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How to cheat a floor electronic scale

Why do they use cheating on the scales in stores?

A natural quality of any person is the desire to receive income from his activity. The realization of this desire is different for everyone. For some salespeople, knowing how to manipulate the scales is a must. This allows you, by selling less goods, to get more money.

This is where things have been done for centuries. Any dishonest worker standing behind the counter in a store or sitting in a street stall knows what to do. He has practiced all the tricks so well that he does them automatically. The main thing is to get an increased income at the expense of inattentive, careless or naive customers.

Ways to cheat on the scales

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They do not only adjust the weights on commercial equipment, where the deception of the buyer ranges from 100 grams. Crane or truck gauges are used for large, heavy loads, and this is a whole other level of fraud.

The easiest way to weigh on mechanical devices, where the human factor plays a great role. It is possible to collude with an unscrupulous operator and change the result for the better or for the worse. Among the common tricks with autoscales are the following:

  • Reducing weight by improperly placing the car on the platform. Leaving one axle of the vehicle off the platform can cause the scale to show less than it really is.
  • Adding weight to the vehicle before the weighing test. The secret is to add weight to the empty vehicle, which is removed after weighing. Theft occurs on the difference received.
  • Increase in weight due to placing additional cargo on the truck scales. In order to get payment for non-existent goods, it is enough to weigh two cars at the same time.
  • Incorrect calibration of scales. It is difficult to “tweak” the scales, but it is possible to negotiate with the adjuster during metrological examination or repair. It’s quite risky. At high mark-ups, buyers will quickly see that they are being cheated, so the deviations are insignificant.
  • The use of special electronic correctors for dodging. Impact on the measuring device can occur at a distance (up to 1.5 km) due to electronic technology. An invisible remote control allows you to cheat the scales remotely: zeroing, adding, decreasing. It is quite difficult to trace such a fraud.

What, for three kopecks you’ll kill yourself??

This is exactly how the saleswoman, who never graduated from college, due to her poor vocabulary and accumulated fatigue, tried to put the buyer in his place who did not understand why his sausages are being weighed on three sheets of paper. From his point of view, his complaint really smacked of a rather stingy attitude. And if you count it.? Let’s take a sausage at a price of 50 hryvnias per kilo as an average. A regular cooked sausage. Three sheets of sufficiently thick wrapping paper cover 30 grams. That is, buying a kilo of the same sausage, 1.50 you pay for the paper. It’s not too expensive for this kind of packaging? Now calculate how much you will overpay by buying more expensive sausages. And you must agree that the salesman who sells us a pile of wrapping paper for the price of sausage in one day is not doing it out of concern for his fellow man.

How to manipulate the electronic scale by 100 grams in your favor

The natural quality of any person is the desire to get income from his activity. The realization of this desire is different for everyone. For some sales clerks, knowing how to manipulate the scales is a must. This allows, selling less product, to get more money.

There’s a routine that’s been built up for centuries. Any dishonest worker standing behind the counter in a store or sitting in a street stall knows what to do. He’s so practiced all the techniques that he performs them automatically. The main thing is to get an increased income at the expense of inattentive, careless or naive clients.

Mistakes in weighing

It would seem how simple it is. to stand on the scales, look at the numbers. However, people still make a number of mistakes:

  • You should not weigh yourself on a daily basis. This approach will not show the full picture, you can not know the true weight. It is constantly changing. This is due to a serious influence of the physiological characteristics of the human body. Various hormonal changes, taking medications, diet that causes water retention, etc.
  • Do not stand on the product after eating. Wrong data will be shown if you have drunk too much liquid before weighing.
  • The device should be of the highest quality. When selecting the product, study the operating instructions, especially pay attention to the error indicated by the manufacturer. Optimal is considered 100 gr.
  • Try not to weigh yourself in the evening.
  • Always remove your clothing.
  • Women should not be weighed during their menstrual cycle. Hormonal surges occur in the body, there is a strong moisture retention.

Do not think that the above tips look like a punishment. Your attitude affects how you lose weight and achieve a beautiful, attractive figure.

The setting process

Before you decide to set the floor electronic scale, you must insert the battery and test the device. This will allow you to find out information about the serviceability even in the store.

There are several main steps in the basic settings:

  • Place the floor scale only on a perfectly flat surface and in a strictly horizontal position. It is best to use the floor, where there is a smooth texture. Rugs, uneven surfaces, protruding elements will not work under any circumstances. They can increase the error of measurement.
  • If you do not know how to check the electronic scales, the first thing to do is to turn them on and start working. This is done by pressing a button or by touching the surface of the sensor. After that, a zero countdown is displayed and this indicates that the device is ready for use. Some models may be activated during weighing. Please refer to datasheet for the exact method. All data is displayed there.
  • The Scarlett scale only works accurately when the person is level and the legs are parallel to one another. This is to ensure that the mass is evenly distributed, and accurate indicators are displayed. Usually sensors are located on two sides from the center. Keep in mind that the stability of the device when it is first turned on will later affect the correctness of the readings. A huge number of models during the first start-up set up automatically.

IMPORTANT! If there are any additional functions, it is better to learn about the peculiarities of the settings in the manual. After carrying out all the procedures you should not have any questions about how to configure the scales.

How to tune the trade scales?

The principle of carrying out the calibration of weighing equipment may vary slightly, depending on its functionality and variety. If you are wondering how to set up a bench scale for trading, this procedure is carried out according to a fairly simple algorithm:

  • On the built-in remote control press a special key, which will put the electronics in the appropriate mode.
  • A specialized calibration weight, which has a certain reference mass, is installed on the platform.
  • After a short period of time the weight is removed from the platform surface.

Important! The setting of the exact mass values on the equipment is determined automatically. This procedure is controlled by the software installed in the electronic device.

When purchasing retail scales the owner is necessarily given the accompanying documentation, which specifies a certain periodicity of weight checks.

Important! Unscrupulous sellers can tune electronic scales in their favor, usually such adjustment is made at the expense of the original programming of the packing weight. That is why going to the market to buy products you should be extremely careful and give preference to large shopping centers and supermarkets that value their own reputation.

Rules for Care and Use

For the correct operation it is important not only to choose and use the device correctly, but also to take good care of it. By following a few tips for maintaining the instrument, you will achieve a longer life and accuracy in weighing:

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  • Electronic scales are notoriously sensitive. Therefore, you should avoid sudden changes in temperature, a lot of moisture, sudden lowering or shaking, exposure to dirt and direct sunlight.
  • Do not bring the scale near heaters.
  • Do not use chemicals for cleaning.
  • Avoid getting any liquid on the surface of the measuring device.

Why do electronic scales show different weights

and more people are taking care of their bodies. As a consequence, floor scales are increasingly in demand. Mechanical devices are a thing of the past, to be replaced by electronic ones. They are easy to use, accurate in their readings, and affordable. However, those who use electronic scales often encounter a problem: they periodically show different values. There may be several reasons why electronic scales show different weights. Let’s talk more about them.



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