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How to choose a gas cooktop for the kitchen

Best 3-burner gas cooktops

Food is an important part of everyone’s life. It’s not just a way to satisfy hunger and get the necessary vitamins from the food, but also a significant cultural component. Of course, you can always go to a cafe or restaurant, take delivery service. But it’s better to cook a variety of dishes on your own. By choosing a compact cooktop, users can save space in the kitchen without limiting their cooking abilities. Reduced size does not prevent to put on a surface of a large pan or casserole dish. And functionally, the best gas stoves for 3 burners are not inferior to classic models.

If you have enough money, you can pay attention to advanced appliances. Premium level appliances are characterized by extensive features, as well as durability. They are chosen not for 4-5, even 10 years. Usually, manufacturers make the design of top-end solutions suitable for much longer periods of time.

Hotpoint-Ariston DD 642 (BK)

An independent surface with 4 compact grids for each of the burners, as well as an express burner. To the left and right of the heating zones are controls that have an automatic flame ignition function.

DD 642 is available on the Russian market in six colors of the surface of tempered glass. Functionally, they do not differ, and if you need to pick up something cheaper, give preference to modifications with the indexes SL and MR, whose start from about 16 500.

DD 642 surface is covered with durable tempered glass that is almost fingerprint-free and very easy to clean. With it, you can use any detergents and even scrapers, without fear of leaving scratches.

  • Many beautiful colors (especially champagne);
  • Convenient rotary switches;
  • Automatic flame ignition function;
  • The option of gas control of burners;
  • premium Italian assembly.

Siemens EC6A6PB90R

What German manufacturers never have a problem with is design and build quality. This statement is once again proved by Siemens EC6A6PB90R gas panel. There are four burners, one large, two medium and one smaller, and the rotary switches allow you to smoothly adjust the flame on each of them within 9 modes.

The grate here is cast-iron, consisting of two parts, so you can easily clean up spilled soup or fallen porridge on one side of the surface while you have food cooking on the other. According to reviews, the Siemens gas hob is 100% up to the recommended price of 25,000. The gas here is ignited automatically, and when the flame goes out, it closes immediately.

  • High-quality gas control function;
  • automatic electric ignition;
  • enamelled surface;
  • availability of express burner;
  • elaborate design;
  • Durable cast-iron grids.

Bosch PCP6A6M90

The popular PCP6A6M90R panel from Bosch is visually and characteristically almost identical to the above solution from Siemens. Even the dimensions here are the same to the millimeter. But this option can be found cheaper, and of its other pluses we can note the button locking the panel, which is not too common in gas models. Slightly modified grid with additional ribs is also noted by users as one of the advantages of the gas cooktop PCP6A6M90.

  • Flame Select function;
  • Quick gas shut-off;
  • automatic ignition of the flame;
  • Great functionality;
  • Easy care;
  • possibility of locking the controls;
  • Great appearance and affordable price.

Electrolux EGV 96343 YK

A quality solution from a Swedish brand. The EGV 96343 YK is beautiful to look at and flawlessly assembled. The device has four knobs located on the right side, each of them includes not only gas, but also an automatic ignition switch. A pair of grids of the panel is made of durable cast iron and easy to clean.

An important advantage of the Electrolux EGV 96343 YK is the WOK burner, which has several flame-spreaders. This not only heats the cookware more evenly, but also much faster than in standard heating zones. It is important that all burners are spaced apart so that the panel can be set a few pots or pans of large diameter.

  • thick impact-resistant glass;
  • Convenient placement of burners;
  • well-thought-out arrangement of controls;
  • cast iron grids with soft pads;
  • powerful Triple Crown burner;
  • elaborate control panel.

Decide whether to use the gas control and ignition switch

Gas control. a thermoelectric system that shuts off the gas supply if the flame goes out, say, because of runaway milk or a strong gust of wind. The system works independently of electricity. The advantage of cooktops with gas control is obvious, but there are also disadvantages:

  • Ignition is not immediate, but is triggered after 3-6 seconds when the thermocouple (sensor element) heats up and signals that the gas can be fed. At this time the switch needs to be held, which is not very convenient, especially if the ignition is semi-automatic.
  • Another thing to remember: years of use wears out the gas control system, making ignition more difficult and may take longer than 6 seconds. However, you can repair, replace or turn off the gas control when it malfunctions.

If there are strong drafts in the kitchen, or you are not too confident in the attentiveness of your housemates, then the gas control is necessary. Fortunately, most modern cooktops, including inexpensive ones, are equipped with this useful feature.

