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How to assemble BOSCH MAXOMIXX blender

Manual Bosch Max8 Maxomixx Bleder Management Guide

This Appliance Is Intended for Domestic Use Only. Use The Appliance Only For Processing Normal Amounts of Food and For Normal Amounts of Time For Domestic Use. Do Not Exched Permited Maximum Quantits (See “Recipes”). The Appliance Is Only Suitable for Cutting Or Mixing/Blending Food. The Appliance is not Suitable for Preparing Mashed Potates (Or Purées of Foods with A Similar Consistency). The Appliance Must Not Be Used for Processing Other Substances Or Objects. Additional Applications are Possible if the Accessories Approved by the Manoufacturer Are Used. Only Use The Appliance with Approved Genuine Parts and Accessories. Never Use The Accessory Parts for Other Appliances.Only Use The Appliance Indoors At Room Temperature and Up To 2000 M ABOVE Sea LEVEL.

Read and Follow The Operating Institutions Carefully and Keep for Later Reference! ENCLOSE THE INSTRUCTIONS WHEN YOU GIVE THIS Appliance to SOMEONE ELSE. IF the Instructions for Correct Use of the Appliance Are not Observed, The Manoufacturar’s Liabiley for Any Resulting Damage Will BE Excluded.This appliance can be used by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and if they understand the hazards involved. Keep Children Away from the Appliance and Connecting Cable and Do Not them To Use the Appliance. Cleaning and User Maintenance Must Not Be Performed by Children.

  • Connect and Operate the Appliance Only in Accordance with the Spaciffications on the Rating Plate. Use Only ifer Cord and Appliance Show No Signs of Damage. To avoid Potential Hazards, Repairs Such AS Replacing a Damage Cable Must only Be Carrried out out out cubeomer service personnel.
  • Never Connect the Appliance to Timer Switches or Remote- Controllable Sockkets. NEVER LEAVE The Appliance Unattended While Its Switched ON!
  • Do not put the device on hot surfaces or next to them, for example, slabs. The power cord should not come into contact with hot parts or stretch through sharp edges.
  • Never immerse the base block in liquid, do not hold under running water and do not wash in a dishwasher. Do not clean the device with steam. Do not use the DAMP device.
  • If your device fell into water or other liquid, then it can no longer be used.
  • Lower the blender leg into the product only to the í mark, otherwise there is a danger of electric shock!
  • After each use, whenever they do not follow the device, before assembly, before disassembly, before cleaning and in case of an error, the device should always be disconnected from the network.

W The danger of injury!

  • Before replacing accessories or additional details that move during operation, the device must be turned off and disconnected from the power source.
  • AFTER Switching Off, The Drive Continues Running for a Short Time. Wait Until The Drive Has Come to a Standstill.
  • Never clamp the blade with a blender leg. Never clean the blade in the leg of the blender with your bare hands.

The danger of burn!Be careful when processing hot food. During processing, hot food can be sprayed.

The danger of suffocation!Do not let children play with packaging material.

  • We recommend that you never turn on the device longer than it is necessary for processing ingredients. Do not work without load.
  • Blender’s jug is not suitable for use in a microwave oven.
  • Never put a blender leg on hot surfaces and do not use very hot food for cooking. Before processing, let the products cool at least up to 80 ° C. Before using a manual blender in a pan, remove the pan from the stove.

Important!It is essential to clean the Appliance Thoroughhly after Each Use It Has Not Been Used for An Extended Period. X “Care and Daily Cleaning” See Page 14 Congratulations on the Purchase of your New Bosch Appliance. You can find Further Information ABOUT OUR Products on OUR WebSait.


  • X Fig. A 1 base block
  • Speed ​​setting
  • On the button
  • TURBO button
  • Let the buttons
  • Power cable
  • Stainless Steel Blender Foot
  • Marking í
  • Blender blade
  • A jug for a blender
  • Scale
  • CovercCessories (Separate Instruction Manuals)
  • Universal Cutter L
  • Universal Cutter XL
  • WHISK Dependence on the model

Before using a new device, it must be completely unpacked, cleaned and checked.

