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How to choose a silent vacuum cleaner for home

The quietest and most powerful vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaner noise is sometimes not only annoying, but can be frightening for small children and pets. So the desire to buy a silent vacuum cleaner is justified. Rating of the quietest vacuum cleaners in 2020 will help you choose the best model.

The noise level of the vacuum cleaner can reach 90 dB. It depends on the suction power, design features and even the filtration system. The quietest vacuum cleaners are those with S-class filtration, that is, when the filter traps up to 99.97% of particles. In practice, silent vacuum cleaners can be called vacuum cleaners, whose noise level does not exceed 80 dB.

It is worth noting that there are standards by which the noise level of the vacuum cleaner is evaluated. The document was developed in Brussels in 2002. It declares to evaluate the noise level of the vacuum cleaner when working at maximum power. In this case, several test measurements are performed, and as a result the maximum value is indicated in the technical specifications. The manufacturers that follow these regulations are Electrolux, Miele, Bosch, Philips, Pro-Aqua, Rowenta, LG.

One of the quietest vacuum cleaners. Bork V703. It just installed S-class filters, and the noise level declared by the manufacturer is 65 dB. However, it deters many buyers.

Rating of the quietest vacuum cleaners

Most customers want to buy a vacuum cleaner that is quiet and yet powerful at a reasonable cost. These are the models that we have collected in the rating below. Their noise level does not exceed 80 dB, and the suction power will be able to cope with any dirt.


Cyclonic vacuum cleaner without bags for dust and garbage Karcher VC 3 is compact and versatile. This model is designed for dry type of cleaning only. The dust container is a transparent container with a capacity of 0.9 liters, which allows you to remove the dust from the container on time. The suction power is 250 W. Vacuum cleaner easily collects small debris and dust without leaving behind. In addition, it comes with several nozzles, each of which is designed for a particular type of coating.

The main advantage of this model is its low noise level of 76 dB. Power consumption Karcher VC 3 is estimated at 700 watts. The weight of the device is 3.4 kg, which allows you to easily carry the device around the house. Also features 1.5m suction hose, HEPA 12 filter and telescopic tube.

Alexander K. The vacuum cleaner is really very quiet. noise in the suction pipe. With a small electrical power amazing suction power. Easy to shake out the dust canister in the fall. Almost everything with one hand. Low cost and very well assembled.

Nonna K. Vacuum cleaner does not make a lot of noise and picks up dust very well. I like the fact that the filters do not need to be replaced, but only washed, one to protect the motor in the lid, the second is located directly in the wheel. to filter the air blown out. Easy to clean dust bag. Quality construction and materials. The cord unwinds very quickly.


Available in 5 colors: bright blue, red, white, vintage blue and black. The device is only suitable for dry vacuuming. The device is equipped with a powerful 2400 W motor. At the same time, the suction power is 440 watts. Easy to pick up dust and debris without leaving behind any traces. over, unlike other vacuum cleaners Samsung VC24LVNJGBB copes with cleaning faster. At the same time this model allows you to clean any surface.

The main advantage of this model is the silence during cleaning. The noise level of the device is estimated at 75 dB. This allows you to do the cleaning to your favorite music or while the kids are asleep. The noise level helps to reduce the special Silencio Plus Brush design. Thanks to it will not hear the high-frequency loud noise that is inherent in conventional vacuum cleaners.

  • price;
  • Quality assembly;
  • Low noise level;
  • suction power;
  • the presence of the indicator of filling of the dust bag.

Alexey Zh. Build quality. Low noise level. Not cheap thin plastic. Not forced motor. Suction power and its adjustment is not on the handle. Blowing air upwards. Cyclone to save on bags and not only. Relatively long cord.

Yury K. The excellent silent vacuum cleaner, now you can even clean up even at night, thanks to it you can forget those times when it was necessary to clean up before the arrival of guests and at the same time not to hear their call while cleaning the apartment, and now there is the model is very convenient silent and at the same time powerful. also on the vacuum cleaner has a power control, attractive design.