For cooks who are confident in their vigilance and do not want to put up with a 6-second ignition, there are models without gas control. Besides, this function can be deactivated on any gas stove.

Electric ignition. all modern gas cooktops are equipped with it. It can be automatic or semi-automatic. Of course, the first one is much more convenient: you only need to turn the knob to open the gas valve for the burner to light up.

Child lock. function allows you to lock the gas supply to all burners at the touch of a button. To turn on the gas supply, you need to press the button and simultaneously turn it to the stop.

How to choose a hob: help to determine the criteria

Cooktop is a household appliance, with the choice of which will inevitably face everyone who refused to buy a freestanding cooktop. There may be several reasons for such a decision. For example, some people may not need an oven at all, so why waste money and valuable kitchen space?? Others want to save space on the worktop by reducing the number of burners. Others, on the contrary, are going to cook a lot and often and like to make sure there is always room for more pans. And in general, choosing two separate appliances (oven plus hob) instead of one combined (stove) is always an extra option to make sure you buy exactly what you need. So how to choose a hob and what features of this household appliance you should pay attention to first? Let’s look at.

Gas or electricity

Of course, the first thing you must decide when choosing a cooktop is its type. Panels can be gas, electric or combined having both gas and electric burners.

In most cases, the choice is obvious: in the presence of gas supply line is usually preferred to gas hob, in its absence electric. Combination of panels is most often found in areas where there may be interruptions to the supply of gas or electricity.

Smeg PV675CNX built-in gas hob with enlarged burner in the center

choose, cooktop, kitchen

It is worth noting that gas cooktops are often equipped with removable nozzles for conversion to cylinder gas. And if they are not included, in some cases you can buy them separately by contacting your Smeg Customer Service Centre. Anyway, if the panel is purchased, for example, for a country house, where gas cylinders are actively used, this nuance should be paid attention to in advance.

Electric hobs, in turn, can be divided into those that use burners with traditional heating, and induction heating directly on the pot, but not burner. Each of these options has its pros and cons.

Gas cooktops are cheaper on average. They allow you to instantly start or stop the heating process. Adjusting the intensity of combustion gas will allow you to quickly and easily adjust the burner power and visually control the cooking process. The disadvantages are also obvious: the presence of an open flame, not very high efficiency (in the process of operation the panel will heat the air in the room), as well as a little more complicated maintenance.

Electric hobs with cast-iron heating elements today can be found only at summer houses or in cottages. Apartments usually use models with conventional glass-ceramic covered spiral heating elements. Such a panel is flat, and therefore, there are almost no places where dirt can accumulate.

Cooking surface with an open heating element today can be found except at the cottage

Such panels are slightly more expensive than gas pans. They are easy to clean and allow you to quickly heat the dishes to the desired temperature. True, you can’t stop heating instantly, so you’ll have to get used to the features of the panel for a while. When installing such a hob, you may need to run an additional high-power electric cable.

Induction electric hobs differ from traditional ones in that the heat from the heating element is transferred directly to the bottom of the cookware, not to the glass ceramic surface. These panels have the best efficiency, but will require the presence of dishes with a flat bottom, made of magnetic metal (however, the use of special metal pancake pads is allowed).

When choosing an induction panel, you should pay special attention to the size of the heating element. The thing is that it can be smaller than the zone drawn on the glass ceramic coating. This, in turn, can lead to deformation of cookware designed to work at high temperatures: if a large frying pan only heats the central part, this will not benefit either the uniformity of frying products or the frying pan itself. Of the advantages of induction hobs is also worth noting the fact that such a heating element will not work without a set of dishes. And consequently, forgetting to turn off the stove is simply not possible. And runaway milk on the induction panel will not burn, because it is not glass-ceramic, but the dish itself is heated. But conventional glass-ceramic not only heats strongly, but also cools down for a long time, so that the hot surface can be mistaken for a cold one.

Gas, Induction, Electric: The Complete Guide to Kitchen Stovetops

Combination hobs like Maunfeld MEHS.64.98 S allow you to cook with both gas and electricity

When choosing an electric hob, you should also pay attention to the type of heating element. They are divided into rapide, halogen and Hi-Light burners. Rapid burners are the easiest and cheapest of those that can be found in the cooktop glass ceramic. In essence, they are a heating spiral, which emits heat when electricity is applied. Such burners heat up much faster than the old-fashioned pancakes. Halogen burners are considered more effective, because in addition to the heating coil they have a powerful halogen lamp that lights up, releasing a large amount of heat. Hi-Light burners heat up even more efficiently than halogen burners, which use a band-type heater.

