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How to build a Scarlett sc sf111b06 fan

Technical characteristics

Tilt function available at
Twist function Check out
Diameter of the blades 40 cm
Angle of inclination 30 degrees
Angle of rotation 90 degrees
Type floor
Working mechanism axial
Power 45W

Check with the seller for the exact specifications.

Very good when it’s not too hot, but already stuffy. Turns great, in three modes. And it looks good in the interior, the design is thoughtful. And the idea to build a nightlight into the fan is super. The light is not strong, pleasant, you do not have to look for anything to the touch. And a safety grid on the blades, just in case.

On a summer day, this miracle is working for me for 5-6 hours, but it almost does not affect the bill for the light, for 6 hours. about 0.3kW. very, very little. I like the productivity, it works at a good distance. To adjust the desired height and angle is convenient that the tools and labor did not need. The balance of the impeller is, when running on the tile floor does not wobble and does not vibrate.

I decided not to install the air conditioner yet, as a student I still need to save up for it and so, was looking for a fan more or less at an adequate price and that works fine. There are directions of air in different directions. It has solid legs and not plastic, but the plugs on the legs. Yeah, they’re plastic. It is possible to turn on a light speed at night. Does not make much noise. Begins to make noise when it is running very long.So you have to give it a rest. Too bad it doesn’t have a remote control. That would be very convenient.

This fan was bought to cool the room in my cafe. Productivity was enough, and it is very profitable, because the fan runs like a light bulb. The appearance is nice, there are no superfluous elements. The mesh is small, which is a plus, not terrible if the child visitors can walk up to it. The blades are well balanced, there is no vibration from the fan.

Bought this fan for my parents at the cottage. I think it’s not a bad thing, at least it was at the beginning of summer when it was warm and even hot days(. But now the cold weather came and he, poor thing, is in the corner and gathering dust. But I say that it’s not bad at all, it has a good airflow, several airflow modes, buttons and panel are intact. Of course, the quality of the material is a little embarrassing, but it is well worth the money.

This fan is made of quality materials, so when the fan does not emit a smell of burnt plastic. To save electricity consumption, I switch the fan to half-power mode.

It’s kind of cool, but the guy at the ordering place ruined the impression. He was really pushy about this “insurance” thing for some bullshit fan I bought. And when I did not agree to persuasion, continued to communicate in the style of “spent.

The black fan looks very stylish in my interior. I like that it has three speeds, t.к. We have small children in the house. You can also set the height of the body and the degree of inclination to your liking. Not unimportant for me that the fan has a night light.

We use it at home and at work. Standing all over the place of this company. Not bad in general. The disadvantages have already described.

Scarlett SC-SF111B09 reviews

Comment: It cools the air wonderfully and makes it comfortable to be indoors in the heat. On the crossbar stands firmly, does not fall down. Mesh with small cells, effectively protects the blades in operation. I can easily adjust their tilt and swivel.

Comment: Worth in the office, after buying it became easier to work, blows excellent, adjustable tilt and height. Stable enough, but stands well on its feet, assembled well.

Advantages: Inexpensive. Works productively.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: The most simple and convenient fan without extra features, budget, but with the most necessary functions. The cat managed to get tangled in the cable, but all seems to be alive and intact, the stand as it turned out, very stable. Air cools normally, even in first speed, noise level acceptable.

Advantages:Made me feel very comfortable in the abnormal heat, the first three days I was running it almost the whole day, changing the speeds.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:Price and quality at the level.

Advantages: 3 modes of operation, robust mesh, tilt and swivel control.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: The fan is perfectly assembled, fairly robust construction and solid safety grid. Blowing in 3 modes, good for saving from the stuffiness, the breeze is cool and pleasant. Conveniently adjustable in tilt and turn.

Comment: Easy to assemble, budget, do not expect a miracle, it’s not an air conditioner!Blows in three modes, rotates. Beautiful soft pink color.

Advantages: Refreshing, well-designed safety mesh, 3 speeds

Comment: I bought in early spring and did not regret it. The fan works as it should in each of the three modes. I effortlessly adjust the tilt and swivel to my liking. Quality is solid enough.

Advantages: Inexpensive, can work continuously for a long time

Comment: I have been using the floor fan for three summers now, I like the fact that it can run for 8-10 hours without interruption. Had to occasionally change the height due to the different heights of the people who use it and put it away in a large bag with the head down, but the fasteners have all held up.

Disadvantages: Quality. Lack of elements for assembly

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: Couldn’t reassemble the fan. As there was a part missing. Can not work at all.The quality of the parts is terrible.I don’t recommend it.Had to just toss it in the trash.

Comment: It ran all summer without stopping and no problems.

Weaknesses: All the shortcomings in the cost )

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: The vendor is terrible: the product was shipped with defects and one part is missing, which makes it impossible to use. Within 2 months, 20 times I wrote to tech support, no feedback: wait, wait a minute, wait another minute, wait another minute, etc

Advantages: Nice design. Good power and adjustments for everything. From height, to rotation, to “wind” power.

Comment: The fan blended harmoniously into the interior of the room. Easy to use, has multiple speeds, you can rotate at the desired angle. Works fine and does not break down.

Advantages: Easy to operate, stable crossbar, reliable grill for protection, can work in both fixed and rotating positions.

Comment: All summer the heat was saving, the third mode blows very powerfully. Looks elegant, color is nice. Set the height and the angle of the fan itself, it’s very convenient. Very simple and reliable fan.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: The floor is stable, the body is made of good plastic. Has several speed modes, then it is possible to create an optimal temperature in the room. The noise is not loud.

build, scarlett, sf111b06

Advantages: Cools properly, a “sleep” mode is, but to a fan. In this mode, the fan noise once every half a minute or so. Somebody, I think, would prefer to sleep to monotonous noise. On the whole a pleasant appearance, if it were not for the flaws.

