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How to choose a good stationary mixer for your home

Mixer for home: rules of choice

The modern woman tries to do as much housework as possible in the shortest possible time, leaving time for family and leisure. With this in mind, manufacturers of household appliances annually improve all kinds of models of devices that serve to make life easier for their owners. It is probably difficult to make a mistake, calling the kitchen the place where women spend a significant part of the day. Every housewife should have an indispensable assistant in the kitchen. an electric mixer. It copes with a number of tasks, greatly simplifying housework and saving time. Such a device can not only beat eggs into a fluffy foam, but also knead dough of varying thickness, whip mayonnaise, cream, cream, etc.д., all you have to do is to load all the products into the bowl and press the button. Of course, you can perform all of the above manipulations by hand, but because the quality of the work done will be somewhat lower, and it will take more time. It is worth saying in favor of mixers and the fact that modern models are available to any family, because the choice of these devices is huge. Therefore, today you can buy a model with the most suitable technical characteristics, the desired mode, power, number of turns, as well as in the desired price category.

With the basic rules for choosing these devices you can read on this page.

What is the best mixer to choose for home use

Before you choose an electric mixer for home use, you need to decide what exactly it can be useful for, what loads it must withstand, what the maximum amount of products it “can handle”, what dimensions will be appropriate for the kitchen. After all, it is logical that the more loading capacity, the larger the size, and with it the higher the cost. The price range also depends on the equipment of the device with a set of additional functions, the more there are, the higher the price. And everyone decides for himself what will suit him, and whether it is worth paying more.

Before deciding which mixer to choose for use at home, study their varieties in detail, this will help to avoid wasting money or choosing an unsuitable set. Types of units:

Each of them has a number of advantages and disadvantages, so carefully study the technical data sheet of the model before buying.

Planetary mixers: which firm is better

Confectionery appliance is not a cheap purchase, so such a purchase requires a conscious and careful choice. For mass production, a large floor standing unit is better suited. But such a bulky planetary mixer is not suitable for home.

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Professional kitchen appliances are produced by many manufacturers: European ones (including.ч. British, German), Chinese. When choosing a unit, give preference to well-known brands and brands that have already won the hearts of consumers with their quality.

The world-famous Moulinex and Bosch are ideal for the occasional cook. They have low power but low cost, so they are not suitable for everyday use. Kitfort and Gemlux cooking appliances are suitable for intensive frequent use. They have the features and equipment necessary for cooking large amounts of food. all-metal components and several modes that allow you to adjust the speed.

choose, good, stationary, mixer

KitchenAid and Smeg appliances are designed for home and professional use. The quality and durability of planetary units from these manufacturers will please every cook. However, you have to pay dearly for the quality and reliability. Their cost is many times higher than their plastic counterparts.

Which planetary mixer to choose

Choosing such a peculiar device, you need to consider its purpose and frequency of use. The body of the mixer is made of durable metal, but its accessories can be made of plastic. For frequent use, you should give preference to a metal whisk and bowl, with a volume of three to five liters. The material should be “stainless steel”, then the components of the machine will last a long time.

The standard packing set includes:

If you need to knead thick dough in large volumes, a planetary mixer with not one, but with two hooks is suitable. Pay attention to the number of sockets for attachments in the machine to choose the most functional device.

When choosing a control panel, you should consider that the touch panel is fashionable and stylish, but the mechanical panel is reliable and durable.

A timer is not unimportant. Some of them can not only signal the expiration of the set time, but also stop the mixer.

Choosing a mixer: what to choose and where to look

The mixer itself is not yet the final classification of kitchen devices and differs in a host of parameters and characteristics. There are a huge number of such aspects, but we will consider only those that most strongly affect the quality of work and the final cost.

According to the principle of operation, there are 3 types of home mixers: manual, stationary and planetary. Handheld is the most common type due to its ease of use, versatility, compact size and of course low cost. However, hand mixers during operation constantly have to be held in the hand, and the same small size do not allow for enough power to mix harder and more viscous products. For this reason, such mixers are suitable only for basic culinary tasks and better mix more liquid products.

Stationary mixers are much more massive than manual mixers, but they are placed on a special platform, so their weight is not particularly important. Such models have more power, so they are suitable for more narrowly focused tasks, although to a greater extent their set of functions also depends on the power. Also, stationary mixers do not require your direct involvement, so cooking with them is faster and more efficient.

