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How to choose a powerful upright vacuum cleaner for your apartment

The top 8 most powerful cordless vacuum cleaners

In this rating we have collected the most powerful cordless vacuum cleaners according to our opinion and customer reviews. Top 8 powerful upright vacuum cleaners of 2022 with a suction power of 160 to 230 aW.

Power suction has been and remains a key factor in choosing a vacuum cleaner. For this is a vacuum cleaner, not a sweeper. By the way, please note that we are talking specifically about the suction power, not the total power, which is usually 3 times greater (for example, a 450 watt unit will have a suction power of about 150 aW, etc.). д.). For the rating I selected the top 8 upright vacuum cleaners with high suction power. But in allocating space, I took into account not only the power, but also other important factors such as assembly, autonomy, functionality, features and price. I should warn you that the ruble exchange rate is changing daily, so I recommend to look at the actual price in the links left in the description and in the attached Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Table of participants in the rating of cordless upright vacuum cleaners 2022

The Polaris PVCS 7090 HandStickPRO Aqua opens the ranking. It is a classic vacuum cleaner with an upright dust canister, a pistol grip and a battery that is mounted on a guide under the handle. Controls are made with a key under your index finger (works by pressing once) and a mode switch button that can be pressed with your thumb. So you don’t have to use your second hand. that’s a definite plus. In general, the Polaris PVCS 7090 feels care about usability. In particular, it has a one-piece bar, not a standard one, and with a knee in the middle. you can vacuum under the bed, without making a bow to the earth.

The maximum power of suction. 160 amps, it’s enough to pick up crumbs, sand and small debris from the smooth floor, especially in the presence of a tufted roller. Of additional attachments in the box can be found furniture brush with UV lamp, a brush with velour coating. it is suitable for cleaning clothes, and a mop with a tank and a microfiber. Do not overestimate the usefulness of this nozzle. after all, we are not an electric mop, but it can cope with the surface dust. In times of pandemic, you can fill the tank with antiseptic and disinfect the floor.

  • mops the floor;
  • wall and floor docking station;
  • A boom with a kneeler;
  • a removable battery;
  • UV lamp;
  • one-handed operation;
  • Quality cleaning smooth floor.

Which Dyson Vacuum Should I Get?

At the time of writing (about 350). It is a well-assembled and well-designed vacuum cleaner for cleaning smooth surfaces. Soft roller does not make noise, thoroughly collects sand and not too clogged with hair thanks to the self-cleaning system (teeth in the socket). If your home has linoleum or laminate, you can safely choose this model. But for deep carpet cleaning the Polaris lacks neither power, nor a special turbo brush.

Top 7 upright models for wet cleaning

Rating is based on model features, additional features, and customer reviews. It should be noted that some devices are capable of practically full general cleaning. Others are better to cope with the daily removal of current dirt.

1 place. Bissell 17132 (Crosswave)

Compact yet effective device that cleans carpets and smooth surfaces perfectly. Provides almost complete wet cleaning: clean water with detergent (or without it) is fed to the smooth surface, after which it is disposed of in a separate container.

  • Power consumption. 560 W;
  • Capacity for clean water. 0.82 l;
  • Dirty water tank. 0,62 l;
  • the noise is 80 dB;
  • Cord. 7,5 m;
  • weight. 5,2 kg;
  • dimensions. 1170300230 mm.

Easy to clean both surfaces and carpets. In addition to the high quality of cleaning, buyers note the low noise level of this model. The wire is long enough, it can be fixed on a special hook so it does not interfere with the work process. Fluid supply adjustable with a trigger on the handle.

Wool and hair collects well, but they often wind up on the roller. Provides stand for storage. When the work is done, you need to fill the tray with cleaning solution and turn on the self-cleaning mode. In addition, you need to rinse the container and clean the brush. Whole procedure can take up to half an hour.

There are no interchangeable nozzles, such as the crevice nozzle, and this makes it difficult to clean in hard-to-reach places. Baseboards almost always have to be wiped down by hand. Heavy soiling and dried-on dirt is not always handled by this kind of appliance.

When used properly, the model Bissell 17132 easily and quickly cleans about 100 square meters. m of floor space. Suitable for daily cleaning, but remember to clean regularly. This process requires some effort. Otherwise it is an excellent device that almost fully meets all expectations.

