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How to attach the facade to the Bosch dishwasher

Features of built-in appliances and their fronts

When you decide to opt for Bosch dishwashers of the built-in type, you can get a really reliable helper for your daily chores. over, these models are the most harmoniously fit into almost any kitchen design solution, without taking up free space.

To make the equipment even more attractive and practical, you can use the following options facade:

  • The installation of the machine in the kitchen cabinet. In this way the appliance will be completely hidden from view, but it will also do its primary function of washing the dishes efficiently.
  • Partial embedding of the machine. In this case, only the control panel is visible, and the main part is hidden thanks to the furniture facade. For these purposes, it is best to use a material that is identical to that already present in the kitchen furniture. So the Bosch dishwasher will not stand out, as shown in the photo.

Whichever option for embedding the dishwasher is chosen, it will make the kitchen space more practical, spacious and functional.

Facade Assignments

A dishwasher front is a decorative paneled element made of furniture materials. The main purpose of the front to hide the dishwasher in the kitchen furniture, making it part of the kitchen interior.

  • there is no need to choose a suitable color of the machine, it fits perfectly into the interior, because it is a common part of the kitchen;
  • Control panel buttons are almost invisible, children will not press them haphazardly;
  • has soundproofing qualities, the sound of the dishwasher is not as audible.

Dishwasher panels are made of a finely dispersed fraction, this wood-fiber board, which has a medium density The thickness of the board is usually a standard 16 mm (furniture thickness) and covered with a film, which fully repeats the texture, texture and color of the furniture.

With some dishwasher models, the open door can only be secured when the appliance hob is in place.

How to mount the front on the dishwasher: dimensions and installation

A holistic and harmonious view of the kitchen. the dream of any housewife, which is why built-in appliances have become so popular. But individual household items and equipment also have a place, and to achieve some mystery or hide the facing of appliances, you can apply convenient and a variety of hinged fronts. Our conversation is about the arrangement of the dishwasher in the domestic kitchen, how it can be beaten with the help of decorative elements. You might also be interested in information on how the 40 cm wide integrated dishwasher works.

Types of facades, functions

Front for the washing machine is a decorative trim that harmonizes with the kitchen furniture. Fasten to the door of the machine. Practical, durable wood-fibreboard panels. They can be laminated, covered with colored film, screwed with original fittings, various decorative elements. Hang Fibreboard, PVC is a big risk. These materials are easily deformed by vibration, heat and moisture.

Paneling Functions:

  • Easier choice of appliances. You don’t have to worry about the color of the cabinet; you can concentrate on the technical features, because the dishwasher won’t be visible anyway.
  • Child-proof. Hidden behind the door, the machine is not a “victim” of children’s curiosity.
  • Noise isolation. Additional panel absorbs noise. German built-in models, such as Siemens, Bosch, Miele, Hansa, are equipped with special noise-absorbing gaskets that are inserted between the door and the front panel.

Attachment types

The trim can be attached with self-tapping screws to the door (a variant for fully recessed models), mounted on hinges (for partially recessed models). Slider fastening is often used in modifications of ” Gorenje “, ” Ikea “, ” Electrolux “, Beko.

Sizes of cover

It depends on the dimensions of washing machines. Standard width of the machine is 60 cm (full-size), 45 cm (narrow). The common height is 82 cm. The dimensions may vary greatly from the standards. We advise to buy a set after the purchase of a dishwasher. So that it can be perfectly positioned under the worktop, to fix it in place. Ikea kitchens, for example, fit all dishwasher models from this maker. Leroy Merlin store sells appliances to order. If the front is larger than the door, it will rest on the plinth when you open it.

Installation of the IKEA facade Method for the Bosch dishwasher | PASSIONS FOR IKEA 14

A long front for the dishwasher: what to do?

Try to adjust the height of the dishwasher by twisting the legs. It is possible to make a gap in the plinth equal to the thickness of the facade, the door plus a couple of millimeters of reserve.

Types of fronts, functions

Fronts for the washing machine. a decorative panelling that harmonises with the kitchen furniture. Attached to the car door. Practical, durable fiberboard panels. They can be laminated, coated with a colored film, screwed with original fittings, various decorative elements. Hang Particle board, PVC is a big risk. These materials are easily deformed by vibration, heat and moisture.

Function of cladding:

  • Simplifies the choice of technology. You don’t have to worry about the color of the cabinet, but focus on the technical features, because the dishwasher will not be visible anyway.
  • Childproof. Hidden behind the door, the dishwasher will not become a “victim” of children’s curiosity.
  • Sound insulation. Additional panel absorbs noise. German built-in models such as Siemens, Bosch, Miele, Hansa are equipped with special noise-absorbing gaskets that are inserted between the door and the front panel.

Посудомоечная машина BOSCH spv58m50ru. Монтаж и настройка жесткости воды.

Fixtures and fittings

The cladding can be attached to the door with self-tapping screws (a variant for full-sized models), or fixed with hinges (for partially built-in models). Slider fastening is often used in modifications of Gorenje, Ikea, Electrolux, Beko.

The size of the trim

Depends on the dimensions of the washing machine. The standard machine width is 60 cm (full-size), 45 cm (narrow). Common height. 82 cm. The dimensions can vary greatly from the standards. We advise you to buy a set after purchasing a dishwasher. So that it can be perfectly installed under the countertop, fix. For example, Ikea kitchens fit all models of this manufacturer’s dishwashers. Store “Leroy Merlin” sells appliances to order. If the facade is larger than the door, it will rest against the plinth when you open it.

