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How to choose a washing and drying machine

How to choose a washing and drying machine. Bosch WTG86401OE

When choosing a drying machine, you need to pay attention to the type of technique: drying or washing. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of household appliances. If you purchase a washing machine with drying, you can evaluate its suitability. According to experts, the cost of a drying and washing machine is the same. Drying in a linen typewriter is required if you urgently need a thing. If you need to often and quickly change clothes for children or you, if you get wet in the rain and you need to dry the laundry. Washing-drying machines can save money. Modern technique is compact, with a depth: 40-49 cm. This saves time and money, room space. However, this class of household appliances has disadvantages. In what this household appliances loses to dry machines?

A heat pump is used in the drying machine, and washing-sugar is made without a pump. The principle of operation of household appliances with a thermal pump is as follows: warm dry air is pumped inside the drying chamber, absorbs moisture from wet clothing. After that, warm air passes through the evaporator with a refrigerant, where the air temperature decreases. In this case, condensation is formed, which is diverted through drainage or merged into the drive. The air that circulates becomes dry, enters the second circle. This happens until completely dry. This type of drying is called condensation. The temperature does not exceed. 40 degrees. This allows you not to be afraid of the shrinkage of linen, dry delicate things in the typewriter, shoes. If there is a heat pump, you need to select a suitable program, take into account the marking on clothes. Drying with a heat pump is economical. Electricity consumption is less compared to vehicles with a fan-type drying, than in some drying, as well as in washing-drying machines. In the catalog of the online store you can buy a drying machine at an affordable price.

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Rating of the best washing machines with drying. TOP 10

Category place name rating
The best “narrow” washing-drying machines one LG F2T5HG2S nine.7 /10
2 LG F1296CDS3 nine.5 /10
3 Candy CSWS43642DB/2 nine.2 /10
The best washing-drying machines of a standard size (full-sized) one Bosch WNA254XWOE nine.8 /10
2 LG AI DD F4V5VG0W nine.7 /10
3 Electrolux EW8WR261B nine.6 /10
4 HotPoint-Ariston FDD 9640 B nine.5 /10
5 Beko WDW 85636 B3 nine.4 /10
The best built.in washing machines with drying one Electrolux PerfectCare 700 EW7W3R68SI nine.9 /10
2 Smeg LSSTA147S nine.8 /10
The best washing machines with drying function one Bosch WNA254XWOE nine.5 /10


Undoubtedly, the best washing-dry machine among compact. While leading European manufacturers openly ignored the “narrow” format incredibly in demand in the post.Soviet space, the South Korean company really thought about us, offering a full.functional “combine” that does not require a lot of space for installation.

Dimensions: standard width and height, depth on the lid. 45 cm. Loading parameters. 7/4 kg. The asset has traditional LG machine satellites. an inverter engine, direct drive, an algorithm for moving the drum “6 movements of care”. Speed ​​performance indicators: OTL., 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200 rpm. Steam antibacterial steam function is supported.

Main programs. 14. In addition to the classics, you can distinguish such as cotton, fast 30, hypoallergenic and the baby’s clothes with steam, silent. You can remove residual moisture in two ways: on the machine in a combination of washing drying or choosing a separate drying program. Standard, careful modes are available, as well as lightly under the ironing.

choose, washing, drying, machine
  • AI DD technology (intellectual optimization of the cycle in accordance with the type of fabric, load level);
  • Informative touch marking panel;
  • “Smart” control from the smartphone in the LG ThinQ application, self.diagnosis;
  • Supported options. intensive, preferences. washing, rinsing, diving linen;
  • A drum self.cleaning, buttons lock from children.
  • The absence of some programs inherent in ordinary LG washing machines (for example, a down blanket, spots, sports. clothes);
  • Energy consumption class. in.
  • LG AI DD F2V9GC9W. A more advanced and expensive version with Turbowash, class A energy efficiency, the depth of the case 47 cm (on the lid), loading parameters 8.5/5 kg, extended software set, Steam, eco drying

When buying I liked the design, seduced relatively small dimensions. You don’t really go for our bathroom. With further operation, the correctness of the choice was only confirmed: it is erasing the machine perfectly, it does not make noise, it dries normally (for device 2 in 1).