Planetary models belong to the class of stationary and externally do not have any particular differences. The difference lies in their mixing mechanism: while the stationary one can only rotate the nozzle around the center point, the planetary one can rotate it both around the center and around the axis. That is why it is called a planetary. Such devices differ in the quality of mixing, so they are more suitable for professionals. Mixers of this type are often representatives of the high price category.


Once you have determined the type of your future mixer, it’s time to determine its power. This is the second most important point, because not only the cost but also the efficiency directly depends on it. Handheld models are often purchased not for culinary masterpieces and hours of work, so for them the optimal indicator will start from 350 watts. The more the better, but always keep in mind the cost and power consumption.

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For stationary devices, the minimum power for comfortable operation starts from 550 watts, but if you buy this mixer only because of the type of its work and do not plan to mix more viscous products, then 400 watts will be enough for you. Planetary mixers are mostly taken by professionals, besides the type of their mixing involves working with more solid and viscous products, so their power should be from 700 watts. Be sure to take into account the approximate operating time of the mixer when cooking. With prolonged operation of the engine at maximum power, the mechanism quickly overheats and can break, so if you plan a continuous and long work of several hours, it is recommended to take a model with power reserve. To do this, add 15%-20% to the power recommended above.

What are planetary mixers, and how to choose the best solution with a bowl

Planetary mixer for home to choose simply. It is important to understand the main difference between the device and all other types. It is used for simple kneading dough. It does not have a high speed mode, but at the same time the device is able to cope with large volumes of mixtures at the same time. There are different models:

Choose, what is the best planetary device, it is worth based on the amount of work and the number of prepared dishes. Popular manufacturers are considered:

KitchenAid (capable of serving for 25 years and have a bright design design);

Gemlux (budget versions with a plastic bowl and body);

Kenwood (multifunctional models that can even cook);

Kitfort (another version of the budgetary device for those who love to cook, but are not ready to lay out a large sum to buy equipment);

Bosch (quite powerful and durable devices);

Gastrorag (industrial versions of the units, relatively expensive).

What to choose a hand mixer

Power mixer for whipping products, the number of work modes and tips to work affects the final cost of the model. At the same time, manual variants are not able to cope with the cooking of complex dishes. The minimum power of such a device for good work is 250 watts.

For most types of work is good with 3 to 5 modes of operation. What company to choose, and reviews about the mixer, directly affects the decision-making procedure when buying. Popular brands are Moulinex, Braun, Bosh, Philips.

The best planetary mixer

Kitfort KT-1308-2

Stylish planetary mixer in black, white or red plastic case. Attachments, hooks, whisk, and spatula are made of silumin, four-liter bowl. stainless steel. Splash-proof lid. The mixer has four rubber suction cups that prevent it from slipping while in use. Control is electronic. Parts are locked by lightly twisting. Continuous operating time of the device. 10 minutes.

  • Bright design;
  • 6 speeds;
  • Direct and countdown timer;
  • Impulse mode.
  • No storage device for accessories;
  • No button to remove attachments;
  • No turbo mode.

Relice 3018

Stationary and powerful mixer made in China with stainless steel bowl of 3.2 liters. With standard set of attachments. The body is made of durable plastic, resistant to light scratches. Functions are also classic: whisking, chopping, blending. Control is via LCD display, just set the parameters, the device will do everything himself and turns off. The manufacturer gives a product warranty.24 months. Planetary mixer is quite budget-friendly, its price. from 5 to 7 thousand

  • Optional turbo mode;
  • There is a button to automatically remove nozzles;
  • There is a timer;
  • Small in size.
  • Heats up when working;
  • You can smell the plastic;
  • Can work no more than 8 minutes, then you need a break.

The best immersion mixer

Moulinex HM 613130

Hand mixer with power of 250 watts in a combined body of plastic and metal. The device is easy to control with the electronic display on the handle, there is a backlight mode. Rotation speed, of which there are 9, can be adjusted with a handy scroll wheel. Includes three attachments: mixing hooks, scraper and whisk. The device is easy to store: all the accessories are placed in a container, the mixer is attached to the top. The mixer is not cheap, it costs about 7 thousand But the price is justified by the large number of functions.