2nd place. Philips FC6404 Power Pro Aqua

Interesting model with extended functionality. Suitable for dry cleaning of hard surfaces and carpets. To perform wet cleaning, you need to attach a transparent module with water or detergent solution. It is attached with magnets, easy to remove and put on.

  • power consumption. no data;
  • the tank for clean water. 0.2 l;
  • Dirty water tank. no data
  • The noise level is 83 dB;
  • No cord;
  • weight is 5.2 kg;
  • dimensions. 2501801160 mm.

The built-in lithium-ion battery allows you to get rid of the cord. Battery lasts for about 20-40 minutes of autonomous work. Time to fully charge the battery is about five hours. There is a unit on the main body, which can be removed to perform manual cleaning of upholstered furniture or other similar objects.

Users note that the quality of cleaning is quite high, in general the unit is rated as very convenient. Of the disadvantages noted low battery life, which in practice is usually closer to 20 minutes than the manufacturer’s claimed 40.

Main brush is quite massive and does not always fit through the gap between the floor and the furniture. The detachable nozzle can be used as an autocleaner, but it is not very effective in cracks.

The water filter should be cleaned after every use. Before installing it, it needs to be completely dry, which takes some time. But the lack of such regular cleaning has a negative impact on the suction capacity of the device.

The FC6404 Power Pro Aqua is suitable for regular cleaning of a relatively small apartment. Makes a good job of cleaning small to medium dirt. The triActive brush head will please those who have a dog or a cat, because it perfectly cleans hair.

3 place. KARCHER FC 5 Premium

This scrubber/dryer is strictly for wet mopping. And it doesn’t need any surface pretreatment for cleaning dirt and dust. Water flows to the rollers at the bottom and is then sucked inside the device.

  • 460 W power consumption;
  • Clean water tank. 0,4 l;
  • capacity for dirty water. 0,2 l;
  • The noise level is 78 dB;
  • 7 m cord;
  • weighs 4.6Kg;
  • dimensions. 2703201220mm.

This vacuum cleaner has good maneuverability, cleans well even in corners. The special design of microfiber rollers makes the device smooth and easy to move. Does a great job removing hair. Assembly, disassembly and cleaning are very simple and fast.

There is an additional set of wash rollers. After cleaning, the vacuum cleaner is placed on a convenient parking station. The dry cleaning ability of this model is absent. Water is very water-saving compared to its peers.

Owners note that the device is quite heavy, and after you turn it off, you can not leave it in an upright position or roll it, you must only carry it, this is uncomfortable.

The wire is long enough, but not fixed in any way, can interfere with the process, and at the end of it must be unwound by hand. The weak point is the water hose, which sometimes fails.

It should be remembered that the model FC 5 Premium is not designed for dry cleaning. It is suitable for apartments and homes where hard and smooth surfaces need to be cleaned regularly. To clean an area of about 70 square meters, the wire is long enough, but it has no grip and is resistant to direct sunlight. m require approx. 20 minutes. But cleaning and assembly also takes time.

4th place. Tefal VP7545RH

This unit is equipped with Clean Steam nozzle, which allows you to perform not only dry and wet cleaning, but also applies a stream of hot steam to the surface. Even very difficult and stubborn dirt can be removed, as well as up to 99% of pathogens. All operations are performed in one pass.

  • power consumption. 1700 W;
  • Capacity for clean water. 0.7 liters;
  • The capacity for dirty water is 0.8 liters;
  • Noise. 84 dB;
  • 7.5 m cord;
  • weight. 5,4 kg;
  • dimensions. no data.

Vertical Vacuum Cleaner Selection Guidelines

Choosing an upright vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning function, you need to consider many factors:

  • the area of the premises to be treated;
  • the characteristics of the floor coverings;
  • The supposed nature of the dirt;
  • Floor area to be cleaned and t.п.

Obviously, in an apartment where a family with small children, a cat and a dog lives, cleaning tasks will be more difficult than in a bachelor’s house or in an ordinary office. It is better to remove heavy dirt with steam or hot water.

Not all units of this type can cope with the napy coatings. If the house has upholstered furniture, it is better to give preference to devices that have the appropriate nozzle. For car owners, a small vacuum cleaner with a removable unit and battery is the right choice.

