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How to choose the right electric fireplace for an apartment

How to choose an electric fireplace. devices evaluating and rating of the most popular models

It is understandable that such devices are evaluated when choosing by any specific parameters that you need to know before going to the store. It is this issue that the real publication is dedicated to. Namely: how to choose an electric fireplace. sequence evaluation criteria and rating of the most popular models. Electric fireplace in the apartment why it is needed? This question is easiest to answer []

Published: Evgeny Afanasyev updated: 19.12.2019

It is understandable that such devices are evaluated when choosing by any specific parameters that you need to know before going to the store. It is this issue that the real publication is dedicated to. Namely: how to choose an electric fireplace. sequence evaluation criteria and rating of the most popular models.

Rating of the best electric fireplace

Nomination place Name of product price
The best built.in electric fireplace one Realflame 3d Firestar 33 45 990 ₽
2 Electrolux EFP/W-1200urls 14 000 ₽
3 Royal Flame Space 2 15 900 ₽
The best fastener electric firewood one Dimplex Symphony 30 portal Sheffield 31 900 ₽
3 Realflame Lucca 25 WT Firefield 25 S IR 34 550 ₽
4 Royal Flame Majestic FX Dublin portal 20 300 ₽
The best floor electric firewood one Electrolux EFP/C.-1000RC 17 599 ₽
2 Dimplex Nyman 11 900 ₽
3 Realflame Pluton 10 290 ₽
The best suspended electric firewood one Dimplex Modern SP16 59 900 ₽
2 Electrolux EFP/W-1250ULS 16 000 ₽

Built.in models have become especially popular due to the fact that they successfully fit into any design solutions. Electric fires can often be seen in the niches of the walls. They are built into the cabinets under TV, tables, cabinets and other furniture. Recently, models with a bar and shelves for wine have become common. The main plus of the built.in type is the saving of free space in the room and giving multifunctionality to things, which were first supposed to decorate the interior.

Realflame 3d Firestar 33

The first place in this category is occupied by an electric fireplace, which most realistic produces the effect of the hearth. This is due to the special technology of 3D imitation, while the height of the flame can be adjusted using the control panel. The effect of shit of coal occurs due to 7 halogen lamps. Model size: 68,287,030.5 cm. It looks great in a large spacious room and in a standard living room.

The maximum power is 1,500 watts, this allows you to heat an area of ​​up to 30 square meters.m. Using 2 modes, the user at his discretion sets the desired temperature. In the case of overheating, a protective function is provided, and the electric fireplace will automatically turn off when such a situation occurs.

Many buyers noted that thanks to external execution in black, the electrician looks very stylish. The built.in steam generator creates the effect of smoke and helps maintain optimal humidity in the room.


  • realistic effect of living fire;
  • Suitable for embedding in standard portals;
  • control using the remote control;
  • 2 heating power: 0.75 and 1.5 kW;
  • sound imitation of firewood;
  • Auto shutdown when overheating.

Electrolux EFP/W-1200urls

The second place in the rating goes to the electric fireplace from the famous Electrolux brand. Created using innovative technologies in modern design, it will become a decoration of any interior. The rounded shape and large width give the model of sophistication, and the ultra.thin depth allows the focus into any furniture or niche. The manufacturer offered 4 colors to choose from, which is an undoubted plus for buyers.

The case is made of wood.fiber plate, inside is lined with heat.resistant metal tiles. Thanks to this design, the risk of a burn is excluded, and you can be calm for households, especially for young children. Imitation of flame and heating mode do not depend on each other, but if desired, you can combine these two functions.

Buyers allocated a modern external performance, a realistic picture of a fire, its sound imitation, the ability to change the modes using a remote control control.


  • Realistic REAL FIRE Fire;
  • instant heating of the room;
  • brightness adjustment;
  • decorative mode and heating are independent of each other;
  • function “crackling of firewood”;
  • Safe use.