  • Modern design;
  • Availability of a timer with a setting time of up to 15 hours;
  • Turning on the timer does not reset the set settings;
  • Comfortable handle;
  • There is a button for disconnecting the nozzles.
  • No protective cover and no cable reeling attachment.
  • Low-powered, can break when working with a thick mixture.
choose, good, stationary, mixer

The first planetary mixers were invented over 100 years ago and at first were reserved for commercial use for professional confectioners. Now everyone can afford to buy them, getting a stationary device that ensures the rotation of the nozzle not only around its axis, but also on the radius of the bowl. This improves the quality of mixing ingredients and leaves your hands free for other tasks while the powerful household planetary mixer whips eggs or kneads dough.

Don’t know which planetary mixer to choose for your home in 2022-2023? Our selection includes only quality and dependable models to ensure you get the best possible results for your favourite dishes. They were sorted by value for money, and in choosing them we relied on customer reviews and expert reviews.

How to choose an inexpensive but good planetary mixer?

13 place. Galaxy LINE GL2230

Our planetary mixer comparison starts with the Galaxy LINE GL2230. The cheapest model in our top list with 12 speed modes, allowing you to choose the best one for the preparation of your dish. The white body is assembled from impact-resistant plastic and metal, and along with it you get a stainless steel bowl with a capacity of 4 liters. The set includes three attachments that not only rotate on their axis, but also around the circumference of the bowl.

Steel bowl will not only be more durable, but also does not absorb foreign odors and does not change its original color. 700 watts of power is enough to efficiently whip eggs and knead even stiff dough. Stainless steel whisk for cream preparation and whipping egg whites. It is effective at 9-12 speeds. The 1-8 speed has an aluminum food stirring attachment that works well with solid foods. Using it you can prepare minced meat or delicious mashed potatoes. The hook is designed to knead thick dough. It should be used on 1 to 4 speeds.

A transparent lid is put on the bowl to prevent splashing. It has a hole through which you can add food during use.

  • Whips eggs well and kneads dough;
  • Compact size;
  • Pretty powerful;
  • Convenient Bowl;
  • Whips even small amounts of ingredients, down to a single egg;
  • Large selection of speed modes;
  • 3 nozzles and the transparent lid included.

12 place. ENDEVER Sigma 21S/22S

Choose a good inexpensive planetary mixer for your home in the range of ENDEVER, whose products are always known for their quality and reliability. The Sigma 21S/22S can be used both at home and in professional pastry laboratories, which is facilitated by the durable metal bowl with a capacity of 4 liters.

Body itself is made of impact-resistant plastic, painted black and silver. Rubber feet provide secure standing on the table even at maximum power (600 watts). 6 speed settings for optimal whipping intensity. Controls are as simple as possible. Uses a smooth rotary mechanical switch. Includes hook, whisk and spatula.

  • Appearance;
  • Inexpensive but good;
  • Thick and wide nozzles;
  • Quickly whips eggs into a froth and kneads dough well;
  • Does not take up much space on the table
  • Sturdy metal bowl;
  • Convenient attachments and modes.

11 seats. Polaris PKM 1002

Polaris offers the best inexpensive models of planetary mixers for the home, which in their budget stand out for having a motor protection from overheating and a high power level of 1000 watts. The device can be used for whipping, kneading and mixing products.

Ingredients are poured into a 4 liter bowl which is made of rugged and stainless steel. There are 5 speeds; Switching between them is as smooth as possible. The bowl has a lid with a special slot so you can add ingredients. Rubber feet provide a stable position on the table surface, and a low noise level increases the comfort of use.

  • High build quality;
  • Large bowl;
  • The speed at which tasks are performed;
  • Thanks to the lid, nothing flies around the kitchen;
  • In the complete set of detailed instructions;
  • Stylish design;
  • Feet on suction cups;
  • Dimensions;
  • Protection of the motor from overheating.

10 place. ENDEVER Sigma-18/19/20

For home use, it is better to choose a silent planetary mixer ENDEVER Sigma-18/19/20, which will be the main assistant in the kitchen. You can use it to knead any kind of dough, including sticky dough. The result is an evenly kneaded dough which is enveloping and oxygenated.

When you have to mix at different speeds to get the recipes right, you get stepless speed control and 6 available speeds. Efficiency is ensured by 1000 watts of power and spacious 4-liter bowl. The Sigma-18/19/20 ENDEVER lets you whip up purées, dough, sauces, mayonnaise and more. everything is limited only by your imagination. Rubber feet prevent the metal bowl mixer from sliding around on your workbench.