  • Remove the base block and all accessories from the package and throw away all the packaging materials.
  • Check That All the Parts Aresent and Examine Them for Obvious Damage. X fig. A
  • Thoroughhly Clean and Dry All Parts Before Using for the First Time. X “Care and Daily Cleaning” See Page 14

Bosch maxomixx ms8cm6160 reviews

The blender and all its parts really liked it, it works out all the functions perfectly, the lids. Convenient bonus. Blender metal and knives are high.quality, especially blades. They are really sharp, and not like pricing blenders below. The average noise is not quiet, but not an airplane. The whisk with its tasks also copes, beat the cream from a pair of eggs for biscuit dough or cream is not a problem.

Advantages: powerful, equipment. Thought out

Disadvantages: defect. Namely the buttons to remove nozzles. The pressing mechanism broke after a few months of use. I didn’t expect this from Bosha.

Comment: I do not recommend taking it, since the marriage is too obvious and clearly will be in all models with such a pressing mechanism.

Plus, stylish design. Convenient in operation. European assembly.I discovered the pest of the vine.Acquired by promotional value. The previous blends of the same manufacturer have proven themselves in work, I hope that there will be no problems with this.

They took a replacement for the “tired” blender of smaller power. We use the blender constantly, so we chose for our needs.The kit has a set of nozzles and a bowl that cover almost all the needs of our family.A coating handle resembling software lies perfectly in the hand. The ability to adjust the speed or the choice of a turbo mode immediately allows you to easily work with different health.The power of the blender and its nozzles allow you to quickly and easier to perform many operations in everyday use.

Immediately came across a marriage, the handle of the blender did not hold on a submersible nozzle and on the bowl for grinding, dressed with a click and kept only on the corolla. I handed it back to the store, they didn’t even manage to use it. I read other reviews on different sites, someone has a fastening very quickly and the nozzle does not hold. Apparently this is a jamb of this model, perhaps someone was more lucky. I will not reload this model, disappointed with the unreliable fastening.

Advantages: convenient to use, powerful, excellent design and assembly quality

Cons: I burned on the third day I advise this model

Very good blender, costs your money. Powerful, performs with a bang its functionality from whipping with a whisk to grinding solid products. Convenient power adjustment mode.There is a set of the most necessary items for the execution of a blender.

Great powerful blender.The necessary functionality as a submersible blender is also available, there is also a bowl for grinding products, whipping shelter.Eight years ago I took the same blender model, but with a large number of items for grinding products, used with a bang, everything suited.Over time, which, in principle, is predictable since nothing forever, the plastic sleeve on the blender engine has worn out and began to scroll at the blender connection with the components available in the set.In connection with which they decided to take exactly the same model, it is still on sale (it became better in power).They chose with the proposed set of products for grinding products, since this blender has completely approached the same that they took many years ago, which allowed us to use all the devices from our previous blender.I recommend this model, which is presented in several types with different sets of devices.

Cons: inside where the engine is, where different nozzles change, after 2 years of operation, buttons (latches) that hold the nozzles broke. Then inside there is a plastic pin, fastening. plastic in a state of brokenness and looseness. Now only in the trash. it is not worth that money that has become short.lived

Advantages: Powerful combine. In appearance and according to the results of the first operation, everything is of high quality. Easy to wash. Power setting in fact is not needed, t.to. I always use maximum. The boost is useless.

Disadvantages: the coupling of joints is not large, plastic. T.e. like everyone else, but this is a more expensive product, I would like to see more wear.resistant details or specials more than others.

Advantages: beautiful design, four blades at the knife, I think this is an advantage.

Comment: I just got it, I haven’t tried it yet. Beautiful modern design. Weighty, power is felt. Before that, there was Vitek, which burned very quickly, I hope that this blender will last a long time.

Comment: blender has come whole, everything works fine

Comment: The shape for the submersible blender is perfect, the power is excellent quality of plastic and metal really German!