Dishwasher front installation by yourself

and more families are buying dishwashers to save their time. This time can be devoted to family, children, work, walks and other important matters. The popularity of dishwashers because of this is growing every day. There is a huge selection of dishwashers at the store, the main ones are built-in. They don’t take up any extra space in the kitchen and fit snugly into any kitchen set-up.

Dishwasher installation can also be trusted to a handyman. But if there is no such a possibility, people have no problem installing it themselves. Built-in dishwashers are installed both under the kitchen unit (invisible, under the front), and open. Dishwashers, which are installed under the facade of the furniture set will last longer. One of the important advantages of installing a front is the childproofing. A child won’t spoil the look of the machine, won’t touch the buttons, thus ensuring the use of the dishwasher without the risk of harming both the child and the machine.

What’s needed?

To install the front of the dishwasher will need a set of tools and additional materials that will give a quality result. It’s a simple procedure that doesn’t take much time. You will need the furniture panel itself, which will match the design of the set, then stock the countertop, measuring tape, an electric screwdriver, a set of screws and fasteners for hanging. After that you will be able to handle the task without any help.

However, you need to know the specifics of the dishwasher model to do the job, so you don’t run into trouble.

It is important to choose a set of screws of an optimal length. The fasteners should not be too short, they must fit snugly into the panel. That way you can make sure it is firmly fixed. It is recommended to use a paper template to make a proper marking of where the facade mount will be. As for the electric screwdriver, you can get by with a screwdriver, but it will take more time, so if you have a tool at your disposal, use it.

There are three main types of dishwasher:

While freestanding machines are placed anywhere in the kitchen, the other types of Eletrolux, Ikea, Gorenje and other brands of the PMM are built into the furniture set. Initially decide on the place of installation and prepare a niche for the dishwasher. Read a previous article on how to connect the dishwasher correctly.

The advantage of a built-in model is that it is completely hidden behind the door, being part of the interior.

  • This option is easier to choose, you don’t need to look at the design of the cabinet, which will fit into the kitchen set.
  • Hidden control panel is a big advantage if you have small children in the house.
  • Reduced noise level. It is concealed by the panels of the cabinet, where the appliances are mounted.

Decorative panel can be screwed to the door, hiding the appliances from prying eyes. Most often, the hinged part is made of the same material as the rest of the kitchen: for example, Leroy wood fiberboard.

Template for the installation of decorative facade comes with built-in models Siemens, Beko, Miele. Depending on the type of installation, the front panel may be attached before the door is hung on the dishwasher.

Instructions for installing the facade with your own hands

After choosing the right time and having prepared the tools, you can begin the installation. However, the installation process often encounters unpleasant nuances that can delay the installation of the facade indefinitely.

Let’s consider the peculiarities of installation, which is better to consider before starting work.

Step #1. determine the dimensions of the decorative panel

To find out the exact dimensions of the facade panel does not need to make calculations and draw a scheme. the manufacturer did it all for us. The instructions indicate all the indicators of interest. length, width, thickness, allowances.

The width of the panel is often the same as the width of the dishwasher, because the door from the sides repeats the parameters of the cabinet. For example, for standard 60-centimeter models, it is usually 598 mm, for 45-centimeter. 448 mm (there are exceptions).

However, the height can vary. This depends on how the facade of adjacent kitchen cabinets.

Allowed to use a panel for a few mm longer than the recommended length, if required by the interior. The main thing is that the extra millimeters do not interfere with opening the door at right angles.

If the overlay touches the plinth, leave it as it is, and the edge of the plinth is cut along the contour of the facade.

Step #2. Choosing the right method of fixing

Disregard the manufacturer’s recommendations and experiment with ways to fix the trim is not allowed. If you fix the facade in your own way, it may eventually fall off or “move” to the side.

attach, facade, bosch, dishwasher

If instead of using nails instead of screws, you are bound to have problems with removal. Expensive appliances last more than a decade and can “outlive” the kitchen set.

To replace the overlay with a panel from new furniture, you’ll have to pull out the nails and risk deforming the surface of the door.

It is wrong to fix the facade on the glue. Two extremes can occur: either the adhesive will quickly lose its properties from temperature changes, or it will “firmly” fix the plate on the machine. Both are impractical.

To leave as fasteners pieces of scotch tape is also unwise. the panel will fall off under the weight of its own weight at the first vibrations of the machine.

Step #3. Perform the installation step by step

Before you start hanging the fronts, you need to check whether the dishwasher is level with the adjacent cabinets and countertop. A tilted position can cause the panel to be fixed crookedly.

Video instructions for installing Bosch Built-in Dishwashers

The second point concerns the dimensions. once again, you should check whether the length and width of the overlay are exactly matched. If all is well, you can proceed.

If no large gaps and backlashes form when closing the door of the washing machine, tighten the fasteners, and the work can be considered completed at this point.

After decorating the front side of the dishwasher, do not forget to make the side fastenings of the body.

To fix the side brackets you must first take out the upper basket for loading dishes, and then find the mounting holes and screw the side of the washing chamber with self-tapping screws of suitable length.



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