Royal Flame Space 2

The electric fireplace in ultramodern design will perfectly fit into various stylistic directions of the interior, especially in modern and high-tech. Royal Flame has created a model that will enjoy a realistic image of the hearth and change types of highlights in its mood.

The back wall has 3 color regimes. The hearth is highlighted by 10 different shades. The remote control will help, without getting up from the couch, change any settings. Flipers of stones are used as decorative fuel.

According to the reviews of the electrician, I liked the external performance. The case is made of high.tech plastic, which is very durable and resistant to damage. Black glossy panel looks very stylish and modern. A realistic effect is added using LED technology, which converts the flame into sparks. Many liked that the fireplace included in the rating can not only be built, but also hang on the wall, and all fasteners are included in the set.


  • a large selection of the light and walls;
  • remote control in the kit;
  • quick heating of the premises;
  • stylish design;
  • realistic visual effect;
  • economical electricity consumption.

The method of installation of the fireplace

There are at least four options for installing electric fireplace:

  • Separately as a position. Such a fireplace is installed close to the wall right on the floor. This is one of the most popular designs, since there is no mounting for its installation. Basets lead the rating of electric fireplaces and make up almost 60 % of all sold models sold.
  • Wall. Such fireplaces are attached to the wall using brackets. Due to this installation, you can free up space on the floor. However, it is worth considering that heating will be carried out only at the level at which we will hang the device (we will not warm our legs, since hot air goes up). Also, wall options may not be suitable for everyone, because in principle we are used to seeing the fireplace on the floor, not on the walls. But if the suspended structure is the best option for you, you can take, for example, Electrolux EFP/W-20000S with sound accompaniment and remote control.
  • Built.in. Here the device is completely mounted in a pre.prepared niche in the wall. Thanks to this, there is a lot of space in the room. On the other hand, the installation of such an unit is not simple and requires temporary and cash costs. One of the most popular built.in electric fireplace is the Royal Flame Vision 60 FX model with imitation of flame, sound effects and heating area up to 20 m 2.
  • Angular. These are, in principle, the same prefix models, only with an angular structure. Sometimes angular accommodation is the most optimal of practical reasons, when there is a place in the corner and I do not want to occupy some other space. Some models have a mobile rear wall, which when folding becomes flat, and the fireplace can simply be pulled to a regular wall. The cool option is the Real Flame Stone corner fireplace with the remote control. By the way, a discount on Yandex Market is now in effect.

How to choose a home.based fireplace according to the installation method? If you have the opportunity to cut a niche in the wall or there is a place in the corner, take a built.in or corner model. If you do not want to bother with the installation, then it is better to buy a floor with an electric fireplace, of which there are a huge set for every taste and wallet.

Basic criteria

If we consider the question of how to choose an electric fireplace exclusively within the framework of certain criteria, then the following series of properties can be distinguished:

  • The size of the entire structure. The choice of the dimensions of the electric fireplace should be made from the size of a particular room in which it will be installed. It is important to observe visual proportions, for large rooms to look for large, massive and lush devices, for small ones. small ones.
  • Portal style. The appearance of the entire product should be suitable for the style of room design. It is also advisable to take into account the color scheme. In this case, the interior will be harmonious, balanced with a clearly expressed accent.
  • Decoration Materials. The material from which the portal can be made can be different, wood, wood.fiber slab, polyurethane are actively used, gypsum, stone, ceramics, and marble are less often used. The worst option will be a framing of plastic, unnatural and not the highest quality material, which when heated can evaporate harmful substances.
  • Device control. It is very good if the device has flexible opportunities to set up its work. For example, regulation of heating levels, an increase in the intensity of fire, its brightness, flame height, sound level.
  • The power of the device. This parameter is important if the system is equipped with a heating function. For normal heat transfer, a power of about 1.5-2.5 kW is required. At the same time, it is important what quality you have in the house, whether it can hold such loads. If the device is used exclusively as a decorative element, this criterion can be omitted. In this case, the device becomes a truly energy-saving.
  • Sound accompaniment. Most devices have a sound series, but there are models where such functionality is installed additionally, if desired. It is very good if the device has a USB through which you can control the sound, for example, turn on fire burning, wind rustling, water bursts or music.
  • The ability to use flavors. Some devices make it possible to generate a certain smell, which, as you know, is directly related to burning firewood. In principle, the smell can be any that you install.
  • Air moisture.Electric fireplaces with a steam generator allow you to additionally moisturize the air in the room, which is very convenient. For the house outside the city, such functionality is not so necessary, but for small city apartments with unregulated heating is very useful.