Silent vacuum cleaners with aqua filter

IMPORTANT: a person suffering from asthma should choose a dust collector with an aquafilter. It collects the least amount of dust in the apartment and humidifies the air.

The vacuum cleaner has a special reservoir that is filled with water. Dust that gets inside passes through the liquid and stays on the bottom. The larger the treatment area, the more roomy the tank must be. A quiet vacuum cleaner with an aqua filter is heavier than a bag, which is a significant disadvantage.

The water filter must have a separator filter in the best case. Here, thanks to the turbine, the dust gets into a whirlpool and almost all of it settles to the bottom of the tank. The air leaves the vacuum humidified and virtually dust particle free.

With a turbulent filter, dust spins and falls into the water tank. Cleaning of the room is not 100 percent and dust particles get back into the room.

Noiseless vacuum cleaner with a bag

The cheaper alternative is a practical, low-noise vacuum cleaner with a bag. Dust is collected in a special fabric bag. You need to shake it out after cleaning. The more practical, but more costly alternative is a replaceable dust bag. After one or two uses, it just needs to be replaced.

A vacuum cleaner with a dust container is more practical. After cleaning your room you just throw it in the trash.

If you don’t have time to clean and want constant cleanliness, consider a robot vacuum cleaner. It sweeps itself across the floor surface, picking up dust. It is most often round in shape. It has special brushes, filters and a water tank at the bottom.

A silent vacuum cleaner is characterized by these qualities:

  • Low noise frequency.
  • High room cleanliness.
  • Reliable particle retention in the filter.
  • Humidify the air.
  • Easy to use.

Pay attention! When choosing the quietest vacuum cleaner, you must pay attention to power. It must be at least 300 W.

The more powerful the vacuum cleaner, the greater the degree of suction. But, the higher the power, the higher the sound.

The weight of the vacuum cleaner must also be taken into account. Dust collectors with an aquafilter are heavier due to the weight of water.

If the room is large, preference must be given to a vacuum cleaner with a long cord. The dust trap tube must be of high quality, otherwise it may break. Depending on your requirements, you need to pay attention to the number of brushes. They are responsible for the versatility of the vacuum cleaner and its accessibility to narrow and difficult places.

With a container. for those who do not want to bother with bags

Works with cyclone technology. A vortex of air is created inside the vacuum cleaner, the centrifugal force causes the dust to be thrown to the walls and compacted. If there are several cyclones, the garbage is divided into large and small. The more cyclones, the cleaner the air that comes out.

These vacuum cleaners save you time and money searching for the right bag which may eventually disappear from the market. To get rid of dust, you just need to clean the container. Pay attention to the shape of the container. it is important that it is easy to get and wash.

For those who care about purified air, an aquafilter is the choice

Dust collector with a water filter. It draws in dry dust and banishes it through water, which causes the dust and debris to settle and the air to purify. It removes dust and hair, humidifies and freshens the air, and can pick up liquids. Models with aqua filter and fine air filter are often recommended for allergy sufferers.

After each cleaning, contaminated water should be poured out, and the container should be thoroughly rinsed and dried to avoid unpleasant odor. Read the reviews and make sure the container is easy to remove and there are no small parts that make rinsing difficult. Pay attention to maneuverability. It is good if the vacuum cleaner has large rear wheels, and the front wheels rotate 360 degrees. Some models can not be placed vertically when the container is full of water.

Bagless vacuum cleaners

Here’s a look at the best dustbags from different manufacturers.

This sample stands out among the many vacuum cleaners from Samsung. Its pros are:

  • unusual configuration;
  • Comfortable handle and power on and off button. Now there is no need to constantly bend down to turn off the machine;
  • Convenient location of the panel: there are buttons on the body to “suck” the wire inside, the controller which shows how full the dust bag is;
  • the knurled hose;
  • It has a 3L vacuum bag capacity and an anti-bacterial coating.

5 Best Quiet Vacuum Cleaners 2022

It has a high suction power of 350W. A significant disadvantage of such a model. the probability of catching the tumbler power by the hose, which begins to change on its own.

