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How to clean a ceramic cooktop

How and what to clean a glass-ceramic cooktop in 2021

Despite the fact that ceramic cooktops have been on the market relatively recently, today you can see them in many kitchens. It is on them experienced housewives create their best culinary recipes. However, when working in the kitchen, you can’t do without dirt. Boiling milk can always run away, broth spills out or flour just spills out.

All this leaves stains, stains and other dirt on a smooth, clean surface. Of course, they need to be eliminated so that the kitchen looks perfect. But not every housewife knows how to clean a glass ceramic hob from burnt grease and carbon deposits without leaving a scratch. So here are some useful tips that will allow you to cope with the task quickly and perfectly.

Maintenance instructions

We should immediately note that this cooktop is very functional and easy to use, but, unfortunately, it is too vulnerable to various types of damage. Even the slightest fingerprints and dust are very visible on it, not to mention oil and accidentally spilled liquids. To ensure that cleaning the glass ceramic does not become a real ordeal for you, try to clean it every day after cooking. In this case you just need a sponge or a microfibre cloth and a cleaning agent. Often housewives use glass cleaner for this purpose.

The following rules should be followed when cleaning the hob:

  • Always disconnect the electrical power supply before cleaning. These stoves have a touch panel and, in order to accidentally turn on the burners during cleaning and not to get burned, so that there is no short circuit when in contact with water, it is better to protect yourself and others;
  • Do not clean before the panel has cooled down (you can get burns on your hands, moreover, cracks may appear from the temperature drop on the glass ceramic);
  • Use a special product designed for cleaning glass ceramic surfaces;
  • Do not use for cleaning hard sponges, knives, brushes and other objects that can damage the surface;
  • After cleaning, you must dry and polish the panel with a soft cloth.

Never wait for the glass ceramic hob surface to become very dirty: it is better to remove spots immediately so that you can save time and effort when cleaning.

To avoid scratches on the panel, use cookware with a flat bottom, without cracks and chips. Otherwise it will be impossible to get rid of scratches on the surface of the hob.

Stove care products

If you have already purchased a glass-ceramic miracle, then it is useful to know what tools will help you in the proper care of the capricious helper. Keep a close eye on the diameter of your cookware in which you cook. These must correspond to the diameter of the burners. Fat and salt splashes during cooking leave stains and streaks, so you need to wipe the hob immediately after you finish cooking.

To clean and wash this type of hob you need to buy

  • Silicone or rubber scrapers with removable blades, only such devices can clean heavy dirt without damaging the delicate surface.
  • Detergents in the form of pastes or gels, since abrasive products scratch ceramics.
  • Separate soft sponges and rags that you won’t use to wash other surfaces.
  • A glass or mirror cleaner, you can replace it with ammonia. You’ll need it to polish the plate after you wash it.

Cleaning a glass ceramic hob

Stoves with glass ceramic surface look great in the interior of the kitchen. Beautiful appearance in many ways plays a decisive role when choosing a new stove for the kitchen. In addition to the stylish design, the glass ceramic surface has practical advantages. Cookware on it heats evenly and quickly, and the worktop itself is convenient and easy enough to take care of, although there are peculiarities. Attractive appearance of the device imposes restrictions on the choice of cleaning agents. To learn how to clean a glass ceramic stove without harming its surface, you can read this material.

What to clean a stove with a glass-ceramic surface

Glass ceramic is a fragile material and requires careful handling, so the housewives are faced with the question of how to clean such a hob without damaging the surface, and what detergents are better to use.

  • To remove stains from the cooking surface of glass ceramic use soft wipes, rags and melamine sponges. For serious soiling, you’ll need a special plastic scraper. In no case can it be replaced by a knife, a metal brush or a blade.
  • Grease and dirt cannot be removed from the plate without using a normal scouring powder. In hardware stores you can find special means for cleaning glass ceramics (the packaging should have the appropriate information). Usually a creamy substance without abrasive additives.
  • You can also use a window cleaner. this liquid gives shine to products made of glass ceramic, cleaning them from streaks.

But it’s not just store-bought chemicals that are good for fighting stains. What else you can clean your glass ceramic hob with? These means are considered the most effective and safest:

  • baking soda. The main rule is not to use dry, otherwise you will spoil the surface. To get rid of stubborn stains, you need to mix baking soda with water to a paste-like state, apply the mixture to the dirty surface, wait 10-15 minutes, and then begin cleaning.

This affordable and cheap remedy will remove the stain neatly, and will also help to remove the unpleasant smell from burnt food. If the baking soda alone is not enough, add lemon juice to the mixture.

