I didn’t count on this. The complete nozzle is quite small and not with it to be frozen to clean relatively small surface area like a rug at the entrance.

If you are the holder of their full.sized pelvisions, then this vacuum cleaner is not for you. And here it is appropriate to mention good. Xiaomi Deermma has excellent, excellent absorption. Dyson is working as the main vacuum cleaner, so the comparison here, you yourself understand, is not with some ordinary state employee. So, the wife, having tested Xiaomi Deermma, found what to criticize and what to praise. I mentioned the first. and here is the second. I repeat, from her words the vacuum cleaner simply sucks dust remarkably, from her words, here he proved himself no worse than Dyson.

There is some kind of appropriate illustration Well, this is what I can offer. Having pushed the nightstand, I found a real fur coat. Who could it be.

“This is not me,” says baby Pay May, “I am here recently!””

The senior comrade also means a look at how he is surprised and insulting suspicions of involvement.

As a result, only one suspect remains Yes, it’s time to clarify the name of the text.

The razor of Occam cut off all the arguments of the dog. Corgi is to blame for everything, and the redhead goes home.

Actually, further all this garbage cheerfully migrated to the container.

Meanwhile, it turned out that the vacuum cleaner has unsocumented functionality. expectedly, Pay May was bewitched by the box

How to clean the filter from a vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is one of the most necessary appliances of household appliances. Without it, as a rule, not a single cleaning of the house is complete. In order for the device to work flawlessly, you need to clean its filters in a timely manner. How to do this and whether it is possible to wash a vacuum cleaner filter directly depends on what type it belongs to. Consider the varieties of filtering elements and possible ways to clean them.

In a nutshell, the principle of operation of the vacuum cleaner can be described as follows: the traction created by the turbine motor, it draws the air, and with it dirt. All this passes through the filter system, dust remains inside the device case, and clean air goes outside. Typically, vacuum cleaners are implemented by the following cleaning steps:

Vacuumboards (first cleaning stage)

The largest obstacle to the mud is a vacuum cleaner. In different models of vacuum cleaners, it can be implemented as follows.

    Dust collection bag. Usually this option is on inexpensive, not the most powerful devices. It can be woven, it must be cleaned after cleaning, or disposable paper. Structurally vacuum cleaner is located between the input tube and the uprifilt of the motor.

Filters of thin cleaning

This stage of cleaning is two.stage. The first filter stands between the vacuum cleaner and the engine, and is designed to protect the engine itself. Usually it is made of dense, but porous material (similar to foam rubber) and holds rather large particles of dust.

So that only clean air leaves the vacuum cleaner, at the output there is a thin cleaning filter that can delay microparticles of dirt and dust. In inexpensive models, thin cleaning is carried out by pressed fibrous material. In more expensive-HEPA filters. In some vacuum cleaners there are coal filters that cut off not only dust microparticles, but also unpleasant odors.

Recommendations for cleaning filters of different types

Some housewives are trying to clean and re.use disposable filters. This is mistake. After washing, such a filter may look clean, but it loses working qualities.

Attention! Decrease in absorption power, as well as a “strained” sound when working can talk about a clogged hose or dirty filters.

Dust collection bag

Paper or thin of the “non.cup” dispablechers disposable. For cleaning a large house, such a bag is enough 2-3 times. If the apartment is small, there is little dust, then you can change such a vacuumber 1 time every few weeks.

A disposable bag of non.woven materials

Covered bags are dense with a plastic adapter and rubber seal, they can be cleaned and even carefully washed.

There is a bag of a sprayer either behind the front panel of the device, or behind a special hatch, usually there is a designation on it. In any case, the lid must be removed. Next, you need to disconnect the bag. He can simply be inserted into the holder and click, in which case it is enough just to gently put it out in the right direction and get it. It happens that the vacuumber is additionally fixed with a clothespin. It must be unfastened with a lever, then already get a container with garbage.

