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How to choose a desktop fan in power

The heat went: an understandable guide for the choice of a fan

Household appliances are so diverse that the purchase of even such a non.comprehensive device as a fan can cause questions. Which is better? What to look at when buying and what does not matter? Why one costs 1000 and the other. ten or even thirty times more expensive?

Ospass fans are those that are popularly called “chamomiles”. The motor sets in motion of the blades, which are fixed on the axis and hidden under the net for safety purposes. The more powerful the engine is, the longer and wider the blades themselves and the higher the fan performance is the volume of air, which it can move in an hour.

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The design of the radial fan is a pipe or cylinder with many blades that drive air in a circle (radius) inside the cylinder, and it is pushed out under the influence of centrifugal force. If the axial fan simply moves the air, then the radial creates the pressure and the directed flow. Radial fans, usually a column type, and the column can be either high or very small. there are also portable fans with handles.

TOP-10 best desktop fans

Soft blowing. The country does not cause discomfort among others: China Average rating (2022): 4.one

Chinese home desktop fan is precisely an individual cooling device. The owner will feel fluctuations in the air only at the extended arm, it is pointless to take a model to ventilate even a small room. The device blows softly and silently, so it will not interfere with colleagues in Open Space and to loved ones, if you use it for home. The diameter of the blades is 23 cm, while the mechanism is placed in a disproportionately large grille, which is not entirely justified from the point of view of aesthetics and ergonomics.

Judging by the reviews, the assembly quality leaves much to be desired. Small backlash of the parts are observed, the buttons are pressed tight, and the motor does not cope with the load when the case is directed. The materials at the same time selected high.quality, which gives hope for a long trouble.free use. The declared capacity is 25 watts, but, according to users, the device is a little weaker.

Rating of the best home fans

nomination place Name of product price
The best inexpensive floor fans one Scarlett SC-1370 630
2 Maxwell MW-3508 1800
3 Lumme LU-105 1239
The best floor fans with remote control one Vitek VT-1909 Ch 2555
2 Tefal VF5550F0 Turbo Silence 5289
3 Bimatek SF 302 3289
The best radial floor fans one Vitek VT-1933 4919
2 AEG T-VL 5537 6979
The best, non.packed fan one Dyson AM06 25 22990
The best desktop fans one Bork P510 4810
2 Timberk Tef T12 Th3 1690
3 VES VD-302 704

We move directly to the rating, and we start, with the most interested in the average consumer according to the conclusions of our experts. It’s about the most inexpensive home.made home.made. In this category, Expertology experts have identified three optimal models: Scarlett SC-1370, Maxwell MW-3508 and Lumme LU-105. All of them are equipped with an axial working mechanism. These are the most ascetic models with a minimum of options.

Scarlett SC-1370

This model copes very well with its immediate responsibilities (creating an air strike), despite the fact that it consumes only 35 W electricity. Structurally and mechanically implemented rotation functions within 90 degrees and inclination of 30 degrees.

The diameter of the “scope” of the blades is 30 cm, the tripod is easily adjustable in height. SCARLETT SC-1370 dimensions are 35x100x21 cm, and weight. one.95 kg.

According to users’ reviews, this model, being collected and in working condition, blows effectively, firmly stands on the cross, does not stagger and does not make extraneous sounds. But certain problems are observed at the assembly stage. Another minus that many note is the maximum height of only 1 meter.

Maxwell MW-3508

Maxwell MW-3508 fan is slightly more powerful than the previous model. 45 watts, and this is already expressed in the presence of three blowing modes at once. The maximum is really impressive by an air blow. But here the problem immediately emerges. a tangible annoying noise. In addition, the weakest regime is not so weak for most users, and the buyers are unanimous in opinion that the minimum regime should be weaker than two times.

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The diameter of the blades of this model is also slightly larger than that of Scarlett SC-1370-40 cm. Rotation angle. 90 degrees. The fan is easily adjustable in height.

In general, the unit is slightly higher than the models of a similar class due to electronic control through the remote control, the presence of a timer, thermometer and display.

The design itself in appearance and feels quite thorough, and weighs as many as 4 kg. But it is here that the engineering defect is hiding. Due to the lack of a place for attaching the bar and the large weight of the fan body itself (with respect to the rack), the part of the body lock is quite quickly split. To fix the fan housing itself on the bar there is no way. There are also difficulties in assembly. it is very difficult to fix the protective grill, here you will need the coordinated actions of two people.


  • frequent complaints about cracking the case;
  • The minimum mode is too powerful;
  • assembly quality and materials;
  • radio is very poor quality and its expediency is doubtful;
  • relatively noisy;

Lumme LU-105

The most inexpensive option of a fan from efficient models. Lumme LU-105. Available price is the first thing customers note as a plus.

Otherwise, this model also looks pretty good. The power consumption of 45 W provides three speed modes (step adjustment). There are functions of inclination and turning. The maximum angle of rotation is “familiar” 90 degrees.

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The diameter of the blades Lumme LU-105 is 40 cm, and the mechanism is adjustable to 1 in height.25 meters.

In general, users almost do not complain about this model, but the complaints cause too “gentle” legs, where the manufacturer clearly saved on the metal. Also, many do not like the shaky fastener of the protective casing. But Lumme LU-105 provides excellent blowing with acceptable noise, and this is the main thing.

Types of household fans

You can classify this type of climatic technique in different ways. One thing for sure: in a global sense, the division into 3 main sections is relevant:

The most popular and common type of fan. Most often these are high versions of medium power. But in general, not everything is unambiguous, since there are several constructive subspecies for the “deck” installation.

