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How to build an oven into furniture

How to build an oven with your own hands, drawings and calculations

In modern kitchens, you can increasingly see built-in appliances. No wonder. Integrated into the kitchen set stoves and refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers, microwave and UHF ovens allow you to save the work surface, to manage the inner space of cabinets more functionally. And, of course, give a more holistic and harmonious look to the overall design of the kitchen. How to build an oven with your own hands? It is worth starting with the proper planning of the kitchen set.

Before you choose a recessed oven, you need to follow certain requirements, compliance with which will avoid dangerous situations:

  • No flammable or combustible materials (kitchen curtains, towels, rags, oil) should be near the oven.
  • Furniture in the immediate area of the oven must be able to withstand an ambient temperature increase of 50 C.
  • It is not recommended to place the oven and hob next to the refrigerator or freezer.
  • The oven should be located away from water sources in the kitchen.
  • The electric oven must be close to a grounded power outlet, set at a height of more than 10 cm. off the floor.

When determining where to place the oven in your kitchen and at what height, consider the following placement options:

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In the cabinet under the countertop

Traditional oven placement, with the location of the hob above the oven optional. This option is most often used in small kitchens, where there are few work surfaces, and has no alternative for small.

Column cabinets

Usually this placement is used in a spacious kitchen, where there is enough space to install additional tall cabinets.

When deciding at what height to set the oven, you need to consider the following. High placement of the oven gives a number of advantages: it is easier to clean and maintain, it is safe for small children, it is easier to get the food and monitor the cooking process.

into the frame

In a spacious kitchen with a cooktop placed in the middle, it would be logical to install the oven directly into the frame. This option is most suitable for families without small children and infrequent cooking.

In the high cabinet

A very practical place to install the oven into a cabinet on the side of the set. In this case, it is not possible to use the surface of the cabinet as a working area, but it is possible to install a microwave oven, various appliances and kitchen accessories.

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It should be noted that this placement is quite often used in the home for medium-sized kitchens, where there is no shortage of work surfaces, but there is no disadvantage either. In this case, we can consider it optimal.

How to install a built-in oven into a kitchen unit yourself

In today’s world no kitchen can do without a stove, whether gas or electric. Housewives are increasingly preferring built-in appliances because of their functionality. However, such appliances require proper installation. On how to install the oven, will depend on its proper operation and your safety. It is not necessary to invite a master to install the oven: a built-in oven is not difficult to install with your own hands. It requires a bit of effort and lots of thought.

How to install a built-in oven in the kitchen?

Electric and gas stoves in modern apartments are found less and less often, for cooking more often begin to use separate systems for cooking. After all, the oven is used infrequently in the home and may be separate from the cooktop, which is used daily to cook hot food. Combining an oven and a cooktop leads to the fact that such a combination, if one component fails, the entire.

Kitchen furniture: how to build an oven with your own hands?

Concealed appliances are now commonplace in modern kitchens. Using this approach allows you to save space and use the furniture in the most optimal way. In many cases, furniture for built-in appliances are bought ready-made, or ordered, but it is not so difficult to learn, for example, how to build an oven with their own hands. This will allow you to use in the kitchen, not only purchased, but also self-made furniture.

�� YouTube’s Best Stone Oven Construction �� ASMR DIY with subtitles video

Built-in appliances, including ovens, are placed in special boxes, also called bollards. In appearance, such cabinets are almost no different from those cabinets that are part of the rest of the kitchen set. Of course, the internal structure of the cabinet with a conventional cabinet does not match and it will have to be designed specifically. As an option, you can buy a modular kitchen or ready-made cabinet, for example, in an online store, but this is only if self-made will be problematic.

The design of the drawer unit is not complicated. It includes the side surfaces, the bottom with legs, a transverse top bar and a drawer. In some cases, this drawer is made without a front panel.

The hob must be attached directly to the worktop. For this purpose special notches are cut into it.