It makes no sense to recommend any specific manufacturers, since at present a large number of companies produces quite high-quality devices. At the same time, it should be understood that the cost of a normal device cannot be minimal. In addition, often for a complete set you have to buy additional accessories. To create a good hearth in the house, a certain budget will be required, and this must be understood.

Having understood what an electric fireplace is, having learned the main criteria for its choice, you will certainly select a suitable option for home use. A home hearth of this level will bring Stihl to your house, warmth and comfort. At the same time, the understanding is that your focus of a props will be present, but the fact that it works autonomously and does not require special care will definitely set you up in the most positive way.

Fire imitation technology in an electric fireplace

  • Stripes fluctuations. Usually strips are made of tapes or foils. This visualization looks natural only from the distance. Close to you will immediately notice a fraud, but are most affordable in price.
  • Project on the monitor. more vividly convey the effect of fire and smoke. In addition, they are often equipped with the sound effect of cracking of firewood. But the observation eye will notice the cyclicity of the image. But if the spectacle is tired, you can make it less bright or take a remote control and change the picture, for example, to the image of aquarium fish.

If the power is 1 kW, do not wait for it to warm the air in the apartment. The main function of such equipment is decor. If you want to use it as a heating device, choose models with a capacity of at least 1.5 kW.

Attention! If you have chosen a model of 2 kV, find out if it corresponds to the maximum permissible load on the network in your house. Before connecting, check the quality of the wiring.

Connection and heat transfer

As the name implies, electric fireplaces work from the mains.

Devices without the heating mode are considered decorative and consume very little electricity. There are no questions with them, so let’s talk about fireplaces with a heating function.

The electric fireplace can hardly act as the main source of heating in the room. If you want to purchase it in a country house for heating, then make sure that your home is quite insulated by itself.

The standard rated power of the heating fireplace is usually 2000 watts. To create a comfortable temperature, the room uses a calculation. 100 watts of power per 1 sq/m of the room, but this is in theory, in fact, everything is somewhat more prosaic.

Firstly, if with the help of heating radiators you can heat a room of any area, simply choosing the right number of sections, then in electric fireplace this value is fixed, so you will not work to disperse into a large room. Secondly, other factors, such as the installed furniture and total temperature in the room, affect the heat transfer. Based on this, the electric fireplace is best used only as an auxiliary heater.

As a heating element, both a regular heating element (metal tube) and source of infrared heat can act, which is used in more modern electric fireplace. If the fireplaces with hets can only warm the air in the room, then infrared radiation also affects nearby objects, accelerating the warming up of the room. And it is completely safe for health.

Often there are silent fans inside the electric fireplace, which drive heated air through the room, creating convection and providing uniform heating.

As for the power of the electric fireplace, it is better to prepare it in advance in the form of a separate wiring with a large section.

Interflame Panoramic 26 Led 3D

Interflame Panoramic 26 Led 3D

Living Room Transformation. TV Firewall. Fireplace Makeover

A laconic and inexpensive model of a built.in fireplace with a heating element in the form of an incandescent thread. The power of the device is 2000 watts, this is enough to heat the room up to 20 square meters. m. The external case and the firebox are made of steel, there is a living flame and the ability to adjust its level. To control, it is proposed to use the remote control, is installed in a previously prepared in the niche in the wall, the weight of the structure is estimated at 12 kg.