LG F1296CDS3

Continues our rating of the best in 2021 of washing machines with drying again LG, only in relatively budget performance. Characteristics, the design is easier, in comparison with the data of the category leader. So the price tag is completely different. The model is good if the need for drying is great (for example, a young family with young children), but the budget for the purchase of something abruptly does not have enough. Or someone just may not want to overpay for other advanced functions, fundamentally content with small.

It was made by LG F1296CDS3 in white, only the door is finished with chromium, the rotary programmer glitters on the control panel, the display is distinguished by the dark color, the indicators ring. Engine type. inverter, drive. direct. Loading. 6/3 kg. Not bad with spin: 1200, 800, 400 rpm or complete shutdown. Programs. 13. Of these, 9 for washing, including steam cotton, hypoallergenic and baby clothes, and 4 drying modes: standard, delicate, eco, “under ironing”.

  • Compactness. depth 44 cm (on the lid, taking into account the hatch and hoses. 49);
  • Support for Steam steam function, drum technology “6 Care movements”;
  • Auxiliary options for basic cycles. preliminary washing, intensive, superpowers, disconnecting of the drain;
  • Timer mode, drum cleaning program;
  • Silent work. 54/69 dB.

Inexpensive washer with drying from a good manufacturer. They fundamentally watched LG, because the Chinese-Russian brands have no trust, and we did not like Candy. In general, we took and do not regret. At first, crumpled linen was strained after drying, you just need to catch the optimal mode.

Candy CSWS43642DB/2

The Italian brand, which now belongs to the Chinese Haier, is well known for its compact and inexpensive washing machines. So in our rating of the best washing-dry machines, a model of not particularly large dimensions got, even despite its drying functions. The depth of the device in the specification is only 40 cm. However, the real figure taking into account the hoses, the convex front is clearly larger.

The characteristics are not bad, especially against the background of not a “dragon” price. Loading. 6/4 kg. Luke is big, which is very much like. Except speed (max.). 1300 rpm., And this contributes to a small residue of moisture in linen even after it. However, the “narrowness” of the machine and installation requires very accurate in order to avoid strong vibrations, “festivities”.

Number of programs. 16. Including fast (14, 30, 44 min.), Everyday washing 59, children’s clothing. Steaming technology is supported. Drying modes: standard, careless, intensive, car washing drying.

  • Small dimensions with functionality 2 in 1;
  • Launch delay timer up to 24 hours;
  • Blocking control elements from children;
  • Control of the number of foam, protection against imbalance;
  • SMART Management NFC.

What are drying machines

If you take as a basis the design features, then there are 2 types: drying cabinets and drums. The former are more convenient for outer, everyday clothes, shoes, but have a significant drawback. very bulky. For this reason, in our review will not be considered.

Drums are divided by the type of drying between:

Ventilation (exhaust). The principle is simple. the incoming air is heated, saturated with moisture evaporated from underwear and is released out. Such varieties require the organization of a special withdrawal to the ventilation shaft or directly to the street, in everyday life are practically not found and are produced only for professional laundry, dry cleaners, etc.P.

Condensation. Optimized for household needs option. Dry heated air enters the drum, becomes wet, supplied to the heat exchanger, where condensate is released from it, which, in turn, enters a special container or directly into the sewer.

Condensation with a heat pump. The most effective, economical, but also a more expensive type of drying machines. Instead of a traditional heating element, a circuit with a circulating coolant is used here, similar to the principle of working with a compressor refrigerator or air conditioning. Warm air is pumped into the drum, picks up moisture, passes through the evaporator, where it is cooled, getting rid of the water, it is already returning to the capacitor, where it heats up again. And so in a circle until the program is over.

