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How to clean the air conditioner at home by chlorhexidine

DIY air conditioning cleaning: regularity, methods, means

Air conditioners have long been widely used by Russians to create a favorable climate in residential and office premises. During operation, they are polluted and need to be cleaned. You can make it by contacting professionals or yourself.

Dust and dirt can cause a breakdown of the device. In the instructions for the air conditioner of any kind, you can find a item about their mandatory periodic maintenance. Timely cleaning of the device prevents the appearance of an unpleasant odor and noise during operation. Maintaining the cleanliness of the air conditioner allows you to significantly extend its service life.

The device cleaned of dust and dirt does not spread bacteria and viruses that accumulate inside it. They can cause allergic reactions, cause a disease of the respiratory system and asthma. Energy consumption grows in contaminated air conditioning, which can seriously affect the family budget.

Independent cleaning of the air conditioner requires knowledge of the device of its design.

Signs of strong pollution

Spots and plaque visible through the door to maintain the device. It also smells of methane from the air conditioner, there is mucus in the drainage system. The presence of infections is confirmed by a laboratory test of samples.

With air, suspended bacteria, mold, pollen, smoke, and other impurities fall into the air conditioning. In a warm humid environment, they multiply and blow out of the device into a room or transport salon.

  • chronic fatigue;
  • allergies;
  • conjunctivitis;
  • aspergilles;
  • mycoses of internal organs;
  • atypical pneumonia;
  • Other pathologies.

How to do it

The following will be told how to clean the internal block of the air conditioner on your own.

To start cleaning, you need to prepare tools for work and the necessary materials:

It is recommended for work to stock up on a respirator and gloves.

Before cleaning the air conditioning yourself at home, you need to turn off the electrical appliance from the network. The floor is covered with old newspapers or polyethylene film in order not to pollute the floor while working.

The cleaning procedure includes several stages that will be considered in turn. In this case, you need to understand how to disassemble the air conditioner.


In order to clean the filters, it is necessary to remove the lid. To do this, it must be placed and pulled to yourself and up, bringing it to the stop. After that, you can see filters. These are slightly curved cellular plates. For cleaning, they need to be removed from the air conditioner, pulling on to yourself, then down. When examining, you can see how much they are contaminated.

To clean them, it is usually enough to rinse them with warm water. If you can’t remove the dirt, win them in water for half an hour, adding a little liquid soap.

After removing the dirt, it is necessary to rinse the filters with clean running water and wait until they completely dry out. After that, you need to gently wipe them with a piece of soft fabric. It is strictly impossible to dry through the use of warm air obtained using a hairdryer.

In this case, due to additional heat, a loss filter can occur.

Before putting this part in place, it is necessary to vacuum the insides of the device.

This cleaning can be performed under the condition that we are talking about mesh filters. This is impossible to do this for a variety, because in this case the contaminated is simply thrown away, and new ones are put in their place.

It is believed that these details can be washed no more than six times. This is due to the fact that they can gradually lose the ability to pass air in this way.


It is a design that is collected from several small plates. It is used to change the air temperature that passes through it. Inner platinums are located at a slight distance from each other. As they work between them, a large amount of dust accumulates. To clean them, you need to know how to disassemble the internal block of the air conditioner.

If it is not very much, it is possible to clean with the use of a brush that has a long pile. You can also use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning. After the procedure is finished, it is necessary to thoroughly wipe the surface with a soft rag from dust.

Sometimes it happens that the dirt mixed with condensate and created a dirty film. In this case, it is not possible to independently carry out the cleaning procedure. Since you need to use special equipment. cleaners. In this situation, it will be better for clearing to professionals.

To open access to the radiator, you need to open the lower lid of the split system. Then it is removed and cleaned. After its end, the part is put in place.

Rotary fan

This part is a circular shaft with shoulder blades, which, rotating, pushes the processed air into the room. Over time, dirt accumulates in it, which can lead to breakdown.

