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How to clean the air conditioner in the apartment

How to disassemble and clean an air conditioner

Cleaning and disinfection of air conditioning. How to clean the air conditioner from dirt and viruses

Caring for the air conditioning system is primarily necessary to ensure a healthy climate in the room, as well as for considerations of a technical nature. Regular cleaning and disinfection of the air conditioner contributes to the efficient operation of filters, improving the microclimate in the room, protection against viruses. In addition, air conditioning disinfection provides protection against coronavirus spread.

To understand why and what elements of the air conditioner are polluted, consider the processes occurring in the internal and outer block of the air conditioner.

Types of cleaners

Funds for cleaning air conditioners can be of different types. The final result depends on this. First of all, pay attention to the composition:

  • Sprays and solutions with surface-active substances are designed for visible and large pollution, for example, fat, dust;
  • Chlorine-spire, as well as acid and alkaline agents, serve for disinfection, they destroy harmful microorganisms.

To carry out deep cleaning and disinfection of the device, liquids with an alkaline composition are best suited. They will be especially useful if the air conditioner idle for a long time without use, and many pathogens could develop in it.

Chemistry for air conditioners can be of different concentrations. The choice depends on the purpose for which the tool is purchased:

  • If you use the liquid regularly for standard cleaning, then take with an average concentration;
  • If you need capital cleaning of the equipment, you will need a remedy with a high concentration.

Foam aerosol cleaners clean the surface well. Thick foam settles on the details of the device, breaks down fat, softens all the dirt, as a result, it is easy to remove it. After using such a tool, an antibacterial film appears, which can be held on parts of the device for 3 months.

TOP-5 best products for cleaning split systems

In stores you can find a large selection of cleaning and disinfectants for air conditioners. Consider the most effective.

Suprotek. Liquid with a spray for processing the internal unit of split systems of home type. In addition to cleaning and disinfecting elements, the seproteis, an executive of eucalyptus essential oils is added, which allows not only to clean the device, but also to fill the air in the room with a pleasant aroma for several days. The spray perfectly removes old pollution and leaves the antibacterial film after cleaning.

Sonax Clima Clean Antibakteriell. A foamed agent for automobile and household air conditioners with a unique composition that allows you to quickly and effectively get rid of pollution and at the same time qualitatively disinfect the internal details of the device.

The foam through the spray is applied to the internal parts of the device (evaporator) and in the drainage system. After 30-40 minutes, the air conditioner is turned on and dried, and all particles of dirt are removed through the drainage system. Produced in cylinders with a volume of 100 ml.

Domo. Ukrainian foamy cleaner is designed to process household and automobile units. Cleanses of dirt, fat and dust, eliminates unpleasant odors that appear due to the spread of the fungus and mold, provides reliable surface disinfection within 2-3 months.

The use of fragrances in the cleaner allows you to enjoy a pleasant aroma for 7-10 days after use. Produced in the form of a spray can, up to 320 ml.

Indesit for air conditioners. The manufacturer of household chemicals from Italy is confident in the ability of this tool to effectively eliminate unpleasant odors from the air conditioner and qualitatively cleanse the heat exchanger from old foci of dirt.

How to Clean A Window Air Conditioner (AC unit)The Easy Way Without Removing From Wall The Right Way

In addition, the product perfectly disinfects the internal surfaces of the device. Produced in the form of a spray. The volume of one bottle (150 ml) is designed for one cleaning. This type of cleaner can be used for home and car air conditioners.

Korting K19. Aerosol for removing dirt from the surfaces of the domestic block of the Danish company Korting can also be used to clean the filter elements (except for products made from cellulose). It not only helps to remove dirt and fat, but also has antibacterial properties. Produced in the form of an aerosol spray, up to 250 ml.

Cleaning the external unit

The external unit needs to be cleaned much less often than internal, but it is more difficult to clean it. There will be no problems if you:

  • live on the ground floor;
  • live in a private house;
  • It is possible to safely work with a ladder;
  • The external block of the air conditioner is displayed on the balcony.

Residents of apartments on high floors were not lucky. it is impossible to do work on top on their own, they will have to call specialists.

Cleaning the external unit is carried out as follows:

  • turn off the air conditioner from power;
  • remove the outer panel of the block, after which it will be possible to approximately evaluate the front of the work;
  • large garbage, like leaves, flowers, branches, etc.D. It is better to work in gloves;
  • garbage from more inaccessible places of the case is removed with brushes or vacuum cleaner;
  • Fan blades may need additional cleaning with a damp sponge. Act carefully. If you need to use a large amount of water (watering from the hose), close the electric unit;
  • The surface of the capacitor is easily cleaned with a damp sponge;
  • The outer panel can also be thoroughly washed and dried before installation.

How to clean the external air conditioner block?

How to clean the external air conditioner block?

You can wash the external air conditioner block yourself if:

  • Apartment on the ground floor.
  • The system hangs in its own house.
  • You can reach the air conditioner, standing on a stepladder.
  • Blok stands on the balcony.

In other cases, including when you live high, be sure to call for the help of specialists.

And you can clean the external block as follows:

  • Disconnect the system from the network.
  • Remove the block panel to evaluate the scale of the tragedy.
  • Remove the obvious garbage immediately. branches, leaves and so on.
  • With the help of a vacuum cleaner or brushes, go through inaccessible places.
  • Wipe the fan blades with a damp cloth, but do it carefully. If you need to pour water, it is better to close the electric block.
  • Wash the surface of the block with a wet sponge, including the outer panel.
  • Wait for the air conditioner to dry, close the panel.