For a blender, such a pricing category is just a ridiculous whisk for whipping, compared to the previous cheap blender, a whisk is 2 times less, I have not yet liked the glossy cover and capacity, have not yet been used, and it is already all in scratches, I imagine what will happen in a year of active use.

All parts when connecting are hanging out. There is no clear fixation. Not worth the money!

Cons: unevenly chopped by the general and the whole, the blender as a blender, nothing outstanding, I will note only the shortcomings: 1. A glass of plastic that scratches very easily, in my previous blender the whole glass was scratched, I thought this one will be moreatical, but no, it scratches just as easily 2. The grinding of products in the chopper occurs very unevenly, the porridge is already obtained from below, and there are still huge pieces on top, so you either have to turn everything into porridge, or lay the products in very small portions, literally a couple of cm, so that it would be grown and not stuffed with pluses As I have already noted. He is quiet compared to the previous very quiet. Well, probably plus the same.speed adjustment, although I have not found this application so far, according to my observations that at zero that at the highest speed is crushed the same, and even in time I did not particularly notice.

Advantages: very beautiful, not heavy and high.quality.

Comment: The package came on time, in the kit everything that should be, everything works. I bought a gift, so I can’t write more.

I got it today. I haven’t tried it yet. I stopped at the assembly. And faced the fact that the plunging nozzle of the blender is not fixed, it flies.I don’t know convenience and functionality yet

Reliable, quite powerful and universal.

Bosch maxomixx ms8cm6190 reviews

I love Bosch very much, they took it on a profitable promotion in a vacuum nozzle. The blender is reliable, with all the whims of the housewife in the kitchen copes with 5!

Disadvantages: the box was a little wrinkled, opened. The goods were intended as a gift

assemble, bosch, maxomixx, blender

Pros: quality corresponds to the brand.

Cons: part in defects, scratches, cracks. If the goods were damaged or used, you need to indicate this! For that kind of money, not quite new goods to sell without discounts, markups. The return unequivocally managed the goods, the replacement was not offered

Advantages: very good quality

Comment: I liked it very much in operation. Conducting multifunctionality!

Comment: for a gift very good

Cons: Net Clouched my wife, the whole family is satisfied! I recommend!!

Super everything is provided and grinding hard ingredients (ice) and simple (different nozzles and nozzles are large shallow with straw shavings and beat and chop A very heavy handle itself. and so just perfect

Comment: was a little used, but left, apparently only a loader used a little bit! And I needed a blender so

Advantages: Nimble thing. you can do milk cocktails. and for soups tire vegetables.

Disadvantages: this is still a big price

Comment: compared to Scarlett, this one works quieter. But there is even a big difference in price

Multifunctional.class, many functions. Not as noisy as my previous blender. Took with all the discounts and points

Pros: Great blender. Qualities are height. It is nice that Bosch does not change the connection, Bosch blender, bought 6 years ago, is perfectly suitable for the bowl.

Cons: I did not find.Great blender for his money. I recommend.

Advantages: a large number of different nozzles are very convenient for cooking various dishes, especially when you need to cook quickly. Very convenient and functional combination.

Comment: We use the first set for more than a year, I liked it. The second bought as a gift.

Блендер MaxoMixx MS8CM61X1 | Побутова техніка Bosch

Pros: many nozzles, powerful, economical, quiet.

Cons: not found.Excellent blender, grind everything that is needed in a matter of minutes, saves electricity. I have been using it myself for more than a year, everything is satisfied. I recommend to everyone. Buy and use it with pleasure.

Bleader with very high power. Coarse meat easily. I make chopped minced meat. It is wonderful that there are 2 grinders for a different volume. In a large bowl, when installing the slices, the blender turns into a food processor, you can shift salads or rub carrots, apple for children. Previously, it was on a grater, I didn’t like it. Wash elementary. You can put the bowl in the dishwasher. During the time, how much my plastic does not get clouded, the smell did not appear.There are switching speeds on top of the blender. submersible nozzle completely from metal.

