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How to choose a building hair dryer

Construction hair dryer which is better. rating of popular models and the main selection criteria

The construction hairdryer appeared among the home tool not so long ago, but quickly proved its usefulness, and for some masters. even the need. So there are more and more people who want to purchase such a device.

Published: Evgeny Afanasyev updated: 02.01.2020

And it seems that everything is clear by the device and principle of action. but still, the acquisitions of this “device” for the first time will probably have a lot of ambiguities. Therefore, we offer to figure out: the construction hairdryer is which is better. the rating of popular models and the main selection criteria. Such information should help customers not get confused at the sight of a variety of a modern assortment of these devices.

Those readers who are already familiar with building hairdries are simply looking for a hint of which model according to reviews can immediately consider the rating, and from the table according to the buttons, go to a brief description and the cost of specific models. And for those who are familiar with this instrument for the first time. the publication provides, so to speak, the “theoretical part”.

How the construction hairdryer works

The principle of operation of the construction hairdryer practically does not differ from the scheme of the usual device for drying hair. The electric engine with a fan through special holes draws air into the device, directing it to the heating element.

When passing through a hot spiral, the flow reaches very high temperatures, and then transmitted to the output nozzle on the other side of the hair dryer. A directed hot stream breaks out of the nozzle at high speed, capable of not only heating, but also melt objects.

Equipment selection criteria

The design of the equipment is very simple. A powerful heating element is in the case made of heat.resistant plastic. It is closed by a ceramic insulator. An electric motor is installed near it, setting the impeller, which increases the flow rate of preheated air. Despite the overall design, technopenes differ significantly. We will analyze the criteria that determine which construction hairdryer is better to choose for the home.

Power and performance

The first indicator varies from 500 watts for cheap devices with disabilities up to 2,500 W for powerful professional equipment. The profiletrument gives a temperature of up to 750 ° C and even 800 ° C, despite the fact that for most tools it is 600 ° C. At the same time, high.power equipment is heavy, large and expensive. It is better not to choose her for the house. Enough devices with a capacity of up to 2,000 watts.

Productivity shows how much air per unit of time is capable of heat thermofen. Average indicators are in the range from 200 to 600 liters per minute. Such equipment is suitable for a home master. Smaller performance indicates the small capabilities of the device, and this is bad. The indicator is more than 600 l/min. can be found at professional tools.

The possibility of regulating temperature and flow

To work with different materials, a different degree of heating is required. Therefore, the best building hairdries. with a temperature regulator. They can be configured for different manipulations. On household appliances, step.type regulators are installed. They are capable of operation with two or three working temperatures. For most homework, this is enough.

Professional models are equipped with smooth adjustment. This involves the choice of one of the values ​​in a fairly large range. Thanks to this, they can produce any, even the most difficult processing. Cleaning the volume of the flow is useful. It will come in handy for blowing small details that will simply fly under strong pressure, or for surfaces where heating is undesirable. In the latter case, only a small area warms up.

Why do you need a construction hair dryer and what functions it performs

A construction hairdryer or as it is also called. the hand apparatus of hot air is highly valued by professional masters and amateurs. The device is practical and universal, which allows you to use its functions to perform any work.

The stores present a huge selection of models, but how much the specific device will cost not only technical characteristics, but also the manufacturer brand.

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Welding bumper and other plastic parts

The use of thermal pistol, for example, Bosch brand, is considered an effective tool for restoring the destroyed part of the bumper. When using the apparatus and plastic filler rods, the parts are tightly connected throughout the thickness. Such an operation is called welding.

The method is suitable not only for welding car parts. However, the material to be repaired should be thermoplastic, which is softened and glued under the influence of high air temperatures.

How To Pick The Correct Hair Dryer For You

It should be borne in mind that each type of plastic melts under the influence of a certain temperature, so the hairdryer must be configured for the optimal mode. For work it is best to choose a “welding” U-shaped nozzle.

Linoleum welding with a hairdryer

By its principle, the technology resembles the above method. The same nozzle is used, but together the bar uses a soft rolled 4-mm cord.

Important! In rooms with a high level of humidity, hot welding is a prerequisite for the installation of linoleum.

Welding PVC twal

  • The material must be combined with an overlap in several cm.
  • For thermal pistol, for example, the Interskol brand or any other, they set a slit nozzle, the width of which is 20-40 ml.
  • The overheating zone of overlap is overheated.
  • The nozzle must be moved along the seam, while rolling glued over the glued surfaces with a hard roller.

Important! PVC-twells can vary in composition and structure, so it is necessary to set the optimum temperature and speed of the device.

Soldering copper pipes

  • The pipeline shines elements of the required length.
  • The pipe is polished and with the help of a trocketing, its diameter is increased.
  • A flux is applied to the soldering zone, after which the pipes are connected.
  • On the device you need to set the nozzle with the reflector and put a temperature of 50 degrees.
  • The connection of the pipes warms up.
  • After performing these actions, the tool needs to be removed, and the solder wire is brought into the seam zone.