  • Less powerful than the previous one;
  • more silent;
  • Technology was used in the design to remove almost 100% of the dust and dirt;
  • Replaceable filters do not clog;
  • Weight 8 kg, equipped with a convenient push-button control system.

Of the disadvantages can be distinguished outdated dust bags. Although they are built into many models, and are in demand because users of bag vacuum cleaners like their simplicity. Throwing away the disposable bag is much easier than rinsing out the built-in container.

Bagless vacuum cleaners

The best models on the bagless vacuum cleaner market are discussed below.

Silver paint, with which the power regulator is covered, washes quickly. The trim takes on a shoddy appearance.

This German brand guarantees durability and quality. But

Among the bagless models, the appliance is definitely the leader. Compact size, stylish design and high maneuverability. All this only adds to the positive qualities of the model.

  • Water filter for dry cleaning. Therefore, it is necessary to pour water into the container before starting the process and pour it out at the end, along with the debris;
  • the volume of the water container is 3.6 liters, the water absorbs all the dust and makes cleaning very high quality;
  • Convenient shape of the tube, which is adjustable to a person’s height;
  • The power of such a model 380 W.

Stylish and bright design combined with an affordable price promotes this model almost to the first position among the best vacuum cleaners. It is suitable for families with children, pets.

Before choosing a device, you need to decide for what type of cleaning it will be used and what amount of work it will have to do.

What to pay attention to, the main parameters

In order to choose a good model, you need to pay attention to the technical characteristics:

  • What noise it makes when cleaning;
  • How much power it consumes;
  • The volume of the compartment for dust and garbage collection;
  • What kind of cleaning is intended for;
  • Whether the length of the cord that connects to the network is enough;
  • filter;
  • Whether there is an auto-winding cord function;
  • The dimensions of the vacuum cleaner: weight, size;
  • whether there are interchangeable nozzles in the set;
  • For what period is the warranty.

Buy powerful silent vacuum cleaners should be based on technical indicators. And the most important rule. the high price does not mean that the model is of high quality or more reliable.

Rating of the most popular models

Choosing the quietest vacuum cleaner is not the easiest task, because the product range is large. The top, according to customer reviews, are several models depending on the type of.

Bagless models with dust collectors in the form of a container:

  • Tefal TW7621 (750W power, 67dB noise level),
  • Xiaomi SWDK KC101 (compact vacuum cleaner, 450W and noise level of 65dB),
  • ARNICA Tesla Premium (750W power, 70dB noise level),
  • Kitfort KT-529 (450W, 70dB).
  • Midea MVCB45A1 (2000W, 65dB. noise level),
  • Electrolux USORIGINDB UltraSilencer (power 1800 W, noise level. 65 dB),
  • Bosch BGL8SIL59D (650W, 59dB),
  • Kelli KL-8004 (power 2200 W, noise level. 58 dB).
  • Shivaki SVC 1748 (1800W, 68dB),
  • Xiaomi CleanFly Portable (80W, 65dB, compact vacuum cleaner),
  • KARCHER DS 6 Premium Mediclean (650W, 68dB),
  • Thomas DryBOXAquaBOX Cat Dog (1700W, 70dB).

Thanks to the wide range, you can choose the technique by any means. And with a good helper any cleaning will be a pleasure.

General Characteristics

A wet vacuum cleaner is different from a normal vacuum cleaner because it has two dust bags. One is a bag where the dust is collected during dry cleaning. For wet cleaning uses two water tanks: clean and dirty. They can be placed side by side or one under the other.

For cleaning you need to fill the tank with water. From there it will be pumped through a hose to the floor, wetting it. When you add detergent the vacuum cleaner will remove stains and fragrance the air. Draws in water and suction at the same time. Liquid together with debris and dirt is collected and goes into another tank.

Important! Smaller tank for clean water. Must refill liquid as you work. Therefore, when choosing, you need to take into account that this tank was easy to fill.

Advantages and disadvantages

Before you choose the right model of a cleaning vacuum cleaner, you need to study the pros and cons. This technique is best for large areas with many rugs. It is recommended to buy such a technique for owners of animals, people suffering from allergies. The best vacuum cleaners for cleaning the house have many advantages compared to conventional vacuum cleaners.