Cons: not found blender combines 2 functions.Like a blender and like a kitchen combine. I’m delighted, even a meat grinder is not needed. Very large functionality and many different nozzles. Sorry there is no cube cutting. It would be just perfect and everything is fine. I recommend!

Pros: powerful, convenient, assembly quality

Cons: a non.coherent blender and a set in my opinion is optimal. A convenient rubberized handle of a blender, comfortably lies in his hand, even wet hands do not slip. The submersible blender itself grinds everything well and quickly, the milk cocktails and the smoothie make it with a bang. The whisk is done well, does not hang out, the dough for pancakes and cream whipping well. The work of tests and tires are satisfied. In the grinders, the knives are sharp, meat for cutlets, onions, nuts and other products crushed well. For its price, this is the best combination of quality and functionality, I recommend.

Pros: mini combine at the price of a blender

Cons: I will not get into them for two years, during this time I have proven myself well, the whisk beats perfectly, grinds without problems due to high power even ice in the baby, most importantly, there are nozzles of graters and tires, well, plus you can make chopped minced meat, I recommend that the tops can be made in the bowl Who is looking for a combine, but there are not so many places in the kitchen, there are no problems with storage.

Cons: inaccessible powerful, it literally sticks to the bottom during operation. Stainless steel. Beat perfectly, grinds very quickly. A huge plus. when there is a small child in 2 minutes makes mashed potatoes. Cooked puree soup and grinded meat and nuts. everything does quickly and efficiently.

Pros: A powerful, reliable apparatus with a large number of nozzles.

Cons: I do not detect a blender for about 6 months- everything works fine! Irreplaceable thing in the kitchen. I cook the first or second dish of a blender will help cut vegetables like a grater or chop, but much faster than hands. Cooking with it and cocktails. The set has a special knife for the ice stake. The kit for cream or liquid dough includes. There are a lot of functions. I recommend

Powerful, functional, quietly looking for a submersible blender with the function of the food processor. But at the same time I trust only European assembly. The choice was between Braun and Bosch. I stopped at Bosch, firstly, for me there is all the necessary equipment, this is a grinder for solid products, a whisk for whipping liquid dough or cream. Combines with graters and tires for salads, nozzle for ice-ice, secondly, it is a convenient handle with a Soft-Touch coating, it is nice to hold and will not slip from the hand, in the third, a powerful 1000 W protection will definitely not burn out, like my previous blender, and these are 12 speeds for a certain type of product, and most importantly. And when we included in the store, Bosch turned out to be the quietest, and this is not a little important to me, since I often cook while my baby is sleeping. I definitely recommend the purchase.

Cons: Until the equipment and power are found, we often use a large bowl for grater and tires in the manufacture of salads, it is much more convenient than rubbing manually. And most importantly, unlike the food combine, it takes up very little space in the kitchen. Tried to cook soup cream, grinds quickly and without lumps

Powerful device and most importantly very quiet. I am even surprised by this power. Thanks to sharp blades, all products grin. Plastic without smell. A set of four tires and a large bowl of 1.25l a real gift. Now in a matter of minutes you can cook a salad, grind the meat in minced meat and even knead the dough. The kit includes a smaller chopper suitable for a small number of products. Well, how not to note the beautiful design, it looks great in the kitchen. Five points Bosch!

Bosch blending tests

Test-olive of kitchen appliances: whose cubes are the most correct?

By the end of 2011, only three devices capable of cutting products that could be cut into cubes, these are: a kitchen processor (combine) Bosch MCM 5529ru Profikubixx. a member of the dough, multifunctional meat grinder Moulinexhv8 ME6451. a participant in the dough, blender Philips HR1659. unfortunately, the device was not provided. For the test, the manufacturer, due to the timing of the device in three fundamentally different approaches to cutting cubes, are embodied in three types of devices: manufacturers occupied each of their niche.

Blenders tests

Hyundai Hyc-G4120 vegetables

Love smoothies, dairy cocktails, soups-puree? Take a closer look at the Hyundai Hyc-G4120 electric grinder. He has a glass bowl, two knives, a guarantee of 2 years. What else? Answers in our test.

