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How to check a new refrigerator after delivery

General recommendations for putting a new refrigerator into operation

Buying a new refrigerator, many study the characteristics of the unit for a very long time, read reviews about it so as not to lose with such a significant investment.

And at the same time, not everyone reads the instruction manual, and even more so information about the first inclusion of the refrigerator. And in vain! After all, the service life and quality of the electrical appliance may depend on this.

Therefore, we decided to understand this issue in more detail.

Transportation in the wrong position

The refrigerator is best transported vertically. On the side or back wall. in extreme cases. The same applies to rise and delivery to the floor. If he was brought lying down, it’s like brought in this position.

The fact is that the compressor of the refrigerator is below. There is a little compressor in his crankcase. When transporting lying down or on the side, it falls into the freon tubes. From there, the oil flows into the evaporator or capacitor. Although it should not be there. Regarding transportation methods, we recommend reading an article about the correct transportation of the refrigerator in different positions.

If you have to transport or transfer the refrigerator on your side, study the instructions. Manufacturers indicate which side it needs to be transported to. left or right.

How to prepare a refrigerator for transportation

When buying a new refrigerator, special services for household appliances are engaged in preparation for transportation and delivery.

Reference. The manufacturer when the equipment was released immediately provides for reliable packaging for transportation of equipment.

If you plan to move, a household appliance is prepared independently. To do this, per day you need:

  • Extract all grocery reserves from cameras.
  • Turn off the device.
  • Wait until the unit is defrosted.
  • Wipe the internal and external surfaces with a detergent for dishes.
  • Get shelves and boxes and pack it in paper or fabric.
  • Fix the compressor with transport bolts, rope.
  • Attach the food wire with tape to the body.
  • Fix the door with tape.
  • Wrap the refrigerator with a soft cloth, oilcloth, film. This will protect the unit from scratches.

Ignoring the rules is fraught with the wrong work of the refrigerator in the future.

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Checking the operability of the refrigerator

After delivery to the house, they check how the equipment works and whether it has external flaws. If a factory marriage is detected, the buyer has 14 days to replace.

But, sometimes the refrigerator during delivery receives damage, which cannot be identified immediately. And, if they are not found, then the warranty replacement is canceled.

  • evaluate the external state of the equipment;
  • check the compressor;
  • inspect the device from the inside;
  • Check performance.

Additionally verified with documents for the refrigerator. There should be a passport of a model, a commodity check and a warranty card with a seal.

You can check the device straight in the store. Sale rules allow to include equipment in the exhibition hall. Choose a model, ask it to turn it on, and at this time they walk about 20 minutes around the store.

Of course, so that the refrigerator goes to the operating temperature of this is not enough, but it is free or not to understand. If the unit operates using No-Frost technology, then in its internal chambers it will be noticeably colder than in the store.

If the usual drip system, in 20 minutes on the back of the freezer and refrigerator compartment, will appear frost. If after 20 minutes the changes are not observed, it is better to refuse to buy this model.

Inspection outside

The visual state of the refrigerator is evaluated only in good lighting, that is, definitely not in the entrance and not in the corridor. The fact is that in dull light it is difficult to replace external defects.

It is possible that during delivery the equipment was hit, leaving a dent on the door, which will be visible only at a certain angle.

First of all, the side walls are carefully examined. Further, the equipment delivered to the house is put in the place where it will be used and look at it from different sides.

If it was decided to bring the equipment home on their own, bypassing store delivery, the actions are similar, only the refrigerator is put in a brightly lit store, so that everything is visible.

With the handles of the refrigerator, both the main door and the freezer, everything should be in order. If a crack is detected, the model is better to replace. such pens do not serve for a long time.

The diagnosis of the compressor is also included in the external inspection. In the models that are available now, the motor is hidden behind a decorative grate fixed with self.tapping screws. But those who are little versed in technology will not give anything if they see or do not see the compressor.

Even the specialist, assessing the appearance of the motor, is not able to accurately answer. in a working condition he is or not. But, the presence of mechanical damage can be seen.

Иногда в ходе неаккуратной доставки мотор слетает с креплений или перекашивается. As a result. the compressor works very loudly or completely breaks.

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Inspection inside

If there were no external flaws, this does not mean that they will not be inside. Examine the refrigerator and freezer compartments.

All boxes are extracted from the freezer, if any. Evaluate in what condition the camera, are there on plastic surfaces of cracks or other damage. The boxes themselves also require attention, especially those places in which the main box is attached to the front decorative panel.