  • Vinegar. Mix the acid with water in a 1:1 ratio and apply the solution to the hob. Use a spray gun to evenly distribute the product over the surface. After 3 to 5 minutes you need to gently sweep off any grease or food debris and wipe the surface with a clean cloth.

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If the dirt is fresh, these measures are sufficient. Repeat the cleaning process two to three times to remove any encrustation or grease.

Our editorial recommendations for glass ceramic care and stain removal

It is not enough to stock up on special agents, materials and tips, it is important to correctly apply in practice the method which is most suitable for the particular type of contamination.

How to remove stubborn stains and soiling

Stale stains and soot pose a particular risk to delicate coverings. Plaque can damage the structure and cause microcracks. That is why the dirt must be removed immediately. But if this happens, a special scraper and one of the following compounds will help:

What to do if the milk is burnt

If the milk escaped on the stove, it must be removed immediately before it burns. Cured crust will be much harder to clean, in addition, the coating will leave a dark mark. The following remedies have proven to be the most effective:

Cleaning small parts

Many housewives ask what to wash pens with. If they come off, they can be cleaned with a normal dishwashing solution and a sponge. For more stubborn dirt a special solution can be helpful.

  • Grate soap on a grater.
  • Dilute the chips with warm water in the ratio of 1 to 2 and mix until completely dissolved.
  • Place the handles in the solution and leave for about half an hour.
  • Remove dirt with a sponge and wash parts.

For hard-to-remove dirt you need to boil the parts for 5 minutes in a solution of 2 tablespoons of vinegar and 1,000 ml of water.

Restore shine and protect from future dirt

To restore the coating and give it a glossy shine manufacturers produce special compositions with silicone. You can also use folk recipes, such as vegetable or baby oil, petroleum jelly, and glycerin.

  • Apply a thin layer of a protective composition on the washed and dry hob.
  • Rub in the solution delicately using a soft cloth in a circular motion.

What must not be done?

Do not clean glass ceramic hobs:

  • With hard sponges and other abrasive devices, including old rags. they have long accumulated various contaminants that can leave scratches.
  • Aggressive chemicals that contain alkali.
  • Irregular. Regular maintenance is what makes your stove look great and last for a long time.

How to choose a stove care product

Cleaners for glass ceramic are sold in any store: for daily care, you can buy any popular brand, such as Cillit Bang, Sanita, Shumanit. It is important that the product does not contain abrasives.

But ordinary products can’t cope with old stains. Pay attention to products from manufacturers of appliances: Electrolux, Indesit, Miele, Korting. It’s good if it contains silicone: it will help create an invisible protective layer on the panel and give it a shiny appearance.

Beware: oven detergents should not be used for cleaning glass ceramic hobs. They contain aggressive ingredients that can damage the hob.

To remove deposits, use the special scraper. The tool consists of a metal blade and a plastic base. The blade is mounted at an angle. this enables effective cleaning without damaging the surface. Also equip yourself with foam sponges and microfiber cloths.

Cleaning the glass ceramic hob with industrial detergents

Instead of improvised means, detergents produced by industrial companies can be used. Manufacturers offer specialized products that were developed specifically for cleaning vitrified clay. If you cannot find them on the market, you can use a glass cleaner or melamine sponge. The order of use of each option has its own features, which are worth familiarizing yourself with.

Cleaning with specialized products

Compounds designed for cleaning glass ceramic surfaces, developed with the requirements for such materials. They do not contain abrasive particles that can damage the surface. That said, they’re even good for taking care of those stubborn stains.

Most specialized products contain silicone which forms a protective layer on the surface. This facilitates the process of subsequent maintenance. The stove is easier to clean, and the dirt adheres to its surface much worse.

Before using a specialized product, carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions. It contains detailed instructions on how to apply the product. Manufacturers offer such products in the form of pastes, gels, creams, sprays, emulsions or lotions. After cleaning, the tiles should be thoroughly rinsed with plenty of water. If you do not do this, at high temperature chemical residues will begin to corrode the glass ceramic.

With a large variety of specialized means is particularly popular household chemicals released under the trademarks Sanita, Top House, SanitaR, “Shumanit”, Dr. Beckmann and several others.

Cleaning products for cleaning mirrors and glass

Cleaning agents for glasses and mirrors perfectly cope with this task. To do this, the product is sprayed on a fully cooled cooktop and left on for some time. The surface is then completely cleaned and polished with a dry cloth or sponge.

How to clean the hob with a melamine sponge

Melamine sponge is great for ceramic plate care. It has no harmful effect. Before use, the sponge is soaked in water and then wiped clean. As a result, all stains can be easily removed. After that you only need to rinse the hob with clean water and wipe it dry.



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