  • Removes dried-on dirt. No need to rub a rag stain from the compote on the floor or traces from dirty shoes.
  • Quickly picks up hair, hair, threads. Once wet, they easily roll up into clumps and are sucked inside.
  • When humidifying, the dust does not rise up, which is important for people with allergies. Vacuum cleaners with humidifying and air disinfection functions.
  • Pick up spills, wet debris. This often happens in families with young children.
  • Used for cleaning sofas, armchairs, fluffy carpets. It removes dust, dirt, unpleasant odors, freshens upholstery, makes colors brighter.
  • Can vacuum carpets, clean tiles, windows, mirrors.

Before choosing a wet vacuum cleaner, you should also consider that such equipment has disadvantages. Wet mopping is not suitable for some materials and surface types. Cannot be used on wood flooring, non-moisture-resistant laminate, natural carpets. They absorb moisture quickly and take a long time to dry. It will lead to mold, unpleasant odor.

These are bulky heavy appliances that take up a lot of space. After each cleaning it is necessary to disassemble and wash, then dry. It turns out that they do not save time. They also cost more than conventional vacuums.


Studying the reviews of the vacuum cleaners, you can notice that they are different. Models differ in price, construction, volume and location of tanks, type of control.

By design

They can be upright or horizontal in construction. The first ones are bulky and have a cylindrical shape. They are heavy, suitable for large rooms. Horizontal models are more compact, resembling an ordinary vacuum cleaner, only with a water tank.

Electric mops are now available. Their tanks and all controls are on the handle. Despite the compactness they are heavy. Low suction power, suitable for small rooms.

By type and location of water tanks

Water tanks can be positioned in different ways. Most often the clean tank is above the dirty tank. The water tank is usually smaller in volume, so it must be refilled while in use. But to drain dirty water, you must first remove the top tank.

Convenient when the clean tank is inside the dirty water tank. In some models, you can remove the cassette and add liquid without disassembling the entire device.

According to the way of power and control

According to the method of power and management, there are several varieties of cleaning vacuum cleaners.

  • Hand-held. these are small appliances, used for cleaning car interiors, cleaning furniture, washing windows. Battery-powered.
  • Robotic vacuum cleaners are handy for keeping order in large homes. Operates autonomously for 2-2.5 hours, water tank is small.
  • The classic version with a telescopic tube. Controlled by buttons on the handle. Communication with the motor is made by wire or infrared beam.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner for an apartment: what you need to look for

Vacuum cleaner. it’s a complex household device, his choice should be based on technical characteristics, but not on the design and price. Accent needs to do on:

  • Power, the higher it will be, the more you will have to pay for electrical energy. Depending on the design and manufacturer, the motor of the cleaning equipment can consume from 1200 to 2500 watts.
  • The suction power (from 250 to 550 watts) or a measure of the vacuum cleaner’s cleaning capabilities. Not to be confused with the first parameter.
  • Filter type. The progressive development is considered a HEPA filter, suitable for dry cleaning allergic people live in.

Secondary characteristics include: cable length, weight, noise ratings, dust canister volume. Pay attention to the warranty period and the availability of service centers in the city. Do not forget about the equipment: the number of brushes, additional accessories for cleaning.

Planning to buy a vacuum cleaner for the apartment you must first determine what type of cleaning is needed: dry or wet. It is better to buy a washable model, which allows you to clean not only smooth surfaces (linoleum, laminate, parquet), but also carpets.

Please note! Before purchasing, specify the length of the cable, if it is too short, you will have to constantly plug it into a new outlet.

For a small apartment will be sufficient for a traditional version of the vacuum cleaner, with a standard set of nozzles: for cracks, cleaning furniture and for cleaning the floor and carpets.

Types of designs

Types of vacuum cleaners by type of design can be divided into 5 varieties. Built-in models are not installed in apartments and have a number of disadvantages:

These are centralized systems, with a power unit that takes up a lot of space.

Classic version

The model has a horizontal body with a compartment for collecting waste and a motor part. Cleaning equipment has wheels and a flexible hose, collapsible tube. It comes with several nozzles. Operated by the electric network.

