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How to choose a hair dryer for curly hair

Features and types of hairboard hair tacks

Feng is an indispensable tool for drying and hair styling. He will also be able to give the hairstyle the necessary volume or make it unique. Due to the popularity of these devices, modifications with a diverse set of functions appear. One option is a hairdryer. How to choose the right model right for you, and what first of all pay attention to when buying a hairdryer?

A hairboard foam for hair is a combination of several tools (hair dryer, combing and curling forceps), allowing not only to dry, but also lay curls at the same time. In fact, the device helps to perform the function of the Bracing. laying with a hairdryer and a round brush, with a control panel on the handle.

Among the advantages of using the device, the following can be distinguished:

  • creation of a beautiful hairstyle;
  • comfortable use, including with daily use and travel;
  • time saving during styling;
  • smooth, well.groomed hair;
  • copes with curly curls;
  • sparing exposure to hair;
  • affordable price.

The main drawback is the noise and weight of the device.

  • With a rotating nozzle. during the work the brush is spinning, reducing the number of hands manipulations and accelerating the laying process. Allows you to create an additional volume, straighten the curls or tighten the strands. Requires a certain dexterity in application;
  • with a fixed brush. well dries the hair with the help of an incoming hot or cold air through the holes between the bristles. To create styling, you need to perform additional actions with your hands, winding the curls on the comb.

What are the hair dryers?

Another name of the hair dryer. Air Styler. Its main function. simplify styling, partially combining it with drying, thereby saving time and effort on a beautiful and natural hairstyle. Modern air styles can be divided into three groups:

  • Fans with a rotating brush. Perfectly stretched and laid hair provided that the design and sufficient power.
  • Fans with nozzles (without rotation). Round nozzles of various diameters are designed for brushing and creating curls, flat brushes. for straightening hair, crests and volumes. to create volume at the roots;
  • Steam styles. Thanks to the built.in steam generator, they can not only dry and lay wet hair, but also refresh/moisturize dry.

Criteria for choosing the best hairdryer


The power of the air flow depends on the power. than it is more, the faster hair dries. On sale you can find hair dryers with a capacity of 400 to 2400 watts. For home use, the devices are optimal from 1400 to 1800 watts, they are convenient for independent use, since they dry carefully, evenly and relatively quickly. 2000 watts hamphs dry hair in just a minute and ideal for beauty salon. However, without professional skills, such a hairdryer can not be smoothed out, but rather unnecessarily flush and dry curls.

Temperature regime and blowing speed

A good hair dryer has several heating modes, which allows you to choose the optimum temperature for hair features. In inexpensive hair dryers, temperature control is combined with speed adjustment. This is not bad, but if heating and speed can be changed separately, it gives even more opportunities for the individual tuning of the hairdryer “for yourself”.


Additional nozzles expand the functionality of the device. The most in demand:

  • concentrators (narrow the flow of air, making it more powerful and directed, used for laying, straightening strands);
  • diffusers and volumes (lift hair roots, give volume);
  • brushes and combs of all types (facilitate drying, allow you to dry and lay hair at the same time).
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This useful function is equipped with many modern high.quality hair dryers. The stream of negatively charged particles created during the drying process relieves the hair from static electricity, makes it more smooth, shiny, soft and obedient.

Cold blowing

It is necessary not only for the most careful drying, but also to fix the shape of the strands in the laying process. It is especially convenient if the blowing button with cold air is carried out on the case separately from others and allows you to press it from any position.

A good hair dryer should not be a “fluff”, because this means that the metal winding of the engine is very thin. Fans with professional motors are always harder. A good hair dryer weighs at least half a kilogram.

When choosing the best hairdryer, you need to pay attention to many other nuances: plastic strength, ergonomics and buttons, the length of the cord and the possibility of its rotation, the presence of protection against overheating, noise, etc.D. Before buying, find out the warranty service term: in famous brands it is 2 years.

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How to choose a hairdryer? Basic rules for choosing a hair dryer

Is it true that the hair dryer is so harmful to our hair? If you are in search of an ideal hairdryer, then the post for you! Why some categorically be afraid to spoil their hair? I’ll tell you about the nuances of use and the rules of choice.