Removable module is convenient for cleaning upholstered furniture or car interiors. Some models have a separate nozzle for this purpose

In a two- or three-story house or a multi-level apartment, operating a heavy upright model will be difficult. Look for lightweight units that are easy to carry.

choose, powerful, upright, vacuum

Some upright vacuums weigh several pounds and can be difficult to carry up and down stairs to another floor or level

Short cord may be a nasty surprise after purchase. It’s inconvenient to interrupt your cleaning routine to find a new outlet to plug in the vacuum cleaner.

The long power cord allows you to clean a large space, but can get in the way during cleaning. The fixing clamp partially solves the problem

When the decision about the type of model is made, it makes sense to consider its characteristics in more detail.

Consumption and suction power not to be confused. The first is reflected in the energy bills, it will be significantly higher for models with the function of steaming or water heating.

For a really good vacuum, it is best to choose a stick cleaner with a nozzle that can reach corners, baseboards, and other hard-to-clean areas

Suction power is responsible for the quality of cleaning. The higher it is, the more dust and miscellaneous debris will be moved into the dust canister of the device. Even if the device is designed to clean wool, hair, threads and other similar materials, it is worth getting acquainted with customer reviews on this.

Small mats are a problem for models designed only for smooth surfaces. It is best to consider this in advance and either clean the carpets or buy a suitable vacuum cleaner

Sometimes long debris gets wrapped up in the brush rollers, you have to stop cleaning and release the work items. Before buying, you should also familiarize yourself with the rules of operation and care of the device.

Many cleaning machines must be used only with the addition of a special defoamer for vacuum cleaners to prevent the pre-motor filter from clogging.

The size of an upright vacuum cleaner does not always allow it to fully clean the surface underneath the furniture, in which case you will need an alternative

Almost every wet vac needs to be disassembled, washed, and dried after cleaning. This includes the internal water tank, as well as the filter elements.

If your home has many rugs, it is best to choose a wet vacuum cleaner that is designed for such coatings and smooth surfaces

Finally, you should estimate the cost of maintaining the vacuum cleaner. The filters need to be periodically replaced, the rollers and brushes also gradually wear out. Even before buying, you need to clarify the of such elements, as well as the possibility of buying them.

Suitable machines and accessories

Vertical vacuum cleaner VC 5 Cordless

Guarantees freedom of movement while cleaning and long working cycles.

choose, powerful, upright, vacuum

VC 5 Premium vertical vacuum cleaner

With the help of a special nozzle it is easy to clean upholstered furniture.

VC 5 Cordless upright vacuum cleaner

Maximum freedom of movement, maximum comfort.

VC 5 vertical vacuum cleaner

Takes up minimal storage space, but is just as efficient and cleanable.

Features of a vertical vacuum cleaner

“Kercher has several models designed to make your cleaning more comfortable than ever. After taking a closer look at their details, you can make the right choice and pick up the option that will suit your taste.

The reservoir. Design features do not imply a dust bag inside. The plastic tank is used instead and collects all of the vacuum cleaner’s debris. This container must be emptied after each cleaning process. It is convenient, takes little time and provides an additional opportunity: if something important is sucked into the pipe along with the garbage, this object is likely to be found in the tank or in the filter. The air passes through a multi-stage filtration system: A self-cleaning cartridge filter is attached to the tank. It must be unscrewed to separate it from the tank, at which point the dust clumps up and ends up in the vacuum cleaner’s container. These vacuums are equipped with HEPA filters which filter the dust particles and allergens out of the air.

Storage. Thanks to its compact design, you can store it anywhere: in the corner of your room, in the cupboard for household cleaning utensils. If you need to stop for a cleaning cycle, you can simply leave the vacuum cleaner wherever you want, it won’t be a nuisance. The boom is foldable and adjustable, so that the height of the technique does not take up much space, too.

Limitations. Like almost any household vacuum cleaner, the upright is afraid of moisture. Water particles passing through the filters can damage them, so it is not recommended to clean wet areas. It is also not suitable for cleaning large and hard debris, such as found in workshops and garages, for such a better use of household reinforced models.

Main characteristics

To choose the right vertical vacuum cleaner, you need to understand what it must perform. Decide what you want to do? Check out the features.

Tip 1. Power

You need to distinguish the power consumption from the suction power. The first tells you how much power your vacuum cleaner will use. And the second is how much power it will work, t.е. How fast it can clean. You can easily find all of these numbers in the manual for your vacuum cleaner.

