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How to change the heating element in a Samsung washing machine

Replacing the heating element in a Samsung washing machine

Washing machine breakdown is an important problem for the whole family. Often the cause of machine failure is the breakdown of the heating element. It is possible to carry out the replacement at home, following the clear instructions and the algorithm of actions.

In a Samsung washing machine, the heating element is usually located on the flange, where the fuse is also often located. For example, such a location in the washing machines WF8590NMW8 and WF8590NMW9.

Signs of heating element malfunction in a washing machine

Washing machine of any brand, whether Indesit, Ariston or Bosch, be sure to give signals about the breakage of the heating element. The main signs of heater malfunction:

  • Water is not heated during the washing process. If the water remains cold when starting the high temperature washing mode, it means that the heating element is not functioning. When the washing process reaches the water heating stage, the machine stops working and generates an error. At the same time, programs that do not need to heat water can run in the normal mode.
  • Before starting to heat water, the technician “knocks out the machine“. turns off the device, which prevents the electric mowing line, which goes after it, from burning. Failure occurs about 10-12 minutes after starting the washing program. Most often this indicates a short circuit of the coil, which is located inside the heating element.
  • The machine “knocks out” the circuit breaker (RCD). Trouble happens immediately after turning on the equipment or just before the water is heated. Poor-quality insulation of the heating element can cause current on the housing and lead to automatic disconnection of the RCD.

To check the efficiency of the heating element, you can use a multimeter

If the machine shows one or more signs of breakage, the heater may be out of order and need to be replaced. You can accurately determine the performance of the heating element allows you to check a special device. a multimeter, after which you can be sure of the malfunction and proceed to replace the heater.

How to Remove the Heating Element from a Samsung Washing Machine

Here is how to replace the heating element in a Samsung washing machine (hereinafter CMA):

  • Drain the remaining water from the tank capacity, through the drain valve, located in the lower right corner of the machine.
  • Completely remove the detergent tray by pressing on the button inside the tray.
  • Unscrew the screws fixing the upper cover of the Samsung washing machine, located at the back side of the machine at the top.
  • If it is not possible to find out visually which side the heating element is located, unscrew the screws on the rear wall.
  • If there is no heater on the back side, follow the instructions below.
  • Unscrew two screws located on the control panel under the washing machine tray and one screw on the right side of the control panel;
  • Slide the panel to the side without disconnecting it from the wires.
  • Disconnect the bottom plastic panel, there are screws hidden behind it. Unscrew them.
  • Unscrew the screws fixing the front panel at the top under the control panel.
  • Remove the clamp from the rubber cuff of the hatch by hooking it with a thin screwdriver at the location of the door hinge.
  • Unscrew fixing screws of the door lock (it is not necessary to remove the door lock, but be careful with the wires going to the door lock when you remove the front panel).
  • Lift the panel, remove it from the two hooks. It must be removed carefully, taking your time so as not to tear the door lock wires (in case the door lock was not removed). After removing the front panel, push it aside, leaning it sideways against the machine.
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The methods listed above will also answer the question. how to remove the heating element in the washing machine L. G. At the bottom of the drum is the heating element, four wires are connected to it, using three terminals (two terminals are connected to the two outermost contacts of the heating element, the third terminal, which has two conductors, is connected to the contacts of the temperature sensor, located in the middle of the heating element).

Checking the function

Before replacing the heater, it is a good idea to determine if the heating element is defective or not.

You can determine if the heating element is working properly using a multimeter without removing it from the drum. By performing the following:

  • switch on the multimeter, select the resistance measurement function, set the value in ohms within 1 kOhm, you can less than 100-1000 ohms.
  • For a proper diagnostics, it is required to disconnect terminals from heating element contacts, having preliminary sketched the wires connection diagram, according to color. To disconnect the terminals, you need a thin screwdriver to unbend the tab that secures the terminal
  • Connect the two probes of multimeter to the heating element pins.
  • According to the resistance measurement results determine if the heating element is faulty or not. Resistance of 25-35 ohm or nearly so indicates that the heater is in good order. Resistance of the heating element may be different, depending on its power. Resistance of 0 or 1 ohm indicates heater malfunction.
  • If the heating element is good, measure the resistance of the temperature sensor. If resistance is 0 ohm, the sensor must be replaced.
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Samsung Front-Load Washer Heating Element #DC96-01417B

THEN must not be repaired. You will need to buy it in the service or order it in an online store or in a specialized store. The heater element must match the brand of the machine, the dimensions, the power rating, and the voltage rating. The power is usually within the range of 1800-1900 W.

Instructions for replacing the heating element in the washing machine

First of all, it is necessary to determine on which side is the heating element of the washing machine. To do it simply enough it is necessary to move the case from a wall, turn it and examine a back wall. If the lid is large, so to speak the entire size, then most likely the heater is located on the back side, under the tank. In this case, the technology of heating element replacement will be greatly simplified, because you only need to unscrew the back cover of the washing machine to access it.

If the cover is small, it means that it is provided only for access to the belt of the washing machine, and the heating element itself is located in the front, also from below (as shown in the photo below). In this case, to replace the part, you will have to disassemble the front panel for repair, which is much more difficult and longer.

Anyway, first of all I recommend to take off the back cover and see if there is a heating element under the tank. In any case the removal process does not take long.

