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How to clean a stainless steel refrigerator

How to wash a stainless steel refrigerator from the outside

Any pollution is very noticeable on the shiny surface of household appliances. The devices installed in the kitchen are especially affected. In addition to dust, they appear spots from food, handprints, drops of fat and other difficult pollutions. You can wash the refrigerator on the outside with special household chemicals or with houses prepared at home.

To clean the steel and painted “under metallic” refrigerator at home, you can not use:

Any cleaner prepared or chemical is applied to a soft fabric. The use of hard or metal brushes leaves scratches on the surface. It is advisable to first try the product in an inconspicuous place.

Chemistry suitable for stainless steel

Household chemicals for cleaning the stainless steel housing is available in three formats. You can wash the refrigerator on the outside with a cleanser in the form of a gel, spray, wet napkins. Owners of equipment positively speak about companies:

When using special detergents, do not apply substances to the surface of the refrigerator for a long time. Cleansing chemical elements penetrate under the coating through microcracks and lead to damage to the paint and the appearance of rust.

While working on the floor, it is better to lay the rug.

Folk methods for removing fat and spots

You can wash the metal refrigerator with improvised substances: vegetable oil, household soap, diluted with water or concentrated vinegar alcohol, means for cleaning glasses and washing dishes. Fat is well cleaned by ammonia mixture with toothpaste and soda.

Vegetable oil

Sometimes you have to remove traces of tape, stickers or labels. Oil will help wipe the glue:

  • Apply vegetable oil to the fabric and rub the sticky areas.
  • Process the area with a sponge with a drop of dishwasher.
  • Rinse the foam thoroughly and wipe the metal case dry.

Instead of a dishwasher, you can use liquid soap.

Natural oil is used to polish metal surfaces. The liquid is applied to the entire area of ​​the refrigerator, waited longer while it is absorbed into microcracks, then removed with a paper towel. After such processing, steel begins to shine, but dust sticks well to the body. Wash equipment outside after oil polishing will have to be more often.

Laundry soap

For processing, you need to prepare a special solution:

  • Grate a piece of laundry soap on a grater in large shavings.
  • Heat a little water.
  • Pour chips into warm water and stir until completely dissolved. The mass should be liquid and viscous. If the solution is thick, add water.
  • Apply the resulting composition to the surface of the household appliance.
  • Wait 5 minutes.
  • Wash off with water.
  • Wipe the surface dry.

In this way, you can wash a metal refrigerator with any coating.

Vinegar and water

To prepare the product, mix liquids 1: 1. You can add a drop of liquid soap to enhance the cleansing properties and a few drops of essential oil for the aroma. Moisten a rag with a mixture and wipe the surface, paying special attention to the pens.

You can use the spray gun: it is more convenient for them to spray the composition.

Glass cleaning tool

Some housewives laundered simple spots by the wiper. After processing, the refrigerator must be quickly wiped, then there will be no stains left on the shiny case.

Dishwashing liquid

You can wash the refrigerator on the outside by any dishwasher. First you need to prepare a foam solution: pour about 1 t. tablespoons in warm water and mix to the state of foam. Apply it with a soft rag to the surface of the household appliance. Leave for a couple of minutes. Remove the foam from the case with a clean wet cloth. The method is suitable for regular care for a metal refrigerator: this composition cannot cope with serious pollution.

Concentrated alcohol or acetic acid

Help to wash point spots outside the stainless steel refrigerator or with paintwork. A cotton wool is wetted with concentrated liquid and applied to the place of contamination for a couple of minutes. With this method of processing, even you can see how the dirt leaves: the stick is painted.

Take fresh, wet again in alcohol or acid, applied to the refrigerator. And so on until the stain from the body disappears.

Ammonia and toothpaste

They will help to wash the silver and colored refrigerator outside from fat and other spots:

  • Mix toothpaste and ammonia 1: 1.
  • Apply on the spot and leave for a few minutes.
  • Wash off with water and wipe the cleaned surface dry.

The mixture is not stored, you need to work right away, since ammonia quickly evaporates.

Read the composition of the toothpaste before use: there should not be abrasive particles in it.

How To Clean a Stainless Steel Appliance Like a PRO!