It still cannot be dried in wool products

If this is exactly what is important to you, look for WoolMark certificate on the washing-drying machine-an organization that tests and awards its sign only to those means of hair care-including technical ones-which will not harm. For example, Electrolux and AEG washing-drying machines have such a sign, it is placed right on the case. In addition, there are models with a special extending panel on which you can decompose and quickly dry delicate things.

My answer is depends on what do you mean. Money-yes, you will not really save, the consumption of electricity for washing machines with dry drying (but only in drying mode!), they rarely have the highest class of energy efficiency, but today it is possible, although rarely, to find cars with drying with class A. This is Candy GVSW4 364 TWHC-at the same time we will dispel myths about the inaccessibility of machines with drying, LG F-14U2TDH1N for 45 thousand, LG F-14U2TDH1N for 60-70 thousand, Siemens WD 15H541, AEG L 87695 NWD-these models are already much more expensive, from 70-80 to 110 thousand. Well, and there are already quite a lot of models with a class of energy efficiency A and A, while a few years ago, washingly-drying machines rarely reached A.

The washing-sugar machine significantly saves time

The machine with drying saves, firstly, time and your efforts-you do not need to be hung and removed, you can immediately iron, or put it in a cabinet, or put on things, secondly, a place-if necessary, you will not need to purchase a second device, in.Thirds, costs of clothes and potentially even for treatment. About this below.

Types of loading

The maximum load varies: from 6-20.5 kg. This indicator is calculated from the amount of linen, which can be washed in a washing machine, from the number of things that the equipment can squeeze twice at the maximum load. Maximum loading technique-7 kg capable of dried 3-4.5 kg of linen. If there are more things, then things will not be completely dry, sometimes it is necessary to dry them out. When choosing a load, it is necessary to take into account how many people live in your house, how much things need to be washed, dried.

Energy costs, water in washing-drying machines are greater than in ordinary washing machines. If 7 kg is spent on a cotton washing cycle with an extraction of 1-1.3 kW of electric energy, 50-70 liters are spent in a washing machine for 7 kg. cold water, then a washing machine with drying for the period “washing-flair-dry” can spend up to 7 kW of energy, up to 150 liters. cold water. Manufacturers strive to reduce energy expenditures, produce economical models of technology with various functions. Water consumption, energy costs can be compensated by the fact that you can get clean, dried underwear without making efforts. This option is suitable for those people who live with children who have to wash and dry a lot of linen, clothes.

8th place. LG AI DD F2V5HG0W

In 8th place in the top of the best washing machines with a drying 2022, LG AI DD F2V5HG0W with AI DD technology to automatically determine the type of fabric and change the settings depending on this. Management is possible both a touch panel and a voice that is determined by the support of Yandex Alice and Google assistant. LG tried to take into account the wishes of customers and realize their best technologies in one device. There is a feed of steam, washing, drying, 14 automatic programs, but at the same time a small device is a small device. total 85x60x45 cm.

When drying, you can load up to 4 kg of linen and select one of the available modes. basic, gentle and light drying. With ordinary washing, up to 7 kg is placed. Except speed is limited to 1200 rpm. LG Steam technology provides for the supply of steam, which removes up to 99.9% of allergens and removes pollution from the structure of the fabric. About 140 liters of water go beyond the washing and drying cycle.

6 Motion technology selects the optimal type of drum movement so that washing is as effective as possible, but safe. The control panel is built on sensory buttons, a rotary handle and an information screen. It is possible to control the voice and remotely from the LG ThinQ application. In it you can create your own programs, monitor the consumption of water and electricity.

choose, washing, drying, machine
  • Beautiful design;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Works without unnecessary noise;
  • Convenient application for phone;
  • Voice control;
  • Powerful squeeze and drying;
  • Upon completion of washing, a push notification comes to the phone;
  • Does not try to run away when spinning.

TOP-10 combined machines with descriptions

Choosing the best washing machine with drying, it is worth focusing immediately on the set of parameters. These include both the most basic (energy consumption class, squeezing speed, dimensions), and more specific, requiring close attention. We list them.

