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Guide. Bosch BWD420HYG AQUAWASHCLEAN vacuum cleaner

The well.deserved fifth place of the rating is occupied by the blender G522 Katana, which is highlighted by the high quality of materials, convenience and quiet work. In total with a large number of positive reviews and high functionality, this model can be distinguished regarding others.

Type of submersible
Maximum power 1200 watts
Control mechanical, number of speeds: 20, smooth speed adjustment
Grinder there, volume 0.5 l
Beaker there, volume 0.6 l
Sete cord one.2 m
Dimensions 5 × 40 cm
The weight 2.7 kg
Price 7 110 ₽

Frequently asked Questions

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The hose of my vacuum cleaner is clogged. How to clean it? Tested to disconnect the hose and look at it to determine whether it really clogs

If so, then take a long narrow object, for example, a broom, and carefully push it through the hose. This usually removes any objects that clog the hose

If this did not help, contact the manufacturer.It was useful (1185)

What sizes of bags for dust are there? Proven should take into account two sizes. Firstly, this is the size of the plate with the entrance to the bag. This determines whether the dust bag is suitable for a specific vacuum cleaner. Then there is a bag size. This is usually indicated in liters and determines how much dust can accommodate the bag.It was useful (268)

The vacuum cleaner cord is not wound back into the vacuum cleaner housing. What should I do? Pronounced probably the cord twisted. Several times completely unwind and melt the cord back into the vacuum cleaner, controlling the process with your hands. If this did not help to eliminate the problem, probably the cord watching mechanism is broken. In this case, contact the manufacturer or to the repair service.It was useful (247)

The vacuum cleaner makes a whistle. What should I do? A usually proven cause of malfunction is a filled vacuumber or filter or a hole in the hose that passes the air. Check the vacuum cleaner and filter and, if necessary, replace them. Check if there are holes or fragile connections in the hose. If this does not help, contact the manufacturer.It was useful (191)

What setting on the brush head of the vacuum cleaner should I use? Tested almost all vacuum cleaners have a nozzle with an adjustable brush. Use the hard surfaces brush to prevent scratches and damage. Disconnect the brush for carpet coatings and rugs.It was useful (152)

Is it possible to use a paper vacuum cleaner more than once? It is not recommended to do this. Microporas in the bag can clog, which will lead to a decrease in absorption strength and can damage the engine.It was useful (121)

How to remove dust and hair from a vacuum cleaner nozzle? The proven dust removal of dust and hair from the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner is manually carried out. If everything goes wrong as it should, you can use a thin comb to remove the remaining dirt.It was useful (119)

What is Hepa? Proven Hepa means highly effective air for solid particles. Many vacuum cleaners have a HEPA filter. The HEPA filter retains from 85% to 99,999995% of all particles measuring 0.3 micrometer (MKM) and above.It was useful (56)

Can I use a regular vacuum cleaner to collect ash? Not proven, this is impossible. Ashes that seems cooled can remain warm or even hot inside. An ordinary vacuum cleaner is not intended for this and can cause a fire. In addition, filters of ordinary vacuum cleaners are not always suitable for holding very small particles such as ash. Then he can get into the vacuum cleaner engine and cause damage.It was useful (30)

Моющий пылесос BOSCH BWD421PET, НАШЕ МНЕНИЕ!


Turning rotating brushes 1 PC
The compartment for nozzles Yes
The number of nozzles eight
Paul and carpet nozzle Yes
Nozzle for wet cleaning floor/carpet Yes
Upholstery for upholstered furniture Yes
A large spray nozzle Yes
Small spray nozzle Yes
The nozzle is slit Yes
Parquet nozzle Yes

Handstick Bosch Unlimited Serie 8 BBS1U224 Factory Guarantees 1 year Country China 5 years Key advantage Pay attention 2 batteries Series series Unlimited Serie | 8 operating modes dry cleaning and number of operating modes 2 power supply capacity of the battery 3000 mAh the battery time of the battery 1 h Work from the battery 60 min System.