Removing flooring with a technical hairdryer

Thermal pistol allows you to quickly and without unnecessary difficulties remove the old floor covering with which the house is fixed. To do this, on the device you will need to set a temperature of about 600 degrees, fix a wide narrow nozzle in a snot and start warming up the material.

The tool is blown by the coating following the edge. At the same time, it is necessary to raise the material with a hard spatula.

Gluing and removing car films

Polymer material applied to the car, for example, when embossing is performed, that is, the creation of a volumetric pattern, can be removed by thermal pistol. To do this, heat the vinyl coating until the adhesive layer softers.

The edge of the furniture

PVC film is recommended to be installed using a technical hair dryer. To this end:

  • The tape needs to be cut off along the length of the edge.
  • With the help of a thermal pistol, on which a wide nozzle is installed, it warms up from the adhesive layer.
  • Roll the glued edge with a hard roller.
  • The protruding bromatic tape is cut flush with a metal line with a furniture part.

Squima thermal tubes, cable couplings, films

For work, production hair dryers with straight lattice nozzles are used. To warm up thermal tubes and couplings, a device is used with an installed “spoon” or with a reflex reserve nozzle.

Removal of paintwork

The employee can remove varnish using the device in a matter of minutes, without spending a lot of effort. This method is safe, since solvents are not used and toxic substances do not enter the air.

On the tool you need to mount a slit nozzle, and then set a temperature of 500 degrees. Next, you should warm the necessary surface and when the paint or varnish softens, remove them with a spatula.

Dismantling and installation of electronic components

  • A reduction nozzle is installed on the nozzle of the device.
  • The microcircuit closes with a mechanism convenient for an employee.
  • After the solder melts, the electronic component is removed from the board.

Other areas of use of a technical hair dryer

The electric device allows you to solve any, even the most complex problems, so with it any construction becomes not difficult:

  • fast defrosting of locks;
  • destruction of bituminous spots and lubricants;
  • Drying of soils, glue and varnish, which are applied to the household;
  • Using hot air to remove fungus, mold and insect pests (for example, a bug).

TOP-10 Best Premium Classes

If construction and repair work is carried out often, it makes sense to purchase a more expensive instrument of the premium level. Such an unit will cope with most of the tasks and will serve for many years without complaints.

Steinel HG 2220 E

A professional hair dryer with a productive engine supports a temperature of up to 630 ° C. You can switch modes with a disk regulator, in total, nine sets of settings are provided. Professional nozzles are offered in the kit, the tool itself weighs little and comfortably lays down in the hand.

Bosch Phg 600-3

The universal technical hair dryer supports three built.in regimes, can be involved in manual and stationary ways. Suitable for drying surfaces and separating adhesive compounds, warming up frozen pipes or automobile engines. Effective when cleaning old paint and warming up tapping nuts.

Rupes GTV20LCD Case

The Italian construction hairdryer is suitable for removing old paint, drying of plaster and molding plastic pipes and acrylic panels. Power is 2 kW, the temperature range is from 80 to 650 ° C. Thermofen supports as many as twelve installed programs, and two more can be adjusted independently in accordance with its needs.

The tool is equipped with a liquid crystalline screen, there is an engine cooling function and waiting mode. The handle thanks to rubber inserts does not slide in the hand, the hair dryer weighs little and does not cause quick fatigue when using.

Leister Triac ST

One of the best technical hair dryers has ideal balancing. Equipped with air filters and an automatic shutdown system when overheating. The manufacturer offers for a tool more than 80 nozzles. The device is suitable for any construction work requiring hot air heating.

The temperature range of thermophen is 40-700 ° C. With advanced capabilities, the tool remains easy. only 1 kg.

Steinel HG 2620E

Dear professional hair dryer of Swiss origin creates an air flow up to 500 liters per minute. Equipped with a LCD display, supports step temperature adjustment up to 700 ° C with a small step of 10 ° C.

Has high durability thanks to the ceramic heating element. There are four pre.installed temperature and speed modes. The mass of the hair dryer is 840 g, the internal electronics is protected by the dust filter.

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Bosch GHG 20-63 Professional

Reliable construction thermofine 2 kW supports a two.stage stream speed adjustment and smooth temperature setting. The range of the latter is 50-630 ° C. The tool is equipped with a display on which the current installations are displayed, it works quite quietly, the noise level is 70 dB.

Cold blowing and automatic protection, which trigger after 40 minutes of continuous use, are responsible for the safety of the device. The mass of the construction hair dryer is 650 g.

Makita HG651ck Case

Professional construction thermofine supports 14 main programs and two individual user settings. Quickly heats up to the indicated values, can be used by manual and stationary method, equipped with the protection of the engine from failure.

Among the disadvantages, users note the appearance of a “spider-screen” on the LCD-screen when reaching high temperatures and an English-speaking menu with the inability to switch to Russian. In addition, the front of the case is non.removable, which means that it will not work to reach hard.to.reach places with the help of the tool.

Metabo He 23-650 Control Case

A powerful construction tool with a capacity of 2.3 kW is equipped with several software installations and the possibility of smooth temperature adjustment. Perfectly balanced and does not tire your hands with long use. It comes complete with the case for transportation and numerous nozzles.