Technical soda

Diluted with water to the state of sloping soda is a universal remedy that copes well with both old spots and fat. To wash the silver refrigerator outside, you need to apply soda paste for 5 minutes. Then clean the treatment area with water and wipe dry so that there are no divorces and traces of drops.

Cleaning the chrome or painted surface, do not withstand the mixture longer than the specified time. Technical soda is an aggressive substance and can ruin the coating of the refrigerator.

Rules for the care of the refrigerator from the outside

Work on caring for a stainless steel device should begin from the day it is purchased.


It is important not to spoil the surface of the refrigerator when transporting it to the destination. Do not rely on its strength, be sure to protect the kitchen device with a protective plastic film. Otherwise, during transportation, they can form on the surface of scratches or scuffs.

clean, stainless, steel, refrigerator

Transport a new refrigerator in an upright position, avoiding inclinations to the side. If it is not installed vertically in transport, then look into the instructions. It should be spelled out in it which side is allowed to put the refrigerator. In case of improper position from the compressor, oil can leak, which will deliver new troubles to the owner.

The protective film is removed after delivery to the place. Having entered the house, the refrigerator is washed with a detergent solution. After washing, it should be wiped dry with a cloth.


After delivery of the household appliance at the house, you need to think about how to install it. This business is also important, since the organization of subsequent care of it depends on it.

It is unacceptable to place a refrigerator in such places:

  • Near heating appliances and in the immediate vicinity of the gas stove. If this is difficult to do, then at least separate the refrigerator from the stove, for example, with a floor cabinet.
  • Near the tap tap and sink. This is due to the fact that when cleaning the scale from the pan and washing dishes, aggressive substances are often used, which, having fallen on the refrigerator, can ruin its surface.
  • On the kitchen table. Active liquids that can cause corrosion can flow from the table to the device.
  • In a room with increased relative humidity.

Do not turn on the device immediately, barely installing it in a permanent place, especially if it was brought in winter from the cold. Do this after 2 hours, after installing.

EASILY Clean A Stainless Steel Refrigerator Door. GURANTEEED to WORK


When installing the refrigerator, remember that he needs a flow of fresh air.

Further actions to care for the surface of the refrigerator consist of 2 simple things. cleaning and polishing.


When cleaning, they adhere to the main rule: the less time pollution on the surface, the easier it is to clean it. For cleaning, use microfiber fabrics. Abrasive sponges should fall under a complete ban, because scratches remain after them.

Cleaning products

Do not use chlorine.containing detergents, use sparing drugs that do not have an abrasive and do not have a powder composition. It is better to apply soap cleaners.

clean, stainless, steel, refrigerator

You can clean the external surfaces of the refrigerator made of stainless steel, a home.made detergent composed of the following ingredients:

Pour all the ingredients in a plastic bottle with a spray gun and the method of spraying, apply to a contaminated surface. Then it remains to wipe these places with a cloth.


The refrigerator will turn out if you apply one of these means:

Looking into the instructions, you can learn more about the features of your refrigerator care. Regular care for a long time will maintain the design and functionality of your technique.

Improvised washing products

A sufficient number of folk methods are known for cleaning the refrigerator from the outside:

Toothpaste and ammonia

A mixture of pasta for brushing teeth and ammonia is an excellent remedy in the fight against old fat spots.

  • In clean glass containers, toothpaste and ammonia are mixed in equal proportions.
  • The resulting tool is treated with the walls and the refrigerator door, wait five minutes, and then wash off with warm water.

Commercial soap

Fatty acids and alkali in the composition of laundry soap will help to quickly clean the outer surfaces of dirt and fat.

  • A bar of laundry soap is rubbed on a coarse grater;
  • Soap chips are carefully poured into hot water, stir it until completely dissolved;
  • The walls of the refrigerator are rubbed with the resulting viscous mass and left for five minutes;
  • The processed surfaces are thoroughly washed off with clean water and wiped dry with kitchen paper towels.

During the cleaning process, you can not use hard sponges and brushes. Otherwise, scratches and scuffs will remain on glossy walls, which is impossible to get rid of.

Calcinated soda

A universal cleaning agent that easily copes with any type of pollution is soda soda.

It is easy to use it for cleaning:

  • Calcinated soda and warm water are mixed in a clean container (a gruel.shaped mass should be obtained);
  • The outer surfaces are treated with the resulting tool, after which it is washed off with water.