  • The ability to build. Outwardly and in their device, washing-drying machines are not much different from monofunctional models. Therefore, two main installation methods remain: cars can be separate or built.in. The first are the most common, in the assortment of stores, most of them. But if it is possible to find a high.quality built.in unit, then the problem of a small area will be solved in the best way. the combined option can be put in a kitchen set or in a cabinet in the bathroom. However, there are almost no options for drying machines that can be installed under the sink.
  • The presence of an inverter motor. The machines equipped with such an engine are less noisy, more efficiently consume electricity, and serve much longer. This is especially important here, since washing-drying machines due to combining functions can be prone to breakdowns, rapid wear. The inverter will extend their life.
  • Loading volume. It is important to understand that the maximum mass of loaded linen will vary in washing and drying. In the latter case, it is less. Therefore, placing 7 kg of things to wash, keep in mind that the same amount cannot be automatically sent to dry. non.compliance with the recommendations will reduce the life of the equipment. But this is not such a big problem: if you study the shortcuts on clothes, you can find that many things are made of wool, silk, even knitwear cannot be dried in the drum.
  • Various programs. Almost all units have a basic set of modes: soaking, fast washing, programs for delicate fabrics, delayed start. But there are other, less common functions that you may pay attention to. These include preventing crushing, protection from children and leaks, bubble washing, steam processing, bell.belliness. Drying, as a rule, also has several programs. for example, the presence of a regime in which you yourself set time, or automatic determination of residual humidity. An even greater advantage will be the function of monitoring the imbalance. It helps the machine with the determination whether the laundry is evenly distributed over the drum. If not, he makes several revolutions in both directions so that things do not bump. This helps to better break through them, to dry them more thoroughly, and also prevents the failure of the unit.

Washing-drying machines

Small load for drying

Dried a machine can about one and a half times less linen than erases. Therefore, either you will have to unload half and dry it in two approaches, or initially put for washing only the amount that the machine can dry, or buy a full.sized model with huge loading.

  • Bosch. washing 10 kg, drying 6 kg.
  • Miele. 8/6 kg or 8/5 kg.
  • LG. loading for washing in a full.sized machine can be 10 kg, and drying. 7 kg. In narrow models, respectively. 6 and 3 kg of linen.
  • Candy has 8/6 kg, drying 6/4 kg.

Resource consumption

The washing-drying machines have a larger consumption of resources-water and electricity than the best washing machines and drying machines with a heat pump.

Limited functionality

This is more than a minuc for inexpensive washing-drying machines. Full.size units, which are often more than two devices, are more than enough than two devices. But all the same, even such machines can do less than the drying machines of these manufacturers. In particular, there is no accessory of woolen products or sports shoes in the washing-drying machines of Miele and Bosch.

Or washing or drying

If you have one car, it can either wash or dry one at a time.

If you have two cars, one can wash at a time when the other is drying. It can be important in large families or in families with children, because life is full of surprises.

Top 5. Best Washer and Dryers (2022)

Cases of breakdown

You can not be 100% insured from malfunctions and breakdowns. If they occur with a washing machine, you lose both washing and drying, which will not happen if there are two separate devices in the house. In an unforeseen situation, at least one of them will remain in the ranks.

Advantages of Electrolux washing machines

The products of the Elektrluks brand do not need to be presented: household appliances with a characteristic logo have collected a whole collection of prestigious prizes for original design solutions and excellent design. Electrolux washing machines can be separate or built.in, but the built.in technique is not too popular, so only one model of this type is found in the catalog.

The advantages of washing and drying models of electrolyux include:

  • excellent energy efficiency (class not lower than b);
  • excellent performance;
  • a spacious tank with a fairly compact case;
  • loading up to 10 kg during washing and up to 7 kg during drying;
  • a ten.year warranty on inverter engines;
  • pleasant design;
  • A wide selection of modes.

Many models are equipped with a steam generator, which provides the owners with additional opportunities.

Electrolux washingly-drying machines are able to control the drying process in different ways. The easiest way is. Experienced owners roughly imagine how long to dry woolen things, cotton or synthetics, and set the corresponding interval on the control panel. Hot air is supplied to the drum, and rotation is launched. either in one direction or the other. Guessing the exact time does not always work, so things are easy to dry. At the same time, the fabric will become more fragile, it will not be easy to adjust it, and while wearing the fiber will be more severe.