There is a chance that these fasteners will be broken (in some models of refrigerators they are quite flimsy). There is an opinion that manufacturers do this on purpose, with the aim of additional sale of spare parts.

, And this is a good profit. These shortcomings are not inherent in all models. There are refrigerators and without decorative panels at all. But, warned, it means armed.

Next, inspect the refrigerator compartment, extracting each shelf. Regiments, like the sites on which they are placed, should be whole. If the plastic is spoiled, then this is a mechanical damage that does not apply to warranty cases, so the owner will have to pay for the repair.

Assessing the internal state of the household appliance, you should sniff. The only smell should be plastic. It happens that unscrupulous merchants buy used refrigerators, repair them, and then sell them under the guise of new.

But, the smell of products that have already once been in a refrigerator is difficult to get out. Yes, there are special means for these purposes, but they will certainly leave their “imprint”.

This is where the refrigerator’s condition is completed. It takes some time and those who delivered the goods may start nervous. But the buyer should be all the same, because he must make sure that the purchased refrigerator is new.

How to check the refrigerator before buying

The refrigerator is purchased once every few years, so they are suitable for its purchase with special care. The choice of a model and a brand suitable for all requirements can go away more than one day, and the same amount to choose a place of purchase. But even when all this has already been done, it is too early to relax. It is important to check the refrigerator before buying or after delivery. What you need to pay attention to?

No matter how you rush couriers and movers, do not give in. Conduct a thorough examination of the outer walls of the refrigerator. This is best done in a well.lit room (therefore, a narrow corridor and even more so the entrance will not work in any way). Put the refrigerator in the center of the room or hall, if you check it in the store, and go from all sides, look at the coating at different angles. And if it is sealed and is in factory packaging, ask her to remove.

Pay attention to the pens and levers. All of them should be whole, without cracks and chips, are well attached and turn in the right direction and vice versa.

Why is it important: even minor dents and chips can lead to further breakdowns of the refrigerator. And since mechanical damage is not a guarantee case, you will pay for repairs from your own If external defects are detected, ask to replace the technique or draw up an act in which defects detected will be indicated and listed. If at an external examination, you have not found any defects, feel free to look inside.

Before buying a refrigerator, it is also necessary to conduct an internal inspection may take much more time, since you need to check a lot:

Inner refrigerator. should be holistic, without cracks, dents and other mechanical damage. Also pay attention to the smell, the new refrigerator smells of plastic. If the refrigerator was already in operation, it will retain the smell of products or chemicals with which they tried to bring this smell; drawers. in the freezer, usually consist of a main block and a removable decorative panel. The joints can be flimsy or fasteners do not firmly fall into the grooves. The same applies to all removable parts of the refrigerator, for example, the shelves on the doors;

glass shelves inside the refrigerator. it is necessary to pull each separately and carefully inspect. The slightest crack will further lead to damage. Also check the places where the shelves are placed: all the grooves, guides should be smooth, without dent and clearly match the shelves.

Why is this important: any marriage inside the refrigerator can further lead to a breakdown of a particular part, the replacement of which will cost expensive and pay out of your

This inspection could be completed, but you can also check the compressor unit.

Yes, if you are a person who does not know in compressors, there is nothing to look at there. And just when examining it is difficult to determine performance. But you can identify mechanical damage and marriage.

In new models, the compressor unit usually hides behind a special panel. You can ask her to remove her. Pay attention that all the tubes are in their places, that is, do not stick out open. the cooling circuit should not be broken, otherwise the entire freon will evaporate when turning on, and you will pay not only the purchase, but also the repair. Why this is important: checking the refrigerator and, in particular the compressor before buying, will protect you from expensive repairs in the future, since it was practically not realistic to prove the damage to the refrigerator before the start of operation.

Checking the working capacity of the refrigerator before buying

You can check the work capacity of the refrigerator before buying only in the store or a few hours after its delivery. It is strictly forbidden to turn on the refrigerator immediately after its delivery, since oil from the compressor engine could get into the system with the refrigerant. Therefore, it is important that the refrigerator is defended (usually from 2 to 16 hours, depending on the delivery conditions), and only after that it can be included in the network.


It is usually required for one or two days to understand how the refrigerator works: pay attention to how quickly it gained operating temperature, noise and working time. Try to load it with products gradually so that the compressor copes with the load.

After the inspection, do not rush to sign the delivery forms, check and carefully study the set of documents that is attached to the refrigerator. So, you should provide: instructions in Russian; warranty coupon; sales receipt; sales contract (in some cases).