Полный обзор и тест Блендер Bosch Maxxo Mixx MS8СM6190

STARWIND SPM8183 planetary mixer: more and more powerful

STARWIND SPM8183 planetary mixer with seven liter bowls. novelty in the assortment of Mixers Starwind. What is the difference between this model? What are the advantages and disadvantages? About everything in our test. review.

Submissive blender Zigmund Shtain BH-341 M: also a grater

Submissive blender Zigmund Shtain BH-341 M attracts attention not only by the bright color of the case, but also by wide possibilities. He knows how to not only grind and mix, but also tire and rub finely, and quickly, better than any kitchen grater. What is still interesting, read in our first test of 2021.

The planetary mixer Starwind SPM5183 works for you

The planetary mixer Starwind SPM5183 will cook any dough and cream. And how he copes with these tasks? Is it convenient to use? What nozzles he has? How he looks, after all? Our test will answer all these questions. review. Press, read, buy. soon holidays, will not stand idle!

Submissive blender Smeg HBF02: Saves the kitchen beauty

You love beautiful equipment in the kitchen? Or do you care what the device looks like, the main thing is to work well? Smeg HBF02 blender is beautiful. Thought out each fishing line for a trimmer, every detail. In our test. The review we checked his working qualities, experienced every nozzle in the case. Details inside, press and read!

BOSCH bleeders. Popular breakdowns and malfunctions

Hello. The gearbox cover does not work at the Bosch Max MX 1000 W submarine blender. The gear of the gearbox lid is blocked, but I don’t.

Buy a spare part for Bosch blender more than 6 months ago BOSCH MMB6382M bleeders

Hello. Scheduled blender Bosch Vitapower MMB6382M/01. The plastic hooks of fastening of the plastic base of the blender bowl broke.

The nozzle from the Bosch blender more than 6 months ago BOSCH MaxXomixx MSM88190 Blender

Good evening. I just bought a BOSCH MSM88190 blender and decided to try slicing with cubes. Put on and saw that the grille was not under the hole.

Hello, the nozzle from the Bosch blender is not removed, I click on the buttons, and she jammed. You can only work with it, but the rest I can’t.

All good health! The knife is scrolled onto the axis at the submarine blender on the grinder, as you can fix it?

The engine control module burned more than a year ago Bosch MSM66020 blends

Hello. The 310-2291 Module controls the electric motor in the BOSCH Ergomixx 600 W MSM66020 blender, where it can be obtained?

The control module burned over a year ago BOSCH MSM66050ru blends

Hello. The engine control board in the Bosch MSM66050RU Bleer Direct. 310-1291) and the engine itself, but I have already found the engine, I need it.

The cover of Bosch MSM66155 does not open more than a year ago

Good evening. The cover on the universal Bosch MSM66155 shredder does not open, how to open?

Good afternoon. In Bosch Ergo Mixx, a whisk does not keep a corolla in the Bosch Ergo Mixx, which is connected and how to solve the problem?

The cover from the blender is not removed more than a year ago Bosch MSM67190 blender

Hello. The new Bosch MSM67190 BEADER thing is clear where to turn the lid, but it is so dull that it does not move from the place and I do not.

The problem with Bosch blender more than a year ago Bosch Clevermixx blends

Good afternoon! When swinging in the bowl, Bosch Clevermixx, the knife melted slightly and glued to it. Please tell me, you can.

Replacing a blade on a blender more than a year ago Bosch Mmb 2000 bleeders

Everyone, my respect. Simply, it is necessary to replace the broken board ELSM8324 in the BOSCH E-NR MMB 2000/05 FD8703 blender. And serve it. Help.

The nozzle in a blender more than a year ago BOSCH MSM 67150 blended

Good afternoon. How I bought BOSCH MSM 67150 blender, so immediately the nozzle and stuck. Now I use only one no this nozzle, and the nozzle.

The sleeve of the sleeve for Bosch blender is required more than a year ago BOSCH MSM 66150 Blenders

Hello. When falling, the clutch is broken in the Bosch Ergomixx MSM66150RU/1 blender, and so, I have a great desire to purchase this.