Bosch GL20 instruction

Bosch GL20 Factory data warranty 1 year German country service life 5 years Series Model GL-20 modes of operation dry cleaning and power consumption power 600 W network cord 5 m capacity power control on the hull and noise level Maximum noise level 80 dB filter Motor filter Yes, the network cord automatic cord ishing yes.

Bosch BWD41740 Factory Guarantees 1 year Country Poland Service Service 5 years Series Model AquaWashClean Models of AquaWashClean Drummer Warm Democration and Dettle Cleaning and Smooth Engine Launch and Wet Drighting Function and Half Liquid and Cleaning and Cleaning During Regulations. reserve. up to 56 sq. m. Using a detergent medium and a radius of action 9 m.

Bosch GL30 BSGL3Mult2 Instruction

Bosch GL30 BSGL3MULT2 Factory data warranty 1 year German country service life 5 years series GL-30 Series GL-30 modes Drying and power consumption capacity Automatic cord upcoming and clogging Oblast vacuum sneaker.

Bosch Easyyy BGS21833 Factory DIALLY DIRECTION 7 years Series series Easyy`y Modes of operation dry cleaning and a smooth start of the engine and functions of the active suppression of noise and power consumption of 1800 watts of the network cord 8 m. Power adjustment on the hull and noise level maximum level noise 80 dB filter motor filter yes.

Instructions Bosch Athlet Runtimeplus BCH65RT25K

Handstick Bosch Athlet Runtimeplus BCH65RT25K Factory data guarantee Dust container volume 0.9 L filter.

Bosch Roxxter Serie 6 BCR1ACG series Modes series RoxXter Serie 6 modes of operation dry cleaning and number of operating modes 3 mode »Ordinary cleaning» Cegeting time »Cleaning time» Cleaning time up to 2 hours “Fast cleaning” and orientation in space Orientation in space infrared beam sensors of obstacles and carpet height up to 2.

Instruction Bosch BGL252103

BOSCH BGL252103 Factory data Service 5 years DREAM DREAM DREAM CLEASE and SUMMENTARY LOOD OF THE Engine and Power Power consumption of 2100 W network cord 5 m Power adjustment on the housing and engine Motor Standard Filter Motor Filter and Dust Collection and Dust Military Dust 3.5 liter work with a vacuumber yes.

Bosch BGN21800 Factory data service life 5 years Dry cleaning and power consumption of power 1800 W length of the network cord 5 m Power adjustment on the housing and engine Motor Standard noise level Maximum noise level 82 dB System for collecting and mud volume of the container for dust 1.4 l work with a vacuumber and indication.

What spare parts to choose

If the repair of any part is inappropriate and it just needs to be replaced, you should not take risks and buy details on AliExpress or other similar sites. The best solution would be to make a choice in favor of original spare parts.

The composition of the parts and the accuracy of the form that some manufacturers support are extremely difficult to repeat. It is possible that a poor.quality fake will harm a vacuum cleaner.

A broken vacuum cleaner, like any other technique that people buy infrequently, sometimes can cause a bad mood. But what could be better than an understanding of how exactly the household “assistant” is arranged, for which each of its details is needed and how to fix each of them? The information given in this article will help any owner cope with the problem confidently and easily.

Bosch BWD41740 detergent vacuum cleaner. review

For a long time they suffered with an old, barely sucking vacuum cleaner, and finally could please themselves with a useful new thing.

My boyfriend. an ardent fan of technology Bosch, so not even arose with the choice of a company. And then just the neighbors have a detergent vacuum cleaner of this manufacturer, which they once kindly lent us to clean up important guests. Without hesitation, MCH decided to take the same model. It is said. made.

On the first day, the standard function of the vacuum cleaner was tested, but the hands did not reach the detergent regime. Distant for a long time.

And now I had a free day at home and I decided to test the vacuum cleaner in full.

To get started, I decided to just have a spraying an apartment. Even for this simple task, the vacuum cleaner offers two options. Dust bag or aquafilter. The use of the bag involves better cleaning, but in this case you will have to buy new bags over time. In order to avoid unnecessary expenses of time and money, it was decided not to bother and use the aquafilter.