The alternative is drying drying. This process is controlled by the Electric Electric Washing Machine Electric Washing Machine. Owners choose how wet the laundry should be. To make it easier to navigate, the designers offer several understandable designations: completely dry, for storage in the closet, under the ironing. Each regime corresponds to a certain percentage of humidity. Control is carried out using special sensors.

Electronic protection against leaks

The main risk associated with the purchase of a washer is the probability of flooding the neighbors. Therefore, the washing machines of the electric luxury with the drying function have either partial or complete protection against leaks. The technique controls the water level using special sensors, and in the case of a failure, it blocks a set of water. The technology of protection against leaks in electrolyux is called Anti Flood. Security is ensured by several points:

  • a fill hose with a special valve is designed for a pressure of 10 bar, and if an accident occurs, the flow instantly overlaps due to a special absorbing substance;
  • In the pallet located under the tank, the Floating Switch float is installed, which pops up and launches the water supply and the inclusion of the drain pump during the leak;
  • Smart typewriter is able to notify the owners of an emergency using a sound signal.

Multisting protection against leaks developed by Electrolux engineers is considered one of the most reliable. But there is a simpler solution that can be found on budget models. The tank is connected to the device with a thin tube. When the diaphragm pressure changes, the signal transmits, and the blocking of the water set and its accelerated drain are launched.

Stress protection

Heating elements are resistant to voltage drops, but there are a lot of less protected components in the washing machine. Control board, sensors, LCD screen and other parts need to protect the washing machine from voltage jumps.

The designers of the Electrolyux made sure that the owners did not have to buy new equipment after a strong thunderstorm or an accident on the line. Smart automation will turn off if the current parameters exceed the specified limits.

The most careful handling

The old washing models had a significant drawback: they often torn things, and the surface of the tissues was badly damaged due to friction. Modern Electroelux technology has a SoftDrum drum, which provides an excellent quality of washing and does not harm underwear.

The peculiarity of the SoftDrum drum is that the holes in it are smaller in diameter, although the total area of ​​the penetration is in no way inferior to previous models. When washing, the effect of jacuzzi occurs: things are washed by strong streams of water passing through holes. And during the pressing the fabric is not damaged, because it simply cannot squeeze into the penetration.

The models of Electrolux washing machines with the drying function inside have special soft blades. They are responsible for the uniform distribution of linen and careful mixing. Things do not get down in a continuous lump and rub them less about each other.

The ability to carefully wash things allowed the products of Electriclux to receive a WoolMark certificate. He confirms that in cars you can wash and dry the linen of wool designed for manual washing. Sweaters, sweaters and other knitted things will be in full safety: they will not stretch and will not sit down.

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For those who like down jackets and down blankets, Electrics have excellent innovation: a special program for washing and drying these things. With its help, you can easily wash and dry bulky products, which before could only be put into dry cleaning.

Exceptional energy efficiency

In brands specializing in budget models, most washing machines with a dryer belong to class B or C, but electrolyux can offer customers class A or even A. Power consumption is very small: the machine consumes about 0.9 kW/h, so the purchase will quickly pay off.

The energy efficiency of Electrolux washing machines is ensured by the specifics of the design and the use of special modes. Weak things can be washed in just 15 minutes, and the weight sensor will accurately determine the amount of linen in the drum and reduce the use of detergents and water to a minimum. A special Ecoinfo indicator helps to save money, which allows you to choose the optimal in terms of water consumption and tuning energy.

Myfavourits function

It’s no secret that the owners of Electrolux washing machines are not used by all washing programs. Typically, the hostess has 3-4 favorite programs that can be slightly changed, for example, add additional rinsing or reducing the number of revolutions when spinning. The Myfavouriteplus function is an element of the self.learning system: the machine remembers the user’s actions and sets the frequently used parameters by default, so they will not need to be set for each wash.



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