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How to clean the cast -iron battery without taking off

Rinse the heating battery. Tips for all types of radiators

The joints of the old battery are quite strong. In many cases, they “grow together” so that one force is not enough. Therefore, before disassemble the battery, it should be put on boards and prepared properly.

The simplest preparation provides for warming up the joint. To do this, use a building hair dryer or a soldering lamp. The latter is capable of burning old paint. However, this is not scary.

serious preparation provides for the heating of the metal to such an extent that it begins to glow. After that they try to unscrew the nipple. This can be done both when the alloy becomes very hot, and when it cooled noticeably. The second option is even better, because during cooling the gasket is covered with cracks and the strength of the connection becomes weak. Often it is shown in the video.

To make out the battery made of cast iron, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Unscrew traffic jams (plugs).
  • Apply a radiator key to the top so that the flattened end falls on the nipple. On the key in the place where the battery ends, make a mark using chalk or isolet.
  • Insert the key into the lower hole.
  • Twisting them along the axis to the right and left, insert it into the product to the drawn mark.
  • Determine which way the nipple is twisted. To do this, make it with the right and left side. If it turns out to be caused by the right side, then you need to unscrew it counterclockwise.
  • If you managed to move the nipple, then do one revolution. Further, a similar procedure is done with a nipple on the other end of the section.
  • Both nipples are unscrewed in turn. Otherwise, the section will crack.
  • Similarly, all sections must be unscrewed.
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If the heating battery could not be disassembled in this way, you will have to cut the section that proceeds. At the same time, they saw it in the center of the nipple. The work is performed by picking up an angular grinder or knife.haired.

Another option is to break the bad section with a sledgehammer. You need to break the middle part of the section. Nipple, which remained unharmed, is unscrewed using the plumbing key. It can also be knocked out with a hammer and chisel. After you need to clean the thread in entire sections.

How to rinse cast.iron heating batteries?

This question arises when choosing a suitable drug. I would like it to eliminate the plaque and at the same time not damage the material itself, otherwise it will have to be installed new batteries. Household drugs are presented on sale, which contains acids and alkalis. They are designed for quick and efficient cleaning of sewer pipes, you only need to pour the composition into the radiator, close all the plums and leave for a while. Then the waste liquid is washed off in the sewer.

Before the washing process, you need to dismantle pipes, the only way you can eliminate the entire scale. The procedure must be carried out before the heating season, and not during it.

Why wash heating radiators

Batteries must be cleaned if they are polluted from the inside to eliminate heat loss. The formed cork or thick raid of rust on the inner surfaces of the radiator reduce heat transfer, which is why the room warms up worse. Over time, corrosion, if you do not get rid of it, will spread throughout the system.

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If you put off washing, radiators can completely clog, and then their complete replacement will be required.

Independent cleaning of the radiator

How to rinse cast.iron batteries from rust is an equally important question than “how to do it”. This process can conditionally be divided into two methods: a chemical effect on pollution and mechanical.

As a means of cleaning from scale, garbage and rust, household chemistry is most often used:

  • Cleaning products for pipes, for example, “mole”.
  • Chemistry containing caustic soda.
  • Lemon or acetic acid.
  • Flushing funds for car radiators.
  • At first, hot water is poured without any additional funds. It should be so much in the radiator that when it shakes it, it hit the walls and beat off the upper layer of dirt and scale from them. After these manipulations, drain the water and proceed to the next stage.
  • At this level, you can apply special means. If it is 70 % vinegar essence, then it will need one bottle of the battery, and add special cleaners according to the instructions. After the solution is poured, the battery is closed with plugs and is left for an hour or two in order to dissolve the layers on the walls of the radiator. After the expiration of time, the clergy merges and the next part of the work begins.

During this procedure, according to the radiator, you can slightly tap with a wooden hammer from time to time to accelerate the process of detachment of dirt and rust from the walls of the cast.iron battery.

  • The third stage is the final flushing of the radiator. It’s good if the apartment has a strong pressure of water, in which case the work will take less time, especially if you pour water directly from the hose without nozzles. It is necessary to pass water through the battery until at the exit it becomes clean. After that, the process can be considered completed.

It is not enough to know how to clean cast.iron batteries. If the third stage is carried out poorly and in haste, it may turn out that part of the chemical solution will remain inside, which will cause the formation of a new layer of rust. Washing should go until the water passing through the heater is completely cleaned.

What are the methods of flushing the heating radiator

Most of the old buildings are still equipped with cast.iron heating radiators, which require periodic cleaning and washing. If you use central heating services, it is advisable to do this together with your neighbors. A little easier for those who live in private houses or apartments equipped with autonomous heating systems. In this case, you do not depend on the whims of communal workers, and you will not have to beg your neighbors. Just your desire is enough. What methods of flushing heating radiators exist:

  • Centralized flushing of risers, which is used in the conditions of apartment buildings. Such measures are very effective, since in this case the progressive methodology of hydropneumatic flushing is used. It consists in the fact that a mixture consisting of compressed air and water is supplied to the riser of the heating system under high pressure. In this case, the mixture is served with special compressors with a certain frequency. As a result of incoming impulses, air bubbles form in water, which contribute to leaving raids on the inside of the radiator. This method is very effective, but this requires certain investments.
  • Individual cleaning of heating radiators, which can be done in various ways. Such cleaning is associated with the full dismantling of heating devices, which sometimes causes some difficulties. In addition, this is often a long and painstaking process, but the financial costs are minimal.