I don’t know how the vacuum cleaner works if you use the bag, but it sucks with the waterfilter very good. In addition, a large set of various nozzles comes to him. For carpets, parquet/carpet, a slit nozzle, no furniture nozzles. We have a laminate throughout the apartment, so I used a parquet nozzle. It has a button to switch the floor/carpet, which was very useful to me to clean the fucking rug.

Another plus. I had enough connection to one outlet to vacuum our entire 40-meter odnushka.

Minus. The aquafyl mode requires a little more effort to work in the case of using a conventional vacuum cleaner. Namely, before starting work in one of the containers (there are two of them. One more. to collect dust and dirt, another smaller. To supply water in washing mode) It is necessary to dial water for the mark, and after using it, pour it and rinse the container.

Here everyone already chooses for himself that it is easier for him. Buy interchangeable bags, or dump and drain water every time. But in the second version, no dust does not fly out of the vacuum cleaner during cleaning, it all gathers in water. And washing the container under a stream of water is still easier than, for example, to clean the vacuum cleaner with your hands once a month (as in the case of older models with a reusable bag).

Another small minus. There is no power button on the vacuum cleaner (it was unusual for me personally). However, as mentioned above, he sucks well.

Having finished dry cleaning, I decided to move to wet, and then there were problems. I did not succeed in sorting out the attached instructions, and the sensible leadership in the video format, where it would be clearly shown what to attach to, I did not find. I had to collect information on grains from different sources and do everything for the most part at random.

In addition to various nozzles, two bottles are included in the kit. Detergent (with a green lid) and a foamer (with a yellow lid). Their consumption is approximately the same. about a quarter of the bottle for one cleaning. Subsequently, you will need to buy both funds on your own.

For wet cleaning, water is poured into a smaller container to the mark and detergent, and more in the container. Only a foam.driver (this is necessary so that the foam does not get into the engine and other vital organs of the vacuum cleaner). Then, a thin hose for water supply is inserted into the hole under the main hose, which is then attached to the metal pipe and a special washing nozzle (two of them, more. For gender and carpets, if you remove the floor, another nozzle is put on it from above, and this process was given to me with great difficulty, as well as the process of its removal), less. For upholstered furniture.

1) Press the water supply button and, using the switch on the hose itself, adjust the process: you can do it once to water with water, or constantly spray the liquid with various intensity.

2) we work as a vacuum cleaner as a regular mop (let the dirt soak and rub the spots if necessary).

It will be difficult to deal with the intricacies of water supply at first at first. For the first time, unknowingly, I clamped the switch in intensive mode and poured a whole puddle on the floor. It’s good that you can immediately suck water.

Another big minus. The nozzle itself. It seemed to me small, uncomfortable, and most importantly. Its shape does not allow you to climb under the bed and in other inaccessible places as the usual mop does.

But there is a huge plus. When you wash the floors in the usual way, the water in the bucket becomes dirty very quickly, and you can say that with each next soaking rag, the dirt is simply smeared around the apartment (unless of course you change the water before every soaking). The vacuum cleaner constantly supplies clean water, and sucks dirty into a separate container. It turns out that cleaning with a vacuum cleaner is much more hygienic and gives the best result.

By the way, if you accidentally poured something to the floor, it will be very easy to remove everything with this vacuum cleaner. You just need to put on a nozzle for wet cleaning and suck everything. Much easier than ten times to fly and squeeze a rag.

The vacuum cleaner gives a really high.quality result, and with its help you can even dry the cleaning of upholstered furniture and car, but it will take a decent time and effort for this. What is only the process of preparing for wet cleaning (connecting the hose, etc.D.).

If the cleaning should be done quickly, it will be much easier to use only the dry cleaning mode, and wash the floors in the usual way.

In addition, the vacuum cleaner is quite overall (in a one.room apartment I would take a smaller unit) and, as a result, a heavy. After cleaning, my back always hurts a little, because even to carry it, I have to make some efforts.

Bosch BWD41740 detergent vacuum cleaner. reviews

For a long time they suffered with an old, barely sucking vacuum cleaner, and finally could please themselves with a useful new thing. My boyfriend. an ardent fan of technology Bosch, so not even arose with the choice of a company.