Classic axial fans. Appearance: telescopic stand, below the cross.shaped or round base, on top of the control panel and horizontally located electric motor, on the axis of which the impeller is “mounted”. She’s a screw or a propeller, if you want, like Carlson. The blades rotate, moving the air forward and providing coolness to the user. Such models traditionally provide a mechanism for changing the direction of blowing.

Oss fans without a rack (with “low landing”). Usually these are powerful whole.metal models with an adjustable inclination, but without a rotary mechanism. An alternative option-plastic versions with a thin case, where a slowly rotating front grill with ribs-pounds begun at the desired angle is used to distribute the air flow in different directions.

Radial, they are column fans. The shape of the case is narrow vertical. The impeller is also present, but made in the form of a drum, the same as, for example, in the internal blocks of split systems. These models are compact, always equipped with a rotation regulator, more often other versions are complemented by a remote control. However, almost never are quiet. Do not fall asleep normally with them. But somewhere in the office in a limited space-excellent.


In 2008, Golder Electronics, inspired by success in Russia of its Vitek brand, decided to offer goods of a lower price category, expecting Maxwell to find its consumer. And so it happened, the brand took first places in the market, and it was desktop fans that became sales leaders. Such popularity was not nervous, judging by the reviews, this is the best manufacturer of silent fans with a fairly long service life.

One of the bestsellers was the MW-3547 desktop fan, which will be the best choice if the priority of the saving of electricity. On its front part of the case are two speed switching buttons and a shutdown button. There is a function of automatic turning. MW-3549 is another, no less popular, Maxwell fan model, which is recorded with a record lightweight-0.4 kg and the possibility of vertical adjustment. Can connect to a USB.

Stadler Form Tim

The desktop axial fan is available in three colors: white, red or black. The device has blades with a diameter of 26 cm and is endowed with a power of 10 W. This is almost not felt in the costs of electricity. The fan is equipped with electronic control, which allows you to smoothly adjust the speed of the propeller rotation without reference to certain indicators. This also allows you to set a comfortable individual mode “for yourself”. The front panel is made of stainless steel and reliably protects the blades. In the reviews, the goods like the ultra-thin shape and the ability to rotate 180º horizontally.

A chip of this desktop unit is the presence of two wires in the kit. One cable is connected to the adapter and designed to connect to the 220 V network. The second has a connector at the end of the USB and can receive energy from a computer or laptop. Such functionality is useful when there are not enough free outlets next to the desktop model, and you have to work all day for PC.

Which fan choose for home: pros and cons of devices

In order to solve the question of which fan to choose for use at home, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of this household appliance. And when accepting both minuses and pluses, the choice of the model will remain only a small detail.

  • The portability of the device is very convenient, because its location can be changed depending on the need.
  • Compactness. relatively small overall dimensions of the fans allow you to use them even in small rooms, and there is no need for storage for storage.
  • Ease of use. you do not need to be a specialist to collect or install it, unlike air conditioners. There is also nothing complicated in management: several blowing modes and backlight.
  • Ease of care. only wipe the blades from dust and dirt.
  • Economically in terms of electricity consumption.
  • A relatively small price (it depends on the number of additional functions, but which ones are needed to solve the buyer).
  • Does not maintain a constant temperature. The effect of coolness exists only during the fan operation, when it is turned off, the air stops “mixing”.
  • Does not cool. The principle of operation of the fan is based on mixing hot and cold air flows, providing a pleasant feeling of blowing with the wind, and not on cooling it, as in the case of air conditioning.
  • Can be noisy. The larger the size of the blades, the louder the operation of the device will be, it can distract or create discomfort. In this case, it will be better to fork out and purchase a silent modern model.

Having studied in detail the market of options offered by manufacturers, to decide which fan meets the requirements better among the rest, it will not be difficult. And the goods you purchased will justify all your expectations.

The main criteria for choosing fans

To know how to choose the right home fan, you need to familiarize yourself with the main selection criteria, such as:

  • Power that determines the productivity of the device. The size of the area that it must ventilate depends on this parameter. The power of power can vary in different models from 20 to 140 watts. For the correct choice of the device of the required power, you can multiply the size of the area of ​​the room by two. This calculation is correct when buying a floor or wall type of fan. When choosing a desktop device, the size of the blades plays a role;
  • The diameter of the blades. Since desktop and floor electric fans have different tasks, the size of the blades is significantly different. In desktop devices for blowing one nearby of a sitting person, their diameter is quite enough up to 20 cm, and the power of about 35-40 watts. Floor models have a much larger diameter to be able to blow the whole room. Respectively, they also have more power. The difference in the diameter of different models of the fan can range from 10 to 160 cm;

The diameter of the blades in different models is different


“Advanced” fans for the convenience of use have additional functions. For example, an infrared movement sensor that reacts when a person enters the room and makes the fan turn on. As soon as a person leaves the room, the fan turns off. This function allows you to save electricity, although it makes a fan more expensive.

Fans with an electronic type of control are equipped with timer, thanks to which you can delay the fan turning time from 0.3 to 12 hours. Also, such devices are equipped with a shutdown delay function, which allows the fan to continue to work for some time and after pressing the disconnection button. Thanks to this function, you do not need to wait until the fan is ventilating the room to turn it off. it will turn off itself. Fans are often equipped with an automatic shutdown function, thanks to which the device will turn off through the time programmed by the user.

Also, under the influence of fashion, following the hair dryers, air cleaners and other household devices working with ventilation and air purification, the fans began to be equipped with the ionization function. Despite the apparent futility of this function, one cannot but admit that the slight ionization of the air has a beneficial effect on human health. Some fan models are equipped with functions such as aromatization or protection against mosquitoes “Anti-Mosquito”.

If earlier fans could ventilate the room in only one direction and at the same height, now the devices have the ability to rotate the head of the fan in two planes and adjusting the height, which provides a more uniform distribution of air through the room.



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