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How to choose a cyclone type vacuum cleaner for your home

Top 15 Best Cyclone Vacuum Cleaners. 2022 Home Rating

The cyclone filter has become a critical technological addition to modern vacuum cleaners. Thanks to it you don’t need to waste time on cleaning the membranes, and the air in the apartment becomes much cleaner. Therefore, the popularity of cyclone vacuum cleaners is not surprising, but it is not immediately possible to pick up the appropriate model, because there are so many worthy options on the market.

We have compiled a rating of the best cyclone vacuum cleaners for 2022, where we tried to identify not only their technical features, but also the advantages and disadvantages.

Rating of the best cyclone vacuum cleaners 2022

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The best cyclone vacuum cleaners by price/quality for 2022
1 Philips FC9733 PowerPro Expert Learn the price 9.9 / 10
2 LG VC73155NMVB Check price 9.8 / 10
3 Samsung VCC885HH3R/P Check price 9.7 / 10
The best upright cyclonic vacuum cleaners
1 Xiaomi Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner G10 Global Check out the price 9.9 / 10
2 Bosch BCS611P4A Check price 9.8 / 10
3 Tefal VP7751WH Check price 9.7 / 10
The best cyclone vacuum cleaners with wet vacuuming
1 Thomas DryBox Amfibia Family Find out the price 9.9 / 10
2 KARCHER Puzzi 10/1 Check price 9.8 / 10
3 Thomas DryBOX Amfibia Pet Find out the price 9.6 / 10
The best cyclonic vacuum cleaners with turbo brush for wool
1 Samsung VC18M21N9VD Learn the price 9.8 / 10
2 Philips FC9352 PowerPro Compact Find out the price 9.7 / 10
3 LG VC83209UHAS Find out the price 9.6 / 10
The best inexpensive cyclone vacuum cleaners
1 LG VK69662N Find out the price 9.9 / 10
2 Samsung SC4326 Learn the price 9.8 / 10
3 Candy CAF1014 019 Find out the price 9.6 / 10

The history of vacuum cleaner with cyclone filter

Apparatus with cyclone filter in 70 years of XX century was proposed by British scientist D. Dyson. The idea was to replace the dust bag with a plastic bulb. The principle of operation of the apparatus is based on creation of swirling air movement, which generates centrifugal force. As a result, the dust that enters the bulb, settles on its walls. The vacuum cleaner went into mass production in the late 80s. The creators of the first factory models, called G-Force, were the Japanese company Apex Inc. This invention was further improved, acquiring new functional qualities.

Manufacturers of devices of different brands offer their product with a unique complete set. The basic principle of cyclone action is retained.

The advantages of cyclonic vacuum cleaners.

The cyclonic vacuum cleaner is one of the many inventions that delight consumers with its capabilities.

  • The suction power is maintained throughout the cleaning process and should not exceed 350 watts. Otherwise, there is a risk of damaging the floor covering.
  • The compact vacuum cleaner takes up minimal space. It can be conveniently stored, e.g. in a cupboard.
  • Popularity of models is that the container. the dust canister can be easily removed and cleaned of debris. No hand contact with the contents in the container.
  • It saves money in the budget. It is not necessary to purchase a disposable bag to be changed each time. The container consists of plastic material. It is enough to rinse it in water and dry it.
  • If valuable items fall into the container, they can be easily detected and removed.

Getting to know the tools on your Dyson Cyclone V10 cordless vacuum

As with other home electrical appliances, the appliance has the following disadvantages:

  • Pet hair and fluff are poorly sucked in;
  • The unique construction of the vacuum cleaner is such that static electricity is created by the air flow of the rotating filter. Unpleasant shock may follow if you touch the body of the appliance.
  • Debris particles in the bin, as the cyclone moves, scratches the plastic. Subsequently, it is difficult to view the contents in the bulb.
  • Constant air flow required for the unit to work properly. Decreased power reduces effectiveness of suction for small particles.
  • Cyclonic vacuum cleaners have a high noise level and high power consumption.

Cyclone vacuum cleaner comparison table

With a power consumption of 2100 watts and a suction power of 470 watts, the container volume of 2 liters.

With a cyclonic filter, the suction power of 420 watts at 2000 watts of power consumption is enough for dry cleaning on any surface, the volume of the dust bag. 4.8 liters.

The suction power is an impressive 440 watts (with a power consumption of 2100 watts), the volume of the dust container is a full-fledged 2 liters.