For cleaning smooth surfaces a power of 20-40 watts is sufficient. But if you have a carpet or terry surface, you’ll need all 100-120 watts.

choose, powerful, upright, vacuum

It is best to choose an upright vacuum cleaner, where you can adjust the power. Also keep in mind, the higher the power at which the device works, the faster the battery runs down.

Tip 2. Canister Capacity

The dust canister of an upright vacuum cleaner

The dust canister is the container in which the debris falls. The average container volume is usually 300-400 grams. And it is enough to keep your home fresh daily, quickly clean up dust or crumbs after dinner.

Tip #3. Dimensions

As we said, the upright cordless models are lightweight. You may want to hold the vacuum cleaner in your hands to find out if it feels comfortable, but it is worth the effort. There are devices weighing both 1 kg and 2.5 kg, which is noticeable when cleaning.

Tip #4. Power

Vertical vacuum cleaners work not only from the battery, but also from the socket. If you choose the latter option, then check the length of the cord so that it is not short, and in wireless models, the operating time without charging is important.

Tip 5. Filter

Ergonomics and noise of an upright vacuum cleaner

Nowadays the best cleaning is possible with HEPA filters. They can clean surfaces both from dust and ordinary debris, as well as from pollen, tobacco smoke.

Tip 6. Noise

If it is important to you that the vacuum cleaner worked as quietly as possible, then when choosing a vertical model for the apartment, we advise to look dB. The average noise level ranges from 60-80 dB.

Tip #7. Suction power

An additional option that helps to control the power depending on the surface you are cleaning.

Tip 8. Nozzles and brushes

The attachments of an upright vacuum cleaner

Pay attention to the number of nozzles and brushes when choosing a cordless upright vacuum cleaner. The more of them, the better you can clean. There are attachments that help you clean in hard-to-reach places. behind baseboards, in corners between furniture, etc.д. There are special attachments for taking care of furniture, t.ч. delicate fabrics, etc. And even lighted nozzles to make vacuuming under the bed easier. And the brushes help get rid of hair, hair, etc.п.

Tip 9. Overtemperature Protection

A useful option that, in case of overheating the vacuum cleaner, will automatically stop its work. Overheat protection prolongs the life of the equipment, reduces the likelihood of breakdown.

Three popular models of the 2020d.

The 2020. Most often among the upright vacuum cleaners chose the following models.

Roidmi Zero z1

Roidmi Zero z1 upright vacuum cleaner

The model is characterized by its lightness. Your hand doesn’t get tired even when you clean for a long time. In addition, the vacuum cleaner not only cleans, but also disinfects the surface due to the sterilization technology. And you can choose how to clean it yourself. the simple dry or wet method, so you don’t have to wash the floor after vacuuming.

The manufacturer offers 4 nozzles in the kit. Slotted nozzle and furniture nozzle, for important cleaning and turbo brush. The latter is even suitable for the floor to remove dust and dirt. Standalone Roidmi Zero z1 runs for about 1 hour., Which also increases the chances of this model to buy when you choose a powerful upright vacuum cleaner for the home.

Rovus VC889RS

Vertical Vacuum Cleaner Rovus VC889RS

What makes this model different is that it can operate in its classic assembly as well as in manual mode. You can easily clean your apartment without connecting the vacuum cleaner to the outlet, or clean furniture, car interiors. Wireless work enough for a whole hour.

The aqua filter not only picks up dirt and grime, it also gives back clean air, which is great for people who suffer from allergies or asthma. In manual mode, the dust is collected in a special bag. There is a regulator that adjusts the intensity of suction.

Bosch BCH 6ATH18

Roidmi Zero z1 vertical vacuum cleaner

The advantage of this vertical vacuum cleaner in a large dust canister (900 g), so you can safely choose it if you have to clean several rooms. The device charges in 6 hours. and it lasts for an hour of autonomous work. Includes electric brush for deep cleaning of dirt. And the indicator allows you to monitor the level of the dust canister fullness, filter consumption and battery power. There is also a power regulator.

