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How to brew tea in a glass teapot

Everything secret becomes obvious in a glass teapot

Transparent dishes conquers more and more admirers, because it allows not only to evaluate the taste and aroma of the dish, but also to give pleasure to its aesthetic component. Did not escape these trends and dishes for tea drinking. Glass collar teapots are able to turn the process of making tea into a real show, because a transparent thickness of the walls does not hide the transformations occurring with a tea leaf. Teapots with and without and without them, with a press, heated. their model row is vast today. How to find your own among them, the best, and is it worth it to look?

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Instructions for use

Using a press teapot with a press is quite simple. You should choose a high.quality variety of tea for brewing and correctly perform all actions:

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  • At the initial stage, you need to boil a sufficient amount of filtered water and leave it for a couple of minutes. Before that, wash the flask, wipe it dry, and then pour it out with boiling water and drain the water used.
  • The prepared flask is required to pour tea. Its amount may depend on the preferences of those for whom the drink is intended. To get a pronounced taste and sufficient fortress, experts recommend using the following proportion: 1 teaspoon of tea leaves per 1 medium.sized cup.
  • Holden is poured with boiling water, and the press is inserted into the flask. To make the taste more pronounced, they advise to mix everything with a wooden stick. Then the lid is closed.

For about 3 minutes they give a drink to brew. If I want to get stronger tea, then it is left for 5 minutes. After the leaflets pop up, it is necessary to gradually immerse the piston to the bottom of the flask. This is necessary so that the seagulls do not fall into the cup. When the drink is ready, it can be poured and enjoy a unique taste.

Boil dishes

Properly brewing tea is not easy task. In addition to compliance with cooking technology, you should also take into account the quality of the dishes used for this. Different countries have their own traditions, but in any case, preference is given to dishes that retains heat longer and does not enter into a chemical reaction with water.

The best choice is the Faore or Faance kettle. FAOR is considered a more winning option, as it is able to quickly warm up through. The Chinese, for example, approach the issue very carefully and choose special “breathing” clay varieties.

The form of the dishes should be cylindrical or spherical. Mandatory the presence of a densely closed cover with a small hole to make air access and steam outflow. In the Russian tradition, the teapots certainly have a silver strainer, which prevents teaspoons in the drink.

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For the process of tea drinking, beautiful Faor cups will also be required, which perfectly retain the temperature of tea and favorably affect the sensory organs. The real connoisseurs of the drink must certainly have a silver spoon in the arsenal and a linen napkin, which is covered with a kettle, while the welding is infused.

In the east, elite Chinese tea is brewed in a special flask. This is not only very convenient and protects the fingers from burns, but also allows you to make an infusion of crystal clean

The flask is two cylindrical vessels that are placed one in another. The inner vessel has small holes through which the finished infusion shimmers into the external cylinder. Thus, brewing remains inside, and a clean drink falls into the cup.

So, leaf tea is poured inside the flask. Optimally take no more than 7 g. Hacks. Try to place the seagulls in one direction, slightly tamping them with your fingers, but retaining the integrity of the sheet. Then hot water is poured into the flask and after a couple of minutes the inner vessel must be carefully removed, allowing me to tangle in the outer shape. The first welding is necessarily merged, and in the second call, the drink can already be consumed. Tea is brewed with quick straits, so the process should take place in a few minutes. You can adjust the fortress by increasing the exposure time after the second drain. But you cannot abuse, otherwise bitterness will appear and drink tea will not be tasty.

Pour it correctly and insist tea

Brewing time depends on the degree of tea enzymes. Black, yellow and green decoction is insisted for 5 minutes, and red and oolun-2-3 minutes. over, each variety can be brewed several times, the main thing is to withstand the time interval-no longer than 10 minutes from the 1st flood.

A delicious and healthy drink brewing algorithm:

  • Pour well washed and dried dishes with boiling water
  • Lay the required amount of tea leaves and let them absorb condensate from the inner surface of the teapot
  • Pour the contents with clean and soft water 2/3 from the volume of the “collar”
  • Close a lid and let it brew 3-5 minutes
  • Add to the top of the water and leave for some time depending on the selected variety. It is also recommended to additionally cover the dishes with a towel
  • Open the lid to check if the foam was formed on the surface. Mix the decoction and let stand a little more
  • Tea is ready for use when the leaflets completely settle to the bottom.

It remains to take a cake or a butter of a bun and enjoy a harmonious taste and a sophisticated aroma.

What water should be taken to make the tea delicious?

A mountain key and spring water is considered an ideal option for these purposes. It is clear that in the conditions of urban life it is not necessary to talk about spring water, but even the most ordinary tap can be significantly improved by filtering or simple upholding in an open bowl for several hours.