I am satisfied with the purchase. The vacuum cleaner performs its task well. After the first cleaning, he was surprised (like many users) with the amount of dust in a container of water, even having sprinkled in a dry cleaning mode, the sofa was surprised by the resulting result.

When moving, there was a need to purchase a new vacuum cleaner. Since before we had a well-known Thomas Akvafilter, we decided this time to take a similar.

Purchased this vacuum cleaner after repairing the apartment, t.to. The old one could not stand the load and burned down. Objectively of advantages a lot: various nozzles that are suitable for dry and wet cleaning, cleaning upholstered furniture and carpets, washing of a car interior; Bezmevka system. After use, I wash all the containers.

I have long dreamed of a mine vacuum cleaner. When our old ordinary vacuum cleaner began to junk, they decided to buy a detergent. I chose for a long time, studied reviews. They took it in Eldorado, as there were bonuses. At the time of purchase, the vacuum cleaner cost 14000r, with all the bonuses and under the “Directive” campaign, we were 6300r.

Greetings to my reader! I have long wanted to purchase this device for their home, and now they made purchases. Before buying any device we read reviews. And stopped on this model and a brand of property. We certainly know this brand, not the first technique and quality did not fail.

I chose and compared vacuum cleaners for a long time. It was decided to take with the waterfilter t.to. The house has a dog and an allergic person (dust allergies). The choice fell on the BWD421PET model from Bosch. For four months of using the purchase did not regret. The advantage of the vacuum cleaner is of course in the aquafilter.

Before buying, I read a lot of reviews and most of them are negative, such as “badly pulls”, “the filter is quickly clogged”, etc. I have been using it since April 2018. Of course, I also will not say that it is delighted with him, but this vacuum cleaner is definitely not 1 out of 5 points, I would put him 4 out of 5!

Hello my readers! I bought this vacuum cleaner 2 years ago on the Citylink website. Honestly, I chose it for the most part for the appearance. compact, beige with an interesting woven hose. He still pleases the eye. We tried on the design. Now to work quality.

Product description

Assembly of the turbo and vacuum cleaning the turbo and vacuum cleaner in accordance with the operating instructions.

Using turborations

  • Turn on the vacuum cleaner.
  • Install the regulator on the turbo housing depending on the height of the carpet.
  • Short pile carpet. move the regulator towards the sign.
  • Long pile carpet. move the regulator towards the sign.

For the safe use of a vacuum cleaner with a turbo, especially when cleaning carpets with a long pile and animal skins, it is recommended to check the power of the turbo engine suction on a small section of the cleaned surface. Do not keep the working turboratory for a long time in one place, but constantly move it so as not to damage the carpet (carpet). When cleaning the carpet fringe, always move the turbo in the direction specified by the arrow (rice. TO). This prevents fringe in a rotating brush. The rotation speed of the brush roller depends on the amount of dust in the vacuum cleaner and the cleanliness of the filters. The video may stop rotating on the carpet. Then you should replace the vacuum cleaner and filters.

Maintenance and cleaning of turborations

Before cleaning and servicing the turbochina, it must be removed from the vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning a rotating brush while working collects pieces of threads, ropes, hair, rags, etc. D. They reduce the efficiency of cleaning.

Aspiratoare AquaWash&Clean: aspiratoare cu aspirare umeda si uscata

  • Place the ends of the scissors in the slot of a rotating brush.
  • Move the scissors so as to catch the threads and hair confused on the brush.
  • Cut them and pull them out or using small forceps. Be careful not to damage the bristle of a rotating brush.

Dirt, such as matches, pieces of paper or clothes, can clog the suction channel of turbonses, which will lead to a significant reduction in the absorption power and reduce the speed or rotation of the brush roller (up to a complete stop).

  • Turn the turbo wheel with wheels up.
  • Click on the mount in the turbine cover and remove the lid from the turboratory.
  • Remove dirt from a suction canal, turbine blades and turbine chambers.
  • Place the turbine cover so that its two protrusions coincide with the holes in the turbo housing, and click on the lid until it clicks on the case. A characteristic click indicates the correct assembly of the turbine cover.