Like many, I have passed several stages of hair care 1) only natural care of the refrigerator; 2) natural departure of purchased funds; 3) professional care

At 1 and 2 stages, as you know, I just hated a hair dryer! No, I was so very sure that the hair dryer was a feces of hell, that I was ready to throw out its available hair dryer into garbage!

Now I am in search of a worthy hair dryer.

But still, if you are at 1-2 stages, I want to try to convince you. We will not pull, let’s start.

First, I will tell the main parameters when choosing hair dryers that minimize damage to your chic hair: I want to recall that it is necessary to use thermal protection products.

1) Choose the right power of your hair dryer.

The four.digit line in W (W) indicated on the device’s case is power. The higher it is, the more strong the air flow is created. Conditionally, this value is divided into 3 ranges: up to 1500 watts. Low hairdryer power is very good for sparing styling (hair dryer); from 1500 to 2000 watts. Average capacity is most often in compact models; Over 2000 W. This power is characteristic of professional and ordinary devices.

For brittle, dry or short hair, you should choose a hair dryer with a capacity of not more than 1200 watts, t.to. higher power can ruin the structure of the hair.

For thick, long or heavy hair, a device with a power of 1600 watts and above is suitable. Such power is enough to provide hair and splendor hair

2) the hair dryer should be made of high.quality material, for example, heat.resistant shock.resistant plastic.

3) cold air supply function. It is useful to fix the strand after laying and it also helps to cover the hair cuticle. This is especially true for porous hair. With this, we get shiny and smooth hair

4) the function of air ionization is perhaps a wonderful function itself, so be sure to look for a hairdryer with this criterion. How this happens, negatively charged air ions are connected to positively charged particles of wet hair, and water drops are broken

5) there is also such an opinion that the harder the hair dryer, the better it is. This is explained by the fact that reliability depends on the thickness of the metal winding. I don’t know how relevant it is in our time, but still.

6) the noise from the hair dryer should not be loud or howling. If the sound is wheezing or howling, most of all the engine is poor-quality

7) the longer the cord, the better you agree) so that the length of the cord is not the last place in the choice. And had a mobile or hinge.shaped mount to the body

8) I would also like to emphasize that in our time there are a huge number of nozzles.

I want to say from myself that the standard is the nozzle. And believe me that the distance of the nozzle for air supply should not be wider than 1 cm. Otherwise the air has no orientation, but as a result-dryer longer.

Thank you for your attention, I hope these main rules will help you choose a worthy hair dryer for your chic hair!

Which diffuser to choose depending on the length of the hair

Hair length is the first factor affecting the choice. Accept the following tips to attention.

Diffusing vs Air Drying Curly Hair | Which is BETTER?

  • It is better to choose women with short strands or medium length with short, thin “fingers”, with a frequent location. Teeth can be plastic or silicone.
  • For a long hair, the nozzle should be wide with long, rare, exclusively plastic “fingers”. Silicone is not suitable, as they are confused in strands, and spoil the hairstyle.

Important: if you doubt what to choose, consult with the seller. After all, by buying a diffuser for thick and long curls, you will not be able to make a hairstyle on short and thin strands.

Choice of diffuser for different hair types

The next factor is hair type. In order not to spoil the luxurious hair, or not to harm the already weakened hair, take the following tips to attention.

  • For thick hair, a wide disk with rare thick teeth is perfect. He will quickly dry the shock and ensure its safety.
  • For thin, brittle strands, the best option is short “fingers”. Long ones are contraindicated in such a type, as they threaten the loss of hair.
  • A nozzle with flat spikes should be chosen by women with thin and dense strands in need of volume.
  • If you want to start hair, give preference to curly spikes. They are created specifically to create curls.
  • Cylindrical teeth are universal. Suitable equally for curling and straightening.

Attention: Vibrating with “fingers” are now popular now. They save the owner from the need to rotate the hair dryer with their hands. Such a nozzle creates a magnificent volume at the roots.

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The basic principles of care

It is advisable for people who have naturally curly, rebellious curls. The impact of thermal appliances (forceps, curling iron, iron) negatively affects the condition of the hair, as it greatly violates their structure, increases porosity and makes them brittle and weakened.