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Best upright vacuum cleaners for wet and dry vacuum cleaner

№ Name Description Price
1. Kitfort KT-535 The best upright wet and dry vacuum cleaner. 130
2. Okami V50 Ultra Good quality upright vacuum cleaner with low noise level. 230
3. Roidmi ZERO Z1 Excellent upright vacuum cleaner with sterilizing function. 230
4. Xiaomi Roidmi NEX X20 Technological upright vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi for wet cleaning. 285
5. Philips XC8147/01 Not bad vertical washable vacuum cleaner with great autonomy and disinfection function. 515
6. Bissell 17132 (Crosswave) Quality upright vacuum cleaner. 230

Top upright vacuum cleaners for wet cleaning

Name Description Price
1. Atvel F16 The best upright vacuum cleaner for wet cleaning in 2022. 261
2. Cecotec Conga Popstar 29600 Tech vertical vacuum cleaner for home. 375
3. SWING-10000 Cheap upright vacuum cleaner for your home from South Korea. 185
4. Xiaomi Roidmi Cordless Vacuum Cleaner X20 Modern cordless upright vacuum cleaner with good power. 285
5. Philips XC8147/01 Handheld upright vacuum cleaner for cleaning in hard-to-reach places. 230
6. Philips 8000 Series XC 8147 Quality upright vacuum cleaner for wet cleaning from Philips. 515

The best cordless upright vacuum cleaners

Model No. Name Description Price
1. Atvel G9 The best cordless upright vacuum cleaner for your home. 400
2. Morphy Richards 734050EE Reliable handheld vertical vacuum cleaner. 320
3. Wollmer D705 Silver One of the best cordless upright vacuum cleaners 2022. 200
4. Dyson V11 Absolute Modern cordless upright vacuum cleaner with good power. 620
5. Xiaomi Dreame V11 Practical vertical cordless vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi. 255
6. REDMOND RV-UR341 Reliable cordless upright vacuum cleaner for not much money. 100

Top of the Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners from the Mains

No. Name Description Price
1. Xiaomi Deerma DX700 The best corded upright vacuum cleaner for home on the price-performance ratio. 40
2. Kitfort KT-586 Vertical cord vacuum cleaner for good money. 32
3. Karcher VC 5 Small handheld vacuum cleaner from German manufacturer. 130
4. ARNICA Merlin Pro Budget ultra compact vertical vacuum cleaner. 50
5. Kitfort KT-575 Reliable inexpensive vertical vacuum cleaner with steam technology. 115

Best budget vertical vacuum cleaners

No. Name Description Price
1. DEXP M-800V The best inexpensive upright vacuum cleaner. 15
2. Kitfort KT-525-1 A small budget vacuum cleaner with vertical parking. 30
3. STARWIND SCH1012 Compact inexpensive vertical vacuum cleaner model. 18
4. BBK BV2511 Budget-friendly, reliable, vertical vacuum cleaner for dry vacuuming. 20
5. Vixter VCW-3800 Lightweight and powerful upright vacuum cleaner of good quality. 25

What cordless vacuum cleaner for home better to choose?

The question of choosing cordless vacuum cleaners for home in 2022 is open to many. People are willing to pay for the convenience and high performance of the device. To buy the most appropriate model it is recommended to get acquainted with the basic parameters, which depend on the performance of the technique, the duration of its operation and convenience.

The main criteria for choosing a cordless vacuum cleaner:

  • Suction power. This value depends on the amount of power the vacuum cleaner consumes and the efficiency of the overall system. The suction power of cordless vacuum cleaners varies from 20 to 150 watt. Of course, the higher this value is, the more powerful the device will be.
  • HEPA filter. There are several filter types in a vacuum cleaner. Some are designed to prevent dust from getting into the motor, while others have to clean the air at the outlet to avoid contaminating the space again. Choose models with HEPA filters instead. The high density of the filter structure makes it able to trap even the smallest particles. The filter capacity decreases as the filter gets dirty.
  • Capacity of the dirt container. Cordless vacuum cleaner models are mostly used as an electric vacuum cleaner. In this case, a container with a capacity of up to 500 ml will suffice. If the device is bought as the main cleaner, then the container must be at least 800 ml.
  • Cyclonic dust collection system. Cyclone filter is a plastic container designed to separate the garbage. The cordless models have it right in the handle. A small filter is formed inside the filter during the operation of the device, which scatters the dust on the walls and does not allow them to “return” back into the tube.
  • Power Type. Modern models of upright vacuum cleaners are mainly equipped with lithium-ion batteries, which are characterized by a high capacity and slow discharge. In terms of technical characteristics today they have no equal.
  • Turbo Brush. It is a device equipped with an electric motor. Removes hair, hair, threads and shavings effectively from many surfaces. Cleaning with a turbo brush is better.
  • Operating time before you need to recharge it. It depends not only on the battery capacity, but also on the energy efficiency, the power consumption. The autonomous work time varies from 20 to 80 minutes.
  • Vertical vacuum cleaner weight. During cleaning the hostess will have to keep the device always in hand, so its weight is important. 1.2 to 2kg is the most comfortable weight for a vacuum cleaner. The models of more than 4 kg will not suit everyone.
  • Noise level. Preferably, this value should range from 70-80 dB. It is recommended to check the noise level in the store.