Panel dimensions, the number and type of burners

The second obvious parameter that immediately strikes the eye is the size of the cooktop. The great majority of today’s models are suitable for installation on standard tabletops 60 centimetres deep. But the width of the panel can vary quite significantly: it depends on the number of burners, the number of which for domestic models can range from 1 to 7. Standard 4 burners and 60 centimeters wide. Those who want to save space often choose the two burner version (up to 30 cm wide). Those who are going to cook actively and want to have more burners, choose models with 5 or 6 burners, which would increase the width of the panel to 70-90 cm. At this stage, it is worth thinking about buying a suitable size hood: if the width of the panel exceeds 60 cm, it is better to choose not a standard one, but an enlarged hood.

One burner (as in the panel VG-415) is a solution for lovers of minimalism. On this area can easily fit two burners

Before you choose an independent hob or built-in model, it is worth thinking about standard scenarios for using the device. The most popular request is a large two or three ring burner which allows you to choose the cooking area according to the diameter of the cookware. The most popular gas models utilize burners with double or triple rows of flames, allowing fast and even heating, and are indispensable in situations that require rapid cooking at high temperatures. The oval cooking plate is suitable for those who like to cook with elongated forms of cooking utensils (duck pots, pans, etc.). п.). Some models have a burner with increased power or a special wok burner for cooking in a round, deep concave pan or a cauldron. If finances allow, choose a hob with a high power burner (high power electric or double flame gas). All other frills only if you really understand why you need it.

It is worth noting that nowadays manufacturers are actively experimenting with various solutions to expand the functionality of burners. You can find induction burners, automatically adjusting to the size of installed dishes, and even cooking plates, consisting of a single large burner (dishes can be placed on it in any place), such as Miele KM 6395 FlexTouch. Some hobs can combine two standard burners into one large (Gorenje IS 677 USC).

Hob surface and appearance

The materials used for your hob not only determine how it looks, but also how well it can be cleaned. even with the best care, the surface will need to be cleaned from time to time to remove dirt and splashes.

The most budgetary coating is considered a conventional enamel. It requires careful maintenance because it can easily be scratched or chipped. But the enamel tops are available in different colors.

reliable and practical (but inexpensive) solution is the coating of stainless steel. It is more difficult to damage, but on such a surface will be more visible traces of dirt and even normal fingerprints.

Siemens EX675LXC1E panel allows you to put dishes wherever you want in the cooking area

Models made of tempered glass are the easiest to clean. They have the most stylish look and easily match any kitchen design. Vitrified ceramic heats up quickly and cools down quickly. The boundaries of heating are strictly limited, outside of the heated zone the surface of the stove hob remains cold. Electric cooktops made of glass ceramic are quite economical, but their main weakness is fragility. You definitely shouldn’t drop heavy objects on it, but even small point-like impacts (when dropping a not too heavy, but sharp object) can cause a chip. Also, care must be taken to prevent cold water from getting onto the hot surface. Bottom of used dishes should be perfectly flat, and its diameter should not exceed the diameter of the heating zone.

Siemens ET875LMP1D glass-ceramic panel with an expandable heating zone allows the use of differently shaped cookware

Fiberglass coverings are available in various colors. In addition, they are often marked with labels and pictograms to make it easier to use the hob. In general, there are no limits for the designer here.

They can be either framed with a metal profile (a frame) or have beveled edges. Framed panels will be a little harder to clean it will be harder to sweep away the crumbs, and the cracks will inevitably catch grease and dirt. On the other hand, such a frame will not allow liquids to drain on the floor or on the countertop.

Controls and additional functions

Control switches for burners can be mechanical or electronic rotary. Inexpensive stove hobs are usually equipped with rotary switches and normal rotary knobs. These are almost always found on gas hobs. Flushable switches protect the hob from unintentional activation (they can only be used when retracted).

Electronic (particularly touch-sensitive) switches provide additional features and access to advanced functions (such panels often have digital displays and / or LED indicators).

Gas cooker hobs have virtually no advanced functions. The only thing worth mentioning here is the presence of an electric ignition (automatic or semi-automatic, operated by pressing a special button), as well as a gas control system that turns off the gas supply in case the fire for some reason out.