When planning how to clean the air conditioner, you need to start with the preparation of a soap solution. To do this, small pieces are thoroughly mixed with water. Then with this composition you need to spray the rotor fan blades. You need to wait a bit until the dirt plows. Then the fan needs to be turned on at low speeds.

It should be borne in mind that drops of soapy fluid during rotation will fly apart. After the fan works for several minutes, it is turned off and cleaned manually with a piece of soft tissue, toothbrush and prepared soap solution.

In order to protect yourself from spray when cleaning the internal unit of the air conditioner before starting work, it is recommended to cover the wall with a protective film, the floor with old newspapers. In the process of cleaning, you must be very careful in order not to damage the blades. If this happens, you need to replace the fan.

Drainage system

In the process, the channels of the drainage system will be contaminated.

If the air conditioner is cleaned, then the condensate will begin to drain inside the room. In this case, mold and fungus, which are formed in a humid environment, will begin to enter the pallet, and then on the radiator. From there, along with the air, they will fall into the room.

Drainage can only be cleaned partially. In this case, there is no way to clean the system independently in full. In this case, the detergent and brush are used. It is also recommended to rinse the drainage tray.

Full cleaning of the drainage system can be performed only by professional means. For this, steam processing is used. It can also be done by spraying a special cleaning substance.

There are split systems in which an automatic cleaning system is provided. To do this, the system sometimes switches to idle and dries drainage channels. In this case, you do not need to think about how to clean the split system at home yourself.

External block

This part of the air conditioner is located outside the room, from the outside of the wall. Access to it is difficult, but this does not cancel the fact that this block is regularly polluted and needs to be cleaned.

It is usually located outside the ground above the ground. The situation is facilitated by the fact that in this case there is no need to often clean. It is enough to do this no more than one or twice a year.

Step.by.step instructions for cleaning the external unit is as follows:

  • The device must be disconnected from power supply.
  • In order to start work, first of all it is necessary to remove the top cover.
  • If there is such an opportunity, the garbage must be removed manually.
  • It is advisable to use a powerful vacuum cleaner for cleaning.
  • When carrying out work, you can not touch electrical boards. If they break, only service specialists will be able to fix them.
  • It is necessary to additionally clean with a brush that has a long pile.

Cleaning the external unit

The external unit needs to be cleaned much less often than internal, but it is more difficult to clean it. There will be no problems if you:

  • live on the ground floor;
  • live in a private house;
  • It is possible to safely work with a ladder;
  • The external block of the air conditioner is displayed on the balcony.

Residents of apartments on high floors were not lucky. it is impossible to do work on top on their own, they will have to call specialists.

Cleaning the external unit is carried out as follows:

  • turn off the air conditioner from power;
  • remove the outer panel of the block, after which it will be possible to approximately evaluate the front of the work;
  • large garbage, like leaves, flowers, branches, etc.D. It is better to work in gloves;
  • garbage from more inaccessible places of the case is removed with brushes or vacuum cleaner;
  • Fan blades may need additional cleaning with a damp sponge. Act carefully. If you need to use a large amount of water (watering from the hose), close the electric unit;
  • The surface of the capacitor is easily cleaned with a damp sponge;
  • The outer panel can also be thoroughly washed and dried before installation.

DIY air conditioning disinfection

Specialists from service centers use special means and chemistry to clean and disinfect air conditioners. You can purchase them in household chemical stores. The advantage of specialized tools is that they are safe for metal and plastic components, do not cause corrosion, do not leave a raid.

But you can independently prepare a disinfection tool for the air conditioner. To do this, a solution of chlorhexidine of Bigluconate is acquired in the pharmacy. this is an antiseptic that destroys all types of microbes, fungi, mold and viruses. Mix the bottle of hogrexidin with 100 ml of medical alcohol. The second component enhances the action of the first.

We pour the liquid into the spray gun and carefully spray the cleaned insides of the air conditioner.