Rating of the most reliable traditional models of vacuum cleaners:

Model Weight, kg Dust canister capacity, l features of a vacuum cleaner
Philips FC8294 PowerGo 4,3 3 Super Clean Air filter, capturing up to 99% of particles, long cord, 6 m
Bosch BSGL3MULT1 5,7 4 has a dust-collector filling indicator, automatic cable winding
Samsung SC4140 3,7 3 has a dust canister fill indicator, HEPA filter, 320 W suction power
Scarlett SC-VC80B95 2,9 2,5 HEPA filter, parks vertically and horizontally

Vertical version

Vertical vacuum cleaners with steam generators are not suitable for cleaning carpets and pile.

Model Weight, kg Dust box capacity, l Noise level, dB Description of additional functions
Bissell 17132 (Crosswave) 5,2 0,62 80 Aqua filter, designed for cleaning large areas
Kitfort KT-535 5,3 1 80 3 degrees of cleaning, extra-long handle and upright parking function
Tefal VP7545RH 5,5 0,80 84 Steam cleaner and vacuum cleaner working independently

Manual models

Model Battery capacity, mAh The volume of the dust bag, l Overall dimensions, DxHxV, mm Additional advantages
Philips FC6142 1 800 0,5 460х160х160 Flat base for charging, collects liquid
Bosch BHN 20110 1 500 0,3 368x138x110 Cyclonic filter, battery charge indicator
Xiaomi CleanFly Portable 2 000 0,1 298x70x70 Aquafilter and container
Clatronic AKS 828 1 400 0,5 380x130x110 collects liquid

Vacuum cleaners are not suitable for home cleaning. Working from the cigarette lighter or battery, so quickly run down.

Robotic models

Vacuum cleaners clean independently according to a pre-set program. These are compact units, penetrating into hard to reach places.

Robotic vacuum cleaners can work on schedule, gets recharged.

Best Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide 2022 ⚡ Best (WET & DRY) Vacuum Cleaners For Home in India

A review of the best models in the mid-price segment:

Model Dry / wet cleaning Operating time, hour Remote control Cons
iRobot Braava 390T / 4 Do not clean carpets
Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner / 2,5 And it has Wi-Fi Poorly cleans carpets with high pile
Panda X500 Pet Series / 1,5 Battery life is short-lived
Philips FC 8776 /- 2 Does not clean carpets with high pile, poorly copes with the trash in the corners

Kitfort KT-537

A great quiet vacuum cleaner with a stylish design suitable for the car and home. Manufacturer has taken care of different color options, your choice of red, blue and black. Thanks to the aerodynamic shape and comfortable handle, it is easy to use. Budget-friendly device for dry cleaning, perfectly collects trash and dust. Everything accumulates in the high capacity bin. Handheld upright vacuum cleaner for easy cleaning. It even picks up dirt left by spilled liquids. Comes with 3 brushes at once: for cleaning furniture, floors and hard-to-reach places. The device can work from the cigarette lighter, so no problems with the connection in the car will not arise.

Most vacuum cleaners have low noise level. Choose a model based on the presented characteristics and your wishes. For example, if you need a small vacuum cleaner, which is easy to take with you, look at the model firm Kitfort.

Bosch BGS 3U1800

Quiet, inexpensive cyclone vacuum cleaner without dust bag. Maximum suction power. 300W. Can be changed by the regulator on the body of the device. Noise level is a comfortable 67 dB. The filter system traps more than 98% of the dust. Disadvantage. when removing a full container part of the dust is poured on the floor because of the shortcomings of the mechanism of fixing. Value for money, quality, functionality. the best compact silent vacuum cleaner in the review.

Philips FC8780 Performer Silent

Easy to use, rugged model with adjustable suction power. The cord length is 9 meters. you can vacuum up 2 rooms without changing the outlet. When working, the sound power is 66 dB, which corresponds to a loud conversation. Multistage filtration system with anti-allergenic filter traps more than 99% of dust. Large dustbin. 4 liters. Disadvantage. the vacuum cleaner is expensive.



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