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How to clean a robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi

Cleaning rules for Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaners

Robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi requires regular cleaning and maintenance, otherwise the device will stop working properly or break down at all. Before the procedure, it is necessary to understand the design and figure out which of the elements can be cleaned and which can be left untouched.

In addition to regular release of the container. the dustbin and maintenance, the robot vacuum cleaner requires:

  • Replacement of consumables. like filters, sponges and brushes, when the service life ends. The frequency of replacement is usually specified in the documents, once a month, for example, or less frequently. Still depends on the frequency of cleaning.
  • Cleaning the sensors that the robot uses for spatial orientation. Set of ultrasonic, optical and laser sensors. Over time, they become dirty and dust accumulates, causing a decrease in sensitivity, and the robot loses “knack” as a result.
  • Brush cleaning. in the process of cleaning they reel garbage, so a robot can be equipped with a special tool for easy cutting lint and hair.

Regardless of the type of robot vacuum cleaner model, they all wear out over time and debris accumulates inside. It is useful to visually inspect the appliance after each cleaning procedure and note any malfunctions or debris in good time. Then the vacuum cleaner will last a long time, and will not break.

How to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner

The cleaning procedure of the device is conditionally divided into several stages:

  • container. remove debris accumulated inside it;
  • filters. rinse or wipe if necessary;
  • Brushes. cut off the coiled lint and hair with a tool;
  • axles and wheels;
  • nozzle, liquid container. flush;
  • sensor cleaning.

Not all parts may be rinsed under running water. It’s a good idea to read the manual and see the tool that comes with the main parts of the machine.

Main brush

Turbo brush for convenience, it is better to pull out of the vacuum cleaner: turn off the machine, turn it upside down and pushing the lid on the back, push the latch. Then pull brush and remove bearing. You can clean it with a special brush. No need to grease. The main brush itself is also cleaned by hand, removing the coiled lint and other debris. Then set in place.

Side brushes

Auxiliary brooms are at the bottom, they are the first to start cleaning the room. Taking care of them is simple:

  • Pull out. pull the latch towards yourself or undo the screws with a Phillips screwdriver.
  • Untangle the brushes from hair and hair, using small scissors.
  • Wipe the axle with a damp rag and put the clean side brushes back in place.

Maintenance is required once a week, maximum 10 days.


Their functionality determines how well the robot navigates in space. Depending on the model, the sensors may be located anywhere on the body. There is no need to disassemble them, the main thing according to the instructions to understand the location and regularly wipe the dust with a dry cloth.

Wet mopping sponge

It is advisable to remove the wet-cleaning nozzles during storage, otherwise they will “fade”, spreading an unpleasant smell and forming a puddle under the unit. After removing the cloth from the nozzle, wash it by hand or in a washing machine. If not too dirty, just rinse under running water without removing the nozzle. It is advisable to change the cloth every six months.


The most difficult operation will be cleaning the guide wheel. pulling the module toward you, carefully remove the wheel from the housing. Then remove it from the bracket and clean it by hand. Push down on the axle and pull it out to remove the dirt. Once you are finished, repeat the above process in reverse order to reinsert the wheel into the wheel housing. Pull out the side wheels by turning the machine upside down. After removing the debris that obstructs the movement, put it back.

Dust Collectors

To be performed if internal sensor is triggered or as needed:

  • Open the cover.
  • Slide the slots that hold the dust canister. Move the slots at the same time so that the bowl does not twist.
  • Pull the bin out by pulling up with your fingers.
  • Open the removable latch and remove the sponge filter under it. Shake off the dust from the container.
  • Shake out the container by brushing it from the inside with the special brush (included).
  • Put the clean filter back in, aligning it, leaving no gaps between the slot and the container itself.
  • Slide it back into the vacuum cleaner until it clicks into place. Close the lid.

Start the procedure after turning off the device. Although some models allow you to do this while in operation. System automatically enters standby mode when lid is opened.


Clean filter at the same time as removing the canister. Only need to shake out the dust, then put them back in place. Can be cleaned in water without detergent. Replace the filter every 3 to 6 months by purchasing brand-name parts.

Charging station

Dust also accumulates on the docking station, settling where it can be seen. It is required to wipe the housing regularly with a dry cloth without disassembling it.