As for the electric hobs, then the additional features will be much wider. We’ll list the most popular features, but do not pretend to be a complete list.

  • Timer for each burner allows you to set the time to turn on (or off) of each of the burners.
  • Indicator of residual heat special LED will warn you if the burner has not had time to cool, and it can accidentally burn on it.
  • Auto power off in case of overheating. the name says it all.
  • Automatic boiling function, bringing the contents to the boil at maximum power and then reducing the heat.
  • Numerous automatic programs allow you to prepare simple dishes or select the appropriate temperature automatically (sometimes the panel even allows you to save your own program).
  • Child-proof lock buttons function.
  • A short pause puts all the burners in a temporary mode to keep warm (gives the chef time to look in the cookbook or wipe the surface from contamination).

Design solutions (e.g. Franke FHNE COR 4 3G) can look very surprising

Speaking of control, it is not superfluous to recall the so-called dependent hobs. They are sold complete with an oven and have the same control system, which is usually located on the front of the oven. This solution allows you to buy two devices that are made in a single design. And the cost of such a double purchase is a little cheaper. But in the case of a breakdown, both devices will break down. Most of the commercially available hobs are independent models. They have their own control system and their performance does not depend on other kitchen appliances.

To summarize the above, it is not difficult to determine the sequence of decisions that will have to be taken when choosing a hob.

First you need to answer the basic questions: whether you are going to use gas or electricity (or maybe both), whether you prefer a built-in or independent model, what type of control you prefer. The second point is to calculate the number of necessary burners and to decide whether it is necessary to have burners for non-standard types of cooking zones, e.g. for a wok. Then we must decide on the materials. At this stage we will automatically solve the question of design, because it is the material of the surface depends on whether the selected cooktop will fit in your kitchen set or not.

Finally, we only need to choose the smallest thing. It remains to choose a manufacturer (in accordance with their own ideas about the pros and cons of certain brands) and a specific model. And, of course, before buying it does not hurt to consult with a specialist at least to make sure that you have not missed anything.


The latter are more practical to care for, because it is easier to clean the smaller elements. In addition, if the material allows, they are allowed to wash them in the dishwasher.

Rubber feet on the inside are a must. They prevent the metal plate from scratching and keep the grid from sliding.

The detail can be made of enamelled steel or cast iron.

  • Enameled steel. has a lower cost, is lighter and easy to clean due to the smooth surface. But not especially durable. The material can sag under a heavy pan, and the enamel over time is damaged and chipped.
  • Cast iron is very strong and resistant due to its high mass. Do not bend for a long time and retain their beauty (with proper care). Cast iron is porous and absorbs dirt well, making it difficult to clean. Do not wash it in the dishwasher, otherwise rust will appear.

Burners: the number on the cooking surface

Thinking about how to choose a convenient and functional gas cooktop, you should consider the number and type of burners installed on it.

choose, cooktop, kitchen

Most models have 4 burners of different diameters. This is necessary to increase the comfort during operation (containers of different diameters will be heated evenly and stand steadily).

The choice of the number of burners is determined by the number of users. So, for a large family the best option. 5 pieces, and for an average family. from 3 to 4. This will allow you to cook several dishes at the same time, reducing the operating time of the device. Some models have a far corner without a burner. it is intended for placing containers.

If the hob has a built-in oven, they will work simultaneously, so move the burners is prohibited.

The peculiarity of modern models of cooking surfaces is that in addition to burners there is a grill, which allows you to cook dishes on the grill at home.

They vary and come in the following diameters:

All these indicators determine the comfort of use and functionality.

How to choose a gas cooktop?

The gas cooktop is an option for those who are already accustomed to using gas stoves and live in a house that provides for the use of such equipment. The quality and taste of food depends on the right choice of such appliances, as well as safety, comfort and speed of cooking. At the same time, modern models of panels are safe to use and can save space, even in a very small kitchen.

Built-in hob type

Gas cookers can be either standalone or independent. In the first case, the panel is connected to the oven, while in the second case it can be installed separately.

Independent models give the owner more options. They are not tied to the oven, installed in any convenient place. This allows you to competently equip any area kitchen.

Popular surface in standard colors: black, silver, white, beige. The large number of options allows the buyer to easily match the technique to the style of their interior. And to effectively cope with dirt, even on a snow-white surface, special cleaning cloths.

choose, cooktop, kitchen

Electric ignition

With the option of electric ignition it is not necessary to use matches and lighters. To ignite the burners, it is enough to press a button (semi-automatic) or turn a knob (automatic) on the panel.