Carefully check the notes in the warranty coupon: the serial number of your refrigerator should be indicated there (you can find it inside the refrigerator or on the rear wall outside), the sale date is indicated, the signature of the responsible person and the seal of the store. Information on the check should coincide with information in the coupon. the refrigerator model and its equipment.

Why is this important: if errors are made in the warranty coupon, then when contacting the service center even within the warranty period, you may be refused to freely repair or replace the parts, since the data does not correspond to. Only after everything is verified, the refrigerator is in perfect condition, and the documents are filled correctly, you can sign documents on the delivery of goods.

You have 15 days to check the functions of the refrigerator, its performance and serviceability. If during this period you have revealed malfunctions, you have the full right to replace the goods, of course, if the cause of the malfunction is not in mechanical damage. Then you will either have to prove that dents and scratches were applied during delivery, or pay for repairs yourself. Therefore, check the refrigerator before buying very carefully, this will help to avoid problems in the future.

Inspection of the compressor unit

Electric motor and compressor are the main elements of the device. In modern models, they are a single compressor unit. It is difficult to evaluate the performance of the motor, compressor, the position, the position, the condenser and other parts of the design on its own. However, visually can identify obvious visual defects. During transportation, some nodes could be damaged, which will continue to affect the performance of the equipment. In the process of transportation, the integrity of the contour may be violated. This leads to improper operation of the device.

Compressor inspection will identify its defects

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In some cases, the compressor unit is closed with a special grill, and the movers may refuse to remove it. However, it takes only a few seconds to dismantle it and re.installation. To do this, just unscrew the four screws that attach the grille to the body. If the movers or other representatives of the store or delivery service refuse to open the compressor unit for inspection, perhaps the device has some damage.

Removing a protective decorative lattice to check the compressor unit

Why you can’t turn on the refrigerator at once

For the uninterrupted operation of the compressor, it is necessary that the oil goes down, and the refrigerant is correctly and evenly distributed in the system. This is especially important if you need to transport the refrigerator in the cold. By the way, this applies to any electronic devices. If they were transported in the cold, before the first turning on, you need to wait a few hours.

While the equipment is delivered, the goods can be tilted, shake or transported in a horizontal position (which is not recommended to do). Keep in mind that immediately after transportation, both the new and the old device cannot be turned on. After delivery, first of all, you need to unpack a new refrigerator, check for damage inside and outside.

Inside the refrigerator, remove the extra objects, install the shelves, boxes in the right order and location. Wash the product and elements if necessary. Washing will not violate the work of the equipment, but it will eliminate the smell of new plastic, remove the dust and possible dirt. In addition, it is better to place products in a clean refrigerator.

For washing, use warm water, you can take a soap solution or use a small amount of table vinegar. After water procedures, the equipment is wiped with a clean damp cloth and wiped dry. Now let’s look at when you can turn on the refrigerator after transportation.

In what cases independent repair is impossible and you need to call the master?

You can independently repair the refrigerator, which consists in adjusting the handle, replacing the rubber seal on the door or in installing a new bulb. You can perform a number of procedures that are in the analysis of the main details and their rapid replacement. But there are serious malfunctions with which it is better not to contact and contact the master:

  • Refrigerant leak. You need to make up for this leak in order to avoid other serious breakdowns.
  • The smell of plastic comes from the equipment. At the same time, all possible reasons are checked independently, but no violations or breakdowns of parts have been identified. In this case, the master will help to quickly navigate the cause of the breakdown and fix it.
  • True and constant interruption of the refrigerator. If, with such signs, all possible points were taken into account and all elements were taken into account, then the master is needed to diagnose serious defects that are not visible at first glance.

DIY DIY diagnostics of the refrigerator simply. To do this, you need to know where the main details and elements are located, and then check them for serviceability. In more complex breakdowns, you should not be guided by your skills, but to trust specialists.

Do I need to defrost the No Frost system?

The No Frost system introduced into modern devices also involves periodic defrosting.

The cells should be cleaned from hoar at least once a year, but no more often than every 6 months. Recommended defrosting duration-12-24 free thawing.

One of the varieties of the system “without hoar” is the drip type refrigerators. They require defrosting once a year, and some models are even equipped with a built.in warning system, which supplies about the need to eliminate ice.

About how to defrost the refrigerator Samsung No Frost, read here. Learn also how to defrost a two.chamber refrigerator Stynol.



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