The same can be said about combs with metal or very frequent teeth. They unraveling the “nodules” on curls, a strong tension of curls at the roots lead to increased hair loss and their injury. The optimal solution is to comb strands with fingers. For large curls, a wooden comb or a comb with rare teeth is suitable.

Instead of shampoos, it is better to use special air conditioners. You should choose the compositions that include cleansing components. That is, the product frees the hair from dirt and excess sebaceous secretions and at the same time nourishes, moisturizes them. This method has the name of coping.

If the effect obtained from the use of the air conditioner does not suit the owner of a curly hairstyle, then you should choose a shampoo in which there are no sulfates, parabens, alcohol, flavorings and other chemical additives that make the strands “heavy” and dim. It is better to dwell on the choice of funds in which there are plant caring components.

To accelerate hair drying, many people use a towel. But it absorbs too much moisture. Simple cotton t.shirt, microfiber material. more gentle drying methods in which a sufficient amount of moisture remains in the hair to moisturize and preserve a healthy structure.

If you follow these tips, then after 2-3 weeks you can notice how strikingly the appearance of the hairstyle has changed. And this is without the use of expensive and not always affordable means for caring for curly hair.

The results of a survey of curly girls

By the way, and not only for me. I conducted a survey among my subscribers on Instagram and I want to tell you about the results.

In total, I asked three questions to understand whether other girls see the dependence of the drying method and the severity of Kudrey.

At first I found out in what way they prefer to use: there was no version of the “diffuser-lap”

As you can see, most curly girls dry their hair in a natural way. There are several reasons, but the most basic is just the lack of a fenger with a diffuser.

Dry the very small number of people in the palm of your hand, and even less for this use a sieve. Still, many prefer traditional and simple methods in this matter.

The second question was associated with whether they saw the dependence of the drying method and volume/twisting the curls in length and on the tips and whether drying differs with the diffuser from the natural.

  • Dry your hair faster
  • Strengthen the curl
  • Get a basal volume
  • Some have reduced the amount of fluff
  • The length of the hair decreases (due to the fact that the curls are bouncing)
  • Fluff appears (someone even suggests that due to too fast drying)
  • The hair dries harder

As for the formation of fluff with drying with a diffuser, I will share my experience. When I just started drying my hair with a diffuser, I did not understand that the number of gel should be applied a little more than with natural drying. At least on my hair it works like that. The gel is more likely to grasp in a cast and prevents individual hairs to break out of the strands.

I made another important conclusion for myself: if it is not yet possible to dry a pound with a diffuser, t.to. The hair is scattered, then before moving the diffuser to another strand, you need to turn off the hair dryer. You yourself imagine how moving the bowl from the head, you are inadvertently inflated and hair.

And I never start drying the hairdryer as soon as I inflicted styling. I go for about 20 minutes, and only then I begin to actively dry. Thus, styling will grab on the hair and there will no longer be so many fluff. Yes, and you don’t have to wash the bowl from the gel)

The third question that I asked the girls is the type of curl and whether the hair from the roots curls. I wanted to see the relationship between drying and hair type.

But it turned out that even girls whose curls begin right from the roots do not neglect drying drying. And also make Accent in the basal zone. Girls whose curl begins from the line of the ears, the chin is also dried with diffuser. The basic zone for volume.

Best Hair Dryer For Curly Hair in 2021

Also, the use of the diffuser does not depend on the degree of the curl of the respondents (in the answers of girls from 2a to 3b). That is, drying drying by a diffuser is chosen not only those who want/need to strengthen the curl (2a, 2b), but also a girl with a pronounced curl (3a, 3b), who seemed to have dry and so.


The hair dryer is very beautiful. By and large, so I bought it. Purple body and nozzle, powder.colored handle, silver cupboards of power, button for switching modes in the color of the handle.

It is striking that the output for the air is much wider than that of a regular hairdryer, for me it is a bold plus, because it allows you to get a stream of air of a larger area than that of an ordinary hair dryer, and, therefore, dry your hair faster if you dry it without nozzles. The diffuser is small (but there are smaller), the diameter of the bowl 12.5 cm, fingers with holes at the ends. In shape, Dif resolves Dysonovsky, but with a uniform grid at the bottom of the bowl.