Cyclone filter container

The cyclone filter works like this: it twists the flow of dirty air in a spiral, and all large particles are “nailed” to the walls of the container. often it is a flask on a handle, sometimes a container in the case itself. Before you remove the vacuumboard, you need to turn off the device from power supply. Further, it is necessary to throw out the garbage from the container, usually it is almost not dusty, assembled in lumps. After washing the plastic container and dry.

There are no details in such a container requiring some complex care. This is a separate plastic element with simple geometry, so caring for such a filter does not cause difficulties.


This filter has maximum efficiency. It is a container inserted into the body of the device tightly, without a message with other parts and partially filled with water. Air with dust enters inside, particles settled in water. And clean air is taken out from above. Caring for this type of container is simple: dirty water must be poured into the toilet, if necessary, the capacity is rinse. After you can install the filter back and the vacuum cleaner is ready for work again.

Thin foam filter

Foam filters are used to finely clean the air in front of the motor and at the output of the entire system. It is easy to clean them: you can “knock out” a little from dust, clean with a soft brush (like a toothache), and it is better to wash. They are well lined, and the detergent also disinfects and deodorizes the filter.

Important! So that the filter does not break and retains its geometry after washing, they do not squeeze it out. It must dry himself, laid out on a flat surface. You also need to use the brush carefully so as not to break the filter and not break its structure.

The filter can be made independently: cut the part according to the sample of dense foam of suitable thickness.

Hepa filters

HEPA filters are effective and technological. They are disposable paper and polymer. The second can and should be periodically cleaned. They are a dense accordion of the main material embedded in the plastic frame. Clean them comfortably with a brush with a long pile of medium stiffness. The filter can still be washed and dried.

  • turn off the vacuum cleaner from electricity;
  • to open the hatch of access to the vacuumer;
  • Get a container first, then access to the filter will open, get it.

Often the second filter is located behind, behind a special grill. It is extracted in one movement.

Attention! Before taking out any element, you must make sure that it is not closed to locks, latches, etc.P. If the filter is fixed, first you need to unlock it by pressing the button or lever of the latch and only then get out.

Coal filter

This filter is installed in expensive models of vacuum cleaners, it itself is also expensive, so it is rare. Its specificity is that it delays not only dust particles, but also smells, deodorizing the room (and the second one makes it even in an inactive state).

The filter is a plastic case filled with a coal sorbent. Such filters are unsuitable for reuse. You can extend his life by shaking out the outer dust with a brush.

How to clean a cyclone filter

The filter capacity of compressed dust is cleansed after each cleaning of the apartment with a vacuum cleaner.

  • We open the mud compartment above the garbage bag and dump the dusty press.
  • Next, check if there are additional covers in the container.

After eliminating the main dust from the accumulative container of the cyclone filter, wipe it with a slightly damp cloth to eliminate the layer of dust settled on the walls.

Cleaning the waterfilter

A water filter in a vacuum cleaner is a bucket filled with water and washing.

After cleaning the apartment, the liquid must merge into the toilet, otherwise the technique will deteriorate, and a fungus will appear in the compartment.

Cleaning this filter involves cleaning the walls of the container from the mud reserves that remain in abundance after draining the liquid. After washing the bucket. it is advisable to dry it and only then insert it into the vacuum cleaner connector.

Cleaning the filter of the vacuum cleaner bag

Various cumulative bags for gathering dirt may occur in vacuum cleaners:

The standard filtration procedure in vacuum cleaners takes place in three stages

What are filters for a vacuum cleaner. views and features

  • Bag. It is made of synthetics or paper. There are reusable and disposable options. The main task is to maintain dust inside.
  • Aqua filters. They are placed above the water. Dust, penetrating into the cylinder, is wetted with water and settles at the bottom.
  • Rough cleaning. It occurs in the compartment under the large garbage. Quickly clogs and requires regular replacement.
  • Thin cleaning. There are microfilters, electrostatic and non-filters. Effectively eliminate even small particles, differ in high efficiency, do not allow dust to be thrown out of the vacuum cleaner backward. High.quality air filters for the vacuum cleaner remove from the air not only dust, but also allergens. flower pollen, scorching, spores of plants.
  • Cyclone. equipped with a container for dust and dirt, which must be devastated after each tidy.