When falling, the plastic coupling of the nozzle in the BOSCH MSM 2610B blender has split and its replacement is required. Please advise where you can.

Good afternoon. Help, please, I just can’t remove the lid from the universal grinder (blender) Bosch MSM 67150ru, tell me how.

The blender does not spin the leverage more than a year ago BOSCH MAXXOMIXX MSM88190

Hi all. Our BOSCH Maxxomixx MSM88190 BOSCH BLLERDER does not spin the editor lid, please advise how to repair.

BOSCH MSM 67PE blender more than a year ago BOSCH MSM 67PE blends

Good day to all. Our blender does not spin a knife, t.to. The plastic broke inside the adapter, tell me, please, what to do?

The Bosch 67160 knife is poorly scroll through more than a year ago BOSCH MSM 67160 Blenders

The knife on the submersible blender hardly scrolls through his hands. When pressing the button is spinning. I noticed when washing. Always easy.

Blender repair

Do.it.yourself repairs are not so easy to carry out with your own hands. Most often, one of the elements of the plateau burns or the contacts are burned. The second of the above reasons is the simplest and easily solve. It is necessary to identify the place of burnt contact, treat it with alcohol and clean it with fine sandpaper.

If the cause of the breakdown is a burned fuse, it just needs to be changed to a new. It is more complicated with the simers. Determine that they burned out, you can only multimeter. Therefore, you have to learn how to use this device. Do not know what to do, bring a blender to the workshop.

And the most difficult reason is the burned electric motor. It can be rewound, but, as practice shows, it will cost it expensive. And there is no guarantee that the crossed engine will work for a long time and efficiently. It is better to change it to a new.

Now regarding the repair of the grinder. In fact, this is a metal nozzle inside which is located a shaft connected to the electric motor shaft on one side, and on the other hand, with a mixer knives. So that crushed products and water do not get into the nozzle, a special cover with a rubber cuff is planted on the mixer shaft. It is fixed on the nozzle using three or four plastic latches, which over time may break. From this, the lid will hang on the shaft, and a gap forms between it and the walls of the nozzle, where food and water fall. It is impossible to fix the latches.

You can fix the lid in place in this way:

  • On the perimeter of the nozzle in three or four places, it is necessary to drill through holes with a thin drill. This is not easy to do, because the nozzle is made of stainless steel.
  • Then, self.tapping screws are screwed into the obtained holes, which from all sides will hold the lid in place. It is better if the ends of the screws make it stupid, bite off the plugs of the fastener cone.

Thus, there are different brands of blends that are versed in different ways. But the cause of the breakdowns is one. this is the failure of the electrical part of the device.

An electric blender is a wide.purpose household device that can grind vegetables and fruits to the consistency of light puree. Also, using the addition of the nozzle, with it you can make a salad, mousse, mayonnaise, cream and much more.

There are submersible and desktop bleeders. They are similar in functionality, but in appearance they are somewhat different. Desktop or stationary blender, resembles a bowl or jug ​​with an engine installed inside and knife.

Such devices are mainly used where large volumes are needed. It can be: cafes, restaurants and dining rooms. At home, a submersible blender is more suitable. It is cheaper and more compact than the first. Therefore, so popular, among ordinary housewives.


By itself, such a blender is a rather complicated device for design. In fact, its main part is an electric motor in the case, which has several steps of speed and a universal hollow-adapter.

The coupling adapter is the blender

You can connect different additions of the nozzle to the clutch on the engine shaft, depending on the type of work performed.


If you need to make a puree, then a submersible nozzle or “leg” is suitable. If necessary, get crushed vegetables and fruits. a bowl with a rotating knife inside. And to prepare a cream, a metal whisk will help.

Metal whisk

All these nozzles are usually complete with any blender. But sometimes there may not be bowls, but this is in an inexpensive version of the device.

Despite its simplicity, it is quite convenient to use such a device. The fact is that the engine unit itself is practically not dirty, so you do not need to wash it after use. Unfastened from the nozzle, and put in the box.