The concentrator has a wide gap. I never straightened my hair, but I heard that the good prof.the phenov gap of the concentrator should be strongly already.

The hair dryer is quite light, short, small, comfortably lies in the hand.

How to use?

To twist the curls beautifully, you need to wash your head and dry it with a towel or naturally. The strands should be thoroughly combed and apply a styling tool. Owners of short locks are better to choose a foam or mousse, and girls with long hair can be limited to thermal protection.

It is better to adhere to certain recommendations when using a hairdryer.

  • You can quickly make curls with the nozzle-disffusor. This method is considered the easiest to execute, such a device is simply necessary to create light, careless curls. The advantage of the diffuser is that this design, thanks to the “fingers”, protects curls and skin from very hot air, which is possible with an incorrectly selected temperature regime. Drying by the device from the roots helps to give additional volume. For curling, you should divide the hair into the same locks and dry it, moving and bringing the hair dryer. In the same way, curls of other strands occur. The hairstyle is fixed with varnish.
  • You can build a beautiful hairstyle and make curls using a hair dryer and a round comb. Such a duet will make a chic volume and spectacular waves. To create curls, wash your hair, then dry the hair and apply thermal protection to the strands. Hair is combed and do the parting, separating a small strand at the temple. With one hand you should hold the comb, and hold the hair dryer with the clogging with the other and dry the curl. After the strand has cooled, it is removed from the brushing. Then the same process should be done with the rest of the locks. During operation, the hair is divided into upper and lower part. The upper part is fixed with hairpins while the locks are wound on the back of the head. After laying your head can be sprinkled with varnish.
  • Using the centrifuga nozzle, you can start light waves. To create such a hairstyle, wash your hair and divide a little wet strands into several parts. If possible, they can be lubricated with mousse or foam, then comb. The nozzle-cylinder is invested in the first strand and dried. The same actions are carried out with other strands. You should not keep the curl inside for a long time, otherwise there is a chance of hair damage. Ready curls should be corrected, slightly promoting, and apply varnish.
  • To create curly hair, a hairdryer with a round nozzle-spark. Thanks to this device, you can comb, dry and put curls. The principle of styling is similar to the method with the Bracing. On washed wet hair, you need to apply a styling tool, then comb and divide into strands. You should take one strand, wind it on the brush, then dry it, alternating hot and cold air. In the same way, a curl of all strands is carried out.
  • Suitable for creating curls and a round nozzle. The device not only dries the hair, but also twists it. To obtain beautiful waves, you need to wash your hair, then dry it and apply thermal protection. The hair is divided into locks, then in turn they are wound on the base of the curling iron. After the strand dries and cools down, the curl is released. The size of the curls depends on the diameter of the nozzle.
  • You can make curls using ordinary curlers and a hair dryer. Such styling will take more time compared to other options, but the result of such a curl will be simply amazing. As a result, the curls will turn out large and voluminous. To create a hairstyle, you need to divide the head into zones: into the crown, sides and nape. In these zones, you should alternately choose strands, comb them and wind up on curlers. You can use Velcro or papillots as curlers. After the curlers are completely wound, the head is dried with a hairdryer. After drying and cooling, curlers are removed and curls are laid. If desired, use a hair spray for medium or strong fixation.
  • Using any hair curl device, we should not forget that the hairstyle will look spectacular only on clean hair, so before using a hairdryer with nozzles to create curls you need to wash your head. After washing the hair is dried.
  • After drying the curls should be combed. The comb also plays an important role. Incorrect selection of the tool can lead to the fact that the strands will be confused.
  • Do not neglect the styling products. Light mousse or foam is applied to the tips and draws along the entire length of the strand, without affecting the roots. To give an additional volume to the hairstyle, you need to walk through the hair, starting from the roots, while raising each strand. It is not recommended to keep a wrapped curl under hot air for a long time.
  • It is important to use the electrical appliance correctly, because the service life of the unit depends on this. To protect the locks from overheating, it is not recommended to dry or curl completely wet hair.
  • Beautiful wavy curls wound with a hairdryer will look great on the hair of any length. It is better for tall girls to make smooth, large waves. Small fashionable fashionistas are more suitable for small curls and curls.



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