Disadvantages: The cross support is made of very thin metal. Stepped on once. crushed into a pancake. At my weight of half a centner it is funny so sad. One good thing. Just as easily it can be smoothed by hand. Without much effort. Will stand, but not as good as new, really. It was not possible to assemble the fan completely: the central circle with the company name on the railing nobody thought of how to attach it. And so it stands, with a hole in the railing. In general, wrong hands made.

Comment: if brought to mind and remove all the shortcomings, it would look very decent.

Disadvantages:It is noisy, you can not turn it on at night

Распаковка, сборка, тест. Напольный вентилятор Scarlett (как собрать)

Comment:The price-performance ratio is great. The nightstand is adjustable to any height

Scarlett SC-SF111RC05

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Best deals on Scarlett SC-SF111RC05

Pros: From the merits perhaps the appearance, the remote control, well, and the air flow
Cons: Noise like a vacuum cleaner, at times the fan howls like an airplane turbine even at first speed, not to sleep under it, but to stay near it is not comfortable
Review: If you can not get money for it, just throw it in the trash Do not recommend this model, unless of course you are not S&M)

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Fan Scarlett SC-SF111B06 (white)

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Floor Fan Scarlett SC-SF111B37 instructions

Fan Scarlett SC-SF111B37. has excellent features!

Efficient large propeller fan will refresh the air even in a spacious room, and the wide range of settings will create the most comfortable conditions for you.

The operation of the device is almost silent and can be carried out anywhere, without interfering or distracting from sleep, study or work activities.

Lightweight and compact design allows easy movement of the device from room to room.

The fan is placed on a stable base, it’s difficult to knock it over accidentally. For safe use, the blades are safely “hidden” behind the fine mesh protective.

The fan has a mechanical control panel. Speed of rotation is adjustable, 3 levels are available.

Diameter of vanes 400 mm
Operating mechanism axial
Number of speeds 3
Turning angle 90°
Power cord length 1.65 м
Tilt angle 30°
Clip-on mounting no
Housing Material plastic
Tilt adjustment yes
Turning Control Check out
Column type no
Control mechanical
Timer no
Remote control no
Speed control stepwise
Height adjustment it is
Display no
Display backlight no
Delayed shutoff no

An excellent fan, no noise, 3 speed, backlight, wire length is sufficient, performs its functions at 5, looks stylish, stands confidently does not fall down

Was saving in the heat, worked day and night, everything twists and turns

Easy to assemble, easy to use, night lighting, sleek design, high-quality technique, there are 3 modes of use.

I recommend those who are tired of breathing in the stuffiness of the summer heat. Easy to use, suitable for any interior

Not expensive. Noise is there, but not critical. Height and direction adjustable with adjustment screws. Stylish appearance. Assembly is not a problem, the instruction manual is included. Pretty long cable, about two meters.

On the side of the motor traces of glue. Unpleasant odor. The quality of the materials is very poor, the metal crumples in my hands, it’s loose when working. There are scratches on the outer side of the base on one piece of metal. Power even at 3 wattage is weak.

Product did not meet my expectations. Better to look at more expensive and high-quality model.

Scarlett SC-SF111B06 Floor Fan

Scarlett SC-SF111B06 Floor Fan is no longer available in our store.

You can choose other products in the category Fans.

Scarlett SC-SF111B06 Floor Fan

Model attracts by its functionality, power and quietness. The fan has everything you need for perfect comfort. It has a solid, stable base with a metal leg, an auto-rotate angle of 90, and protection against motor overheating. Practical and safe. Scarlett SC-SF111B06 offers three blowing comfort modes for every situation: the first speed is recommended for night time fan operation, the second speed is suitable for frequent daily use, the third is ideal for quickly ventilating the room. You can choose the blowing power according to your needs!

  • Diameter of the grid: 16”/40 cm
  • High quality safety mesh
  • 3 modes of operation
  • Adjustable pitch 0-30
  • Fixed and 90° swivel position
  • Height Adjustment
  • Night illumination

Scarlett SC-SF111B06/07 Floor Fan

The color in the picture may differ from the actual design.

Rated based on 45 customer opinions

Scarlett SC-SF111B17 Floor Fan

All about Scarlett SC-SF111B17 Floor Fan: features and specifications,. news, analysis and more, all you can find on the Web. Selected similar products to the Scarlett SC-SF111B17 Floor Fan. Use the tabs below to see all the information you need. Manufacturer: Scarlett. Category: Household fans.

Vitalina Avdoshina

Pros: Three speeds, can turn and tilt, stable crossbar.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: Simple but robust, second summer in business, no problems. Blows powerfully, at the turn of the room blows completely. Has a night light.

Kuznetsova E.

Pros: It works, performs all the necessary functions. Fine mesh. Protects baby fingers. Backlight in the dark. also nice.

Cons: During assembly everything felt very flimsy, even ephemeral. Fan smelled like plastic the first 5 days. This made it a little scary to turn on. The motor may be on fire. Didn’t want to mess around with the return, though; started turning it on slowly; smell cleared up. The feeling of fragility is still there, although it looks good, and the black color helps. Also, in order for such a thing to be comfortable, you need to make the cord longer.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: I advise to buy a more expensive and sturdy model, without the cheap and flimsy plastic. If the kids drop the fan, I’m not sure if the top will not break off.

Kholyakova E.

Pros: Stylish black color, easy assembly

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