Washing filters

Remove the filters from the holders of the casing, sprinkle them carefully with a soft brush of the vacuum cleaner on both sides, and then rinse with water and soapy solution. Put the filters to drain and dry in the sink.

Do not fiercely rub the net: you can damage it. There is no fat or other hard.to.triumphant deposits on it, so everything should turn out without any effort.

Do not dry the filters in an accelerated way: on the battery, heated towel rail or just a hairdryer. The grid can be crumpled.

Cleaning and disinfection of air conditioning evaporator

To access the evaporator, you need to open the front cover, remove the filters, then unscrew and remove the front panel of the inner block. There will be a completely open evaporator in front of you. It is a few tubes with a refrigerant, on which a large number of aluminum ribs are planted. Just between them and dust and dirt accumulate.

Internal block of air conditioning without a front panel

Dust and dirt on the evaporator of the air conditioner

When cleaning the evaporator, it is important not to bend the ribs. they are very thin and are easily bended!

To clean the air conditioning evaporator, it is necessary to process it through the sprayer with RTU EC (about 200 ml per block) and leave for 5-10 minutes.

For disinfection of the evaporator, it should also be processed through the sprayer with EasyClean and also wait 5-10 minutes. This tool contains components guaranteed to destroy viruses and microbes.

clean, conditioner, apartment

Concluding the cleaning process, it is necessary, using a sprayer, wash all the previously applied cleaning agents with ordinary water at the rate of 1 liter of water per 1 block, and allow the heat exchanger to dry.

Clean shiny heat exchanger after cleaning

After some time, the DRainClean reaction and dissolves the pollutants. The process is accompanied by hissing and light smoke. The more dirt in the drainage system, the more intense hiss and smoke.

After 5-10 minutes, you can start assembling the internal unit of the air conditioner.

Instructions for cleaning the external unit

It is most difficult to independently clean the external block of equipment. Typically, the outer unit is mounted in a window opening or on the wall of the building outside, so it is almost impossible to get to it without special equipment, although the maintenance of this unit must be carried out at least 2 times a year.

The design of the external unit

It is recommended to clean the external unit annually, since it is clogged with pollen, fluff of plants, leaves and insects, but working with it is difficult due to installation features-most often the external unit is located on the outer wall and without special equipment does not reach it.

Prior to the start of cleaning the external contour, you should understand its device. It consists of the following elements:

clean, conditioner, apartment
  • The fan is designed to maintain the optimal operating temperature of the heat exchanger;
  • The capacitor installed near the fan is made in the form of several pipe made of copper filled with freon;
  • The compressor stimulates the pumping of the freon from the condenser inside the air conditioner. Produced in the form of a piston or spiral type;
  • The control board is rarely installed outside. usually it is on the external unit;
  • The four.way valve can only be put on reversible equipment, when the air conditioner not only cools the air in the room, but is also able to warm it;
  • Steper compounds are necessary for fixing the tubes by which the movement of freon is carried out inside the entire system;
  • The filter protects the compressor from dust and small solid particles;
  • The protective cover separates the internal elements from external exposure.

The order of cleaning

You can clean the external block on your own only when it is possible to safely get to its elements, for example, in a private house from a ladder or if the equipment is installed on loggias or balcony. It is impossible to work at a height without special tolerance and equipment.

  • As in the case of the internal unit, first the equipment is turned off from the network;
  • the front panel is removed;
  • Large particles of dirt and garbage can be removed simply with your hands (you should first put on gloves);
  • Then, with the help of a vacuum cleaner, they penetrate the far corners and remove dust deposits;
  • The fan is also processed using a vacuum cleaner, but with strong contamination, you can use a wet cloth, while you need to ensure that water drops do not get to unprotected contacts of equipment. If a foamy cleaner is used, it is recommended to close the contact group before the work;
  • dust and dirt from the capacitor are removed with a damp cloth;
  • Having completed all the procedures, you need to clean the front panel;
  • Before installing the panel, you need to make sure that all processed nodes and assemblies have dried up;
  • cleaning electrical elements should be entrusted to professionals.

You can connect equipment to the network only after all the parts are completely dry.

Recommendations for quick oil analysis

First, a small amount of oil is taken from the device. Then look at external signs and compared with another composition, which is precisely clean. Next, check the presence of acid. To obtain results, these requirements are fulfilled:

  • Disconnect the air conditioner. Waiting for up to ten minutes, while the oil flows down on the inner surfaces.
  • Ball valve “for one fourth” is connected to the service exit.
  • A rubber tube is put on the tap, the second end is lowered into a special container.
  • A small volume of oil is drained, let it stand.
  • The collected composition is poured into clean water, which the systems are also cleaned.

The smell and shade are the main criteria for comparison with oil, which is known for sure that it is pure.

The compressor accurately overheated, if the liquid of a dark shade, with an unpleasant odor. Replacement is required, since the composition is no longer in working condition. If the issue will not solve in time, the device will break. The greenish tint will tell you that there are “copper salts”. This is usually due to the liquid inside the device. An acid test is required for accurate diagnosis.

The liquid is returned back with positive results. The main thing is to close all the parts of the structures that open tightly. The first time the air conditioner is launched and entered into the cooling mode.



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