Among the advantages, you can note a cord of 4 m long, you can work the thermophenes at a considerable distance from the outlet. All information about the current mode is displayed on the LCD display with bright backlight.

Bosch GHG 23-66 Professional

Another technical thermofine from a well-known brand maintains temperatures in the range of 50-650 ° C. It has a very sensitive heating sensor installed directly in the nozzle, so you can set the tool settings with maximum accuracy.

Rating of construction hair dryers

The selection of the best building hairdries was carried out taking into account users’ reviews, both newcomers in the repair business and professionals. The list of nominees was influenced by the following characteristics of the product:

  • Build quality;
  • Weight;
  • Temperature range;
  • Performance;
  • Working hours;
  • Power;
  • The function of adjusting the volume of the pumped air;
  • Adjustment of the temperature of the heated element;
  • Cold blowing;
  • Filter of incoming air;
  • The length of the supply cable;
  • Security.

For rare use of a house, you should not buy an expensive model with powerful functionality, and to perform significant volumes of work, it is recommended to look at professional equipment.

Skil 8003 LC

Skil has been producing an inexpensive and high.quality tool for a home master for almost 100 years. One of the successful models is 8003 LC. Simple, reliable and extremely light. so in three words you can characterize this thermal cap. Produced at a certified factory in China. It has three working regimes at different temperatures: 70, 450 and 600 ° C, allowing you to perform work that do not require jewelry accuracy. The device is very powerful and, despite being in the niche of a “home” tool, suitable for frequent use. The device provides a removable front ring, due to which you can work even in hard.to.reach places. A closed handle. for safe operation. The hairdryer is supplied in a compact plastic case with four additional nozzles: flat, to protect glass that lowers the temperature and with a reflector. Compatible with most nozzles from other manufacturers.

The main technical characteristics of Skil 8003 LC

The characteristics of the value
Power, W 2000
Heating temperature, ° C 70/450/600
Performance, l/h 350/550
Adjustment Stepped
overheat protection There is
In the kit 4 nozzles, case
Cable length, m 2.75
Mass, kg 0.5
Brand homeland/Production Netherlands/ China
Price, 2 200

TOP-12 Rating of the Best Building Foens

Locomodel price
The best inexpensive construction hairdries
#one Wert EHG 1800, 1800 watts Find out the price
#2 Elitech TV 1800 Promo, 1800 watts Find out the price
#3 WHICH TP-2000M, 2000 W Find out the price
#4 DEKO HG2200W, 2200 watts, 2 speeds Find out the price
The best building hairdries in the price/quality ratio
#one WHICH TP-2000, 2000 W Find out the price
#2 Interskol FE-2000 EM CASE, 2000 W Find out the price
#3 Bosch Universalheat 600, 1800 watts Find out the price
#4 Stavr FTE-2000M CASE, 2000 W Find out the price
The best professional construction hair dryers
#one Bosch GHG 20-63 Professional Case, 2000 W Find out the price
#2 Makita HG551V, 1800 watts Find out the price
#3 Steinel HG 2120 E, 2200 W Find out the price
#4 Metabo H 16-500 Case, 1600 W Find out the price

When choosing a construction hair dryer, you must pay attention to the following parameters and features:

  • Power and temperature.The power indicator is always associated with the maximum heating temperature at the output of the nozzle. For drying paint, installation of thermal tubes, models with a maximum temperature of 200-300 ° C are recommended. To work with household plastic products, there will be enough value of 250-350 ° C. For solid soldering, it is worth considering professional devices with a temperature of 500-700 ° C.
  • Air flow rate.This parameter is related to the performance of the hairdryer. To work with polyethylene, it is recommended an air flow rate of 50-80 liters per minute, with parts from ABS-plastic-100 l/min, with refractory polystyrene-250-300 l/min, with copper tubes-300-500 l/min.
  • Temperature adjustment.The temperature setting function will provide the ability to work with different materials. In modern models of building hair dryers, a step system is used to set a fixed heating level, or a more accurate and advanced smooth temperature setting. The selection of the degree of heating is carried out through the display, buttons or sliders depending on the model.
  • Nozzles.Most of the construction hairrs are equipped with a certain set of nozzles. The main ones are flat universal nozzles for solving most tasks, welding for working with polymers, reflexive for more efficient heating of the entire surface of the element that lower (different diameters) for point heating, glassproof for removing paint from window frames, nozzles in the form of a string for cutting linoleum /foam.
  • Additional functions.When choosing a construction hair dryer, you also need to pay attention to the availability of air flow adjustment, filters of incoming air, various control indicators, built.in memory and protection against overheating. Additional options expand the capabilities of the equipment, but are reflected in its value in the greatest way.

Rating of the best building hairdries for home use in the ratio of price and quality

For home use it is best to choose one of inexpensive, but functional models. Several devices have good characteristics.

Hitachi RH650V CASE

A powerful and convenient technical hair dryer is able to heat an air stream to 650 ° C. There are two speed modes in stock, the equipment includes several nozzles. The device does not overheat for a long time when operating, and when overloading the engine is turned off automatically.



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