Given the fact that most of the apartments and especially private houses in our time are equipped with autonomous heating systems, on the individual flushing of radiators it is worth stopping special attention. There are several ways to rinse the radiators yourself

This applies to a greater extent cast.iron heating radiators, however, you can clean the cast.iron and even aluminum heating radiators in the same way. Consider the most popular way available to everyone who knows how to hold a gas key in their hands.

When flushing is carried out

Immediately note that individual heating systems of apartments and country houses very rarely need washing. Usually the deterioration of heating is associated with other causes, for example, fostering. Let us explain:

  • You filled the network with fresh water or antifreeze, kicked out air, launched the boiler.
  • 2-3 weeks the coolant is “worked out”. salts precipitate falls in the heat exchanger, solid particles are captured by a mesh filter. During this period, the mud must be cleared often.
  • Since the number of impurities in network water is limited, the precipitation drops out soon. Heat exchangers, pipes and batteries simply have nothing to clog.

That is, a closed system can safely work without any cleaning. If it is constantly fed from the network of water supply, the amount of salt sediment will increase endlessly. Over the years, the pipelines will “overfect” half, silt will settle in radiators.

Removing Rust with Electrolysis. WOOD magazine

Funning options for cast.iron batteries depending on the connection method

A similar effect occurs due to the penetration of oxygen into the coolant. Air bubbles cause corrosion of metal pipes and fittings from the inside, particles of iron oxide (rust) are formed, they are constantly found in Gryazer. The reason may be poor.quality plastic pipes without a protective oxygen barrier.

Reference. The “operating” coolant often acquires a dark or even black color, this is quite normal. Brown color of water indicates a large amount of rust.

So, in what cases is heating flushing:

  • Ceased to warm the heating devices. one or more. Battery sections warm up unevenly, the bottom remains cold. At the same time, you eliminated all possible malfunctions, but you did not get the result.
  • For various reasons, you constantly replenish the system with fresh coolant. For example, for the operation of electrode boilers, water with a certain amount of salts that decompose during the chemical reaction is needed. You have to suck the coolant or pour a new.
  • Oxygen penetrates network water, the filter is often clogged (almost daily), radiators do not warm well, the boiler works on maximum mode.

The conclusion is simple: flushing is done on the fact of non.taxes of the water heating system, no frequency needs to be observed. A different approach to centralized heat supply of apartment buildings, there the radiator network is washed annually, after which a crimping is performed (according to the requirements of SNiP).

Hydropneumatic cleaning of batteries

The heating circuit is blown by a powerful compressor. Growths and deposits under the influence of high pressure are broken from the walls of the battery and washed through the hose lowered into the sewer.

Best Cast Iron Rust Removal Method Using Electrolysis. GardenFork

Flushing the heating radiator without removal is a convenient and effective way to clean the coolant. Flushing takes only a few minutes. Impulse blows are carried out in several stages with short gaps, destroying deposits and withdrawing them out.

Briefly about the main thing

To maintain the efficiency of heating quality, a number of rules are required:

  • Abandon the use of unprepared fluid in the role of the coolant. In the simplest version, the preparation is boiling. So the amount of salts is significantly reduced. But more effective purchase of specially created inhibitors, which reduce the activity of corrosion processes. When choosing them, you need to make sure in accordance with the composition and the material of the surfaces used.
  • Know when flushing of heating systems is carried out, and clearly observe the main stages.
  • On heating highways, coarse cleaning filters are required. They are mounted in such a way that the pipe looks down. This will simplify its purification, since all the dirt merges simultaneously with water.
  • During the choice of the contractor, pay attention to the firms that provide a guarantee for events.

Cleaning the heating system by professional employees of the company is carried out within one day. Therefore, no need to neglect this service. The result will be a constant comfortable temperature in all rooms, as well as significant savings on heating.

The results of how to wash to maintain the functionality of the system

Repair of cast.iron radiators is possible on its own, but only with minor defects. If you do not have the necessary tools or not enough experience. contact professional plumbing.

In addition to state ones, there are many private companies with the service of an urgent round.the.clock call of the master.

All home measures to eliminate leaks and repair are temporary.

Therefore, after completing the heating season, invite specialists to replace damaged sections or the entire radiator. The faster it will be done, the safer the housing will.

In apartments and in private houses, heating systems lose their effectiveness over the years, which leads to a decrease in the quality of heating of housing. Among all the most common causes of this phenomenon, experts identify the problem of radiator pollution. There is a fairly simple explanation for this: the coolant during circulation along the heating circuit contributes to the destruction of the inner surface of the heating devices.

In addition, water includes some impurities that can settle inside heat exchangers. Hence the pollution, blockage and, accordingly, the reduction of the useful volume of radiators, which leads to a decrease in the efficiency of their work. And the only correct solution option (with the exception of the replacement of heat exchangers by new ones) is the flushing of the heating batteries.



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