We enhance the effect. Put the filters in place, close the lid, start. As soon as the air begins to be sucked inside, we spray from the spray gun a disinfectant liquid near the gap for air fence (on the lower part of the case).

How to clean the air conditioner in the car yourself: detailed instructions

The reason for cleaning the air conditioner usually becomes an unattractive smell that appears when using the air conditioner in the summer.

HydroKleen Air Conditioner Clean Demonstration

You can get rid of the stink in the air conditioning system in two ways:

  • mechanical, when it is removed, dried and cleaned with the help of the evaporator;
  • chemical, when special aerosols or foam are used, while the analysis of the system and the removal of the evaporator are not provided.

The mechanical cleaning of the air conditioner is usually carried out when the chemical did not bring tangible results and the smell remains.

Mechanical cleaning is quite complex, since when implementing it is necessary to pump a refrigerant from the air conditioning system, remove the front panel and evaporator.

Therefore, this method is better to leave professionals. So the choice of an ordinary motorist is a chemical cleaning, which almost everyone can cope with.

clean, conditioner, home, chlorhexidine
  • on the aerosol. used only for disinfection and combat the smell;
  • on a foamy tool. a more effective method that allows you to clean the ducts.

The method of using aerosol is simple and even the most beginner motorist will cope with it, since all stages are painted in the instructions for the tool.

For disinfection, it is necessary for closed doors and windows of the car:

  • make a motor;
  • turn on the air conditioner in the circulation mode at full power;
  • put a spray can near the opening of the air fence (near the front passenger place);
  • press the spray button;
  • wait for the time indicated in the instructions.

How To Clean Your Air Conditioner Condenser

The use of the foamed agent will clean the air ducts and evaporator of the air conditioner, which is the main source of unpleasant odor.

  • Remove the salon filter;
  • Using a spray can, fill the ventilation with foam through the opening filter hole;
  • After a period of time indicated in the instructions for the product, start the motor, turn on the air conditioner “drive” in various modes;
  • Improte the car.

When using chemical aerosols or foams, you must always follow the instructions, since in case of violation of the technology of cleaning the effect of use will be minimal.

Why is it important to turn to professionals in their field

There are now many companies that offer services for cleaning household and climate technology.

Here are just part of the works that are offered to customers:

Devices can be very different from each other in practice. Many order services from professionals to get a visual example for further actions.

Simple cleaning is easily performed on its own, but this is not enough for full maintenance. While the air conditioner is working, the amount of available refrigerant decreases, every year by 7% or more. The volume of this substance must be replenished, that without the help of specialists it is impossible. It will also be necessary to clean the fan too.

If the work has ceased to be stable for no apparent reason, they also call specialists working in a particular service. If there are mechanical damage to simple cleaning, it will not be enough, repairs and a full replacement of parts will be required.

Preparation of the system for the summer or winter period

Some measures related to preparation for the season are required. It doesn’t matter whether a specific system is adapted for winter use or not. Temperature restrictions are valid in almost every manufacturer. If the indicator is below the permissible. fluid leaks appear, the block in the future freezes. Independent cleaning is necessary.

Cleaning the entire system, drying air conditioners is required before the cold. There is a special function for this, called fan. But there are other designations.

In preparation for the warm season, the system is re.cleaned. Air filters and fan, the evaporator are washed most carefully. The system in the block is checked specifically.

Why is the air conditioning cleaning is needed?

And so is the regular cleaning of climate technology so? Maybe this is just the next “money divorce” from manufacturers and service companies? No, everything is much more serious !

Devices that cool or heat the air drive it through the filtering devices installed in them, since it is unrealistic to completely get rid of dust in the rooms. Accordingly, quite soon a large amount of dirt and dust gather in filters.

We want this or not, but the air always contains suspended dust, to which fluff and pollen from plants can be added. All this accumulates in air conditioning filters.