Cleaning the brush, hose and body

The quality of the vacuum cleaner largely depends on the purity of any component. Therefore, at the final stage of cleaning, it is necessary to tidy up the surface of the body and removable parts. This is done in the following sequence:

  • In the absence of buttons under a stream of warm water, the inside of the hose and plastic tube is set. The metal part is only slightly wiped. If a large item got inside the product, it is neatly removed with a knitting room or hard wire.
  • Clean the brush-drill. At first it is robbed with fingers, and then cleaned under water with an old toothbrush. If animal hair or long fibers are confused in bristles, they are carefully cut by manicure scissors.
  • The cavities for placing the vacuum cleaner are wiped with a slightly damp cloth, and then a dry soft cloth. Particular attention should be paid to the corners of the camera for the bag. The dust layer will not allow the filter to snuggle tightly against the walls of the case, the hose will shift, and this is fraught with clogging of the motor.
  • With a powerful air flow, the motor is cleaned. To do this, the vacuum cleaner is turned on for several minutes, having previously protected the surrounding surfaces from dust with plastic film.
  • Pure dried parts are installed in places. In the end, wipe the outer surface of the body of the device.

How to clean the filter of a robot permissor

Cleaning the dry capacity of the vacuumber takes one minute. As a rule, the compartment with garbage is located under the central lid or extended to the side.A plastic container for dust and other garbage is equipped with a HEPA filter tab, in models with increased filtration in front of a hepe element of thin cleaning, there are additional layers of foam rubber and a gross prefilter.

  • The garbage settled to the bottom of the main container is ease with ease in the garbage bucket, you need to empty the compartment as it is filled, but it is better not to accumulate dirt in it in the volume of more than half as the absorption power and productivity will fall. The frequency of devastation varies from the corresponding day of the vacuum cleaner, up to a week. the cleaned area of ​​the apartment, the presence of pets and the length of the hair of the owners (if you have a braid for the grass to the waist. clean the compartment for each cleaning).

Hepa filter can be cleaned in several ways:

  • Taping the edges on the edge of the garbage bucket shaking large particles of dust.
  • The reverse air traction allows you to blow out the predominant amount of dust and extends the service life of the element of air purification. If a classic vacuum cleaner remains at home, you can suck dust from this filter with its help.
  • If the HEPA filter washing (not everyone has this property) can be washed with running water, without exposing, soaking and other physical impact. Until the moisture completely dries out, you can’t put the filter back in the robot vacuum cleaner.

In general, you should not wait for a long.term service from the hep, their operation during daily cleaning is about two months.

When working a robot, once every two days the filter is changed every four/five months.

Additional cleansing filters in some robots-percleshots.

  • The foam layer can be washed under water and replaced as the properties worsen.
  • The preliminary filter of coarse cleaning is also easily shaken from dust and generally looks like cleaning HEPA on its brother. It also needs to be replaced with time with a new, approximate time can be found in the instructions for the robot-permutal.

When cleansing the filters and the garbage collection container, do not forget to check the suction channel and clean it from stuck particles.

Life hacks with a filter for a robot permissor

For all the simplicity of replacing and cleaning the filters, the problem was quite common when there are no spare air filtration elements for the robot permissible vehicle or they increased very much in price after the currency rate.

Users came up with several life hacks for home modernization of old filters.

  • To increase the duration of the HEPA filter for the robot vacuum cleaner and not to clean it with an additional filter layer is invested in front of it.

Materials are popular: a miracle/super rag (sold in all departments with chemistry for a home or car), a medical bandage (with the exception of the inner layer).

The use is very simple: we take out the filter from the vacuum cleaner; Close the inner part with a new layer so that the edges stick out and insert it back into the compartment of the vacuumor; scissors cut out excesses exactly along the edge.