Keep a turbo from hot furnaces, radiators, heaters, etc. D. High temperature can lead to irreversible deformation of the turbo housing.

The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage that arose as a result of unintentional use or incorrect treatment.The manufacturer reserves the right to change the product at any time to bring it into line with legislative norms, norms, directives or for constructive, trade aesthetic or other reasons, without prior notice.

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RCHE390K30XPN refrigerator manual first read this user guide! Dear client, we hope your product, which.

DW9240 Iron Steam 3100W Stainless steel 1103917262-01. 22/21 EN DW9240-DW9245 FR 3 RU 2 UK 4 TR.

WS Type-C integration series. WS Type-C integration series. User’s manual.

ETA 1708 90,000 Irrigator of the oral cavity Aquacare A precautionary measure indicated in the ranking of the place.

Basic pros and cons of

After studying reviews from various sources and customer reviews, the following main advantages and disadvantages of the Bosch BWD420HYG detergent vacuum cleaner can be distinguished:

Type of a vacuum cleaner
View washing
Model Bosch BWD420HYG
Main color blue
Additional colors white
Type of cleaning dry. Wet
Collection of liquid there is
Type of vacuum cleaner Aquafilter
Filter filter there is
Power regulator On the case
Radius of action 12 m
Suction pipe Telescopic
Turbcket included No
Power consumption 2000 watts
Consumption model From the network
Supply voltage 230 century
Functions and opportunities Automatic cord wiring
overheat protection No
Water tank capacity/detergent 5 l
The length of the network cord 9 m
Nozzles in the kit Washing nozzle, universal nozzle, parquet brush
Equipment nozzles, documentation


Main characteristics
Manufacturer Bosch
Model BWD420HYGNAT Similar life. Technology
Type of equipment A vacuum cleaner
Type of cleaning Dry/wet
The colors used in the design Turquoise
The displacement indicator of the vacuumer YES
Power 2000 watts
Food From the household power supply
The dimensions of the package (measured in nix) 74.61 x 40.69 x 33.91 cm
Gross weight (measured in nix) 9 kg
External sources of information
Amount in a package one.00
ProductNameimported Bosch BWD420HYG vacuum cleaner, turquoise
Eanupc 4242005162567
Volume 0.04
Weight in the package 9.00
Hot fishing line for the manufacturer’s trimmer 8 (800) 200-29-61-free round-the-clock phone for calls in the territory
Brand Bosch
Model BWD420HYG
Power 2000 watts
Type of power supply From the household power supply
Nozzles in the kit Paul/carpet nozzle, small nozzle, clicking nozzle, soft brush, parquet brush, large spray nozzle, small spray nozzle, nozzle for mattresses, absorbing nozzle for collecting water
The total number of nozzles 9 pcs
Working with dust container YES
Power adjustment On the case
Type of cleaning Dry/wet
A pipe for absorption Telescopic
Filter filter YES
The displacement indicator of the vacuumer YES
VAT eighteen.0000
Volume, m3 0.10296
Weight, KG 5.900
Place for storing nozzles YES
Aquafilter YES
Eanupc 4242005162567
Eanupc: 1 4242005162567
Eanupc: 2 4242005162567
Color turquoise
Type of A vacuum cleaner
Voltage (c) 230 century
Hygiene Washing filter Hepa H 13.; Hygienic cleaning of mattresses with a special mattress nozzle.
Comfort Flexible and durable hose.; Telescopic pipe; The volume of the vacuumber: l; Automatic cable winding; Large wheels with a soft surface to protect the floor; Electronic power adjustment with a rotary regulator; Convenient parking and storage of the device; Ergonomic handle simplifies the vacuum cleaner cleaning procedure.; Action radius: 12 m; Water container volume: 5 l.; Dust collection container volume: XL.; Accessories; Large washing nozzle for carpets and fluid collection.; Small washing nozzle for furniture upholstery.
Max. Power, W) 2,000 watts

X receiver, a set of delivery and the appearance of this product may differ from the specified or can be changed by the manufacturer without reflection in the NIX catalog. computer supermarket.Information about the of goods and configuration specified on the site is not an offer in the sense determined by the provisions of. 435 of the Civil Code



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