BISSELL CleanView Swivel PET 2252 REVIEW. Why is Everyone Buying this Vacuum?

Perhaps these are the main parameters you should pay attention to when buying a cordless upright vacuum cleaner. Before buying, be sure to make sure you have all the accompanying documentation, warranty card and additional nozzles. To make your search easier, we present our list of the best cordless vacuum cleaners in 2022 for home use.

Rating of the best cordless vacuum cleaners

Top 11: The best cordless vacuum cleaners of 2022

Model No. Name Description Price
1. BBK BV2526 Best cordless vacuum cleaner for 2022 175
2. Atvel G9 Smart vacuum cleaner for home cleaning 405
3. Philips FC6722 SpeedPro The best cordless vacuum cleaner for value for money 240
4. Weissgauff V9 Turbo Cyclone The best budget cordless vacuum cleaner 137
5. Wollmer D703 Charoit Quality vacuum cleaner, light weight and high maneuverability 192
6. Xiaomi Trouver Solo 10 Easy and convenient vacuum cleaner with dry type of cleaning 111
7. Polaris PVCS 4000 HandStickPRO Reliable cordless vacuum cleaner with dry type of cleaning 328
8. Tefal TY6545RH Wireless vacuum cleaner with easy controls 137
9. Xiaomi Jimmy JV35 Great mini-vacuum cleaner for moderate cost 97
10. Bosch Unlimited BCS 1ALL Reliable and durable cordless vacuum cleaner 267
11. Kitfort KT-529 Handheld cordless vacuum cleaner 30
No. Name Description Price
1. Atvel F16 Best cordless vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning in 2022 310
2. Genio Magic Wash T10 Vacuum cleaner with self-cleaning function 355
3. Tefal TY9691WO Vacuum cleaner for any type of cleaning with power control 246
4. Clever Clean HV-450 Universal vacuum cleaner 5 in 1 253

Top Best Wireless Vacuum Cleaners

Types and types of upright vacuum cleaners by power source

Household device for cleaning living quarters, consisting of a telescopic hose, motor, and vacuum cleaner is called an upright vacuum cleaner. Its main feature. the tank for dust and motor are located on the hose. The device is presented in a variety of modifications, but the main differences among all of the vertical vacuum cleaners are the type of power. either the power is provided by a removable battery, or from a standard electrical outlet.

For your information! Mains power for vertical vacuum cleaners must be 220/12 V.

Types of the best upright vacuum cleaners depending on the power source:

  • wired or working from the network;
  • Cordless or cordless;
  • automobile, powered from the cigarette lighter;
  • universal.

Corded (corded)

Is it worth buying an upright vacuum cleaner if it requires an electric network? As a rule, these models are made either for industrial purposes, or they are simple devices for home with little functionality. Most customers want to see an upright vacuum cleaner in a cordless version with rechargeability.

The main advantages of these models are low cost and the ability to do cleaning without time constraints. Of the disadvantages highlight the inconvenient wire, getting in the way underfoot and bored in standard vacuum cleaners. The main disadvantage. it depends on the home electricity grid.

Cordless (cordless)

Rating of upright vacuum cleaners for the home often lead the battery-powered upright models, which is not surprising. These devices are not only compact and do not depend on household power grids, but they are also mobile and maneuverable. Most often battery-powered small vacuum cleaners, which can be parked in a regular clothes closet.

If you compare standalone vacuum cleaners in quality and reliability, almost all modern models have impressive performance autonomy and successfully cope with the functions of fixed counterparts. But, autonomy is still limited, and batteries require recharging. It is worth taking into account the relatively low power of most cordless upright vacuum cleaners.

Tip! If constant cleaning takes a long time, it is desirable to choose a model with an additional removable battery. This solution will double the duration of cleaning.

From the cigarette lighter (automotive)

The small handheld vacuum cleaner powered from the car with a voltage of 12 V, it is difficult to call a complete vertical device, but it can safely be attributed to the portable vacuum cleaner. There are models with a small built-in battery, but its autonomy is too small to forgo the connection to the 12-volt power grid.

