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How to call the studio of epilation original

Original names of beauty salons: what should they be

The original names of beauty salons allow the owners not only to stand out among competitors, but also to attract a large number of customers, causing their genuine interest. True, for this, the name of the institution should be really unique.

But this is only one of the requirements. There are many others too. So, the name must be understandable and memorable, harmonious and causing pleasant associations. That is, a good name for a beauty salon is not so easy to choose, here you will clearly have to break your head.

Ideas for the name of the beauty salon

When choosing a name for a beauty salon, think that it looks not only creative, but also memorable, sonorous, simple. For example, if you have a network of beauty salons, add the nearest metro, street, park to the name. So it will be easier for customers to navigate and choose a convenient location.

Do not choose too complicated names. Do not invent words. The easier the better. And do not forget to check if anyone has registered the chosen trademark before you.

Choose a name for a beauty salon yourself

If desired and to save money, you can independently work on the name of the hairdresser.

To make the name suitable and filled with meaning, organize your work in stages:

Apply the brain Sturm in a group of friends, relatives.

Conduct a survey on social networks or online voting among tsar representatives.

What is a briff

Briff for a name is a kind of questionnaire that will help accumulate all the data of a business project for TU, services and advantages. Filling the brief, you will put all the necessary information on the shelves, and thus, facilitate the selection of the name.

The brief may be arbitrary, but must contain the following important points:

Where is the room: microdistrict, street, what attractions or interesting objects are nearby. How many visitors are a hairdresser, personnel data.

Positioning and unique trading proposal (USP)

How do you see your salon, what associations it calls. What can you offer visitors, except for ordinary haircuts, styling and manicure/pedicure. For example, master classes, family events or marathons of beauty. Determine your chips: whether the subscription system will be introduced for services, what bonuses, discounts or drinks you can offer visitors, etc.D.

Who are your clients: gender, age, marital status, social status. The more accurately and detailed the description of the portrait of the target audience will be, the easier it is to approach the name that will attract and be remembered by those who need.

Determine the nearest beauty salons: location, price segment, advantages. Pay attention to the names. write down, in your opinion, successful and unsuccessful names. Justify the opinion.

Check out various options on the Internet: what you like and why? With what I would like to associate your choice: with a mythological or literary character, with your own name and surname or come up with something abstract or extravagant? Perhaps personal or family history, dream, reward will push to the idea. Also think, the name will consist of one or more words.

In addition to the sign in front of the entrance, where the name of the beauty salon will still be posted: Internet site, business card, gesture, booklet, lightbox? What language do you intend to use: Russian, English, Italian or French, how the name will look visually and how to sound a domain name.

Additionally, indicate with what style in music, fashion, art you would like to connect the name of the salon: underground, classic, grunge, baroque, Renaissance or New Luk. This technique will also help to arouse imagination and set the right direction in finding your unique name.

What to call your beauty salon: recommendations

The name of the beauty salon is not just a sign above the door, but a memorable, literally crashing into the client’s memory, the name of your establishment. The client, having come once, should recall the name in a month when the hairstyle grows. By name, the salon should be easy to find it on the Internet and advise friends.

The name also affects the search for customers online, as well as the conversion in the online record. If you use or plan to use a CRM system for beauty salons, the name will also play a big role. For example, EasyWeek, in addition to CRM, provides a widget for online records and website. The more noticeable and creative name the cabin, the more likely to attract customers.

In order to understand what to call your salon, imagine who comes to it. These are only young girls? Or ladies of all ages? Or maybe your salon is for men?

It is also important to understand the entire spectra services of your salon. This is a hairdresser or nail studio, SPA-Salon, massage cabinet, style and makeup studio? The name should be directly associated with your services. Salon Med specializes in professional face and body care, SPA salon talks about relaxation and rest, Style salon specializes in original haircuts and colorism, etc.D.

Determine what price niche your salon belongs to: economy, premium, business, suite. This factor is also well reflected in the name.

The profit of the beauty salon depends on many factors, and the name does not always affect it directly. Of course, a sonorous name is a great way to attract the attention of customers, but to keep them one name is not enough. Here are a few recommendations for doing business:

Regularly work on errors.

Install CRM for a beauty salon so as not to miss a single client.

Come up with the name of the cabin yourself or together with friends during the brainstorming process.

Use a business name generator for business.

Instruct the task of preparing options for names for the passenger compartment to the marketing agency or freelancer.

Adjective quot is the best. subjective characteristic. The name of the beauty salon should be appropriate and memorable against the background of competitors. Read our article to get ideas.

There are a lot of programs for beauty salons and hairdressers. To choose the right option specifically for your business, read our material about the characteristics of CRM-systems for salons that need to be paid attention to.

External design and salon name should be echoed. In the future, a single style will be present in your profile in social networks, on business cards, leaflets, brochures and advertising banners.

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Think about how you see the name in Russian, English or French? Or maybe you want to add the numbers that in life bring you good luck? Or vice versa. no numbers are needed? The best name as a name for a person should respond to its owner.