With power of only 700 watts and a dust bag capacity of only 900 milliliters, the unit is comfortable to drive around the apartment, and to clean and park.

Power consumption is 700 watts, the volume of the dust collector is 1.5 liters, the range is an impressive 9 meters for such modest dimensions.

Popular Questions about Cyclone Vacuum Cleaners

How often should the cyclone filter be cleaned??Cyclone filter needs to be cleaned as it gets dirty. Ideally, after each use. And it’s easy. just rinse it off under running water and remove all dust.

Does a cyclone filter affect power??The filter itself has no influence on the power output. However, if the power of the vacuum cleaner is insufficient, the cyclone filter will not work. Therefore, these vacuum cleaners usually have a power consumption of about 1800 watts. The main advantage of filter vacuum cleaners is that their suction power does not diminish as the dust bag fills up. So if there is an indirect influence of the filter on the power, it is purely positive.

Vacuum cleaners with a filter type “Cyclone” is easier to clean, they are quieter and more hygienic in operation than models of other designs. We hope we were able to convince you of the benefits of cyclone vacuum cleaners. As you can see, choosing them is not so difficult, and with our independent rating of the top 5 cyclone vacuum cleaners. even more interesting.

10 Samsung SC4520

  • Type of dust bag: container
  • Type of cleaning: dry
  • Noise level: 82dB
  • Power consumption: 1600 watts
  • The volume of the vacuum cleaner: 1.3 л

~ Experience: less than a month The vacuum cleaner came with a sealed hose!!) The question is even.

A compact, inexpensive vacuum cleaner from the famous Samsung brand tops the list. The special filtration system of this vacuum cleaner is the double chamber of the container. Cyclonic vortex effectively separates large particles of dust and dust particles, the latter are deposited in the upper chamber of the vacuum cleaner. Special tilt of the cup and located after the HEPA filter helps eliminate from the flow of allergens, particles and the smallest smells. The air is completely cleaned in a multi-stage system.

In addition to high-quality cleaning, the vacuum cleaner has a high power. Suction power reaches up to 350 watts. Vacuum bag has a capacity of 1.3 liters. The device is equipped with a universal brush, also has a narrow crevice nozzle. Noise level is 82 dB. A six meter cord allows for free movement of the appliance.

Rating of vacuum cleaners with a bulb (without a bag, with cyclone filter) 2020-2021

Vacuum cleaners-cyclones push their bag counterparts confidently to the farther shelves of equipment stores. There are enough reasons for such a development: from the general level of cleaning to approximately the same price range. But this new kind of home helper has its own flaws.

The main distinguishing feature of cyclone vacuum cleaners is not the plastic container-collector itself, but the cyclone filter attached to it. This is a revolutionary way to pick up dust and small debris.

The flow of dirty air that enters the interior of the vacuum cleaner enters two flasks in which it moves in a spiral. In this case, dust particles under the influence of centrifugal force are deposited on the walls of the dust canister, and heavy debris accumulates in the center. The air then passes through the fine filters.

This principle works in all bagless vacuum cleaners, regardless of the type of construction. There are currently the following types of cyclone vacuum cleaners on the market.

  • The traditional cyclone vacuum cleaner looks similar to the familiar bag-type models. They are equipped with a flexible hose, normal or telescopic tube, and cleaning nozzles. They can be built both horizontally and vertically, making the vacuum cleaner more maneuverable and taking up less space. are less common. they are not suitable for house cleaning and are only used for local cleaning (clothes, drapes, furniture).
  • Hybrid vacuum cleaners are a compromise between traditional vacuum cleaners and manual vacuum cleaners. Suitable only for smooth surfaces: suction power is not enough for cleaning carpets.
  • Most robot vacuum cleaners are also fitted with a cyclone filter and a dust canister. They are self-contained in operation, but are low power and relatively high cost.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner with a cyclone filter?

Despite the similar principle of operation, cyclone vacuum cleaners from different manufacturers differ significantly: the set of technologies, shape and volume of the bulb, and ease of use.

The dust container for cyclonic vacuum cleaners is located under the opening for attaching a flexible hose, most often in the front part of the device. It takes more space in the body than a bag, so the dimensions and weight of a cyclone vacuum cleaner are largely determined by its volume. Usually low-priced devices have a dust container capacity of 1-1.5 liters.

