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How to change the needle in a sewing machine

Proper fabric/needle/thread selection

Heavy: wool, thick tarpaulin, quilted fabric, denim, curtain fabric.

Yarns of the required composition ¹ 40-50 tight twist.

Medium: cotton, satin, kettlecloth, sailcloth, double jersey, fine wool.

Medium: coarse linen, wool, heavy knitwear, fleece, denim.

Super Heavy: Heavy wool and fabrics for outerwear in winter, silk, muslin, cotton and linen

Light: fine cotton, voiles, twill.silk, muslin, kiana, organdy, cotton/jersey, jersey, crepe, polyester, shirt and blouse fabrics.

Fine cotton, nylon or polyester thread # 60-70

A very good line gives a thread n / e ¹ 50-60 tight twist (preferably triple).Natural fiber yarns ¹ 50-60 use for natural fabrics.Use the same thread at the top and bottom.

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For sewing products made of dense denim designed special sewing needle, it is also called needle-denim. The thread is for sewing very heavy fabrics, thick seams, and thick separating stitches in thicker fabrics. It is made of a particularly strong metal alloy and therefore does not bend, which prevents the appearance of gaps in the stitching. A sewing needle for denim has a rounded point, a solid shaft and a small eye. Sizes: from 90/14 to 110/18.

Needle positioning on different types of machines

As already noted, the thread must be inserted into the needle from the long groove side. With straight machines, it is usually on the left side, whereas with a zigzag stitch type of machine, it is on the front. The needle in Podolsk-type machines is installed in the highest position of the needle bar, and the flat part of the thickened bulb must be turned to the right. In this case, the long groove is turned to the base of the sleeve. The needle is inserted upward as far as it will go and is secured manually with a screw. An indicator of a properly installed needle is a nice straight stitch without missing stitches.

According to the instructions, the old needle on Brother brand machines can be changed with the included screwdriver. The new needle is usually installed with the flat part of the bulb away from you, inserted as far as it will go, then tighten the screw by means of a special screwdriver 12 cm long. It is not recommended to tighten the screw by hand because of weak tightening.

You are new to sewing and are puzzled about how to properly insert the needle into the sewing machine? This is really a very important skill, because not only the quality of the entire work in general, but also your safety depends on it.

It is necessary to change the needle quite often, and not only because of some defect. If the craftswoman sews a lot and uses different materials, then the needles should be selected according to the type of fabric and thread thickness. Mistakes made while doing so can cause broken and malfunctioning needles, poor quality stitches or thread breaks. To avoid this, you must carefully follow a certain algorithm.

How To Change Needle in Sewing Machine/सिलाई मशीन की सुई कैसे लगाएं/Usha Janome sewing machine

How to change the needle in a brother sewing machine: helpful tips

When sewing, it is often necessary to change the needle on the machine. It may be blunted or bent, in which case the needle must be changed immediately to prevent it from breaking or damaging the fabric. Another reason for replacement is the choice of a special needle for special jobs. embroidery, decorative stitching. Replacing the needle is a simple procedure for most modern sewing machines.

When changing the needle, proceed as described in the instruction manual (

Before you change the needle in your brother sewing machine, you need to study the manual with a photo of the process, watch a video on the Internet, and then follow the steps prescribed.

Choose the right sewing machine

For sewing diverse fabrics in the home sewing machine should have a metal frame, conveyor teeth to move the fabric should be front, side and rear, as well as the presence of pressure regulator feet on the fabric.

In this case, the brand name of the sewing equipment is not important. The main thing to do. Pay attention when choosing from world famous sewing brands: Pfaff, Husqvarna, Brother, Janome.

how to change the needle of sewing machine / തയ്യൽ മെഷീന്റെ NEEDLE എങ്ങനെ മാറ്റിയിടാം

Purpose and types of sewing machine feet

Having a foot in a sewing machine helps to make the seamstress’ work better and more comfortable. This knot will be useful if the stitching is done along the edge of the fabric.

How To Change A Needle On A Brother Sewing Machine:

There are different types of feet used in the work:

  • Stepping designed to move the fabric without the risk of displacement of layers in relation to each other.
  • The knitting foot takes into account the elasticity and stretchiness of knitwear. It allows for skipped stitches and thread breaks when working with this material.
  • Overlock allows you to work with the edges of the fabric, preventing them from crumbling or shrinking.
  • If you install a foot designed to create countersunk stitches, it will allow you to create these stitches.
  • There are such devices that are designed to sew a zipper.
  • Made of Teflon foot should be put, if you need to work with laughter, leather and other heavy materials.
  • Snailail type fixture creates a narrow crease along the edge of the fabric.
  • There are presser feet that are used to sew on buttons, clasps or hooks.
  • There are special fixtures that are installed for darning and embroidery.
  • The zigzag foot not only makes straight stitches but also zigzag stitches.
  • There are those that allow you to install a hem with a slash.

This list is not exhaustive of all available varieties.

Poor sewing technique. The seamstress pulls the fabric toward her with her hand

It can bend the needle and damage the hook, needle plate and foot. Do not pull fabric toward you by hand, and pull fabric under the presser foot only toward you. If the material does not advance well the presser foot pressure can be increased with the foot pressure adjuster or with the foot pressure switch. Check your sewing machine’s instructions on how to adjust presser foot pressure. The fabric will move better if you slightly raise the teeth of the slat. Most sewing machines have a switch for this.

Step by step instruction

How to insert the needle into the sewing machine? You shouldn’t be confused by this issue. Arm yourself with a screwdriver (you have one in your organizer), a new needle and our step-by-step instructions and you’ll be all set.

  • Unplug the machine from the power supply;
  • Find the screw that clamps the needle and use the screwdriver to loosen it (preferably not to unscrew the screw at all, but if you did, that’s okay, just don’t lose it);
  • Remove the needle from the needle holder. If it’s broken, before you throw it away, see what its number is and pick up the appropriate replacement;
  • Use the thumbwheel to set the needlewheel to the upper position;
  • The next step is very responsible. You need to insert the needle into the groove. The important thing here is not to make a mistake: for normal domestic machines the short groove on the needle should be on the right, whereas in industrial machines the short groove of the needle is on the left;
  • Hold the needle inserted with the left hand, screw in the screw with the right hand, then tighten it with the screwdriver. The needle must be held firmly by the needle holder and must not wobble;
  • Perform control stitches in slow and normal mode, monitor the quality of the stitching. If the thread tears, you need to turn the needle a little.



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