The dimensions of the cabinet are determined by the size of the oven, which is usually made to a single standard. Thanks to this we can call the typical dimensions of the cabinet: the width and height of the space from the drawer to the countertop will be equal and will be 60 centimeters each. The bottom box can be made to a height of 14.2 centimeters then, taking into account the necessary thickness of the sheets of chipboard, the height of the inner space of the box will be 11 centimeters.

The height of the legs is often 10 centimeters, resulting in a total height of 87 centimeters.

The dimensions of the cabinet under the oven may be different, since sometimes you will find and non-standard samples of equipment. Therefore, before you start designing, it is better to carefully measure the purchased appliances.

The height of the crossbar also has a certain value. This element itself is mainly intended for a more rigid attachment of the walls of the box with each other. Do not make more than one bar, as this will prevent the lowering of the cooking surface to the desired depth. It is easiest to install the bar at a distance of 10 centimeters from the top edge of the cabinet.

It makes no sense to use natural wood to create a box under the oven. Optimal would be particle board, or fiberboard. Unfortunately, it is unlikely to fully make the cabinet under the oven with their own hands because of this.

The fact that the cutting of chipboard and particleboard sheets at home is difficult, if not impossible. So you’ll just have to buy the necessary number of sheets of particle board, draw draw drawings of the components and go with all this to the workshop. As a rule, cutting and edging particleboard is quite inexpensive.

In addition, you can buy ready-made legs for the cabinet. In this case, they only need to be bolted to the underside of the frame.

Assembling a box from prefabricated parts is not very difficult. To do this, use the standard fasteners with screws, dowels and self-tapping screws. It is best to mark out the spots for them well in advance. Racks, as in the manufacture of a conventional cabinet, additionally attached with glue.

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The installation of the oven must be carried out in accordance with the instructions for this technique. Such cabinets have special flanges, stretching closer to the front of the entire perimeter. This flange rests on the side walls and the bottom of the box. Once the oven is fixed in the box, it remains only to connect it either to the electric network or to the gas pipe. It is better to leave the latter to professionals.

Calculating the box under the oven and cooktop

In this article we will talk about how to properly design a box to install the oven, and if necessary the hob.

Nowadays, the vast majority of kitchen sets are designed with built-in appliances, so understanding the design of such modules is very important.

The box we are considering has two invariable sizes:

From the total height of the box, only the size of the bottom drawer with the front depends on.

The dimensions of the niche for the installation of the appliances we are considering can always be seen in the instructions for it.

So (see article about kitchen sketch), the total height of this module is 870mm, the thickness of the countertop is 28mm, the thickness of the chipboard is 16mm.

Rules for preparing the furniture niche

Once the place and method of installation has been selected, it is necessary to provide:

  • Protection against voltage fluctuations in the general electrical network;
  • Grounding;
  • Ventilation. build in the oven at a distance of 50 mm from the back wall of the niche, at the bottom 9-10 cm, and on the sides the gaps should be about 5 cm.

Installing a Single Built-in Electric Oven | The Carpenter’s Daughter

How to install and plug in a recessed electric oven correctly?

Modern kitchens are increasingly using separate cooking systems. That is, when the oven is separated from the hob.

In the electric oven, the heating elements are located in the upper and lower parts, as well as on the sides of the. Some models are equipped with separate heat generators.

How to install your Electrolux Oven with Hob. Built Under installation

In the photo you can see the built-in model of an electric oven created by Ariston with a convector. The convector is an extremely important element of an electric oven.

This powerful fan ensures that the food you’re cooking heats evenly and circulates hot air vapors. That’s why, when choosing an oven, you should first pay attention to whether it has a convector. The fan speed is adjustable. Of course, the installation and wiring of the oven requires an indispensable knowledge of electrical engineering and specific skills.

Under-oven cabinet formula

Hello dear reader! If you are now contemplating an oven cabinet design, then read the rest of this article and you’ll discover just about every conceivable option. I will tell you in detail about the pros and cons of each version.

The result of reading the article will be your conscious choice of a certain module. You’ll know exactly why you need such a cupboard, and you’ll get maximum pleasure from your choice in the future.



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