Depending on the model, the container can be both matte and transparent. In the latter case it is much more convenient to monitor the filling. additional indication is simply not needed.

Top 5. Best Vacuum Cleaners (2022)

There are only two power ratings: Motor power consumption and suction power. Ideally, the first parameter should tend to the minimum and the second to the maximum. The greater the difference, the more energy is wasted by the vacuum cleaner. Consumption and suction power ratings of 1800-2000 and 350-380 watts, respectively, are considered average.

The suction power of more than 380 W is dangerous for delicate surfaces like furniture covers or car upholstery, so preference should be given to models with adjustable settings.

The filter that covers the outlet deserves special attention. Most models have fine HEPA filters, and the higher the filter class the finer the particles the vacuum cleaner retains. HEPA 13 vacuum cleaners have the best results.

ULPA filters can be found in some models, but they are quite rare and greatly add to the cost of the vacuum cleaner. At the same time, the quality of the resulting air purity increases in proportion to the price, since ULPA filters allow far fewer microparticles back into the air.

Another important criterion is the ease of use of the vacuum cleaner. It lies in the length of the cord. the longer it is, the less often you have to carry a vacuum cleaner. Cleaning is also facilitated by the control element on the handle.

In fact, there is nothing that affects the final quality of cleaning, but many people prefer the more convenient, though somewhat more expensive, models.

The long-life container is both the main advantage and disadvantage of cyclone vacuum cleaners. The longer the cord, the fewer times you have to move the vacuum cleaner. after cleaning, you throw out the big trash and rinse out the fine dust.

The last point and is the main disadvantage, when servicing the vacuum cleaner has to contact with the collected dust, which can be a problem for people with allergies. Some models also support automatic hopper emptying, which makes the vacuum cleaner easy to care for.

A small and powerful vacuum cleaner from a renowned manufacturer of professional and classic cleaning appliances is the perfect helper for cleaning mainly carpets and upholstered furniture, including the gentle removal of stains and other serious dirt from them, while the carefully calculated level of residual moisture ensures very fast drying of fabrics, allowing the use of furniture items in a very short period of time after their wet cleaning.

The power cord is secured to the hinged hook to prevent damage or entanglement, and the integrated floor nozzle holder allows you to always have the accessory you need for everyday use at hand.

One of the lowest weight levels among vacuum cleaners, as well as a clever and compact design ensures convenient and comfortable use of the device not only in apartments, but also in cars and even in the plane cabin, and the ergonomic handle will make it easy to move the device on stairs.

The detachable clean water block and easy and convenient dirty water outflow make using the vacuum cleaner easy and convenient, and the large foot switches make it easy to operate and allows you to concentrate on the cleaning process itself.

  • I like the light and the detergent attachment on the damp mop head;
  • suction power. 400 watts;
  • the dimensions are 53x33x44 cm;
  • weight of 9.8kg;
  • Clean / dirty water tank. 8 / 7 liters, you can use detergents;
  • The nozzles are for upholstered furniture;
  • Features. the function of collecting liquids, the indicator of filling of the vacuum cleaner.

Philips FC6728/01 SpeedPro Aqua

expert rating: 9.5 / 10
Owner’s Testimonial
This is my first cordless vacuum cleaner and it is very convenient. I really like the backlight. You can see every dust particle, it is very motivating to vacuum more often. When I feel like just vacuuming isn’t enough, I plug in the wet mopping nozzle and there I have it clean. I wash my floors a lot less often (although a wet mop is no substitute for a wet mop). Good at picking up dust in corners and around baseboards. And, as already written in the advantages, I was very pleased with the possibility of using it as a handheld vacuum cleaner. In the end. satisfied, fully meets expectations.

Fast, powerful, and maneuverable cordless vacuum cleaner with an intelligent attachment for precise collection of dirt and spills, and a unique wet cleaning system that gives its owner the opportunity to clean and wet all kinds of surfaces without excessive effort and additional manipulation by the user. The innovative attachment with built-in LEDs allows you to thoroughly remove debris, dirt and spills, even in the most hard-to-reach places and provide effective quality control over the cleaning process.

Its unique wet and dry vacuuming system effectively controls the amount of water needed, and its microfiber pads are easy to remove and wash by hand or by washing machine. Even heavy soiling in textile areas can be cleaned quickly and the high capacity batteries guarantee up to 50 minutes of typical use.