Dust also settles on the body of the robot and can cause dark spots. It is helpful to visually inspect its condition after each cleaning, wiping it down with a dry cloth as needed. Detergents should not be used. Treat your robot like you would treat a TV or laptop. Clean up the dust, preventing moisture from getting inside.

Charging the cleaner for the first time

It’s as simple as that, and we’ll skip the elementary steps like unpacking the unit and unwinding the wires.

  • Plug the charging station into the outlet and hide any excess cable in an appropriate
  • Position the base with 50cm of clearance on each side and 100cm in front of it.
  • Place a vacuum cleaner on the station. If you have done everything correctly, the lights on top of it will flash.
  • The battery is charged and ready to use when the LED on the robot is lit and not blinking. Press the power button.

Charge level below 20% is shown by a red light, less than 50% is shown by a yellow light, and a white LED lights up when there is enough charge.

Mi Robot’s size allows it to drive under the bed.

How to set up the app for the robot vacuum cleaner

How to control the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner through your phone is a question that almost every Mi Robot owner wonders about. There is a special Xiaomi app through which you can set the cleaning schedule and other parameters of the home assistant.

  • Download the Mi Home app for Android or iOS.
  • After launching the program, select a server. It’s best to specify Europe, the US or Singapore, as some options are blocked on Chinese servers.
  • Log in to your account or register.
  • At Add Device, select Mi Robot from the list.
  • On the vacuum cleaner, press the button with the house icon and hold it for at least 5 seconds until the beep. It tells you that your device has successfully connected to the app.
  • Select Mi Robot again and specify your home Wi-Fi network.
  • Set the robot’s main location, such as the Living Room, and complete the setup.

Having done these manipulations, you will be able to control the vacuum cleaner through the app, even when you are not at home.

MiJia 1C (white) is thinner than the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P (black), and goes under almost any furniture.

How to clean the sensors on a robot vacuum cleaner

If your assistant began to drive close to the furniture, bumping into it or other objects, it indicates the need for inspection and cleaning of the sensors. No matter how perfectly clean the surface of the floor, but over time, not only the device itself, but also its sensors get dirty. And the latter can collect a surprisingly thick layer of dust, which prevents the normal operation of the device. In this case, the sensors robotic vacuum cleaner Xiaomi or any other, you need to clean.

The procedure is simple, but requires care. Many users are limited to wiping the body in places where sensors are installed with a dry and soft cloth. These tips are often found online.

Warning! Wipe the camera lens with extreme care and without effort. Also do not use chemicals.

However, such a procedure does not always help, because in the front elements are installed behind the protective glass and to clean them, you must remove the bumper itself. It is in the gap between the panel and the body gets a lot of dust. In this case, you must remove the front plate, remembering to disconnect the connector, and carefully clean the windows and the sensors themselves of dust. Use a vacuum cleaner and a soft brush. When the dust is removed, reassemble.

If after the work done the gadget is still badly oriented in space, hitting the walls and in general all its behavior indicates problems in the work, it is worth to ask for help to the service center. Most likely there is a problem with the sensors themselves which need checking or maybe replacing. This is not a job for the average user.

Cleaning the sensors on the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner. a necessary measure for the normal operation of the device, which can be done by anyone without seeking outside help. Check the sensors at least once a month, maybe less, depending on how dirty your floor is and how often you clean it.

How to clean a cleaning robot vacuum cleaner

Models for wet cleaning work with a microfiber nozzle. Wipe soaks up liquids, wipes surfaces, mops the floor and collects dirty water. The robot is cleaned after each cleaning cycle.

Clean reservoir, drip tray

Press latches, pull container toward you, disconnect from robot. Drain through the neck to empty the liquid. Fill dirty water compartment halfway, close, shake. Open, pour water out. Close both lids tightly, put them back. After each cleaning empty the drip tray, once a month. wash with running water, wipe thoroughly dry.

Fill clean tank with filtered water without adding detergents. This will reduce the risk of deposits in the supply system.

Cleaning sponge for wet cleaning

Press side holder clips, pull, remove sponge from velcro. Rinse with water, dry out, put back in. Replace sponge every 3 to 6 months. In heavy use, as it wears out.

clean, robot, vacuum, cleaner, xiaomi

If the sponge does not get wet when you clean, the rubber gasket (between the tank and the groove where it is installed) is likely to clog. Check the sponge for dirt, clean it with a damp cloth.