So. If the air conditioner is not carried out, then the following problems will certainly arise:

  • A clear drop in the functionality of the device will appear, that is, a significant decrease in the efficiency due to the difficulty of passing air through filters.
  • If the air conditioning is not performed or is carried out irregularly, the heat exchanger with its freon will begin to overheat, which will increase the load on the compressor, and as a result, the rapid wear of the device.
  • Increased humidity and dust deposits inside and out of the filters contribute to the active propagation of dust ticks and various bacteria. Among pathogenic microorganisms, Legionella is the most dangerous. causing serious lung disease. legionelles (it is also called “Pittsburgh pneumonia”). Together with air flows passing through contaminated filters, spores of fungi and mold can be carried in rooms, which can easily provoke allergic reactions, lead to asthmatic attacks and dermatitis.
  • The unpleasant smell in the room is probably the most insignificant trouble of all that entails air conditioning pollution.

It should be noted that the air conditioners are less prone to rapidly clogging, which are installed in multi.storey buildings on the upper floors, since at high altitude it is concentrated several times less than dust than in the lower layers of air. But this does not mean that they will not have to be cleaned. just mud raids can be smaller.

Much more often it will be necessary to clean and disinfect devices installed in houses located near road tracks in the industrial zones of the city and in the areas under construction, since the air is most polluted there.

Another negative phenomenon negative for climatic technology is poplar and other plant fluff, which is able to literally shut up the air conditioner filters to literally tightly tightly. Therefore, if the area where the house is located is planted with poplars or other trees (shrubs) with a similar form of flowering, then you need to monitor the climatic devices with particular thoroughness.

Poplar fluff is an eternal “enemy” of any climatic technology

The air conditioner, as a rule, begins to “declare” that he needs prevention if it was not cleaned on time. So, such manifestations can become:

  • Constant or temporary noise or crack when turning on the device.
  • Unpleasant smell of dampness or chalk.
  • Explicit decrease in the refrigerator power of the air conditioner.
  • The device began to consume too much electricity with the same or even reduced return. this can be seen by taking readings from the counter.
  • During operation of the air conditioner, the internal block began to leak.

for popular air conditioners

If at least one of the above signs appears, then this suggests that the device requires urgent prevention, otherwise the air conditioner may soon fail.

It is best to warn such a situation, as it can turn into a replacement of individual parts or block blocks that failed in the banal disorder of the hosts, which leads to significant costs.

In order not to bring the air conditioner to such a “cattle” state, you need to make it a rule. prevention is carried out at least twice a year

Therefore, experts are recommended to prevent at least twice a year, even if the air conditioner works without any external signs of pollution or clogging.

  • Be sure to clean the device filters in the spring, before intensive work in the summer period.
  • Prevention should be carried out in the fall, before the cold period, when the air conditioner is transferred to the heating mode of the premises.
  • Unscheduled prevention. urgently, in any case. If the signs mentioned above appear.

Thanks to timely preventive work, the air conditioner will easily work out all the resource inherent in it, which is usually 8 ÷ 12 years and even more.

Find out which air conditioning is better to choose for the apartment, and also read the rating and brief review of the models, in a special article on our portal.

Cleaning air conditioning chlorhexidine or how I got to the immobilizer

Hello! I’ll tell you my instructive story how I decided to clean the air conditioner evaporator. Having read on the drive how people successfully clean the air conditioner evaporator chlorhexidine, I decided that I would also do this matter.What is required for this: 1. Coal salon filter (11180-8122010-83) 2. Chlorhexidine. 3pcs. 100ml, took in a pharmacy at a price of 15 rubles. Each. There is enough for processing and 2pcs.3. Alcohol. They did not give the pharmacy, they said that they were given only by recipe. I found an ant alcohol 50ml in the refrigerator, and used it. I read on the Internet that alcohol increases the strength of the action of chlorhexidine.4. Essential oil “Natural”, took in the same pharmacy at a price of 35 rubles. Used about 15 drops. Oil gives a pleasant smell of freshness.5. Sprayer or sprayer or spray gunner. Who likes what.