Built-in handheld vacuum cleaner for cleaning top shelves, and extension tube for easy cleaning of remote surfaces, corners and ceilings. Separately it is worth noting a washable filter that maintains a stable high airflow rate, and a removable dust canister with the option of hygienic emptying without a cloud of dust or dirt spilled on the floor.

  • type. 3-in-1: vacuum cleaner for dry and wet cleaning, hand-held removable unit, vertical, battery-operated;
  • container. 0.4 л;
  • dimensions. 26x125x25 cm
  • weight. 2.1 kg;
  • operating / charging time. 50 min / 300 min;
  • the noise. 80 dB;
  • nozzles. special (with suction system), crevice, built-in brush, microfiber nozzles;
  • features. vertical parking.


Expert Rating: 9.4 / 10
Owner’s Feedback
The device cleans not even for 10 but for 11 out of 10. Very happy to use for both dry and wet cleaning at the same time. For a two-room apartment with a big kitchen (tile/laminate flooring) with two shedding cats, it takes 20 minutes. It is really easy to disassemble and throw out the trash, it doesn’t take a lot of space. The only downside so far found is not the easiest instructions. How to wash windows and steam the clothes, have not yet figured out.

Which company to choose??

The leaders among manufacturers of cyclone vacuum cleaners are rightly considered concerns that specialize in the production of air conditioning and household appliances, such as KARCHER (Germany) and Dyson (UK), which produce high-quality devices with high reliability and long period of the most active operation.

Also decent models with a cyclone filter can be found in the lines of no less popular, but not so expensive manufacturers, among which is worth noting the German concern Bosch, the European corporation Philips and South Korean brands Samsung and LG.

And among the domestic manufacturers the vacuum cleaners, released by the company Kitfort, deserve close attention, which please their owners with good quality and decent functionality and quite reasonable cost.

Pros and cons of cyclone vacuum cleaners

Cyclones are a new invention. But its presence on the market, and the constant expansion of the range of manufacturers, shades already outdated, but still offered models with a dust bag.

The first prototypes of these appliances appeared in stores in the 90s in the UK. They differed in size, of course, and had drawbacks. The process of modernization and improvement of such devices still does not stop.

Today manufacturers offer stationary models for household use, as well as handheld models for mobile use.

The specialization of the device lies in the principle of operation not of the motor but of its dust collector. the cyclone filter. The container collects debris by simple physical phenomena. Centrifugal force is a phenomenon people encounter all the time. Centrifuges and merry-go-rounds work based on this phenomenon.

The dust collector consists of 2 chambers where the air moves upward in a spiral in the inner chamber. Larger dust particles and debris by centrifugal force fall into the outer chamber while the fine particles remain in the inner chamber.

The cleaned air then passes through additional filters. Up to 97% better air and surfaces are made cleaner with this type of filtration.

choose, cyclone, type, vacuum, cleaner
  • Maintains power as the dust canister is filled throughout the cleaning process, the device is designed so that the collected debris does not obstruct the air intake.
  • Economical in operation. Does not require the purchase of additional components, as for older devices are purchased disposable bags.
  • Easy to wash with water and dry when needed. It is not necessary to treat the filter often.
  • Reduced noise level when using. This result is achieved by the same system.
  • Transparent body gives the user the opportunity to see and retrieve things that have fallen into it accidentally, to monitor the level of filling.

Cyclonic vacuum cleaner has disadvantages in its work. Disadvantages do not affect the overall quality of cleaning.

  • Hair, fluff, hair or threads are hard to reach with a cyclone vacuum cleaner. In the set of modern devices there are additional nozzles, designed to collect just such dirt.
  • Not strong and not dangerous electric shocks can be felt during use. it is a static electricity. It accumulates on the body of the appliance through the peculiarities of the filter operation.
  • Stability of operation is ensured only at high power, so the controls on the body are useless. Reduced power leads to the destruction of cyclic air rotation. It’s worth freeing up the air to the filter to keep it running.
  • The collection container is made of durable plastic, and the solid particles hitting it create a loud noise.

These defects occur in the cyclone filter, they will be present in any model, regardless of price and manufacturer. Therefore, before you purchase such equipment, you should also take into account these features.

choose, cyclone, type, vacuum, cleaner

How to choose a cyclone vacuum cleaner

The demand for vacuum cleaners with cyclone filters does not stop increasing, so manufacturers are trying by all means to increase the number of offers on the market. What are the features that affect the choice of product in the store and its future quality of use.