Dishwashing gel

Surface and active substances, which are part of the dishwashing gel, will perfectly cope with fat spots of hands on the surface of the refrigerator.

  • In a glass with warm water, 1 hour is dissolved.l. detergent.
  • A soft rag or sponge is well wetted with a soap solution and wiped the walls and doors of the household appliance.
  • The peeled surfaces are wiped with a damp sponge, and then dry kitchen towels.

To completely get rid of traces of a soap solution, the refrigerator will have to be wiped more than once, not forgetting to spray periodically or change the sponge.

Dining vinegar

A universal folk remedy suitable for any types of surfaces (stainless steel, enamel). table vinegar.

  • In a clean container, vinegar and water are mixed (proportion 1: 1);
  • With abundantly moistening the sponge with the resulting tool, wipe the walls and the refrigerator door;
  • already clean surfaces are washed off with clean water, after which it is wiped dry with a towel.

Read more about cleaning the refrigerator with vinegar in this article.

How to remove dark spots from stainless steel?

Hot water saturated with starch can dissolve dark spots on silver and steel. You can also use potato starch, they will need to rub the surface, like soda, until a dark spot completely disappeared.

  • Since the outer surface does not in contact with food, for its cleaning it can be used not only soda, vinegar, soap solution, but also household chemistry;
  • It will be much faster and less troublesome to remove fresh, not yet dried soap drops and other contaminants.

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I’ll stand, I will listen to me the same problem, the refrigerator is a stainless steel. beautiful, but to clean torture, my warm water with liquid for dishes, and wipe dry with a towel. The husband tried to clean the place. where the sticker with the manufacturer’s logo was glued, wore along with varnish, now there the stain has to be hidden under a beautiful magnet.

In stores selling such refrigerators, they sell special equipment for their cleaning (I saw it myself) but when I chose the refrigerator, I decided to take a regular white. So that later do not suffer with him, t.to. Many friends complained that washing. problem, varnish scratches

I have a microwave of the same material, so I am an Amveemsky by my, and then I wipe it dry like glass. The store offered special products to buy, so I refused. Lock helps me out in everything!

And I wipe the rotation with a spray for washing windows and a soft cloth, I like the result! But about the special equipment that they offer in the store I can say that it did not help me and did not enjoy. They threw a bunch of money, and the result “0”.

Ordinary tea soda launders no worse than other means. And all this is harmless. I and the microwave of my tea soda. Excellent result.

No, it doesn’t scratch. On very contaminated places can be applied and rubbed with a ball with a cloth. And in general, any dishes and kitchen surfaces my grandmother washed only soda. She always has everything glistened.

I personally also prefer ordinary soda, today I washed the microwave very easily. Amveev’s means are also good, but they are more expensive than ordinary soda))))))))))))

I have stainless steel in the nurseries so everything is fine. In the beginning she rubbed a damp cloth, then with soda those places where the spots, then she wiped everything several times with a damp cloth and everything.

Now I remembered how to wash the microwave inside, (I overheard a great life in the program), making a minimum of effort. It is necessary to pour water into the glass and pour a little citric acid, then turn it on for a minute, then wipe with a cloth and wipe it dry.

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Basic rules for cleaning the refrigerator

Experienced housewives are well aware of the golden rule that allows maintaining a kitchen set and household appliances in perfect order: spots, dirt and puddles should be removed immediately, as they appear. For everyday, current cleaning, no special approach is required. It is enough to use a soft microfiber napkin or other non.corner tissue that absorbs moisture well. Strong pollution is removed using soda or vinegar. Shine on external, metallic and plastic elements of the equipment is provided with the help of special compositions or improvised soft means. You can wipe the surface with a damp cloth, and then dry.

General cleaning with defrosting, which is carried out every 2-4 months, requires a thoughtful, systematic approach and compliance with safety precautions. What do we have to do?