  • The type of fireplace. built.in.
  • Power, Tue. 2000.
  • Remote control. remote control.
  • Living fire (effect). there is.
  • Adjustment of brightness or flame level. yes, flame level.
  • Width, height, depth. 69.50x46x17 cm.
  • Fireplace weight, kg. 12.
  • small size, laconic design;
  • optimal power level;
  • realism of flame;
  • convenient management;
  • affordable price.

Electrolux EFP/W-1200urls Black G1

Electrolux EFP/W-1200urls Black G1

Electric fireplace of built.in type 2000 watts. Equipped with a black panel panel. Very thin, does not take up much space and has a minimum depth. A patented flame simulation system is used, five flame brightness modes, two heating modes per 1000 and 2000 watts are available, can operate in flame effect mode with minimal energy consumption up to 6 W.

The kit includes two types of decorative fuel in the form of firewood with hand.colored and white stones. The model is supplemented with the sound accompaniment “Cracing the firewood”, the volume of which can be adjusted through the remote control.

choose, right, electric, fireplace, apartment
  • The type of fireplace. built.in.
  • Power, Tue. 2000.
  • Remote control. remote control.
  • Living fire (effect). there is.
  • Adjustment of brightness or flame levels. 5 flames brightness modes.
  • Width, height, depth. 88.50x56x13.50 cm.
  • Fireplace weight, kg. 18.1.
  • shock.resistant glass;
  • several parameters for adjustment;
  • flame mode and heating mode;
  • sound accompaniment;
  • Stylish design and minimal depth.
choose, right, electric, fireplace, apartment

Royal Flame Vision 60 Log Led

Royal Flame Vision 60 Log Led

A more expensive model of a built.in fireplace with a wall structure and the effect of living flame. Has sound accompaniment and remote control for remote control. The power of the model is estimated at 1500 watts. According to the manufacturer, this electric fireplace is suitable for heating a room with an area of ​​up to 30 square meters.

You can adjust the flame level and select the heating mode from two types of power, as well as the volume of the sound track. The black screen made of hardened glass withstands shots and is very easy to care for, helps create a realistic and cozy atmosphere of neighborhood with a living flame.

  • The type of fireplace. built.in.
  • Power, Tue. 1500.
  • Remote control. remote control.
  • Living fire (effect). there is.
  • Adjustment of brightness or flame level. yes, flame level.
  • Width, height, depth. 146 × 42.5 × 21.5 cm.
  • Fireplace weight, kg. 28.1.

Dimplex Revillusion RLG20 Black R1

Dimplex Revillusion RLG20 Black R1

A popular model of an electric fireplace with a capacity of 2000 watts can be used to heat a room with an area of ​​up to 30 kV. meters. This is a built.in model with a steel case and the same firebox, with the possibility of remote control and the effect of living fire. Works in the mode of imitation of fire and two heating modes. at 1000 and 2000 watts. Easily installed, does not require special care. Accompanied by a two.year official guarantee of the manufacturer.

  • The type of fireplace. built.in.
  • Power, Tue. 2000.
  • Remote control. remote control.
  • Living fire (effect). there is.
  • Width, height, depth. 60.30 × 48.20 × 31.70 cm.
  • Fireplace weight, kg. 16.9.

Realflame Lilian Dn Fobos Lux Br S

Realflame Lilian Dn Fobos Lux Br S

Built.in electric fireplace with a capacity of 1600 watts with a portal, the cladding of which is made of natural wood. The control panel is located on the case, the remote control is missing. It can work in flame combustion mode with sound accompaniment and has two levels of heating adjustment. 1000 and 1600 watts. The device has the optimal length of the network cable, simple installation and light care of surfaces, and the design fits perfectly into the classic interior of the apartment or private house.

  • The type of fireplace. built.in.
  • Power, Tue. 1600.
  • Remote control. absent.
  • Living fire (effect). no.
  • Adjustment of brightness or flame level. no.
  • Width, height, depth. 88.50 × 97.50 × 37 cm.

