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How to choose an extension cord for a washing machine

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What can happen if you connect the washing machine through the extension cord

Electricians are categorically against connecting extension cords to large household appliances, since the presence of an intermediate link between the device’s wire and the power grid is dangerous with a short circuit and can cause fire.

However, in many situations it is impossible to do without it, for example, when the washing machine is installed too far from the outlet. Understanding which extension cord is needed and suitable for connecting the washing machine to the network, you can choose the most safe option that will not lead to emergency situations.

Wire length and number of outlets

Remember that the longer the carrying, the greater the voltage losses. For household appliances, the optimal length of the extension cord from 3m to 7m.

At the same time, the load can be connected to them with a capacity of not more than 3.5 kW (up to 16a) at the same time. It depends on the cross.section of the wire.

For more, simply no contacts of sockets are calculated, no matter how thick the wire is.

By the way, a lot of socket nests are needed not to simultaneously connect a large number of devices, but in order not to constantly pull the fork, thereby protecting from loosening the contacts.

Safe operation

The acquired extension cord in some parameters may not comply with the conditions of application. But to change and improve the design of the factory manufacturing is unacceptable. Compliance with the rules for using an electricudist levels the dangers due to the mismatch of the specified characteristics.

It is forbidden to use the extension cord when the parameters of the number of cables of the cable and the cross.section of the wires do not coincide, if they are smaller than necessary by the power of the washing machine.

During operation, the carrying is useful to periodically check by touch the degree of heating of the connecting nodes and wires. The room temperature of the extension elements indicates the absence of malfunctions.

Thus, not every electrical unit is suitable for the washing machine: the design must include a grounding wire, RCD or network filter.

Note that carrying requires neat treatment. it is not recommended to tie them in a knot, twist, cover with any objects. You can not use extension cords in case of malfunction of the outlet, fork or cord, lay them under the carpet, through the threshold. Place the cable at the maximum distance from the floor.

Which extension cord for washing machine

If you can not do without carrying, pay attention to the characteristics. For household appliances, purchase a personal extension cord to which one device can be connected. Choose a ground cable.

choose, extension, cord, washing

Many models of carriers are equipped with a thinner wire than that of the washing machine. They are designed for low power. But too thick cable indicates that the extension cable is intended more for professional use than for household. The extension cord should be designed for 13 amperes. 10 amperes and less will overheat, which makes their use dangerous.

Also attentive to the choice of wire length. It should not be too long so that you can completely expand it. Too long cable will be confused and bend. The optimal length is from three to seven meters. Do not forget that the wire and a portable outlet should pass as high as possible from the floor to eliminate spray and water.

Should an extension cord have an RCD

Many modern extension cords have a built.in de.energization system. This function is called an RCD, that is, a protective shutdown device. The mechanism is triggered during overload. Contrary to the misconceptions of the townsfolk, an extension cord for a washing machine should not have an RCD.

Since the machine is connected not as it should, the system protection system will work incorrectly. Problems and malfunctions can occur at the time of spin and when heating water, since it is during these processes that the machine gives out a peak of power. Most likely, the RCD will not work, or will react with great oozing. With improper operation of household appliances, and through an adapter with a long cable and built.in protection of energy shutdown, accidents may occur. If there is an overload, then the wiring and socket will be the first to light up, so the protection here is also selfless. And besides, if the voltage difference burns the filter and the control board, then the machine itself will turn off.

Remember that the safest way to connect a washing machine is through an outlet with grounding if you have high.quality wiring. In other cases, be extremely careful.

Connecting a washing machine to a socket

If you are going to connect in a socket, then it must be moisture.proof. Also if the machine has a plug with grounding, then the socket must meet these requirements. Here is a circuit for connecting a washing machine to the mains:

The socket must have a high degree of protection. Use the same sockets as when connecting the pump to the mains.

Types of household extension cords

The more sockets in the extension cord, the higher the danger of overheating of the extension cord with its full load

By the type of use, extension cords is customary to classify into portable and stationary; Depending on the structure of the case, they can be collapsible or non.graceful; According to the degree of protection against voltage drops, devices with standard or enhanced protection are distinguished; And finally, depending on power, household or professional “pilots” are distinguished.

Cable control

So that the operation of the washing machine does not present you unpleasant surprises, make sure that the cord does not heat up with which it connects to the mains, as well as a fork or outlet.

Heating these elements can occur for the following reasons:

  • The cross.section of the cable used for wiring was incorrectly selected. As a result, the cable does not withstand the load, which contributes to the heating of the cord of the washing machine;
  • The wiring in the house is incorrectly mounted;
  • Undetrically executed wire connections;
  • Use of low.quality cable.

If the cord of the washing machine is heated, it is advisable to immediately eliminate the malfunction. To do this, determine how heating occurs: the cord is heated completely or only some of its plot. Often only the fork is warming up. This is due to weak contact between the power cord and the socket terminals.

Another reason for heating may be the use of a socket designed for a small current strength, for example, 10 amperes. For the normal functioning of the washing machine and other household equipment of a similar power, an outlet for 16 amperes is required. This also applies to the electrical panel itself in the house. Heating is dangerous in that it can lead to melting the electro.stop, and this, in turn, will cause a short circuit and fire.

If the heating of the cord or fork is detected, also check the cord fastener to the washer itself. Sometimes it happens that the manufacturer, wanting to save, connects a wire with a small section (less than 2.5 mm) to the machine). In this case, it is necessary to replace the cord with a new one with a suitable section. It must also be remembered that the fork must correspond to the outlet. It is impossible to insert a Soviet fork into the euro socket, because due to weak contacts inside the outlet, it will necessarily be heated.

It should be seriously approached by choosing an extension cord, and it is best to abandon it at all. Even high.quality carrying can be heated if it is on the coil. This is due to the fact that the tamped wire heats up faster due to the occurrence of inductance. So that this does not happen, the coil when connecting a powerful electrical appliance is unwound.

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About danger

So why you can’t connect the refrigerator through the extension cord to the outlet? If the carrying does not comply with the requirements specified above, the use of this product can lead to fire. Unfortunately, not everyone knows whether it is possible to connect the refrigerator through the extension cord, and how to do it right. Due to incorrect handling of electrical appliances, dangerous situations arise. If necessary, connect home equipment to the outlet through carrying, you need to take into account the advice of professionals and the requirements for the operation of household appliances.


According to the rules, connect the refrigerator to the outlet using carrying cannot. However, if there is no other way out, you should choose a high.quality extension cord, which will withstand a significant load during the operation of the device. A good choice will be the purchase of a network filter that provides protection against fluctuations in the mains.

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