Study competitors next to your beauty salon. Names should not be repeated. Imagine if you have chosen the name “Cleopatra”, and next to the next street there is already a hairdresser with that name. The situation is unpleasant, is it so? Preliminary preparation and collection of information is the key to the success of any business.

The main criteria in selecting the names for institutions from the beauty industry:

Interesting names of spa sites

Before you call the spa, you need to find associations with studio procedures. It can be: rest, relaxation, water, massage, healing and others. Based on the words obtained, you can make suitable options for names.

Name using SPA or SPA

The concept of spa has long been known. The main list of procedures is carried out both in budget studios and in luxury establishments. Therefore, the word SPA in itself transmits information about the activity of the salon.

For example: “SPA Time”, “Spaday”, “SPAMA”, “Spa Luxor”, “SPA-RELAX”, “Barbiespa”, “Spadoctor”, “Siberian spa”.

The name of the spa salons with the words of Body or the body

Most likely, such names will not be original, but at the same time they will bring the full meaning of the services proposed by the studio. In order not to repeat it, it is important to analyze the salons market in your city or area and choose a name different from the rest.

Namely: “Doctor of the Body”, “Relax Body”, “Silk Body”, “Your Body”, “Your Body”, “Body Gift”.

SPA studio procedures are associated with rejuvenation, medicine, relaxation, recovery. This name of the salon is unlikely to coincide with the names of competitors. over, here you can show creativity, imagination.

For example: “Paradise island”, “inspiration”, “bliss”, “elixir of life”, “pleasure”, “body magic”, “for you”.

If the spa provalo provides Thai massage services, it is better to tell about this in the name of the studio. So the organization will leave some of the rivals behind the back. Not every Beauty territory provides this procedure.

To form the name, you need to use the word “Thai” or the first syllable “Tai” in the general phrase.

Possible options: “Tai Land”, “Thai spa island”, “Tai Spa”, “Tyray”, “Thai Spa Club”.

This option is considered one of the easiest to remember. The name can include the street, avenue or a well.known architectural structure. The best advertising for such an institution will be a sundress radio.

Examples of similar organizations: “spa center at the Brigantine Hotel”, “Wai Tai on Michurin”.

Salons with short, simple names have great success. Such names are easier to place on the sign. They are easily read and quickly remembered.

To be inspired by the beautiful names of beauty salons, you can delve into literature, nature, travel.

What to call the laser options salon

If you decide to open a massage salon, but you cannot choose the right name, this one will help you choose the best option. The main strategies for the formation of the names of massage studios are presented below, and many examples of the already existing “names” of salons throughout Russia are given.

Brands under which massage studios work is difficult to classify. This is mainly due to the fact that the names of salons often depend on their specialization. However, having studied the main categories of names of such institutions, one can distinguish several main strategies for constructing the names of various massage rooms and studios.

  • Names with direct entry of the word “massage”. First of all, it is worth noting that the names formed with the help of this method do not differ in throwing and originality. Perhaps that is why this strategy is not so many entrepreneurs. However, this category of names also has a huge advantage: seeing such a name as, for example, “simple mass”, the client will clearly know what kind of services he can be provided in this salon.
  • Names using the words “body” or “body”. In fact, brands of this kind perform the same function as the previous category of names. They conduct associations with specialization of the salon, thereby attracting the right customers.
  • Names associated with beauty, youth, health (medicine) or relaxation. These brands are very diverse than the previous two groups. To create them, you can use words such as “honey”, “health”, “beauty”, “relaxation” and their various derivatives, forming interesting names, for example, “health”, “Asia Relax”, and t.D. However, one can create more “free” thematic names, for example, “in the seventh heaven”, “pure energy”, etc.D.
  • Names for Thai massage salons. As mentioned earlier, brands of such studios are largely dependent on their specialization. So, opening the Thai salon, entrepreneurs usually use the word “Thai” (in Russian or English) and its different forms.
  • Names-nimen. Owners of massage salons can use different names as brands, ranging from thematic and more exotic options, such as “Avicenna” or “ketrin”, and ending with more familiar options, for example, “Eugene” or “Elena”. In both cases, the names will be easily remembered, which is undoubtedly an advantage for any organization.
  • Other, original names. There is no single principle for the formation of brands from this category. In other words, each entrepreneur can be limited only to his own imagination. The main thing is that such “names” be as bright and memorable as possible.

How to come up with a profitable name for a beauty salon?

Many know the stable expression “how you call the ship, so it will float”. On the one hand, this phrase seems obsolete stamp, and on the other, statistics speak for itself. than 70% of beauty salons under the conditional code name “Natakh” are closed in the first year of its existence. Coincidence? I don’t think.

The competition is won by the strongest. To stand out against the background of the rest and arouse confidence in a potential client, it is important to think in advance how to look, sound and monetize your business. In this article I will show how to choose the name of the salon so that it does not become an anchor for your “ship”.

I am a marketer and my field of activity is directly related to market research. I’ll give you a lively example. I made a sample of 1,500 beauty salons in Odessa and phoned them all, sharing this difficult task with my sales manager. From the entire base of the numbers answered calls and called back 800 salons to the missed personnel. Among them 200 studios opened over the next 2 years.