The main advantage is a very small size, it is designed for a simple cleaning in the car interior. Disadvantages: depends on the car network, can not cope with complex tasks. for example, clean serious pollution with such a vacuum cleaner will not work.

For your information! In car hand-held vacuum cleaners, the power indicators are always low, regardless of the manufacturer and the price of the device.


This category represents the best upright vacuum cleaners for the home, combining different means of power. For example, you can pick up a device with the possibility of using a battery and connecting to the mains. Some models are described as “3 in 1”. to the two major power sources added the ability to work from a car cigarette lighter.

How to choose the right vertical vacuum cleaner

The best choice of a household cleaning device is represented by the basic criteria that you should familiarize yourself with before buying an upright vacuum cleaner:

  • type of container;
  • power source;
  • type of cleaning;
  • type of device;
  • The main indicators of power;
  • noise level;
  • the presence of a turbo brush;
  • filters;
  • storage options.

Type of dust canister. The choice is made according to the volume of the plastic container. Available models with different bag capacities allow you to find the most suitable model for your needs:

For your information! The minimum volume of the container is designed for a room of no more than 10 square meters. м. detailed information is specified by the manufacturer in the accompanying documentation to the vacuum cleaner.

Power Source. Wired, wireless or universal. vertical vacuum cleaners are presented in such formats, and which one is better to choose. it is necessary to decide the buyer, based on the desired capabilities of the device and the planned budget for the purchase.

Cleaning type. The main types are dry and wet cleaning. Each of them has its own characteristics. For example, wet is more suitable for allergy sufferers and allows you to cope with heavy dirt. But it is not suitable for a “capricious” floor, where moisture can ruin the coating. The dry type of cleaning is considered gentle and minimal in labor intensity. But in this case it can not be a complete cleaning of surfaces and is not suitable for the removal of heavy dirt.

Type of device. The main variety, which is inherent in all devices without exception. the vertical type. But modern models are complemented by useful features. for example, universal by type of power, with a comfortable telescopic handle, with different ways to park.

Main power indicators. An important point that may be relatively confusing to the cursory reader of a vacuum cleaner’s manual or specifications. When choosing a vacuum cleaner you need to consider two indicators of power. consumption and suction. The most popular and popular vacuum cleaners are those with a power control.

Noise level. Noiseless vacuum cleaners don’t exist. every vacuum cleaner has a certain amount of audible noise. Standard value. 75-80 dB.

Turbidity of the brush. Is it worth buying a vacuum cleaner with an extra brush, because of which the cost is significantly higher? Turbo brush is necessary for cleaning surfaces with very thick pile. where an ordinary powerful vacuum cleaner can not cope. The main advantage of such an addition to the technique. quality cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture from animal hair.

Filters. Important factor that affects the efficiency of the device. The availability of filters, their varieties and capabilities are always listed in the technical specifications of the vacuum cleaner. There are multistage systems, aqua filters, HEPA and many others. the choice is unlimited.

Storage options. The vacuum cleaner parking is one of the indicators of its compactness. Some models are represented by a collapsible design, for others there are special parking stands.

Tefal VP7545RH

Tefal VP7545RH

The Tefal VP7545RH corded upright vacuum cleaner is used for wet and dry vacuuming, various types of coatings. Cleaner cleans smooth surfaces, collects dust, mops and steams well.

High quality of performance is guaranteed by the high suction power of the device. The long cord and large dust canister also allow you to clean large rooms quickly.

Dual clean and Cteam cleaning attachments give the vacuum cleaner multi-directional movement, good maneuverability and a wide range of actions. It has a reusable cloth attached.

  • Power of the vacuum cleaner. 1700 W.
  • Cord length. 7.5m.
  • Dust Cup Capacity. 0.8L.
  • Water tank. 0,7L.
  • Dimensions. 31x89x21 cm.
  • Weight. 8,73 kg.

Bissell 17132 (Crosswave)

Bissell 17132 (Crosswave)

Vertical vacuum cleaner Bissell 17132 suitable for dry and wet cleaning of various types of coatings: ceramic tiles, laminate, parquet floors, carpets with small pile length, wooden floors, rubber mats.