We pour all this business into a spray, of course, except for the first point, and we are going to make inhalation a typewriter.

First you need to get to the salon filter. To do this, turn on the ignition, turn on the wipers and at the moment when the “wipers” reach a vertical position, turn off the ignition.

Further, then raising, then lowering the hood, we remove the left toad, there are 5 screws under Torx T20. We see the lid that protects the salon filter.

Remove it with an ordinary cross blade.

Here it is, the miracle of the engineering thought of AvtoVAZ.The film is attached by a stapler to the lid.

The filter in the leaves because the last time when installing the cover of the film was bent, and was not straightened, as it should.

Further, I conducted an audit of the fan of the heater, cleaned the drainage holes and all the “near.filter” space from dried leaves and the rest of the garbage.

Then we cover the hood, get in the car, give the ignition, while the wipers return to their parking spaces (therefore, the hood is covered so that the leashes of the wipers do not touch the edge of the hood), start the engine, turn on the fan at the highest speed. 4, turn on the air conditioner, turn on the air conditioner, turn on the air conditioner, turn on the air conditioner, turn on the air conditioner, turn on Put the flow direction on our feet, put the runner of air recirculation on the air fence from the outside. We go out into the street, open the hood and for 10-15 minutes with short injuries we make a shower on the fan blades in the direction where the air conditioner evaporator is on it 10cm from it.

Then turn off the air conditioner, put the damper to the air fence from the cabin, drive away in all positions. on glass, in deflectors, glass/legs, legs.

But then I made an irreversible mistake. Never repeat this. Since deflectors are cleaned with foam cleansers, it is written in the instructions for them, I decided to go the same way and sprayed a little from the spray to the deflectors themselves. From the left deflector, a little liquid leaked towards the fuse block, nothing terrible happened there. From the right. a little to the salon. It’s also okay. But from the central liquid did not leak anywhere. I will return to this later.

clean, conditioner, home, chlorhexidine

Then I put the temperature to the most maximum and drove off the heat in all directions for 10 minutes to dry everything that is possible, in t.h. evaporator. He left the cabin and looked at the fan itself. it was absolutely dry. Installed a new salon filter.

Overtook the car under the street lighting lamp. Otherwise nothing is visible.Closed a lid, installed a toad in the reverse sequence, as shot.I must say that I did not notice puddles under the car, but all because everything spilled onto the rug from the passenger. It turns out that the former owner for some reason picked up the phone that takes the condensate to the street. Now you have to figure it out.

Next, I started the car, rumbled closer to the entrance, turned off the ignition and began to dismantle the window of the window for repairing it.

Successfully dealing with the repair of the window of the window, went to the car, opened the doors and op the light did not light up in the cabin. This is probably because I took off this block. The block installed, checked, the block works. But in the cabin, the light does not light up when opening any door. I conquer the car, she tried to start and that’s it, then the immobilizer icon burns in any way. Well, I think, due to the missing pipe of the drain of condensate, the liquid hit the computer. He climbed, took it off, of course, having previously turned off the battery terminal, he carried it home. I realized at home that nothing criminal happened to him.

And logically, I could not leak the liquid from the air conditioner evaporator there, even because there was no tube. Only if antifreeze from the stove itself leaks.

Further work has already been carried out the next day. I connected everything in place, I turn the ignition key. You can hear how the gas pump stopped and also stopped his work, the immobilizer indicator (immobilizer, as you like) is burning, the car does not start. When opening the door of the light in the cabin, there is also no only if it is forcibly turned on. By the way, when the ignition is turned off, the IMMO indicator on the tidy no longer constantly burns, but somehow gets rinsing, as if something closes something. And then I recall that I was once interested in where the immobilizer itself was and decided to get to it. I disconnect the minus terminal of the battery, remove the central console, and now it is worth it, dear.

Turned it over, he began to drip from him. Well, here now it’s definitely clear what the problem is. I dismantled it. And what do we see? But what.



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