The option will be especially useful for families with young children who like to play with unsafe objects, including matches and lighters.

The number of burners

The gas hob is equipped with 1 to 5 burners. The choice of this parameter depends on where and how often the equipment will be used.

For a cottage and a family of two people enough 1-2 burners. If the panel is used often and the dishes are cooked for the whole family, then you should prefer a variant for 4-5 burners. Such appliances will allow you to cook a lot of different dishes at the same time.

Gas control

Burner flame can go out and from the ingress of liquid, and from a draft. The gas control option will help to avoid the consequences of this situation. The system will automatically cut off the gas supply when the flame goes out.

The gas control works independently of the power supply. Operating time up to 6 seconds. Keep in mind that over time, the thermoelectric system wears out, begins to slowly actuate. But the gas control can always be replaced.

Worktop material

Manufacturers use the following materials:

  • Enamel. Traditional variant. The enamelled surface is resistant to dirt and is easy to clean with common detergents. Simple design. Scratches, chipping, etc. may occur in the course of use.
  • Stainless steel. Characterized by high strength, resistance to thermal and mechanical stress. Do not worry about cracking or splitting. Looks stylish, particularly suitable for modern, high-tech or minimalist interiors. But the stainless steel surface requires special care, constant cleaning and the use of special detergents A shiny, glossy surface goes well with modern interiors. Can withstand temperatures up to 750 degrees. Easy to clean with glass ceramic cleaners. And if you have a tough case of dirt, just use the vitrified clay scraper. To keep its attractive appearance for longer, you need to avoid getting sugar, salt on it. Also copper and aluminum cookware cannot be used It has a glossy, stylish surface. Can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees. Requires careful maintenance.

If you don’t want to spend too much time cleaning, then an enameled tile is your choice. It looks simple, but it’s easy to care for.

For style and innovation lovers, glass ceramic, tempered glass and stainless steel is the right choice. However, they will require more care and special detergents.


Cast-iron grate lasts forever. Highly heat resistant and very durable. Cookware of any size and bottom diameter can be placed on the grid. But the cast-iron grill requires a lot of work to clean it if it gets dirty.

Enamelled hob grids are made of a heat-resistant enamelled alloy. The main advantage. easy to clean. Can deform over time. However, this problem can easily be solved by replacing a worn product with a new one.


The choice of panel size depends on the size of your kitchen and the number of users.

Standard size. 60×60 cm. If necessary, you can choose the size between 30 and 60 cm with 1 or 2 burners. For shallow cooking cupboards, the optimal width is 40 cm.

If you cook often, using many different dishes at the same time, choose gas hobs with a width of 60-80 cm.

In the catalog of “5 ELEMENT” you can find quality and reliable cooker hobs of brands GEFEST, MAUNFELD, Bosch, ELECTROLUX, MIDEA, Samsung and other brands. The choice depends on the features you need and the budget. And so that the preparation of favorite dishes was even more comfortable, we offer to pay attention to kitchen utensils, knives, scissors and cutters.

Which manufacturer to choose?

The range of cooker hobs is so huge that it is easy to get confused by the names of brands and brands. Nevertheless, this market has its own leaders, which have long proven themselves with durable performance and quality service. Among the best manufacturers of gas cooktops, there are five companies.

    A Slovenian brand whose appliances are very popular. Mostly produce glass-ceramic cooktops. The main bet is made on combined type models: gas and electric, induction, High-Lite option. Gorenje products can be recognized by the original design, which is developed in the company’s own center. Interestingly, the hobs are available in different price segments: both budget and premium.

tempered thermo glass

It has the same advantages as the glass ceramic, but it is more resistant to damage.

The size of the built-in gas cooker hob should be selected according to the space in which it will be installed. Usually, for a family of up to 3 people is recommended to purchase a model with 2-3 burners. It should be chosen for kitchens with an area of less than 7 sq.м. For a family with 2 or 3 children and for a kitchen of up to 15 sq. m.м. It is necessary to choose a standard hob with 4 burners and a width of 50-60 cm. For large families with more than 4 children or living with grandparents, there are gas cookers with 4-5 burners, although their width reaches 90-100 cm.

When choosing the color it is better to refuse black. This is the most impractical color. Even minor dirt is clearly seen on it. And on the contrary, the light shades. white, beige, gray. hide small dirt. For ease of cleaning, you should give preference to models with the smoothest possible surface.



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