7th position. Philips HR3705/00 Daily Collection

The Philips HR3705/00 Daily Collection has 300 Watt power and 5 different speeds, and you can switch smoothly thanks to the handy switch on the device. Next to it, there is a key for activating turbo mode and for flipping out the nozzles. There are 4 of them in the kit. Two whisk and two spiral whisk, which provides versatility of the mixer.

The long power cord allows you to plug in without the need for an extension cord, and the plastic housing is beautiful, durable and easy to clean.

  • The shape of the whisk allows them to whip quickly and well;
  • Handles the kneading of thick dough;
  • Ergonomic shape and light weight;
  • The body does not heat up even with prolonged use;
  • Smooth speed changeover;
  • Quiet;
  • No splashing;
  • Long power cord.

6 place. REDMOND RHM-M2104

Review of the best professional mixers goes to the REDMOND RHM-M2104, which boasts a high power level of 500 watts, which allows you to cope with any complexity. The metal-plastic housing is compact and lightweight. It weighs 1.1kg. Hands don’t get tired even when beating for a long time, helped by ergonomic design.

Cope with mixing thick dough helps turbo mode, and the device will last long due to reliable protection against overheating. It comes with four attachments. Two whisk attachments and two spiral attachments that detach from the body at the push of a button.

  • Beats quickly and well;
  • Four sturdy attachments included;
  • Design;
  • Not particularly noisy;
  • The power is enough to spare;
  • Sturdy metal-plastic body;
  • Vertical parking.

How to choose an inexpensive but good stationary mixer?

Depending on the requirements, experts give different characteristics and recommendations for those who do not know how to choose a good stationary mixer for home. When buying these devices, you should make an Accent on the following characteristics:

  • Power. Is one of the most key indicators, which determines the speed of processing ingredients and productivity of the mixer. The higher the power, the higher its cost. Models with 350-500 Watt for home use, 600-900 Watt for confectionery.
  • Bowl and housing material. In the manufacture of the body for the stationary mixer is often used plastic, in some cases. stainless steel. The bowl can be made of metal, plastic and even glass. Each material has its own advantages.
  • Bowl capacity. The bigger the bowl, the more products can be whipped at once. The standard 2.3- to 4-liter bowls are considered the best. The capacity of semi-professional models is 5-8 liters. When choosing the right device, you should be guided by your own needs. Planetary mixers often have an even larger bowl volume.
  • Nozzles. The number of nozzles in different models of stationary mixers can vary from 1 to 5 pieces. Includes spatulas, whiskers, hooks and even a blender. This approach will increase the functionality of the stationary mixer.
  • Safety system. In order to ensure the safety of the mixer, its design should be equipped with the option of smooth motor start, an auto shut-off function in case of overheating, as well as have protection against splashing liquid ingredients.
  • Speed mode. Often a stationary mixer is equipped with 2-10 speed modes. Some models are additionally equipped with the option of pulse operation when cooking solid or firm products. In stationary devices, the bowl rotation function will be a useful mode. In addition, mid-range and premium equipment can support a slow start option.
  • Power cord length. Sufficient length of the electric cord of a stationary mixer ensures the comfort of use for a long time. With this appliance, the user can easily work on any surface without using an extension cord.
  • Equipping. The mixer‘s rubber-coated handle, feet and nozzle release button are useful additions. For ease of use, a number of manufacturers equip their products with a compartment to store the power cord, a control panel and a special key to control the speed modes.

Stationary mixer rating 2021

Scarlett SC-HM40B01

  • power. 550 watt
  • body material. plastic
  • number of speeds. 5
  • additional modes. turbo
  • Number of nozzles. 4
  • power cord length. 1.1 м
  • weight. 0.9 kg

Opens our top of the best stationary mixers 2021 popular model from Scarlett, which will be the best option for small kitchens or when cooking small portions of food. The SC-HM40B01 bowl capacity does not exceed 2 liters, and its dimensions are compact enough to save space when working.

Stationary mixer is ideal for chopping ingredients of different consistencies, but it is best used for mixing butter, cream and light dough. SC-HM40B01 has a convenient removable bowl which automatically rotates around the axis. The device has 5 speed modes, among which it is worth to mention the turbo mode. Included are the standard 4 nozzles, which does not distinguish the mixer from other analogues of the budget class. If desired, the SC-HM40B01 can be used even as a handheld, which will be a definite advantage for energetic housewives.

