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How to clean an iron from sticky tape

What we need?

Ceramics are a very delicate material and can be easily scratched if you inadvertently press the iron on metal buttons or the zipper on a garment.

Clean your iron with extreme care, using soft cloths, sponges and non-abrasive detergents.

There are many special chemicals that can help make the iron soleplate perfectly clean, and for removing stains are also suitable home remedies: lemon, vinegar and others.

Here are 8 recipes on how to clean ceramic hob from soot.

How to clean different types of coatings?


The material prevents fabrics from sticking, but it sometimes happens during ironing that fouling forms on the iron.

Do not start scraping the dirt with a knife. the Teflon layer is very easily damaged, which will damage the appliance.

A suitable option for cleaning the ironing platform is a pencil.

You can also use home remedies:

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  • Soak a piece of cloth in vinegar essence (70%) and iron the cloth with a hot iron. Be sure to protect your hands with rubber gloves, and try not to bend over the caustic steam produced during ironing. After removing the stains, wipe the surface of the platform with water.
  • Soak a cotton pad in household solvent for painting work and clean the soot (the iron should be cold), wipe the sole with a damp cloth.


The material is highly conductive, but very soft, so this ironing pad should not be cleaned with abrasives.

In addition to ready-made chemical products (pencils), you can clean your iron using the following methods:

  • When cold, apply a thick coat of toothpaste, brush gently over the entire surface of the dirt and leave for 15-20 minutes. Use a damp sponge to wipe off stains, remove paste residues. To clean the holes, turn the iron on and iron the cloth, letting a few jets of steam come out.
  • Lay out a piece of foil on an ironing board, smooth it out. turn the iron on to the max and run it over the metal sheet a few times to loosen any sticky material from the soleplate. Once the appliance has cooled down, wipe it with a damp sponge.


Ceramic is easy to care for and durable, but even a small scratch on the soleplate can cause the coating to peel off.

Tools for cleaning the ceramic platform should not contain abrasive particles and alkalis:

  • Remove large pieces of soot with a wooden spatula for the kitchen;
  • Mix 10 ml of vinegar and 30 ml of warm water in a small container, soak the cloth in the solution and gargle with the stuck plastic. You can use a nylon sponge.

A pencil cleaner works great on ceramic surfaces.


The sole material is durable and resistant to mechanical damage, so their cleaning is also possible with gentle abrasives: soda, salt or tooth powder.

Causes of burn marks

Some of the most common causes of fouling spots on the Teflon soleplate are:

  • Choosing the wrong temperature setting. Ironing delicate garments with an electric appliance that is too hot;
  • Ironing sticky materials;
  • Holding a hot appliance on a fabric for a long time.

If you accidentally iron any metal parts of your clothes (zipper, rivet, buttons), the Teflon coating will leave scratches, which in turn will impair the sliding of the device on the surface and contribute to fouling.

Filling the steam reservoir with raw water also causes the internal parts of the appliance to become gradually soiled and scale to form on the soleplate.

How to clean the iron soleplate?

How to clean the iron soleplate? Even with the most careful use, there will come a time when you find that the sole of your helper is no longer as smooth and shiny. How to return it to its former purity?

Easy Way to Clean a Sticky Iron

We’ll tell you how to clean the soleplate of your iron with your own hands and give you some tips to help prolong the working life of your iron.

How to clean sealant and silicone from fabric

Silicone and sealant. made on its basis. sticky compositions, which are firmly embedded in the fabric if the precautions are not observed. They don’t cure like glue, but they don’t remove from the surface of the item, absorbing additional types of dirt. About Ivanovo knitwear and clothing catalog Zlata read here.

  • To remove the silicone you need to be quick. the cloth is stretched, thus stretching the sealant. Then simply pick it up with a thin object and peel it off, like a film.
  • Table vinegar. part of the clothes soaked in vinegar. In a few minutes the stain can be removed. Silicone leaves a greasy residue, so it is better to treat the place with dish detergent before washing.
  • Medical or industrial alcohol. apply a few drops, cloth is treated with a toothbrush. Silicone is removed, forming lint, which is simply removed from the surface.

Laundry soap

Pencil and candle is not always available in the closet, and urea peroxide you have not been sold, but a piece of laundry soap is definitely somewhere in the bathroom. Old, good, it contains alkaline salts of saturated acids and foams well. It’s best to use a bar with a percentage of fatty acids. 72, it’s the best soap. Time to act:

  • Turn the thermostat to the middle setting and heat the appliance.
  • Place at an angle to the unwanted cloth and unplug.
  • We move the soap on dirty areas, here we need not to burn ourselves, the soap melts and flows onto the material together with the soap.
  • Clean the soleplate with a damp cloth, then wipe it dry and put the iron back in its rightful place.

Soap clogs the steam holes, so you need to do the following after cleaning. Dilute vinegar at the rate of a tablespoon of 9% acetic acid per glass of liquid (or you can citric acid. a sachet per glass), pour the moisture into the steam generator and press the steam release button, ironing a kitchen towel, for example.

Such an operation is also good in that it will clean the incandescent element from the scale.

How to clean an iron?

Each of us uses an iron almost every day. In everyday ironing, we do not even think about the dangers that lie in wait for this household appliance. Simple inattention can lead to external or internal soiling that can stump an inexperienced hostess. If we do not properly clean it, the iron will have to be thrown away. It’s important to know the most effective ways to clean the appliance.


Follow the safety rules when cleaning:

  • Always wear gloves when in contact with gasoline or alcohol;
  • it is better to work with chemicals in a ventilated room;
  • Treat with flammable compounds away from open flames;
  • Before using an aggressive chemical, test it on a small area of the surface.
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How to get the scotch off the plastic: effective local remedies

Scotch tape, tags and stickers leave sticky residue on plastic, and over time, dust and dirt adheres to the surface. Only fresh stains can be removed without a trace: You have to do a lot to get rid of old stains. In this article we have collected the best ways to clean plastic: a list of effective products, instructions for use and useful tips.



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