Hard water with an indicator above 8 mg of equivalents is not worth using. it is not suitable for proper brewing tea. Of course, not every farm has a device for determining this very rigidity, but just in case we will proceed from the fact that it is more than moderate.

In order to soften water, it is necessary to add a pinch of sugar, salt or baking soda to it. And you can apply a more complex way that consists in condensing the steam that comes out of the nose of a boiling kettle. The water obtained as a result of such manipulations will not just be soft and clean, but perfect, and the best suited for proper brewing tea.

Types of glass afternoon teapots on the device

When choosing a kettle, you should pay attention to its device. There are interesting models with a heating stand, they usually consist of two parts, the kettle itself and a heat.resistant stand, where a special tea candle is installed.

The first and main advantage of this dishes is environmental cleanliness.

A kettle for brewing in a water bottle

Such a model is effective and practical. Firstly, in the glass flask of one kettle there is a second and when brewing it seems that tea leaves and tea leaves seem to hang in the air. Secondly, the air gap between the flasks creates the effect of thermos and even red varieties of teas are well welded.

The glass teapot does not absorb odors, so black tea is brewed in it without fear.

Glass with a glass flask and filter

Some models have a filter built.in in the flask. A filter.glass teapot is preferable for oolons, white teas and senchi. Since the metal or glass filter reliably holds the leaves together, they manage to soak in water, but at the same time retain all their properties for further brewing.

Such dishes performs a decorative function in the kitchen.

Kettle complete with different camps

If it is assumed to buy a universal glass teapot with a strainer in which you can brew different types of teas, then you should look after a kettle that different straits are suitable for. For example, red tea or roybush is better to brew a scattering and use a remote strainer.

Oolong Tea Brewing. How to easily brew Oolong Tea with a glass teapot

In order for tea to open in full force, it is recommended to purchase glasses of glass with thick walls of heat.resistant glass.

The nuances of the teapot “French-Press”

Do not purchase a French press, in which tea and coffee will be prepared, because a more pronounced aroma of coffee will soon be present in all tea drinks. Also, the press plate itself should be made of metal, the plastic ones wear out quickly and spoil the taste of the drink.

While the tea is infused, through transparent walls you can observe the round dance of the teaspes, watching how they gradually give boiling water the necessary fortress.

How to brew tea in a teapot

Gunfu kettle with a strait button

An interesting solution may be the acquisition of the Gunfu kettle. Its design suggests that tea is brewed in a container that is placed inside the main flask. After the infusion is welded, the button is pressed, and the entire solution is drained into the lower container, and the leaves remain at the top. This is a spectacular and interesting technique.

Their only disadvantage is crampedness. In addition, thin glass dishes do not hold the desired temperature for a long time.

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At what temperature to brew tea?

Many people believe that tea needs to be brewed at a water temperature of 100 degrees, but such hot liquid can make it bitter and tasteless.

The ideal brewing temperature is 70-80 degrees (slightly cooled). Such water will make the drink more refined and tender, says Julia Malysheva, hosting the tea meetings of the Confucius Institute of the RSUSU.

“Ancient“ Tea Canon ”recommends a boiling stage, which the Chinese call“ the noise of the wind in the pines ”. This is 90-93 degrees “,

Says Denis Koveshnikov, co.founder of the club “Tea Affairs Workshop”.

Andrey Shipulin, author of the project “Tea 108”, believes that “you can choose the optimal temperature regime empirically”. According to him, it is better to brew yellow at 85-90 degrees, black-95-100 (suitable for flavored), Ulun and Puer-100. New white tea-95-100, old-100.

In order to measure the temperature of the water, you can purchase a special kettle in which it can be installed.

Features of cast.iron dishes

In order to fully feel the taste of tea, you need to correctly approach the choice of dishes for its preparation. Cast iron kettles hold heat for a long time, and also do not transmit aromas from one drink to another. They retain the temperature longer than the paor or glass counterparts.

Reviews indicate that cast.iron dishes are stronger than ceramic analogues, so it lasts longer. This is due to the fact that ceramics when washing can easily slip out of the hands and break, but for cast iron it is excluded. A cast.iron teapot costs approximately twice as much as ceramic, but it serves longer, so it makes sense to pay more. The reviews also confirm that such teapots look very impressive, massive and presentable, are an excellent decoration of the table when receiving guests.

Cast iron teapots have the corresponding significant weight with their seemingly small size. Cast iron is not easy to process, so such objects are mainly decorated with drawings, and not artistic dressing. For expensive dishes made of cast iron, a more smooth surface and the absence of such external flaws as scuffs are characteristic.



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