  • Disconnect power.
  • Unload products into baskets, basins, bath or any other container. Put in a cool place. It is recommended to wrap frost or cover with heat.insulating material. As a rule, housewives are preparing for the procedure in advance, and try to unload the refrigerator as much as possible, not to purchase perishable products on this day.
  • Remove shelves, compartments, vegetable boxes. Remove all removable elements. They are washed separately, in a sink or bath, a pelvis.
  • To qualitatively disinfect the internal surfaces of the unit, rubber seals, simple water is not enough. It is necessary to use a specialized tool or improvised substance that can kill most of microbes, fungi. At the same time, you should make sure of its safety for health, because food products are stored in the refrigerator.
  • To protect the skin of the hands, necessarily put on household rubber gloves.
  • After wet cleaning, all the parts and insides of the unit are well dried. Only after complete drying can it be connected again to the network.

External surfaces are cleaned with special foam, wiped dry. The back, depending on the structure, is vacuumed, wiped with dust and web with a brush or ordinary rag, a sponge.

It is impossible to use substances with abrasive particles for cleaning, a hard layer of kitchen sponges for washing dishes. they scratch the surface. If there are jokes of food, fat flowers, then problem areas are treated with suitable means, leave for 10-30 minutes, depending on the degree of pollution. After such processing, the site is enough gently rub and rinse with clean water.

Features of cleaning the refrigerator door depending on the material and color

It is not enough just to wash the refrigerator, it is important that after cleaning the device retains its original appearance:

  • So refrigerators, the case of which is covered with polymer materials or metallic, is strictly forbidden to clean with hard lips and abrasive dry powders. The result of such actions will be the emergence of numerous scratches, which is impossible to get rid of.
  • It is also worth excluding from the range of detergents that includes chlorine, acid, alcohol or ammonia. The application of such compositions leads to the fact that the color polymer coating will become clouded.
  • A great remedy for cleaning a white or colored case is a gel for washing dishes.
  • Lacoclant refrigerators also do not tolerate cleaning with hard lips and abrasive cleaning powders. Only soft sponges, microfiber napkins, soap solutions are used in cleaning.
  • Stainless stainless steel refrigerator. To preserve its presentable appearance, it is worth forgetting about cleaners in which there is chlorine, alcohol or acid. For a stainless steel refrigerator, special products for household appliances will be an ideal solution. Also, means of washing glasses (without alcohol) or soft microfiber wipes will come to the rescue.
  • It is especially worth noting the refrigerators, the front panel of which is made of glass. Amounting alcohol diluted with water or special glass care products will help maintain the purity of such surfaces.

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Hello, I washed with anjir and spoiled the refrigerator how to fix tell me

A silver refrigerator ruined a melamine sponge. A dark spot appeared. Be careful using such a sponge.

At the first pollution, I tried the Amveev remedy in a tube for metal surfaces, there were stains now have to glue pictures on the door.The refrigerator is spoiled.And now my remedy for washing dishes water is a rag, and already “late a doctor, the patient has died”. be careful.

Schumanit will wash everything. Well, soda, Feyri is also an option

Thank you, beautiful stranger! The refrigerator shines like a new!

A silver refrigerator ruined a melamine sponge. A dark spot appeared. Be careful using such a sponge.

And I spoiled. Powder paint, it turns out, was. (found a way how to fix it?

Fairy is such a muck! You still wash them dishes.

A silver refrigerator ruined a melamine sponge. A dark spot appeared. Be careful using such a sponge.

Not true. Melanin sponge for any surfaces, even without special products, just wet with water.

Not true. Melanin sponge for any surfaces, even without special products, just wet with water.

Why argue if the girl said that she ruined, then it is so. I also decided to wash by this melaminova. Yes, right in the middle ((((there is a dark spot left, what to do, I hide with magnetics ((((

Tips for laundering a refrigerator handle

Several tips of experienced housewives will help to wash the refrigerator as quickly and efficiently as possible:

  • Soda compress will help to cope with the problem of old spots. Food soda is dissolved with water to a thick paste state.
  • The resulting product is abundantly applied to a section of the fabric, which is applied to the spot. After five minutes, the compress is removed, the surface is wiped with a clean, damp sponge.
  • Vatka, abundantly moistened with alcohol, easily wipe the traces of stickers from the door and the walls of the refrigerator.
  • In the process of cleaning the external surfaces of the refrigerator, do not forget about the grill located on the rear panel. It is important to regularly remove the dust accumulated on the grill (a vacuum cleaner or broom will come to the rescue), otherwise the life of the household appliance may decrease.

Furniture polish applied to the refrigerator maintains the shine and glossy external surfaces for the long time.



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