Cleaning cloth, plate

Care for components after each use. Contaminants can get into the filter, impairing cleaning efficiency. A nozzle that is too dirty will make it difficult for the robot vacuum to glide across the floor.

Do not install wet parts. Wet sponge will ruin the flooring if left in contact for long periods of time. Water fumes will cause fogging of optical sensors, oxidation of the electronic board. Change wipes after 50 washings.

clean, robot, vacuum, cleaner, xiaomi


Nozzle requires no maintenance. In practice, clogs occasionally occur due to the use of dirty water. If the nozzle is clogged, it is advisable to call the service center.


Remove filter, rinse with warm water and put back in place. Proceed gently, without effort. Make sure that the consumable is positioned correctly.

Robot vacuum cleaner cleanser

Heavy soiling of the cloths can be removed with detergents, water temperature 30-40°C. After washing, rinse product well with running water to remove excess cleaning solution. Be careful not to use harsh chemicals. Do not use formulas with abrasive particles, do not use glass cleaners, products with m oils.

Dishwashing gel

Dissolve 2-3 drops of gel in 1 liter of water. Wash the cloth until the dirt is completely removed. Rinse under the faucet, wring out. Make sure there is no foam, no residue. Leave to dry at room temperature.

All-purpose cleaners, detergents

Choose a multi-purpose liquid detergent without bleach or chlorine. Dilute 2 ml of concentrate in 1 liter of water. Wash the garment. Rinse thoroughly, leave to dry. Can use a detergent solution for hand washing by following the directions on the packaging.

Mild detergents

Gentle gel formulas retain structure, microfiber properties. Dilute the concentrate with water in the desired proportion. Soak cloth for 5 to 10 minutes, then wash. After rinsing, leave to dry and use as directed.

clean, robot, vacuum, cleaner, xiaomi

Recommend cleaning the rest of the robot vacuum cleaner with plain water, even if the robot accidentally spills ketchup or mayonnaise. Plastic parts can be cleaned with a plastic cleaner.

How to start setting up the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Charging the vacuum cleaner

First, find a suitable place for the docking station. It must stand on a flat area against the wall so that there is at least half a meter of free space on the sides of the station and a meter near the front. There must be no obstacles in its path so that the vacuum cleaner can return to the base without any problem. Also make sure the station is in a good Wi-Fi reception area and out of direct sunlight. Take the docking station in your hands, open the lid on the back and unwind the cord to the desired distance. Do not re rewind the cord to excessive lengths as the vacuum cleaner may become trapped in the cord while in motion, disabling the docking station. Tuck the excess cord into the slot under the cover. Plug the unit into the mains supply.On the top panel of the cleaner, press and hold the power button until the light ring is lit (represented by a glowing oval). After that, press the vacuum cleaner with the contacts on its side to the contacts of the charging station. By the color of the indicator you can determine to what extent it is charged. White indicates more than half of the charge, yellow indicates around 20-50%, and red indicates less than 20%. If the vacuum cleaner is discharged, you cannot turn it on, so you just need to hold it against the docking station.The ring light will blink white while charging. When charging is complete, it will light up with a steady light. Before your first cleaning, be sure to charge the robot vacuum cleaner.

Робот-пылесос Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner спустя полгода. Техническое обслуживание.

Connecting the Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner to your phone

To start cleaning your apartment robot vacuum cleaner you just need to press the appropriate button on its body. But you can run and control the vacuum cleaner through a mobile app. To do this, download the Mi Smart Home app from the App Store or Google Play, install it and open. If you do not have an account, create one and accept all the suggested conditions and settings. If you have trouble creating an account, sign up through Make sure your cleaner is charged before pairing. Press the Rainbow into the charging station. On the mobile app, tap “Add a device” and choose the name of your vacuum cleaner from it, or search for your device among those nearby. Your cleaner will now pair with your phone and you will see the top light under the front cover flashing. Slow blinking indicates waiting for connection, fast. connection to the phone, continuous light. Wi-Fi connection established.Once the pairing is complete, the mobile app will ask you for your Wi-Fi network name and password. If the connection is successful, your robot vacuum cleaner icon will appear on the app’s main screen. If it doesn’t connect, make sure you have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS turned on. Also try changing the region (changes in the settings section). Sometimes it helps to reset the Wi-Fi, which involves pressing and holding both buttons on top of the vacuum cleaner until the voice command. Slow blinking of the indicator light will indicate a successful reset. Other options for solving the problem: reboot the phone, update the application, update the firmware, change the plug-in.