How to choose the right electric fireplace for an apartment, at home

When choosing an electric fireplace, you need to look at several important parameters. The convenience of using the unit will depend on them.

Type of device

For a regular city apartment, it is recommended to choose compact or corner models. It is desirable that the device differs in a small mass and is suitable for rearranging from place to place.

In spacious apartments, dimensional stationary models look good. It should be borne in mind that from electric fireplace to furniture and items of equipment should remain at least 50 cm.


Depending on the model, an electric fireplace can have a power in the range of 500-2000 W. If the device has to be used only for decorative purposes, it is better to choose a smaller indicator. A more powerful fireplace will be able to supplement the heating system, but will spend a lot of energy.

choose, right, electric, fireplace, apartment

Size and shape

For small rooms, corner or suspended models are usually chosen, for spacious rooms. large.format fireplaces with a portal. In any case, the width unit should occupy no more than 1/3 of the wall. It is better to choose a device with a flat screen, in which case it will not interfere with movements.

Production material

Topies of electric fireplaces are most often made of metal and glass, the case is made of high.strength heat.resistant steel. Portals can be made of ceramics, stone or wood.fiber slab. The first two options are considered preferable. they easily wash, keep their shape well, do not absorb moisture.

Attention! In expensive fireplaces, portals are often made of natural marble, granite or sandstone. Such cladding looks very beautiful, but requires careful care.

Remote control

The most convenient fireplaces are considered to be adjusted through the remote control. In them you can remotely configure the temperature and brightness of the backlight, the volume of sound accompaniment and other parameters.

The presence of flavoring

Some models of fireplaces are equipped with special compartments for flavorings. You can use such devices, including to refresh air in the apartment.

Hampton Bay LED Log Set Review: Electric Fireplace with Heater

How to choose the right electric fireplace with a living fire effect

Fireplaces with imitation of living flame are represented mainly by two types. Models can be equipped with a display with an appropriate video or system of diodes, the light of which is reflected from a metal film on the drum.

choose, right, electric, fireplace, apartment

The latest type devices can be selected if you want to see the most convincing imitation. Fire flicker in this case will be noticeable on interior items.

Disadvantages of fireplaces

In addition to the advantages, fireplaces also have flaws that can be kept from the purchase, or at least encourage to think about whether to purchase such a device. Here are some of them:

  • Poor ratio of energy consumption/given heat. The manufacturer indicates that an electric fireplace with its power of 2 kW can heat up to an average of 20 m 2. That is, in a ratio of 1 kW per 10 m 2. In principle, the same ratio acts for heaters. However, electric firewood heats up for much longer, which increases energy consumption. We can say that in the vast majority of cases the electric fireplace will warm the room longer to the desired temperature than a convector or infrared heater in the same power.
  • Small heated area. There is practically no aggregates in the nature of more than 2.4 kW, which means the maximum that they can be heated is 25 m 2. If you have the living room more than these sizes, then the electric fireplace will not be enough for heating, and it is impossible to use it as the only heat source. Dimplex GalveSton currently the most powerful electric fireplace that is on sale is its power of 2.4 kW. However, his cost, like a dozen infrared heaters.

Dimplex Galveston

  • Bad mobility. Because of your dimensions, and often large weight, you do not pull the electric fireplace around the rooms when you need to warm them up. That is, it is extremely inconvenient to use it as a portable heater, so only stationary performance. We make a reservation that there are “kids” type Realflame Dewy, which we wrote about above, which, in principle, can be transported from room to room. But other more overall models for such a goal are not suitable.
  • The noise from the fan. A fan operates in heating mode, which forcedly drives heat to the room. Although it is not as noisy as that of thermal guns, but still a little heard. Someone can annoy it. However, we note that if you use the device only to simulate the flame, then the fan will not turn on, which means that there will be no noise.



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