As for the manufacturer or individual model, this is already a choice of the user. It is better to take products of trusted brands, but among less famous firms there are also decent options.Here, how lucky. What materials and who collected the device in this shift.

In this regard, it would be useful to know: the device, the main malfunctions and methods of their independent elimination.

Below in the article, the cause of the malfunction and its elimination in the Saturn Bleader model ST-FP0049 will be described. It should be noted right away that, despite the manufacturer, design and malfunctions in all blends of this type, are not much different.

Therefore, the method of eliminating the breakdown in one device can be successfully applied in the repair of another apparatus.

The malfunction of this blender is that for without a clear reason, he stopped responding to engine start control buttons.

So, as there are two speeds, respectively, two buttons, on the side on the case.

When pressing it. nothing happens, although the fork plug is included in the network.

The simplest thing that may be in this case is damage to the cord. It can be either inside and outside. Когда шнур снаружи не имеет видимых повреждений, понять, проблема в нем или нет, без снятия корпуса не возможна.

Therefore, we proceed to disassembly.

One of the difficulties that can arise when removing the blender body, especially eminent brands, is not a collapsible case. And although such a design protects the engine and electronics from moisture from getting into them, when disassembled, it creates additional difficulties.

Sometimes there is no other way to get inside, as soon as the body is cut with a hacksaw, and after the repair, glue it back.

But in the case of this blender, this is not necessary to do this. Here, even in appearance, it is noticeable that the case consists of two halves, which means it is versed without a saw.

Screws on the blender case

Start with the dismantling of two screws. But here not everything is so simple. If you look closely, you can see that the screws have a slot on a hat not under an ordinary screwdriver. Schlitz has the shape of a tripartite star.

Monday, March 2, 2015.

9 Комментарии и мнения владельцев:

Thanks! Everything was absolutely the same, but I have not yet set the puck, but only fushed a little plastic, leaving the hole. I’ll see how much it lasts.

Dear, the problem is one in one. I just can’t understand how you restored the gear? If part of the teeth “killed”. (((

Just deepened everyone else. I had some of the teeth “pressed”, so I aligned them with a soldering iron, and the rest in parallel deepened. Of course, this is a temporary solution, because the teeth still grind, there the plastic is very soft (

Thank you for the article! I set it up with its help a blender))) We will now check in work)) I have a place for your pucks. Paid and poured around glue from a thermal pistol. Question: Is lubricant required? I did not “see” her there at all there. And accordingly, I did not even think to “introduce” her there

And if the lower gear is jammed, which is already on the knives directly, what to do? Lubrication inside is enough, the teeth are normal

It’s hard to explain something without a photo. usually jams from drying the lubricant at the contact site of moving nodes

The assistant chef

New Bosch blends combine functionality and convenience. They will help to cut with neat cubes, slices or straw vegetables and fruits for salad, soup, second dishes and fillings in a matter of seconds.

Even a beginner will be able to manage the devices. just assemble the nozzle for cutting and install it in the bowl of a submersible blender. After that, you need to lower the products into the loading hole and press the button. First, the rotating knife cuts vegetables or fruits, then they additionally pass through the cutting grill and fall into the bowl already in the form of cubes.

The nozzle is equipped with one or two (depending on the model) removable lattices with holes of 9 × 9 or 13×13 mm. The height of the finished pieces. 9 mm.


A rich selection of nozzles brings the functionality of blends to the capabilities of a compact kitchen combine. All new items from Bosch are equipped with a cup-combine for mixing and grinding. The supply of some models also includes a whisk and drive discs, a hook for kneading the dough and an additional disk-tank, with which you can grate potatoes for pestering pranks. In the grinder, you can grind a small amount of meat, hard cheese, nuts, greens,

KuattrobLadepro sharp knife with four stainless steel blades will help to quickly and efficiently prepare sauce or soup-puree. Blenders are equipped with a speed regulator with 12 modes. The user will be able to choose the optimal speed for each type of product or use the special “turbo” mode. High engine power (750 W for Ergomixx and 800 W for Maxomixx) guarantees uninterrupted operation even in conditions of intensive operation.