Preparing the apartment

Before you start cleaning, remove cords and foreign objects that could break, fall, or entangle the robot vacuum cleaner. Pay special attention to valuable items that may be damaged by collisions with the vacuum cleaner. Pick up small objects from the floor which can be pulled into it. If there are areas you do not want the vacuum cleaner to reach, use virtual barriers, special magnetic tapes (sold separately). They should be taped tightly around areas where the appliance might get stuck, fall, or that are not to be cleaned. Otherwise the tapes may shift and prevent the robot from penetrating into the unwanted area.

The first start

To start the machine, just press the power button on the top panel briefly. The first time you clean, we recommend that you accompany the vacuum cleaner everywhere and help it cope with small difficulties. That way you can help the vacuum cleaner in the future to cope with them on its own. To pause cleaning, just press any button on the Vacuum Cleaner.

How to make Mi Vacuum Cleaner speak Russian

With the Russian language in the management of the robotic vacuum cleaner Vacuum Cleaner should not be a problem, since the application Mi Smart Home comes in Russian. If you do not, please update the app. But how do you make a machine speak Russian instead of learning dozens of unfamiliar Chinese phrases?? Here’s how to install the Russian voice packs.

Full cleaning

As soon as you start cleaning the robotic vacuum cleaner, it will start scanning the room with its built-in sensors, go around its perimeter and set the boundaries. If the room is big, Mi Vacuum Cleaner will divide it into zones and clean each zone by zigzagging from wall to wall. To completely cover the area, the vacuum cleaner goes over it twice. When it has finished cleaning, the unit will return to the base by itself. If for some reason he can not find the base, then returns to the point at which he began cleaning. If you have to stop vacuuming right away, just press the Home button and it will return to the Home Base.

Partial cleaning

What to do if you don’t want to clean the whole room, but just want to remove, for example, the trash under the table? For this purpose, it uses partial (local) cleaning. the robot will clean an area of 1.5 x 1.5 meters around itself. You activate this mode by long-pressing the Home button from the Home button’s standby state (when you hit any button after starting a vacuum cleaner and thus pause it). When partial cleaning is complete, the robot will return to its original position and stop working. If you pause the partial cleaner, it will stop working.

Cleaning Modes

What to do before each vacuuming

Before starting any of the cleaning modes described below, review the room and remove any items from the floor that could be hurt by the moving robot vacuum cleaner. It’s not just small things that can get sucked into it, but also things that can fall off when the vacuum cleaner hits, fragile, valuable, and other things. Remove things that can get caught in the vacuum cleaner (wires, ribbons, etc.). д.). It also doesn’t hurt to get barriers. They will help you limit the areas you don’t want the vacuum cleaner to go into.

First cleaning

It will be the same as a normal vacuum cleaner, except you’ll want to keep an eye on the vacuum cleaner and help it in tight situations. This will help the robot clean without assistance in the future.

Xiaomi Mijia Self-Cleaning Robot Vacuum-Mop Pro �� НЕУЖЕЛИ ТОПОВЫЙ МОЙЩИК? | ОБЗОР И ТЕСТ ��

Normal Cleaning

To start basic cleaning mode, just briefly press the power button. The robot vacuum cleaner will walk the perimeter of the room, scan it and draw a map. If the room is big, it will divide it into zones and clean each of them separately. Each area is moved in a serpentine pattern from one wall to the next. If it only takes 10 minutes to clean, it will go over the same area a second time. The appliance will dock itself when it has finished cleaning.The vacuum may not have enough power to clean the entire house. In this case, it will go to the charging station, recharge to the required level, return to the point where it interrupted its work, and continue cleaning until its completion. If you need to pause cleaning, press any button on the vacuum. You can resume the process by a short press of the power button. To stop cleaning immediately from pause mode, press the button to return to the station. But do not forget that in this case, the cleaning of the whole house will stop.

Partial cleaning

You can not make the vacuum cleaner to clean the whole room or the house, but a small area where there is trash. Press the button for Partial Clean while unit is paused. The cleaner will clean the central area of the room one and a half meters by one and a half meters. That, of course, will stop the main cleaning job, so you have to restart it if necessary.