You can use, replacement as it is contaminated (a miracle rag can be washed and accordingly used several times, but only after completely drying).

clean, vacuum, cleaner, filter

It is important to understand that such modernization is not provided for by the manufacturer.

In some models, in this regard, the absorption may fall a little. Also, modernized devices should not be put on work in your absence and still look after a home assistant.

What mechanism does the HEPA filter operate on

HEPA stands for High Efficency Particulate Arrestans. highly effective retention of solid particles. Such filters are widely used in climatic and cleaning equipment: air conditioners, cleaners, vacuum cleaners. The article will talk about the latter.

The HEPA filter is designed to capture the smallest garbage from 0.01 μm to 10 μm. The filter fiber is distributed unevenly to capture both large and small particles. The larger the area, the longer and more efficiently the filter serves. To make the device more compact, it is often folded by accordion.

What mechanisms are responsible for capturing such finely dispersed mud?

  • The principle of retention. Particles from 5 μm are stuck in fibers, because their diameter is greater than the pores of the filter. The Sita effect is triggered for them.
  • The principle of diffusion. The particle of the smaller fraction (up to 0.1 μm) moves randomly and due to this is separated from the general air flow, sticking to the filter.
  • The principle of inertia. Particles from 0.3 μm are too large for the Brownian movement, but they are besieged on the filter by inertia.
  • The principle of engagement. With particles of intermediate dimensions, the effect of autogezia is triggered. That is, new specks of dust sticks easier to the old layers of dust. In this regard, over time, the Hepa filter becomes only more effective.

Varieties of HEPA filters

First of all. the material differs in them. Disposable filters are made from several layers of paper or fiberglass. You can’t wash them, because after wet cleaning they lose their filter properties. so only change. Reusable are made of fluoroplast: they can be wiped and washed under water.

Hepa filters are also divided into classes depending on the effectiveness of cleaning.

Class The percentage of particle detention
Hepa 10 85%
Hepa 11 95%
Hepa 12 99.5%
Hepa 13 99.95%
Hepa 14 99.995%

The standard filtration procedure in vacuum cleaners takes place in three stages

What are filters for a vacuum cleaner. views and features

  • Bag. It is made of synthetics or paper. There are reusable and disposable options. The main task is to maintain dust inside.
  • Aqua filters. They are placed above the water. Dust, penetrating into the cylinder, is wetted with water and settles at the bottom.
  • Rough cleaning. It occurs in the compartment under the large garbage. Quickly clogs and requires regular replacement.
  • Thin cleaning. There are microfilters, electrostatic and non-filters. Effectively eliminate even small particles, differ in high efficiency, do not allow dust to be thrown out of the vacuum cleaner backward. High.quality air filters for the vacuum cleaner remove from the air not only dust, but also allergens. flower pollen, scorching, spores of plants.
  • Cyclone. equipped with a container for dust and dirt, which must be devastated after each tidy.

How to clean a cyclone vacuum cleaner filter

The cyclone method of filtering has been used on an industrial scale for more than a hundred years, and only recently they decided to introduce it in everyday life.

The principle of operation is as follows: the air with garbage and dust with high speeds circles in a spiral. Under the influence of centrifugal force, all the excess is nailed to the walls of the intermediate collection, and the dirt penetrates the device vacuumber.

  • The power of the vacuum cleaner is at least 1800 watts,
  • suction power. from 250 watts,
  • the presence of additional nozzles for cleaning furniture, for example, turbonse.

Vacuum cleaners with this type of filter are produced today by many manufacturers. The price scatter is quite impressive, so you can choose both an inexpensive and effective model, and a real powerful unit.

To clean such a vacuum cleaner, you need:

  • Disconnect the device from the network.
  • Open the device, remove the plastic container for collecting garbage, shake the contents into a bag or garbage bucket, wash the container.
  • Take out and rinse the microfilter Neo.
  • Rinse filter plates and sponges.
  • Install both.

This filtering method is convenient in that there are no bags for collecting dust, and dirt is easily shaken after each cleaning.

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