A spacious bowl with a total volume of 2.0 liters allows you to mix ingredients for salad or soup even for a large family. You will not have to process products in several visits.

Operating problems BOSCH MAXXOMIXX MSM88190 BOSCH. questions and answers, problems and solutions

Hello. The gearbox cover does not work at the Bosch Max MX 1000 W submarine blender. The gear of the gearbox lid is blocked, but I don’t.

The nozzle from the Bosch blender more than 6 months ago BOSCH MaxXomixx MSM88190 Blender

Good evening. I just bought a BOSCH MSM88190 blender and decided to try slicing with cubes. Put on and saw that the grille was not under the hole.

The blender does not spin the leverage more than a year ago BOSCH MAXXOMIXX MSM88190

Hi all. Our BOSCH Maxxomixx MSM88190 BOSCH BLLERDER does not spin the editor lid, please advise how to repair.

The Bosch blender has broken the fixation buttons more than a year ago BOSCH MAXXOMIXX MSM88190

Bought BOSCH MAXXOMIXX MSM88190 BOSCH FRIEND FROM LECOME Fixing buttons. Contacted the service center, they offer to replace.

Where to buy a Bosh Maxomixx MSM88190 BOSH BOSH BLLEDER BLEEDERS BOSCH MAXXOMIXX MSM88190 more than a year ago

Good afternoon! Please tell me who knows where to buy a sleeve for this model, in the service center everything is as well as one.

We need an insert for the terron in the Bosch combine more than a year ago Bosch Maxxomixx MSM88190 BLESDERS

Bought Bosch Maxxomixx MSM88190 BOSCH. It turned out that in the combine there is no black plastic insert for teoks. Tell me where.

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Blander nozzles broke down more than a year ago BOSCH Maxxomixx MSM88190

The adapter has broken on which the nozzle for the Blander of the Maxxomixx MSM88190 is put on, is it possible to replace it and if so, where to take it for repairs.

Dismantling of a submersible model

The submersible blender consists of 3 main elements: electric motor, spindle and unit (board) control. Its repair is reduced to the replacement of a faulty part and the removal of pollution. Consider how to disassemble the Bosch MSM 7700 model.

To do this, we need a small flat screwdriver with a wide thin tip or a penny knife with a narrow blade. As well as a small key-player for 3-4 mm. If there is no such key in the farm, instead you can try to use a cross or flat screwdriver of a suitable size.

Although to disassemble the submersible blender of the Bosch company is not particularly difficult, this should not be done without the necessary knowledge and skills.

As a training session, let’s start with the simplest. removing a small panel from the device handle. It is quite easy to push her with a screwdriver and push. Under it we will see two self.tapping screws that need to be carefully twisted with a hexagonal key.

With the back cover of the case, everything is somewhat more complicated and you need to be extremely careful to break nothing. It is not worth attaching great strength here, but it is important to first understand what exactly holds the cover in the engagement with the body, and in which direction it moves.

Having dealt with this task, we will find two more self.tapping screws inside, which also need to be unscrewed to continue further disassembly. Having carefully examined the edges, we note that the two halves of the case hold a few more latrots that can easily be clutched with a flat screwdriver and finally get access to the electric motor and control of the submersible blender.


As mentioned above, you can independently eliminate the breakdown only by replacing faulty nodes. To do this, carefully inspect all the elements and compounds of the control board for swelling, oxidation or melting. It is also advisable to check all the suspicious nodes by the tester.

First of all, you should pay attention to the fuse.

assemble, bosch, maxomixx, blender

The Bosch MSM 7700 is equipped with a self.healing thermal subject, which opens the chain when heated over 120 degrees Celsius, protecting the details of the submersible blender from overheating and damage.

This fuse is calculated for 100 triggers, after which the device itself returns to its original state after a while and continues to function normally normally. If the fuse resource is fully exhausted, it must be replaced with similar ones in characteristics.



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