Wet mopping

Before wet cleaning rooms, fill the wet-cleaning container with water and close the lid. Insert the mop (cloth) into the groove in the container and secure it to the container with Velcro. Moisten the mop with water and insert the mop pad into the appropriate grooves on the vacuum cleaner. This type of cleaning is not recommended to run when no one is home. In order to clean more effectively, it is advisable to rinse the mop every half an hour and wash it properly at the end of cleaning. Pause the vacuum cleaner before rinsing the mop.If your docking station is on a wooden floor, place a waterproof mat near the station to prevent damage from the wet bottom of the vacuum cleaner. Also note that the vacuum cleaner operates only with clean water (filtered water is recommended). Adding even small amounts of detergent to the wet-cleaning tank can damage the filters.

End brushes

Side brushes are spinning while cleaning and shed hair and hair on top of them. To clean them, you need to unscrew them from the housing with a Phillips head screwdriver. On modern devices, the brooms are attached by a latch and are easy to remove by pulling up. Carefully cut the hair from the brushes, wipe off the dust from the brushes and put them back. Perform the manipulation as needed, about once a week.

Cleaning the wheels of your robot vacuum cleaner

For smooth operation of the device, it is important to know how to clean the front wheel of the robot vacuum cleaner and the side leading. Take care of them as they get dirty. The swivel roller is removed from the housing for dusting. To do this, press the axle with force. After the procedure is complete, re-install the wheel in the same manner. To clean the side wheels, turn the appliance upside down and then push down on them to remove any debris that has accumulated under the running gear.

Replacing consumables

Some parts of the robot vacuum cleaner require periodic replacement. Filter and brushes have a lifespan that is gradually exhausted. The rate of wear depends on the type of flooring, the amount of furniture with sharp corners, and the intensity of use of the unit.

The mobile app indicates the life of each consumable. it is calculated in hours:

When the notice about the need to replace the accessories appears, you need to assess their condition: perhaps the program was rushed, and the consumable can still serve you.

But the opposite situation can also happen, when the accessories wear out before the mobile app shows. A visual inspection should show whether the brushes or filter need replacing: the filter should be intact and the brushes should be flat.

Basic rules

The text of the instruction manual of the device describes the detailed characteristics and rules of care:

  • Every time you finish cleaning, clean the device from debris. take out the containers, wipe them down. Remove coiled hair, dust and lint from the brushes.
  • Rinse the aquafilter and containers under running water and then dry them before reinserting them.
  • Clean the water sprayer every year, removing dust particles.
  • Carefully check the appearance and the correct installation of the accessories before turning it on.

Consult the instructions for use for detergents, t.к. Depends on the model. If the robot only moistens the floor, then water is enough.

What water can be used

Bad water can quickly bring the unit out of operation, especially if there is an electronic mechanism for liquid supply. For example, Robot Vacuum Mop or Mijia LDS, where the microfiber wetting is controlled remotely from your smartphone.

Specialists recommend using purified or distilled water, not tap water. Even after boiling, such liquid retains coarse particles, sand, dirt and biological debris. Bottled mineral (still) or purified (filtered) water is suitable.

Use of detergents

Manufacturers, especially Chinese companies, indicate in the instructions the possibility of adding cleaning agents. Allowed:

It is important to clean the container with water and inspect the delivery mechanism after each cleaning procedure, otherwise the product residue will accumulate inside, deteriorating the work, and then spread an unpleasant smell.

What happens if you add detergents

For the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner, you can take one of the following safe and at the same time effective means:

  • Topperr phosphate-free shampoo is safe for the vacuum cleaner and the flooring. The product is universal. The key is to remember the proportions, t.к. Increased amount results in high foam production. Suitable for any appliance with wet scrubbing ability.
  • Magic Power. effectively deals with dirt, fungus and destroys unpleasant odors. Does not require a defoamer, t.к. little foaming.
  • Thomas ProTex M All-Purpose Shampoo. can be used on floors and carpets, upholstered furniture and PVC surfaces.

Often manufacturers themselves put a safe detergent with the device. The user of the site Woman emphasized, before buying should check the compatibility of the device with various other shampoos, when the proprietary will run out.

If the tool is used carelessly, the vacuum cleaner can break. the abundant foam clogs the liquid delivery mechanisms, gets into other parts.



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