Important! As a rule, such manufacturers of washing machines as Candy, Whirpool, Indesit, Ariston, Electrolux, Zanussi and Atlant, the heater is behind. In LG, Bosch and Samsung, the heating element is often located on the front side. In washing machines with vertical loads, it is possible to replace the heating element through the bottom of the front panel or the side wall, which can be removed without difficulty. However, the location does not always meet the specified standards. A model is not the same as the model, as they say.

How to replace the heating element in the washing machine

The heater is used to heat the liquid. If we talk about the washing machine, the washing process takes place at a certain temperature, which you set on the device panel. It is the heating element that heats the water in the washing machine to the desired temperature.

Due to the fact that the water can be hard and with impurities, when heated, scale is formed, which over time, if not cleaned, leads to a breakdown of the device. It can also fail for other reasons. Therefore, if you notice that the water in the washing machine does not warm up, it is possible that the heating element is broken. It must be checked and, if necessary, to buy another. True, you need to know how to replace the heating element in the washing machine without the help of specialists. Where it is and how to check if it works or if it is broken? Let’s find out.

Replacing the heating element in a Samsung washing machine

Replacement of the heating element should be performed by a specialist, even if it is made in Samsung WF8590 washing machines. However, if you decide to do everything yourself, follow the step-by-step guide:

  • Unplug the washer from the power and sewer lines. Check that there is no water in the tank. If there is any residual water, you need to drain the water through a drainage filter of the machine (emergency method).
  • It is necessary to carefully remove the front cover to provide free access to the heating element of the washing machine Samsung (exactly the same manipulation is performed on washing machines Vyatka automatic).
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  • as a rule, in most Samsung washing machines the heating element is located in the lower compartment of the machine, under the tank. After the exact location of the heating element is determined, it is necessary to disconnect all wires leading to the heating element, take care of the safety of the contacts.
  • Using a special tool, loosen the fasteners of the heating element. Then very carefully, so as not to damage the tank or other elements (this can cause damage to the drum of the washing machine), you need to get the heating element.
  • The place where the heating element is located must be cleaned from particles of limescale and other impurities.
  • Now a new heating element and drain hose can be installed.

In almost any washing machine there is a heating element. This is necessary in order for the technical device to carry out the washing process by pouring and self-heating water. Type of heating element typically resembles an elongated tube, small diameter, with one or more bends and two or three fixings for bolts at the edges.

Consider the main causes of failure of the heating element in Samsung machines:

  • Factory defect;
  • Scale formation on the surface;
  • Improper operation of the washing machine;
  • Appearance of metal corrosion;
  • Short-circuiting as a result of power surges.

Sooner or later any technical device may require repair, Samsung washing machines are no exception. Breakdown of the heating element, according to statistics, is one of the most common. It is a consumable item, so replacing the heater heater is usually standard on any unit that has a heating element in the structure.

How to find the fault?

Tubular heater is located in Samsung washing machines on the flange. The fuse is also located here. In most models from this manufacturer, the heating element should be looked for behind the front panel. This location will require considerable effort for disassembly, but you can replace the part if it fails to work completely on your own.

There are a number of reasons to know that the heating element is not working.

  • Poor washing quality when using a quality detergent and with the right choice of mode.
  • When washing, the glass on the door of the washing machine is not heated. But it is necessary to check it only after 20 minutes from the beginning of the process. Also note that in the rinse mode, the machine does not heat water.
  • In the process of operation of the washing machine significantly reduced power consumption. Check this cause can be, but not an easy way. First disconnect all electrical consumers except the washing machine. Then you should record the electric meter readings before turning on the machine. At the end of a complete wash cycle compare them with the obtained values. On average, 1 kW is consumed per wash. However, if the washing has been done without heating the water, this figure will be 200 to 300 W. When you get these values, you can safely replace the faulty heating element with a new one.

Scale build-up on the heating element is the main cause of malfunction. A large amount of lime scale on the heating element causes the element to overheat. As a result the coil inside the tube burns out.

The heating element may not work because of poor contact between its terminals and wiring. A broken temperature sensor could also be the cause of the malfunction. A faulty control module is also often the reason why the heater will not work. Rarely, the cause of failure is a factory defect of the heating element.

Fotoreport on replacing the heating element in a Samsung washing machine

The lock icon on the washing machine Samsung flashed. Customers have turned first to another company, decided to call us as well. And it is good that they did, since the previous firm established a breakdown of the device locks the hatch, you say it is logical, if the sign of the lock is flashing, then it is in him. But it was not. When a Samsung washing machine the lock icon is flashing, you do not need to immediately replace the ON/OFF switch. First you need to check whether the hatch is blocked when you start the machine, if so, you need to check whether the water is heated. How to do it? Touch the hatch glass with the palm of your hand after 15-20 minutes after starting. After this diagnosis, our technician found that the heating element is out of order. Start repair work on the replacement of the heating element in a washing machine Samsung.

How to Replace a Samsung Washing Machine Heater

Unscrew the lid of the heater, get access to the terminals:

The belt can be removed, you can leave it if it does not interfere, as in this case. If you decide to replace the heating element on your Samsung washing machine yourself and are not a specialist in repairing washing machines, then before you remove the terminal, take a picture beforehand of their location, so as not to mix up later:

Disconnect the terminal and proceed to the removal of the heating element:

How to Replace a Washing Machine Heater (Samsung)

After taking out by the expert of company “Golden Hands” the heating element the client having looked at an heating element has understood that has made the correct conclusion, choosing our company as the executor. That’s where the problem was:



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