Not recommended for cleaning the following surfaces: upholstered furniture, silk carpets, gaps between furniture and walls. Not suitable for cleaning pet hair on carpets. HEPA13 filter ensures fast and powerful cleaning of surfaces. Capable of cleaning up to 100 m2 without the addition of cleaning solution.

Can be stored in a stable upright position and takes very little space. The power cord must be disconnected manually, using a special attachment on the main body of the device.

Tefal VP7751WH

Tefal VP7751WH

Vertical vacuum cleaner has a sturdy design, can be moved long distances (up to 8 meters). The principle of operation of this vacuum cleaner is caused by the cyclone vacuum system. Dirt and debris are channeled into the dust canister with fill indicator. Adjust suction intensity on handle for convenience if needed.

Vapor cleaner has the ability to clean surfaces both wet and dry. Can clean old stains effectively and disinfect surfaces thanks to the intensive steam power. Capacity used for water and detergent is 0.7 l, which is enough for continuous cleaning. There is a special nozzle for cleaning hard surfaces.

  • The dust container has a capacity of 0.25L.
  • Cable length. 8 meters.
  • Noise level. 82dB.
  • Water/detergent tank capacity. 0.7 L.
  • Weighs 3.9 lbs.



VITEK VT-1888 vertical steam vacuum cleaner combines functions of three devices simultaneously, it may become a real helper for a housewife. It is a vacuum cleaner, steam mop, and handheld steam cleaner. You can choose from three different power levels and use the unit to clean smooth floors and carpets. With this unit, it’s easy to clean both wet and dry. And with hot steam cleaning (up to 25 gpm), it will sterilize surfaces.

CleanSteam Revolution steam vacuum cleaner combines innovative technology in an ergonomic compact body to make your daily housework faster and easier than ever before (compared to the previous generation of cleaners). The device vacuums and cleans the floor at the same time and the built-in essential oil diffuser spreads a pleasant aroma around the room during cleaning. Vacuums use regular tap water to produce powerful steam that can sanitize your floor without the use of chemical cleaners. The vacuum cleaner has a removable water tank for easy refill, and its advanced cyclonic technology provides consistent performance.

  • Weight. 5,8 kg.
  • Height. 120 cm, depth. 26 cm, width. 31 cm.
  • Power. 1800 watts.
  • The cleaning mode is dry/damp.
  • Dust bag capacity. 0,4L.
  • Power cord 5m.
  • Vertical parking. yes.



The VITEK VT-1889 is a vertical steam vacuum cleaner which can be used to clean smooth floors and carpets, helping to create perfect cleanliness in your home. The device combines three functions of different devices, it operates simultaneously as a vacuum cleaner, steam mop and handheld steam cleaner, can perform dry and wet cleaning. You can select one of three power levels on the control panel, disinfect the surface with hot steam (delivery. up to 25 g/min). The device is easy to use and has good mobility, so it can reach the most remote corners.

  • Maximum power. 1800 watts.
  • Cleaning type. dry / wet.
  • The dust canister capacity is 0,4 l.
  • Power cord length. 5 meter.
  • Weight. 6 kg.

The Tefal VP8561RH

Tefal VP8561RH

If you get tired of vacuuming first and then cleaning later, this Tefal vacuum cleaner is just right for you. It helps you clean in half the time. The unique cleaning head and steam help you get rid of junk and sweep the floor at the same time. When you swipe it on a floor, it absorbs the dust and immediately steams the surface. The result: no dirt, no bacteria!

Of course, you can use this vacuum cleaner not only on the floor. Your home will sparkle with special nozzles for glass and ceramic tiles. Or remove the head completely and use it as a handheld steam cleaner to sanitize and refresh carpets, curtains, and upholstered furniture. Handheld vacuum cleaner is easy to hold with one hand and you don’t need to mess with the hoses and tubes. Dust collector containers are easier to clean, they are more hygienic than conventional bags.

Which upright vacuum cleaner is better??

Rating of vertical vacuum cleaners is specifically divided into several different categories. This makes it easier to choose, based on the features of each type of model. Wired vertical models are good because they have high power. But the cord and the weight seriously complicate the process of cleaning.

Cordless (cordless) vacuum cleaners are more convenient, easier, and they have more functions. But they can not work long without recharging, have weak power, and cost much more.

What’s the best vacuum cleaner to choose? Much depends on the needs of the individual buyer, because no one knows what room he wants to clean, how long he will do it, and how much money he is willing to spend on equipment.



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