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How to choose a lint remover


The fixture for removing soft beads of fabric fibers is great for those who often spend time on the road (business travelers, tourists, athletes, etc. п.). It only needs to be periodically connected to the 220 V mains for charging, using the removable cord provided. The rest of the time it is able to run on its built-in battery. The machine is versatile, because the same quality removes lint from knitwear or heavy wool, as well as the surface of delicate fabrics. This result is achieved by the provided height adjuster.


The metal head with small holes gently glides over a flat surface, preserving the texture of the material. over, according to reviews, cases of fabric deterioration through the fault of the device are not observed. Casing is made of plastic that does not get very hot in continuous use. Transparent, removable trash receptacle is included.

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Philips GC026/00

Philips GC026/00 is suitable for everything from cotton to wool. The machine has a Delicate Fabric Protector coating, which protects fabrics from damage and snags. The knife rotates very quickly, which helps clean most surfaces easily and efficiently.

Collected lint and other particles fall into a transparent removable container. After use just shake out the contents of the compartment and clean the blades with the supplied brush. Powered by two AA batteries that are included in the box. The device weighs only 140 grams, you can take it with you on business or travel.




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