If we talk about the disadvantages, it is worth noting the short-lived components, as they are made of thin non-shatterproof plastic. In addition, the disadvantages SC-HM40B01 include a high degree of noise at work and the presence of play when mixing. However, the cost of the model mixer will definitely make buyers happy with its affordability.

  • can be used as a handheld
  • rotating bowl
  • reasonable price
  • compact dimensions
  • pleasant design

Polaris PHM 6512B

  • power. 650 W
  • body material. plastic
  • number of speeds. 4
  • additional modes. turbo
  • Number of attachments. 4
  • power cord length. 1 м
  • weight. 1.6 kg

Nice inexpensive mixer from Polaris with nice beige plastic body and 650W power. PHM 6512B is suitable for whipping and mixing ingredients, as well as for kneading dough of liquid and thick consistency. The model is equipped with a 2L plastic bowl (it has a rotating function).

The PHM 6512B comes with attachments for whipping eggs, cream (2 metal whisk). In addition, the device is equipped with two metal nozzles in the form of spirals, designed for high-quality mixing of dough of desired consistency, or for thorough mixing of different products to achieve a homogeneous mass. The stationary mixer is controlled with a switch on the handle. All nozzles can be easily removed with a special button.

Polaris PHM 6512B is equipped with rubberized feet, to prevent slipping on the surface during operation. The handle of the device is also rubberized, so it sits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Philips HR3745/00

  • power. 450 Watt
  • case material. plastic
  • Number of speeds. 5
  • additional modes. turbo
  • Number of nozzles. 4
  • power cord length. 1.2 м
  • weight. 1.9 kg

Philips budget stand mixer in a white housing with a wide range of functions. With the HR3745/00 you can mix ingredients of any consistency. With 450 watts of power, the device kneads even the thickest dough effectively.

A characteristic feature of HR3745/00 will be the availability of 5 speed modes that will allow the user to select the desired one, so that the cream or other product came out the desired thickness. The manufacturer also has a turbo mode that allows you to whip products at maximum speed. The twin round whisk attachment allows the dough to be puffed up and filled with air. HR3745/00 has a convenient 3L bowl with pivoting function on the stand, whose special shape ensures convenient mixing.

The original attachment system of the nozzles allows you to easily and quickly change them. you just need to press the button on the body HR3745/00. For safe operation the reliable legs with suction cups that do not allow the mixer to slide on the table top. Users in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев note that for its amount of money, the stationary mixer will be the best choice.

Bosch MFQ 36460

  • power. 450 watts
  • case material. plastic
  • number of speeds. 5
  • additional modes. turbo
  • Number of nozzles. 4
  • power cord length. 1.3 м
  • weight. 1.9 kg

Continues our rating of the best stationary mixers 2021 model from Bosch, made of high-quality white plastic. MFQ 36460 is equipped with a rotating bowl that ensures high-quality mixing of products. Bowl capacity is three 3 liters. Removable parts of the device are made of metal and durable plastic, they can be washed in the dishwasher.

The power of MFQ 36460 is 450 W, which is a rather low indicator. The engine of the stationary mixer is quite quiet, users have not expressed any complaints about this. The developer provides pulse mode and 5 speeds of rotation of the nozzles, so you can choose the best one for a particular dish. Switching speeds is done mechanically with a special button.

Includes a whisk for light to medium-textured dishes. Spiral hook is designed for preparing dough of thick consistency. The nozzles themselves are easy to remove by means of a special button on the handle of the MFQ 36460. Mixer options are complemented by turbo mode with enhanced short-term speed. In the reviews, users praise the equipment and functionality of the device, the availability of rubberized handles with Soft Touch coating and ease of care.

What chopper to choose

The kitchen mixer is indispensable in the home. However, there are some differences inherent in blenders or mixers. The latter is ideal for preparing biscuits, biscuits, meringues, omelettes and milk shakes and creams.

Admirers of fruit puree and smoothies will appreciate this particular blender, which can also have several attachments, suitable for chopping, shredding, whipping. When buying such a device, it is worth considering that low-powered models will not be able to cope with several tasks. In addition, they can be made of cheap low-quality material.

Polaris PHM3018

In affordable and reliable model has three speeds, which is enough for home use.

Budget mixer can not boast of silent operation, but it does not create perceptible vibrations at work. In addition, the model is comfortable in the hand.

choose, good, stationary, mixer



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