  • Power is the key factor when choosing a cyclone vacuum cleaner. Both the power input and the suction power are important for them. The indication of the last factor in the description are rarely indicated, so you can focus on representatives, the power of which is not below 1800W.
  • The capacity of the dust container also affects the choice of this or that appliance, although it will not affect the performance. The small dustbin will need to be emptied more often, interrupting the cleaning process. Large containers add weight. The medium-sized dust collector will avoid such hassles.
  • The additional filtration of the exhaust air is a useful feature, but perhaps adding to the cost. HEPA charcoal filters are common on many of these appliances and clean the air even from small dust particles. Such filtration system is used in medical institutions, where the purity of the air must meet the highest requirements.
  • Extra equipment. The average package includes 3 to 6 interchangeable nozzles. The greater the number of such nozzles, narrow, wide, for furniture, for carpets, etc.д., The more effective the cleaning process. Caring manufacturers can provide a replacement cyclone filter, which will be a plus in the choice and will save money on purchasing parts in the future and do not wait until the filter dries out after washing, changing it to another.
  • General equipment features such as cord length and hose length are also worth considering when buying a vacuum cleaner. often problems occur with insufficient length, which causes inconvenience in operation. The function of adjusting the hose or tube is in the models of all manufacturers, but it is worth checking the maximum length suitable for the growth of the future owner. Too long a cord of wire is inconvenient. it gets tangled and in the way. To eliminate this inconvenience, there is a reverse function. winding up the cord as you approach the outlet. Its presence will increase the price, but make it easier to use.
  • It is also worth paying attention to what material is made of pipes and their mountings. Plastic tubes crack or break over time, and the life of metal tubes depends on how long you use your vacuum cleaner. Attachments should be firm and should rotate 360 degrees, following the movements of the user.

Price policy and brand

The choice of manufacturer can affect the quality of the product. Manufacturers of little-known brands do not guarantee a long life of their goods, while experienced manufacturers vouch for their products. The longer an organization has been manufacturing this type of equipment, the better quality it will be assembled and the more functional it will be in use.

The price of these household appliances can vary greatly:

  • Cheap models are often made by little-known manufacturers. Cheap materials are used here, which bring the product into disrepair in a short period of time. In addition to the quality of materials, the power of cheap models is less than 1800 W, and accordingly the quality of cleaning with such equipment is low.
  • The hand-cleaning and car-cleaning models are much cheaper than the stationary models, but here the same price policy applies. In addition, the manual ones have a small volume of the dust canister, on average 250 ml.
  • Paying attention to mid-priced models, you can easily find a vacuum cleaner for home use with a power rating of 1800 W. Here are models of popular manufacturers of home appliances. But you should not, seeing a familiar brand name, at an attractive price to make a rash purchase. It does not take much time to read the specifications, talk to a consultant, and this will allow you to avoid buying the wrong product.
  • Expensive. here you can find vacuum cleaners with additional features, robot vacuum cleaners.

Can I buy a cyclone filter for a vacuum cleaner separately

You can find cyclones for almost all models of domestic or industrial vacuum cleaners on the Internet or in retail stores. If you want to purchase an analogue, which will cost many times cheaper than the original product, but will not be worse in quality.

Cyclones for household vacuum cleaners are most often made universally and fit a number of manufacturers. Industrial samples are more individual. Therefore, when buying should specify the characteristics. Also, professional filters are divided by the material for which the vacuum cleaner will be used, which should be considered when choosing.

Vacuum cleaner replacement filters are most often universal, but for industrial models you will need a clear knowledge of the characteristics when choosing

How to make a cyclone filter for a vacuum cleaner with your own hands

Often when performing construction or repair work in the garage or on your own plot, you may need a cyclone. Buy a whole vacuum cleaner, equipped with such a filtration system, for the sake of one-time work, it is not advisable.

Most often, homemade cyclone filters for vacuum cleaners are made from plastic buckets or small metal barrels

To make your own cyclone is possible without special knowledge of physics. Folk craftsmen offer tips on how to make a cyclone filter from a traffic cone, a plastic bucket with a lid, a car filter.

choose, cyclone, type, vacuum, cleaner

If you plan to use a vacuum cleaner with high power, it is better to take metal buckets to make a homemade cyclone, as plastic can simply “collapse”.

Using a bucket to make a homemade cyclone filter is the easiest way to get a finished product. To see how to make a cyclone yourself, you can see in the following video.



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