Among newcomers in the market, I highlighted 3 categories

  • Faceless salons (these are beauty salons with a lack of positioning and an unfinished name)
  • Monosalones (concentrated in one direction of services. barbering, nail-bar, keratin studio, etc.D.)
  • Profitable concepts (salons with attached marketing, stable brand and client service policy)

Guess on the first attempt in which category successful beauty salons work? That’s right, the model from the third list is the most profitable and reliable.

call, studio, original

Which distinguishes a profitable concept? It is as adapted to modern market requests, creates a confidential image in the eyes of the client, provokes it on positive emotions and is subconsciously associated with quality. The name of the beauty salon. This is one of the fragments of a multi.level puzzle leading to success.

The name of the salon. This is always the improvisation and work of the owner. To create a really strong brand, marketers advise you to choose the name according to the following principle:

Imagine that 5 years have passed. Will the chosen name be also relevant? Or it is tied to a specific time frame?

It is important that the combination of words and stylistics does not cause irritation, but have the client to you through pleasant associations.

Try to choose easily readable and easily memorable words that customers will not pronounce or write with errors. In particular, this rule refers to the names in Latin.

It is important that the brand name is pleasant to pronounce.

It is very important that the name provokes correct associations and does not irritate.

Make sure that there is no plagiarism. Before you appropriate a name, look in search engines if another company uses it. If the chosen word is already “stooped”, there is a risk. Clients can confuse you with another brand and subsequently at the stage of registration of business, questions may arise.

call, studio, original

The name of the beauty salon is necessarily used in creating the logo. So that not only the name looks good, but also a sign, it is important to take care of the aesthetics of the chosen name.

The name of the brand should correspond to its target audience and be in the spirit of the values ​​of this audience.

Around the correctly selected name and brand, communities are created. High.quality brands are easily monetized and over time only strongly strongly, like “good wine”, creating a reputation on the market. Follow the first rule and start the game for a long. Then your beauty salon will hold the threshold of a high average check and retain the loyalty of its audience.

Descriptive names

Now it will be extremely difficult to tie the name of the beauty salon to activity. The time of simple and functional names has already passed for you, everything is plowed there 100,500 times, you can not even check. Hands-ties, haircuts, craftswomen, laserhaus, SUT-SUT, PRO100 hairdressers and other curlers. Unless you will be able to make some unique, creative, non-trivial symbiosis from words.

And this is an interesting way. In any case, try, be bright, individual and do not be afraid to experiment. Because so far it is just a piece of paper or your notebook. Give me free rein. Creativity, humor, irony is something that does not hurt at all and can even help. But at the same time, avoid humor and puns that are clear only to you and must be explained to others. With inappropriate humor and unsuccessful creative, you can overdo it so that associations will be undesirable for your business and cause damage to the reputation of the brand. For example, the hotel “dead room”. What associations do you have?

You should always remember your target audience, which will be clear and appropriate for her.

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What “male” and “female” names of beauty salons should not be used

“Female” names, that is, associated with the fact that it is close to ladies, is not recommended to choose the company that will provide services to men, including cosmetological. So.so will look like “tenderness”, “secret”, “chocolate”, “bunny”. N is also suitable for the personal name (“Eugene”, “Alexei”), focusing on qualities, age, character traits, human status (“Hemingway”, “Casanova”, “King”, “Youth”, “Elite”, “Alit Pachino “,” Alpha “). Historical personalities in our difficult time can cause a different attitude to themselves, therefore, in order to avoid mistakes, it is better to do without them (“Griboedov,“ Caesar ”,“ Aristotle ”). Geographical names are also not always unambiguously perceived (“Alaska”, “Crimea”).

Representatives of the fauna are not the best choice for the name of the beauty salon for women. Such words such as “tigress”, “dragonfly”, “lioness”, “God’s cow” can be perceived quite negatively or in two ways. It is preferable to consider the names with unambiguous semantics (the meaning of the word), but not the same in which there is no clear and suitable meaning for a given place: “Satori”, “velor”, “spring”.

Choosing a name for a male hairdresser, it is better not to focus on the features of appearance, character, some status things (“favorite”, “leader”, “barbel”, “macho”, “beard”). The names familiar to female salons or in general for other establishments are also undesirable, as well as ambiguities: “Your stylist”, “Male Studio”, “Field for the trimmer of style”, “Male choice”. We do not take personal names: “Mikhail”, “Max-Stail”. We carefully look at the mythological, literary, as well as historical heroes: “Pygmalion”, “Onegin”, Napoleon, “Batman”, “Zhukov”, because attitude to them may be ambiguous or the very use of such a name for the name of the passenger salon will look like Not quite appropriate. Usually ineffective words are ineffective, despite originality (Dim-Dim, Kram).

For the female hairdresser, the banal, mileful, faceless names should be avoided, such as “beauty”, “smile”, “girlfriend”, “sorceress”, “kindness of fairy”, “chance”, “hello”, “conversation”, etc. D. The names of the seasons will also sound not in the best way. “spring”, “summer”, and the word “autumn” may even look quite ambiguous, which we do not need at all. The names related to nature should be considered with a share of caution (“sugar”).



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